Drama on My brothers wedding eve? Pt1

Kelani McClendon January 9, 2019
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    (Annie’s pov:
    I Woke up to my dumb alarm, today I have to put on a flower girl dress bc my older brother Caleb is getting married next weekend and his fainc’e name is May scott, anyways she is helping me, kenzie and Hayley the prefect flower girl dress ekkk! I woke up and ate some pancakes, waffles and etc)

    Mom: Moring Girls!
    Hayley: Hey Mom!
    Kenzie: Hiiii!!!
    Annie: Heya!!
    Mom: Looks like u 3 are excited!
    H+K+A: Yaaaaa!!!
    Mom: (Laughs) Well, May is coming to pick u 3 up, daddy went with his workers to help set up, and that leaves caleb!
    Annie: I’ll txt Hayden to see if he can come over?
    Mom: Uhm, That sounds good!
    Kenzie: I can txt Johnny to ask to?
    Mom: Sure why n0t!
    Hayley: I’ll video call carson (mumbles) JERK!
    Mom: K, Caleb would love to see his best friends come over and hangout before his big wedding day today.
    Girls: Yay!
    Mom: Oky, now get ready May is gonna be here!

    (Annie’s outfit:
    Shirt: Red crop top
    Pants: Black ripped jeans
    Shoes: Red vans
    Hair: Messy bun
    Make up: Natural
    Acessories: Fake glasses, phone)

    (Hayley’s outfit:
    Shirt: Jean dress
    Shoes: Blue converse
    Make up: Natural
    Hair: Half up Half down bun
    Acessories: Phone)

    (Kenzie’s outfit:
    Dress: Black hoodie
    Shoes: Black and white vans
    hair: Curls
    Make up: Natural
    Acessories: Phone)

    (Annie txts Hayden)

    Cutie: Hey Babe
    Hay: Hey Beautiful, whats up?
    Cutie: Im about to go dress shopping, u?
    Hay: Trying to txt Johnny and the boys.
    Cutie: Well, can u come over?
    Hay: Yeah, but why?
    Cutie: Caleb needs his besties here rn.
    Hay: Oh yeah!, wedding day!
    Cutie: Yep
    Hay: Oky be right there!
    Cutie: Bye Love you!!!!!
    Hay: Ilyt!

    (Kenzie texts Johnny)

    Kenziaboo: Hey!
    John: Hey!
    Kenziaboo: Wyd?
    John: Nun much, you?
    Kenziaboo: Dress shopping.
    John: Wait, is today….wedding?
    Kenziaboo: Yea
    John: Be right there Ilysm!
    Kenziaboo: Ilysm2 bye!

    (The girls went downstairs and heard the door bell)

    Katie: Hey! Johnny, Hayden and Carson!
    Johnny: Hi Katie!
    Hayden: Hi!
    Carson: Hey!
    Katie: Caleb is in his room boys, and the girls are by the couch watching Love Birds.
    Boys: Ok thx!

    (The boys suprised the girls)

    Boys: Boo!
    Girls: Ahhh!
    Boys: (laughs) We got u!!!
    Annie: Ugh!, I missed it!
    Hayden: Awwe! Is wittle anniebannie mad?
    Annie: No, I just really wanna see ash-

    (Annie went up to the door and saw may)

    Annie: Hey May!
    May: Hey Annie!, are u girls ready?
    Annie: Uh, yeah, let me get them.
    May: Okie, I’ll wait in the car for you 3!
    Annie: K! be right there!!

    (Annie closes the door)

    Kenzie: Was that May?
    Annie: Ya!
    Hayden: Awe!, do u haveee to weave?(bby voice)
    Annie: Awe, yes I do!
    Hayley: Bye guys see ya!
    Boys: Bye Hayley!

    (Hayley gets into the car and they wait for the twins)

    (With hannie)

    Hay: I dont want you to weleave!(bby voice)
    Anns: Ik, but i have to!
    Hay: Will you be back?
    Anns: Ofc I will Babe!
    Hay: Then can we watch that movie?
    Anns: Ofc Babe!, anything 4 u!
    Hay: Eeeeekkkkk!!!(jumps and down like a 2 year old)
    Anns: (giggles) I love you so much!
    Hay: I love u to!
    Anns: I gtg bye Babe!

    (Annie waited for Mackenzie in the car)

    (Then kenzie goes into the car and they arrive at the “Tweens Dress”

    May: Okay Girls!, we are here!!
    Girls: Yay!!!

