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Once upon a time, there was a little girl named Ava. She wasn’t an ordinary girl, she was very special. But she wasn’t special because of her big shiny eyes that were full of life and looked like two suns. Neither was she special because of her long blonde hair that made people understand that to be called an angel she only lacked the tiny beautiful wings. The reason for her being special is her intelligence. Everyone in her little town wondered how can a girl be so little, but so smart and caring of others. But in this fairytale, the 5 magical words are “Everything happens for a reason.”
On Saturday, as every other day, Ava went to the playground and was waiting for her friends to come. Every day Ava and her friends were gathering in the playground and were deciding what to play. Every child had their responsibility in the little gatherings of theirs.
Amber, who was the oldest of them all, was responsible for new ideas for their games. She had to think of interesting ways of varying a game or she could also invent another game. She was the boss of her work and she could make any decision she wanted. Daniel had to find an interesting place for them to play because he was the most adventurous one of them. Let me tell you a little secret that only me and you will know. Daniel loved adventures so much that sometimes his mother locked him in his room with the windows closed for him not to escape and go on another trip of how he called “seeking adventures.”
Amy, the little redhead girl, was the most creative one. She loved drawing and she was drawing the whole time. She wasn’t that talkative and was creating tiny works of art by being quiet and sophisticated. So, Amy was responsible for the clothes they were wearing during their games. She was sewing costumes of superheroes, princes and princesses with her grandmother, which added an effect of reality to their games.
Last but not least are Ava and Luke, who are the organizers of those games. Luke was the one who had to find all the decorations and details needed for the games, while Ava was responsible for putting all the parts of the puzzle together and being a leader.
So, Ava sat on one of the benches of the playground and started waiting for her friends. Ava didn’t understand why didn’t any of them show up. She was sad and at that moment a tear full of genuine sadness fell on her cheek, which was pink because of the warmness of the Sun. One tear started succeeding the other and now she was crying. She got up from the bench and headed back home. She opened the door and seeing her tears her mother rushed to her.
“What happened my little angel? Why are you crying?” Her mother said with a worried expression.
“M-m-mommy, nobody came to the playground today. Do you know why?” Ava said gradually calming down after crying.
“Oh honey, come here.”
Ava came closer and her mother hugged her.
“You know that life is full of unexpected things, right? I know you are little, but you are smart and you know that bad things happen in this world, right?”
Ava nodded waiting for her mother to continue.
“So, baby, do you remember that when yesterday you were half asleep and told me that it feels like the world is going around and I told you that you’re just dreaming? I’m sorry honey, but I lied to you. There’s this phenomenon called earthquake and that’s what happened yesterday. I’m so sad that I have to tell you all of this, but you always want to know the truth and you take it like an adult. Earthquakes are destructive phenomena. I don’t want you to get sadder so I won’t tell you the details, but you have to know that people become really sad after them, so, that is why maybe your friends weren’t at the playground. Your father and I thought that it would be better not to tell you about this, but now I feel that I had to tell you the truth.”
Ava broke the hug and went to her room and closed the door. She sat on her bed and started thinking of ways to help her friends somehow. She was thinking until the moment when her thoughts were interrupted by a familiar sound of coughing. She ran to the window and saw that Mr. King was slowly walking towards their house. Amusement immediately played on her face as she saw him.
It may sound funny, but Mr. King was like a real king for the town. He was the wisest man in the town, which was also because he was the oldest one, and everyone listened to his pieces of advice and acted the way he told them to. Some people also thought that he was a magician, but no one knew whether it was true or not.
When she saw Mr. King she immediately ran out of her room and went to open the door and welcome him. He hardly had time to enter the house when she jumped towards him and hugged him constantly calling out his name.
“Ava, baby, calm down and let Mr. King rest after his walk.” Said her mother with a little smile on her face.
“Madeline, dear, don’t say those kinds of things. You know how I love Ava and hugging her and feeling her heartbeat is the greatest thing for an old man like me.” Mr. King said with a genuine smile on his wrinkled face.
Ava whispered something in Mr. King’s ear and he, without changing his expression made her understand that he knows what he’s going to do.
“Madeleine, my lovely, can you please make me some tea? I would like some tea before telling you the reason I came here for.” After saying it Mr. King turned to look at Ava and winked her secretly so that Madeline doesn’t notice it.
“Sure, Mr. King. I’ll be back in a few minutes.”
