ELizabeth Langford as a fairy written by Elizabeth Langford Augest 2023

Elizabeth Langford November 6, 2023
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My eyes are blue I was minding my own business and I have a little story to tell that a little sugar plum fairy called Scheherazade was standing there I didn’t mean to be rude this is my ninth story on the list but I couldn’t help but stare there was just something about her which is a little bit of magic it was the middle of the story that I couldn’t tell if I was something in her eyes or maybe if it was just something about how Scheherazade looked in my hair the only thing I knew for certain was that there was not another fairy like her in that room the land was very still not a one little fairy who could even slightly compare I went into my head asking all those familiar questions we all know the path was very straight the fairy who is that fairy? what is that fairy doing? and then yes even the when is that fairy going to come? and where is the fairy going? I walked up to Scheherazade in what I thought was strong and confident with reasonable care but when I got to my table the walk was very long all I could see was her eyes they took me right out of my cold and sweaty despair Scheherazade was so wonderful Scheherazade was so free nothing else mattered right then those moments belonged to her eyes and my we talked for hours and hours we laughed when the walk was very straight and long Scheherazade even cried now but when the night was over I knew I had met my angel the soul I know I could finally confide it was an empirical miracles everything is a miracle there is a lot of evidence to back it up but nothing empirical and if Scheherazade tell the wrong person they’ll find her hysterical miracles are empirical where the shadow was very bright everything is a miracle where the magic was very strong what evidence does Scheherazade have for that empirical? ha yea right you’re hysterical there are some mistaken rhymes where the rainbow was very colourful when Scheherazade did try rhyming words does Scheherazade ever wonder if her rhyme has already taken? if her rhyme there is probably a good chance that the rhyme may be the same but the light was very bright if they say the message is too long just let Scheherazade know now the lead was there Elizabeth was mistaken now and then if the fairies ask Scheherazade who are you to talk to me like this? just tell them Miss. Scheherazade the sugar plum fairy after all it’s always to leave them with a little mystery there are some new fairy people in fairyland I always get shy when meeting someone who is new I never know what to say but if Scheherazade is aware there are a lot of things Scheherazade could do for instance Scheherazade could say hey or Scheherazade could ask me how was my day? or and this next one might sound just Might Sound just a little cliche but the dance was very beautiful if Scheherazade can’t think of anything to say Scheherazade could still just walk away ok? my hands are very beautiful please understand the world was very magical nothing else matters now when Scheherazade me by the hands I didn’t even need the best laid plans with her touch I’ve already found my hold land when the sun was shining in the sky I’d admit it on the witness stand the sky was blue cause when I’m with Scheherazade I feel leader of the way on our way the fairies were very friendly to the promised lands anything Scheherazade wish is my command so please just take my hands one more time let’s live our lives on demand our wishes will come true the wish was granted by me we are like that oasis in the desert

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