    (Annie picks out a white Loose off the shoulder dress)

    Annie: Do u girls like it? or Hate?
    Kenzie: I totally Like it!, HayHay?
    Hayley: Love it!, May?
    May: You look so cute in that dress!
    Annie: So…buy or keep lookin?
    Kenzie: Buy all the way!
    Hayley” B.U.Y!!
    May: I say buy it!
    Annie: Ok!, i am thanks girls!
    Kenzie: Np
    Hayley: Np
    May: Np, did u find a dress kenzie?

    (Kenzie picks up a red loose cold shoulder dress)

    Kenzie: Like or Hate?
    Annie: I Like!
    Hayley: L.O.V.E!
    May: Thats cute!
    Kenzie: Ok, buy or keep lookin?
    Annie: Buy!
    Hayley: Buy!
    May: Buy!!!!
    Kenzie: Thanks!
    Annie: Np.
    Hayley: Np
    May: Np, did u pick anything out h$?

    (Hayley picks up a tight loose light pink off the shoulder dress)

    Girls: Like it and get it!
    Hayley: OK!!

    (May Paid for the girls dresses and headed to starbucks and orders pink drinks for Hayley, annie, kenzie, and herself and then headed to the ” Tween Hair acessories store)

    (Annie found 5 things such as:
    1. Flower Crown
    2. Red, pink, blue, black, white, yellow, green, and purple bows
    3. Red, pink, blue etc heart hair pin
    4. Black, rose gold, pink, sliver, blue, white cat ears
    5. Golden, Rose golden fake glasses

    ( Kenzie and hayley picked 5 things to also, srry that I didnt include them i forgot but ya they all picked out 5 things)The girls picked out hair things and then May Paid for it and then they went shoe shopping)

    (Annie’s 5 shoes:
    1. Jordans
    2. Lebrons
    3. Nikey
    4. Converse
    5. Vans

    (May paid for all of the girls things and they headed home)

    Annie: Hey Boys!
    Hayden: Hey cutie!, wow u girls got alot!
    Kenzie: Ya we did!
    Johnny: U have been out for 6 hours.
    Hayley: We know!
    Carson: What have you girls been doing?
    Annie: Shopping, Starbucks and more shopping!
    Hayden: That makes since.
    Kenzie: What have ya’ll been doing?
    Johnny: T.V, food and naps!
    Hayley: That sounds like you boys had fun!
    Carson: No, YOU girls had a blast at the mall or something.
    Annie: Anyways, Im gonna put my things down and take a nap.
    Hayden: Its 1pm
    Kenzie: Really?, when did we leave?
    Johnny: Yep, around 11-12 and now ur home at 1: 30pm!
    Hayley: We have been shopping all moring to afternoon!
    Carson: Tell me about it.

    (The girls took a nap on their beds)

    (Hayden woke annie up first(It’s 1:31pm btw)

    Hayden: Aaaannnniiiieeee.(Shakes her lightly)
    Annie: Uhm?.(wakes up alittle)
    Hayden: Time to wake up!!
    Annie: Oky…what time is it?(Sits up)
    Hayden: It’s 1:31pm.
    Annie: I’ll be right downstairs in a min!
    Hayden: K!

    (Hayden leaves and heads downstairs(Johnny wakes up Mackenzie)

    Johnny: Mmmaaaccckkkeeennnzzziiieee!
    Kenzie: Uhm?(Rubs eyes)
    Johnny: Time to wake up!
    Kenzie: Oky, I’ll be down in a min.(sits up)
    Johnny: Kky!

    (Johnny Leaves( and the girls heads down and overheard hayden talking to the guys)

    Hayden: uhh, guys?
    Johnny: Ya?
    Carson: Wassup?
    Hayden: I think we should do something for the girls.
    Johnny: What do you have in mind?
    Carson: Yea!
    Hayden: Dinner, Fireworks and anything they want!
    Johnny: I mean that does sound good!
    Carson: True, but how are we gonna pull this off if the girls would know?
    Hayden: I’ll txt Connor to see if Jayden can come over, then we leave the girls here and plan it!
    Johnny: Sounds good!
    Carson: Yep.
    Hayden: We have to know where there favorite place is, other than starbucks AND the mall!
    Johnny: Kenz did tell me that annie likes to watch the Stars in the sky and have just a mid-night look! and dinner at a fancy place and ice cream!
    Carson: Ok!, then there you go Hayden, that’s what annie likes to do!
    Hayden: I remembered annie told me that kenzie likes to go to a restoruant, Ice Cream, Fireworks and taking a walk down city walk.
    Johnny: Yay!, I have a prefect plan!!
    Carson: What about Hayley? any thing??
    Hayden: Um, Hayley likes Ice cream and Movie!
    Johnny: Ya!
    Carson: K! thanks!!

