Eric and the owl

Barry Carter January 8, 2019
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    Six year old Oscar lived in a cottage near
    the woods with his blind grandfather, he was
    not like other boys his age, Oscar had trouble
    making people understand him, he loved to draw
    the birds he saw in the woods,his favourite was
    an owl he called Eric.

    It was a week before Christmas, Father Christmas
    had forgotten to visit Oscar’s cottage the year before,
    this made his grandfather cry. Oscar put logs on the
    fire before going to sleep in a rocking chair, he had
    a dream about an angel trapped in a wrist watch being
    worn by a tree and the angels wings were trapped in ice
    with the key to heaven’s door, the ice would not melt even
    though it was surrounded by a wall of fire, angels above
    wore clouds as slippers.

    Oscar was woken by the sound of his grandfather’s walking
    stick which had the sun and moon carved into it’s head.
    Grandfather asked Oscar to show him the moon and help
    him guide the end of his stick around the edge of the moon
    to make music. That night Oscar heard a noise outside of
    his bedroom window, it was Eric the owl wearing a cloak of
    snow, with the same number of flakes as the number of days
    since his grandfather had gone blind. Oscar could talk to the
    owl much more than he could to people, Eric pointed his wing
    towards the woods and Oscar followed him, the owl landed
    on what would become the cottage Christmas tree then guided
    Oscar deep into the woods, there was the watch from his dream
    and the wall of fire which he could just about see through. Oscar’s
    black eyes became clear, Eric could see his grandfather being
    blinded in the great war, the wind held it’s hands against it’s ears.
    The owl collected feathers falling from clouds and gave them to Oscar.

    That night Oscar had a dream about driving the sleigh of father Christmas,
    when he woke there were more feathers outside of his window, he wrapped
    them in a blanket, their was also a pocket-watch which he could not open.
    Oscar managed to cut down the Christmas tree and take it into the cottage,
    his grandfather sat in the rocking chair as Oscar decorated the tree with tinsel
    and hung the watch from a branch, the wind warmed it’s fingers against the fire.

    Oscar thought about the children who did not have anything, even food, he wanted their
    hunger to end and the return of his grandfather’s eyesight, these were the two
    presents he wanted more than anything. That night the wind wore the uniform
    of war as it searched for heaven’s door.

    It was the morning of Christmas eve, a hungry reindeer appeared outside of
    the cottage with Eric on it’s back, Oscar knew the reindeer belonged to father
    Christmas and fed the poor animal this freed the angel trapped in the watch
    who went and stood near the wall of fire. Oscar know had enough feathers
    for a pair of wings, he flew with Eric and returned the reindeer to father Christmas
    then told the sun stories about hungry children, the sun’s tears put out the flames
    of the wall of fire and the angel got her wings back along with the key to heaven’s
    door and flew Oscar’s grandfather through the door where a brilliant light gave him
    back his sight.

    It was Christmas morning and father Christmas left a painting of Oscar’s grandfather
    going through heaven’s door, he also left a note telling Oscar about parcels of food
    he had left for hungry children, it was hard to tell who was happier, Oscar or his
    grandfather who now made walking sticks carved with the head of an owl for people
    who had trouble walking.

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