Diaries Of A Social Loner ~Chapter 1~ (Chapt 2 will be on here soon!)

Lia Paws January 13, 2018
Action/Adventure, Humor
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First Day Of School?!?
I don’t want to do this, I don’t want to do this, I DON’T WANT TO DO THIS!!!!! Okay, okay, you may be wondering what I’m talking about. First of all, my names Lia, and I’m a newly forth grader who’s FREAKING OUT!!!!!! Let me tell you some backstory. Last year, I actually had 3 BFFs. Lily, Lulu, and Celine. Every day during school, and I mean EVERY day we would play, talk, and just have fun. In my school, (I actually go to a Waldorf School) there would be two classes for every grade. Me, Lily and Celine where in one, when Lulu was in the other. Anyway, near the end of the year, Lily said she was moving to Los Vagus. She literally BROKE my heart. I cried… A lot… Anyway, that was last year, and today is my first day of school in forth grade. In my school, your suppose to get the same teacher EVERY year, awesome right? Well, for first though third, I had this AMAZING teacher, Ms.Lisa. But this year, I’m having a not-very-good teacher, her name is Ms. Hana. She was our substitute once or twice, but she wasn’t the best. Anyway, I’m hoping this year I can get closer to Celine, because even though she was my best friend, I knew her the least. Anyway, have to get going to school or I’m going to be late. UGH, did I mention I also have to carpool EVER morning this this annoying guy named Michael? SIGH. Anyway, I’ll write in here later!

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