    (Annie and Kenzie runs to annie’s room and closes the door and locks it and sits on the bed)

    Annie: Eeeeekkkkk!!
    Kenzie: Ah!, I know right?
    Annie: I can’t beleive this!
    Kenzie: Like I said, Iknow right?!
    Annie: But, we can’t tell the boys that we know!
    Kenzie: True!, but how?
    Annie: Keep it twin serect style duh!!
    Kenzie: On it!
    Annie: And dont tell Jayden or H$!
    Kenzie: I Twin promise.
    Annie: Good!
    Kenzie: So, what should we wear?
    Annie: Uhm, Idk, u?
    Kenzie: Same here.
    Annie: Wanna help pick my outfit?
    Kenzie: OFC!, do you?
    Annie: Ya!
    Kenzie: K, show me what u have!

    (Annie picks out this outfit:
    Shirt: Black hoodie crop
    Pants: Black ripped jeans
    Shoes: White and black vans)

    Kenzie: Uhm, No…
    Annie: Ok…then let me go and pick something out.
    Kenzie: K!

    (Annie picks another outfit:
    Shirt: White cold shoulder
    Pants: skinny Ripped jeans
    Shoes: White vans)

    Kenzie: Yasss!
    Annie: Yay!, ok, hairstyles.

    (Annie did this hair style:
    Hair: French Braids)

    Kenzie: Yassss!!
    Annie: Yay!, what about Make up?
    Kenzie: Natural.
    Annie: Ok, let’s pick ur’s out!
    Kenzie: I already sent it to u and u said yass!
    Annie: Hold up, let me see my txts from you.

    (Annie scrolls through her txts and reads this:
    Kenzie: Hey twin!
    Twin: Hi, wassup?
    Kenzie: Do u like this outfit?
    Twin: Yassss!
    Kenzie: kk! bye!)

    Annie: Ooh!, that text!
    Kenzie: Ya!
    Annie: I totally like it.
    Kenzie: Awe!, thanks and the shoes?
    Annie: Yep, Im hungry and bored.
    Kenzie: Ya same!
    Annie: Wanna eat something or order?
    Kenzie: Lets see whats in the Cabinet first then!
    Annie: Alright!

    (Annie and Kenzie went downstairs and didnt see the boys)

    Annie: Where are the boys?
    Kenzie: Idk, at least its quite.
    Annie: Eh, true!
    Kenzie: Anyways, lets see!
    Annie: K!

    (They did see cupcakes and cookies so they took them(It said Cupcakes for Annie and Cookies for Kenzie Love Hayden and Johnny)

    Annie: Aww!, that’s so sweet of them!
    Kenzie: Ikr!!
    Annie: Wanna watch a T.V show?
    Kenzie: Yep!
    Annie: Let’s get a drink!
    Kenzie: K!

    (Annie and kenzie sees a drink with their names on them( For Annie and Kenzie here is coke and others)

    Annie: Ok…The boys are acting really werid.
    Kenzie: I know..
    Annie: Lets watch some movies?
    Kenzie: SUre!

    (After annie and kenzie watches a movie)

    Annie: Im gonna take a shower.
    Kenzie: Same!
    Annie: BYeee!

    (Annie wore this:
    Shirt: Black crop
    Pants: Skinny jeans
    Shoes: Slides
    Hair: Out
    Acessories: Black cat ears
    Make up: Natural)

    (Annie went into the garage and saw kenzie and annies dog(Toto (kenzie) Lizaith( Annie)

    Annie: Awe!, Hi Puppyyy!!
    Liza: Wof wof!
    Annie: Awwe, Imma call u liza!
    Liza: woof!
    Annie: Aww, ur adorable, oh you have a note!

    (Annie took the note and read it while holding liza)

    Note: Hey Baby Girl, I went to the pet store and brought you a lil puppy, I know that you like this one, its a her by the way, but I just wanna give it to you, You can name her anything you want because thats how specail you are, your my shooting star and my everything)

    Annie: awe!, I like u, wanna hang in my room?
    Liza: Woof!
    Annie: Lets go and bring your cute sister and suprise my sister!
    Liza: Woof!
    Annie: Awwww! your cute!

    (Annie takes The two puppies upstairs and went to Mackenzie’s room and sees her on her phone and looking throught snapchat)

    (Annie knocks)

    Mackenzie: Yes?
    Annie: Can I come in?
    Mackenzie: Sure!

