Brookie Kk November 7, 2018
Retold Fairy Tales
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    There was a young girl who her father died from a sickness and her mother was to poor so they gave her away. Her name is Cinderella she has two mean step sisters and a evil step mother. They make her clean all day long. She scribes the floor and does there laundry one day there was a ball the two sisters went so did there mother they said she couldn’t go and they ripped up the dress she made from the sisters spare fabric . Then her fairy god mother came. Her fairy god mother asked for 6 white mice a fat rat and a pumpkin. Cinderella got the stuff she asked for and turned the 6 white mice into horses and the fat rat into the guy who would lead the pumpkin carriage she turned the pumpkin into. Then she gave Cinderella a gold dress and some gold slippers. She went off to the ball. The fairy god mother said too be back bye midnight. The prince was looking for a princess. She and the prince danced together. When the clock stroke 12 she ran off and lost her gold slipper. The two sisters tried on the slipper so the prince could find his soon to be wife. It didnt fit. Cinderella tried it on it fit. They got married. Happily ever after.

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