Drama over the holiday

Nomthandazo Moyo December 24, 2018
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shany was a tall close up girl whose life was centred around food.she had been extremely happy when her father had offered them a family vacation. she scrambled to pack her bags but only to realise she had left out the most important part of her luggage ,her toiletries. to her, it was embarrassing to even tell the story to anyone because her siblings were the mocking type and she was fragile. they were a family of eight and she happened to be a middle child so basically nothing was special about her. her father had a convenient 4by4navara which was their only source of transport. at their arrival they had played the role of the amazing magic car exiting from it. shany had to use up her money buying the toiletries whilst others shopped clothes .as she tiptoed towards the toiletries trying wholly not to be noticed, she bumped into her highschool senior, the headboy at her school.
shany sank in her toes and was drowning in her sweat. she was not the famous type but she was not invisible either. her shopping bag had immediately fell spilling all the hidden contents to sight. she sighed a faint sigh of surrender, she had been exposed .With composure, she collectedher now scattered shopping and politely apologized for the messy meeting and gracefully walkedaway feeling like a superwoman. suddenly she missed a step and fell,again.This time she lost her cool because cameras were flashing around her, this generation. the headboy had her back though, he made sure to capture her back in the camera. to be continued…

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