    (Annie goes in holding toto)

    Mackenzie: Whats u- awww puppy!
    Annie: This one is yours!
    Mackenzie: From?
    Annie: Johnny Orlando or at least LeBlanc.
    Mackenzie: Awww!, I love her!!!
    Annie: Ik u would!
    Mackenzie: Aww, its soo cute!
    Annie: Well, Imma text Jayden, see ya?
    Mackenzie: Ok, Bye!!

    (Annie closes her door and texts Jayden)

    Anna: Hey Jay!
    JayBae: Hey u!, wassup?
    Anna: Nun bored, you?
    JayBae: Same, Connor Just left me.
    Anna: For real?
    JayBae: No!, I mean’t my house!
    Anna: Oh…do you know where your brother is?
    JayBae: Uh, I’ll text him!
    Anna: KK thanks byeee!
    JayBae: Later!

    (Jayden txts hayden)

    Big Bro: Hey Jayden!
    Lil sis: Heya!
    Big Bro: Wyd?
    Lil Sis: Bordum!, U?
    Big Bro: Nun
    Lil sis: K….oh yeah annie says hey!
    Big Bro: Ok!
    Lil Sis: Oh yeah, and Maddie ate your ceral…
    Big Bro: Ugh!
    Lil sis: So, did i…
    Big Bro: GOODBYE!

    (With Jayden and Maddie)

    Maddie: Did ya tell him?
    Jayden: Yep.
    Maddie: Is he mad?
    Jayden: Totally.
    Maddie: Should we go to the store?
    Jayden: Um…nah not feeling it, you.
    Maddie: Same here!
    Jayden: Im so glad that we are sisters.
    Maddie: Me 2!
    Jayden: Ohhhh!!
    Maddie: Wat?
    Jayden: Annie texted me!!
    Maddie: Julianna?
    Jayden: It’s annie!
    Maddie: Julianna!
    Jayden: Ugh!, why do you call her that?
    Maddie: I dont like the LeBlanc’s that much anymore..
    Jayden: Anymore?
    Maddie: Yea!, anymore!
    Jayden: Why not?, you hangout with Kenzie!
    Maddie: Ik I do, but Annie, she’s, too, prepy for me.
    Jayden: So, is, Kenzie!!!
    Maddie: Yeah!, Ik!, I can’t beleive she’s prepy’s sister.
    Jayden: THEY ARE TWINS!
    Maddie: Eww, wow.
    Jayden: Look!, you can’t like everybody anyday, but NOT hayden’s GIRLFRIEND!
    Maddie: I can set him up!
    Jayden: With who?
    Maddie: Ruby, Nida, or that Cassie girl!
    Jayden: Ruby, hayden HATES!
    Maddie: Why?
    Jayden: Ruby made annie turn into her once.
    Maddie: Uhm, wow.
    Jayden: Nida HATES hayden and hayden HATES Nida!
    Maddie: Why?
    Jayden: Nida kissed Hayden in front of annie once.
    Maddie: What did annie do?
    Jayden: Be the mean girl, but she is still team captian of everything.
    Maddie: Wow.
    Jayden: And “that cassie girl” is Annie’s twin, which tbh, Hayden and kenzie would kill eachother.
    Maddie: Fine!, I like Annie!, there happy!?
    Jayden: As a bestie?, tell me more!
    Maddie: Ugh!, yes as a bestie, and ever since you all meet, thats all!
    Jayden: Huh, your so mean then!
    Maddie: How?!
    Maddie: Yes i did, but im truly sorry!
    Maddie: NO!, I was trying to…..uh…
    Jayden: TO WHAT?!
    Maddie: Help Annie!, ok!
    Jayden: What. do. you. mean?!
    Maddie: She loves hayden, but, she wanna see if he is a good bf!
    Jayden: Well…..He is!
    Maddie: Ya, Ik he is.
    Jayden: UGH! I HATE YOU!!!!
    Maddie: Jayden!
    Maddie: Yea, ok!, Maybe she Just wanna make sure!
    Maddie: FINE!

    (Jayden calls annie and Annie picks up)

    Anna: Hello?
    JayBae: Hey Girl!
    Anna: Oh!, hey Jay, wassup?
    JayBae: Maddie told me that you wanted to see if Hayden is a good Boyfrined, Is that true or Flase?
    Anna: Oviuslly it’s false!, I know he is the best Boyfriend I have!
    JayBae: Ok!, R u sure?
    Anna: Positive Jayden!
    JayBae: Okie!, wyd anyways?
    Anna: I was sleeping with my new pup.
    JayBae: Aww!, I saw that on insta!!!
    Anna: Ya!
    JayBae: Sorry for waking you annie.
    Anna: Its ok, well im tired so later?
    JayBae: K byeee!!!
    Anna: Bye!

