Eclipse: Pro Log

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The mothers brought up the babies one a boy, one a girl, to the Seeing Eye and then spoke, “Today both Tribes are gathered here today for the ceremony of Old, the Giving of the Eye to these little ones and have their color reveled.” The Seeing Eye first went up to the baby girl and spoke once more, “Diana of the Moon tribe, daughter of the Chief, you shall be blessed with the color of sight.” He touched her forehead, and the little girls eyes melted from a colorless grey to a navy blue, the color of the night sky; strangely with flecks of silver, “The stars in her eyes” as The Seeing Eye put it. Next he went over to the little boy, “Sol of the Sun Tribe, son of their Healer, you shall be blessed with the color of sight.” He touched his forehead as he did with the girl. The grey melted from his eyes leaving amber instead, the shade of the sun, with flecks of the sky blue of day. “That concludes our ceremony.” he said at last. Both mother walked away, back to their tribes, both babies looked at each other for the first and last time, both eyes glowed white with power. No one saw expect the Seeing Eye, and knew what was yet to come.

This is just a Pro log so it may sound a bit boring but I’m planing on each week (or every other depending on the chapter) to release a chapter on the story I’m writing Eclipse. Plz comment and like and if you have any idea for Eclipes, tell me in the comments.

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