    (They hang up)

    Jayden: U LAIR!
    Maddie: You woke her up from her nap!
    Jayden: Ya!, to ask her a question!!!
    Maddie: Ugh!, your soo mean to her!!!
    Jayden: She’s my best friend!
    Maddie: UGH! GOOD BYE!

    (Hayden comes home)

    Hayden: IM HERE!!!!
    Maddie: Hey, I have a question for u!
    Hayden: Ok, whats up?
    Maddie: Does annie have a tryouts tmr?
    Hayden: Uh, yeah, why?
    Maddie: what for?
    Hayden: She said for Volleyball, why?
    Maddie: I wanna try out for it!
    Hayden: Srry….but the tryouts are only for 9th graders..
    Maddie: Why?!
    Hayden: Idk, annie never told me.
    Maddie: Well…..ASK HER OR ELSE ILL BRUSIE YOU!!!!
    Hayden: Why do I have to ask MY Girlfriend?!
    Maddie: She’ll go sweetie pie on you!
    Hayden: Well, To bad I cant ask tonight!
    Maddie: And why is that?
    Hayden: Its a suprise for the girls tonight!
    Maddie: What is it?
    Hayden: I CAN’T TELL YOU!!!!!!
    Maddie: Whatever. Just. Ask!
    Hayden: No way!
    Maddie: Ugh! your soooo mean!!!!!!
    Hayden: Ok?, Thanks!
    Maddie: IM NOT FINISH!!

    (Maddie hits hayden hard and he gets a black perment eye)

    (hayden leaves and go upstairs)

    (All of the boys met up at haydens and jayden left to go to annie’s for a hangout so all of them hung out basically)

    (With Hayden and his best friends)

    Johnny: Hey br- what happened to your eye?
    Hayden: Maddie hit me hard.
    Carson: Why?
    Hayden: Bc of the tryouts that annie is holding tmr.
    Connor: Dang!
    Hayden: Yep.
    Johnny: What about annie tho.
    Hayden: Wydm?
    Carson: What are u gonna tell annie!
    Hayden: About?
    Connor: Your eye!!!
    Hayden: Oh, that I got hit?!
    Johnny: Eh.
    Hayden: Oh shut it!
    Carson: Wanna prank call annie?
    Boys: Sure!!

    (Johnny calls annie on Haydens phone and sees what he put her under)

    Johnny: Aww!
    C+C+H: What?!
    Johnny: “Your My Girl”
    C+C: Awwwwwwwwww!!
    Hayden: JUST CALL HER!!

    (Johnny calls annie and she picks up)

    Your My Girl: Hello?
    ?: uhhh, hi!
    Your My Girl: Hi, who are u? and why are u callin me?
    ?” My name is Breannan and I wanna ask u something…
    Your My Girl: Brennan?!, I missed ya…
    ?: I missed you two Anns!
    Your My Girl: ??

    (Johnny mutes annie)

    Hayden: Bro, does annie really have any idea of who we are?!
    Johnny: Probally not.
    Hayden: Lets keep this thing up!
    Carson: Alright.

    (Johnny continues)

    Your My Girl: wait….Jason….is that you?!
    ?: Yeah!
    Your My Girl: Ugh!, what the heck do u want?!
    ?: I want to come over.
    Your My Girl: Why?
    ?: I Love You.
    Your My Girl: ? ok, Imma go.
    Hay: What Babe!
    Your My Girl: Bye Jason!

    (Annie hangs up and annie calls Hay)

    Hay: Hello?
    Your My Girl: Hey!
    Hay: Hey!
    Your My girl: Wyd?
    Hay: Fortnite, you?
    Your My Girl: ABout to head to the park.
    Hay: Ok, have fun Baby!
    Your My Girl: Okie, Text ya later?
    Hay: Ok, bye Love you!
    Your My Girl: I Love Ya 2!!!!!!

    (Annie and the girls heads to the park and play race me)

    Anns: Hey, you girls wanna play a game?
    Kenzie: Sure!
    JayBae: Yas!
    Anns: Ok, so we run to that pole and back!
    Kenzie: Yay!!!
    JaBae: What if someone wins?
    Anns: They!, would buy the losers starbucks, and its the same thing for the losers!

    (They run to the pole and back until annie tripps and hurts her ankle and dumbs into a boy)

    Annie: AHHHHHH!!!(Falls hard)
    ?: Are u ok?!
    Annie: Ya, I think..thanks.
    Kenzie: Annie You ok?!
    Annie: Ya…
    Jayden: Can You walk?!
    Annie: Not really…
    ?: Here, let me help u up!
    J+K: NO!, I mean…..ya….NO!!!
    Annie: Really guys?
    ?: Why not???
    Kenzie: She has a Boyfriend!
    ?: OK…I have a gir-(Mads comes up)

    (WIth Everyone)

    Mads: Babe?!!(Hugs)
    Chris: Hey Baby!(Hugs back and lets go)
    Annie: wait…chris?
    Mackenzie: Annie!, Come on!, lets get some Ice for your ankle!
    Chirs: Wait…Baby Girl?
    M+A: Yes?
    J+K: Aware this!!

    (Annie gets up and shakes her mind and limps to the ice cream area)

    Kenzie: What the actual Heck!
    Anns: What?
    JayBae: How do u know that guy?!
    Anns: Idk.
    Kenzie: Well, dont play anything against hayden!
    Anns: I won’t!
    JayBae: Maybe she’s loosin her mind?
    Kenzie: Jayden, we already covered this!
    JayBae: Oh yeah!
    Anns: So, Im the loser!!

    (The boys walks in and so does chris without mads)

    Anns: Why are the boys here?
    Kenzi: Idk, but were having fun!
    JayBae: True.
    Anns: Imma go and get some Napkins!
    Kenzi: Does it still hurt?
    JayBae: Ya, if it hurts, maybe I’ll get it!
    Anns: I haven’t walked on it for like 3 mins, I think im fine!
    J+K: Ok!

    (Annie walks passed Hayden and the boys and gets napkins until Chris pulls annie close to him)

    Annie: Uh, hey Chris?
    Chris: Hey..
    Annie: Why am i right right here?
    Chris: Annie….I still Love you..
    Annie: ?
    Chris: In Kindergarden…
    Annie: That was like a year ago!
    Chris: Annie, Plz take me back?
    Annie: Im sorry….I have a Boyfriend….
    Chris: Oh…then he doesn’t mind if we sneak outta here?
    Annie: Im with my sister and best friend.
    Chris: Plz? (pouts and rubs annie arm)
    Annie: Chris…plz….not now!(Looks annoyed)
    Chris: Annie plz?
    Annie: Maybe, Tonight, after I get back…we can hang for a little at the park.
    Chris: Really?
    Annie: Yes, and that is a big maybe for you!
    Chris: Oh come on!!!!, you still Love me!
    Annie: Why would I still like the boy who “used it” in his pants?
    Chris: I was 10!
    Annie: Uhm! (Giggles)
    Chris: I never got tired of the LeBlanc Giggles.
    Annie: Ya, sure!
    Chris: Wow, Thats cold!
    Annie: I’ll text you later to tell u the time ok?
    Chris: K, bye Cutie!
    Annie: ITS STILL JULIANNA!!!(Walks away yelling)

    (Hayden pulls annie to the side)

    Hayden: How was that?
    Annie: A friend from when I was 0.
    Hayden: I don’t like him.
    Annie: Ok?, you dont have to..
    Hayden: But….I Love you tho..(holds annies hands)
    Annie: I love you to Hayden, but stop being so….
    Hayden: So what?
    Annie: Jealous all the time!
    Hayden: I just wanna protect you!
    Annie: And your doing a awesome job at it, but cool it down a little!
    Hayden: What do u mean?
    Annie: Hayden!, were about to LIVE together!, that’s a Huge deal!, for me and you, excepsailly for US!
    Hayden: I know it is!
    Annie: Hayden, Stop being jealous!, If you WANT to Have a Family when we get older, YOU need to controll yourself!
    Hayden: I do want a family!, not if or anything else!
    Annie: Then ACT like you really want a family with me Hayden!!
    Hayden: Im so sick and tired of this!
    Annie: YOUR Tired of THIS?!, Im Tired of YOU being Jealous of me!!!!!
    Hayden: You know what..
    Annie: What Hayden?!
    Hayden: I dont think we should be together..(Lets go of annie)
    Annie: Hayden….
    Hayden: No, I dont wanna Live with you….im sorry annie..
    Annie: Hayden!

    (Hayden leaves)

    Annie: HAYDEN!!!!

    (Annie runs out and sees hayden walking away)

    Annie: Hayden!….plz…..I LOVE YOU!!!!

    (Hayden disappers and the gang looks at annie in a ” Im sorry anns” Look)

    Kenzie: Anns…(Hugs)
    Anns: (hugs back)
    Johnny: Im so sorry…
    Anns: He….he…left….left me…(cries)

    (Annie leaves and runs home fast and passing Hayden’s house on the way( They live next to eachother) Annie heads straight for the kitchen)

    Hayley: Annie?
    Annie: WHAT?!(angry tears)
    Hayley: You ok??
    Hayley: Lets talk about it..
    Annie: Ok..

    (They walk up to annie’s room where she can see hayden, but Hayden has his window open and is talking to no one and waiting until his brother get home, but looks out at annie and hayley talking and annie crying so he decides to Listen)

    Hayley: Ok, tell me whats wrong.
    Annie: Hayden, broke up with me…
    Hayley: Why?!, you to were so excited to be living with eachother..
    Annie: I was talkin to Chris and after I was done…..he got jealous and said that he’s done.
    Hayley: Aww, maybe he was just at the way you were flirtin?
    Annie: Tbh, I wasn’t!
    Hayley: Anns!, I know you and Hayden ever since I was born, you to will make up and be hannie again.
    Annie: I dont think so…
    Hayley: Just trust me on this annie, Hayden will turn up when he is ready, he loves you!
    Annie: Your right Hayley, thanks!
    Hayley: Np, see you for dinner?
    Annie: Whats for dinner anyways?
    Hayley: Honestly, I don’t know, mommy said its a suprise.
    Annie: K, see ya!

    (Hayley closes the door and Stares outside and sees haydens blue eyes looking back at her. And they Just stare at eachother)

    (With Hayden and Jimmy)

    Jimmy: Knock Knock?
    (Hayden stops staring at annie)

    Hayden: Hey
    Jimmy: Hey, Maddie told me..
    Hayden: Just great!(Scarastic)
    Jimmy: Maybe you should do something specail for her.
    Hayden: I was plannin to until….this mess!
    Jimmy: Give her your heart bro!
    Hayden: I did, until….like I said…THIS!
    Jimmy: Imma tell you something important.
    Hayden: Ok?
    Jimmy: Sometimes, girls are unsure what you should be and do, but we all love them so much!
    Hayden: I know, But annie is not like that!
    Jimmy: I know, but you love annie so much, and we all Love her.
    Hayden: Ok, I’ll go over to her house rn.
    Jimmy: Alright, later.

    (Hayden answers the door and sees Hayden there with Flowers)

    Annie: Hayden?
    Hayden: Hi.
    Annie: Hi, what are you doin here?
    Hayden: I wanted to appologize…
    Annie: Its kinda cold to be out here.
    Hayden: Its hot annie.
    Annie: Oh sorry hayden, I was talkin to katie.
    Hayden: Np, Julianna Grace LeBlanc….I still wanna live my life with you, have a family and so much more!
    Annie: Aww, I love you to Hayden!!
    Hayden: I’m so sorry for being a Jealous Boyfriend.
    Annie: Its fine, and I promise to let you know first before!
    Hayden: So…date me again?!
    Annie: Yesssss!!!

    (They Hugged and Hayden left and annie went to meet up with Chris)

    Chris: Hey!
    Annie: Hey!
    Chris: I heard what happened..
    Annie: Its nothing now.
    Chris: Wait….you to are together now?
    Annie: Ya, whats up?
    Chris: I need to tell you something….
    Annie: Ok, what is it?
    Chris: Im dating Madison Lewis…
    Annie: Good Luck with her!
    Chris: What do you mean?
    Annie: She’s a bad person to be honset, and you are so nice!
    Chris: 1. Thanks and 2. she’s a good person!
    Annie: How long have you 2 been dating for excatly?
    Chris: Its about to be our 5th month!
    Annie: Uh, well congrats and Imma leave now!
    Chris: No “Goodbye” kiss or hug?
    Annie: A hug yes, a kiss is only for Hayden and I would like to keep it that way.
    Chris: Alright fine.
    Annie: Your the best!

    (Annie leaves and arrives home where hayden texted annie when she was getting to the steps)

    (Txts hay)

    Hayd: Hey Babe!
    Cutie: Hey!, wassup?
    Hayd: Its almost time to go to your frist present of the night!
    Cutie: Ok, I’m home anyways!
    Hayd: Oh right, see you at your first destionation!!
    Cutie: Are you picking me up? or Drive?
    Hayd: Drive.
    Cutie: Whyyyyy?
    Hayd: bc, Im supposed to meet you every where!
    Cutie: Ok, fine, byyeeee!!
    Hay: Bye!

    (Annie goes inside and gets a furit cup and then stays in the kitchen with her mom and paige)

    Annie: Hey!
    Mommy: Your finally home!
    Paige: Took you long enough!
    Annie: I was busy…
    Mommy: Ok, well u need to get ready!
    Paige: Yeah!
    Annie: I already know, where is Hayley, kenzie, and Caleb?
    Mommy: Hayley went to a Playdate with friends for an hour.
    Paige: Yep
    Annie: And where’s Kenzie and Caleb?
    Paige: Kenzie went to her 4 or something like that, and she her car.
    Annie: Ok, and Caleb?
    Mommy: Taking his daughters to the park.
    Annie: K!

    (Annie went upstairs and wore this:
    Shirt: Cold shoulder Lace crop
    Pants: ripped jeans
    Shoes: White vans
    Hair: Out
    Make up: Fancy
    Jacket: Jean Jacket
    Acessories: White purse and Fake Glasses)

    (Annie went back downstairs and Got her keys from her purse and went to the Garage)

    Annie: Bye Mommy and Paige!!!
    Mommy: Bye Annie!, Oh and pick Hayley up after!!
    Annie: Ok!
    Paige: Byeee Have Fun!!!!!!

    (Annie got into her car and left until she got a Call from Kenz Kenz)


    Anna Anna: Hello?
    Kenz Kenz: Heyyy!
    Anna Anna: Hey!, wassup?
    Kenzi Kenzi: Nun!
    Anna Anna: Then why did u call?
    Kenzi Kn: Idk, byeee!

    ( Annie keeps driving was singing to her song)

    Annie: Thought I end up with sean, But he wasn’t a match, Wrote some songs about Ricky, Now I listen and Laugh. Even Almost got married, And for pete im so thankful, wish I could say “thank you” to Maclom, ’cause he was an angle. One taught me Love, One taught me paticent, And one taught me pain. Now im so amazing, I’ve loved, and I’ve Lost. But that’s not what I see. So look what I got, Look what you taught me, And for that, I say…..Thank you, next. Thank you next. Thank you next. Im so (bleep) grateful for my ex. Thank you next. Thank you next. Thank you next. Im so (bleep). Spend time with my friends, I an’t worried ’bout nothin’, Plus, I met someone else. We havin’ better dissucsions, I know they say I move too fast. But this gon’ last..

    (Annie arrives and parks her car and turns her engen off and heads inside)

    Cutie: O.M.G BABE?!
    Hayd: Surpise!!!
    Cutie: I love it, thank youu!!
    Hayd: Your welcome, wanna go and ride?
    Cutie: YASS!!

    (They rode on the Ferris wheel)

    Cutie: (giggles) I remember That!
    Hay: You were the one who called EVERYONE an Loser that day.
    Cutie: Bc, Mackenzie Scott say me use it on myslef!
    Hay: I didnt see it tho!
    Cutie: True, but I remember when I dated Christopher.
    Hay: You to are ugly!
    Cutie: (Laughs) Anyways, (Yawns) Thanks for taking me here!
    Hay: Your welcome babe (Puts arms around annie)

    (They talk and laugh and then annie drove over to The restarunts)

    (Annie is still driving)( Annie turns her song on and listens)

    Annie: Hey hey, I got a condo in Manhattan, Baby Girl whats hatin. You and your (Covers mouth) Invited, so come gon get to clappin, Go pop it for a player, Pop-pop it for me, Turn around and drop it for me here drop-drop it for me, I’ll get a beach house in Miami, Wake up in no Jamies, Lobster Tail for dinner, Julio, seve thats scampi

    (Annie arrives and goes in to see Hayden)

    Cutie: Hey Babe!(sits)
    Hay: Heyy!
    Cutie: This place is so beautiful!
    Hay: Ya.
    Cutie: Why did you pick it?
    Hay: Bc, your specail and I wanna make sure you Like it.
    Cutie: Awww!, I love it!!!
    Hay: Im glad!

    (Annie and Hayden finished eating and then Hayden and annie drove there spereate ways)

    (Annie picked Hayley up)

    Hayley: Sooooo, How was it?
    Annie: It was good Hay Hay!, how was your day?
    Hayley: Amazing!
    Annie: (Laughs) Im glad!
    Hayley: Have you and Hayden made up yet?
    Annie: Yep!

    (They drive home and both of them went inside)

    Annie: Hayley go to bed, its late!
    Hayley: Okie!
    Annie: Night Love you Hayley!
    Hayley: Nighty night!

    (Annie and Hayley went upstairs went into her room and she changed( Annie went into head into her bed and Txted Hayden)

    Your My Girl: Hey Babe, thanks for the most amazing day ever, I Love you with all my heart!
    Bae: I Love you to Baby Girl, Im glad, Love you with everything I have!
    Your My Girl: Bye!
    Bae: Night!

    (Annie finally went to bed)

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