These were her last words after she left the living room. Mr. King sat on the armchair and placed Ava on his lap.
“Now, little angel, tell me what do you have for me.”
“Mr. King, you know that something really bad and terrible happened yesterday, right?”
Mr. King nodded.
“I know that people, especially my friends, are suffering. Mr. King, you are so smart. Please help me. Tell me a way I can help them.”
Mr. King caressed Ava’s head and started speaking, “You surely are an angel. It would be a right decision for me to lie to you, but I’m guilty and your beautiful eyes filled with sincere care don’t let me lie to you. There is a way you can help your friends.”
Ava’s eyes started shining with happiness.
“Mr. King please tell me what should I do?”
Mr. King hesitated at first, but then decided to carry on telling her the story.
“There’s a potion called “Everything.” That potion helps to cure every disease, but also it can heal like a broken leg, or a blind person’s eyes and so on.”
“And how to prepare it?”
“Well, you know angel, that is the problem. The potion should consist of 5 five sparkles of different colors. The first one is the Red one, the sparkle of Love. The second one is the Yellow one, the sparkle of Kindness. The light Blue is the third one, which symbolizes Care. Mercy is the fourth one and its sparkle is Purple. Last but not least is the sparkle of Honesty, which includes in it also genuine emotions and is White. The person who wants to find the potion should find all those sparkles and mix them together. If the potion is prepared, it’ll heal each and every person the maker wants it to.”
“And how can I find the sparkles?”
“If it was something that easy, do you think that people wouldn’t have tried finding it already? No one knows the exact location, but people think that they can be found in the one and only cave of this town where no one entered for a long time.”
“Oh. That’s sad. Thank you, Mr. King. Maybe I’ll think of another way of helping them. I’ll be going back to my room now. Thank you!”
“Such a beautiful creature,” whispered Mr. King after Ava went to her room.
After that Madeline came back to the living room a cup of tea in her hands. Later Ava’s father joined them coming back from work and they started talking about what happened the other day and what the earthquake caused, while Ava fell asleep because she had a lot to do.
The morning came and Ava decided to take her backpack with the things she valued the most and go to that cave. She thought to herself that she would’ve been afraid if it wasn’t for her friends, but now she didn’t have the right to feel scared. She quietly left the house and when she closed the door a voice made her jump in fear.
“How could you go to a cave and not tell us?” Daniel said with an angry expression on his face.
Looking at the others Daniel immediately signaled them to be angry as well. They listened to him and quickly changed their faces into mad ones.
“How do you know about that?” Ava said feeling a little guilty.
“Mr. King told us.” Said Amy and everyone turned to look at her surprised that she spoke once finally.
“I’m sorry. I knew you were sad. I heard my mom talking to Mr. King about all of your relatives and about what happened to them. I thought you wouldn’t want to come with me.” Said Ava looking sadly on the ground.
“Of course we would. How could we leave you alone?” Luke came closer to Ava and hugged her. Then, Daniel, Amy, and Amber joined the hug as well.
“We’re coming with you.” Whispered Amber in the hug.
A red sparkle came out of the hug that no one noticed and led its way to Amber’s pocket.
“Thank you. Let’s go then. We don’t have time.”
As Amber was the oldest, she thought of taking a map, so, she was the one to lead the way.
They were going for a couple of hours and they were getting tired. But that problem could be solved, whereas another one couldn’t. All of them were hungry and none took anything to eat.
“Look, there’s a bird there. Let’s kill the bird with stones and then we’ll make a delicious meal if we put it on fire. I’ve seen it in movies.” Screamed Luke with enthusiasm. He turned around to see others’ reactions.
“No! No Luke! Look at that incredible bird! Don’t you think that maybe that bird is a mother? We can’t do this to her little birdies. I better not eat at all.” Said Amy with fear planted on her face. It felt like she was going to cry. Other’s waited for Luke to answer as they were surprised that Amy talked once again.
“You’re right Amy. I’m sorry that I scared you. I’m ashamed of myself.” Luke said turning his back to everyone of embarrassment. A purple sparkle danced in the air passing and making circles till it reached Amy’s pocket.
Amy ran and hugged Luke, “Luke, you are so brave. You admitted your mistake and you don’t have to be ashamed of yourself.” Luke’s cheeks started burning red when Amy got on her tiptoes and kissed his cheek.
“Ahem, let’s go. We have to hurry.” Said Luke with a smile that wasn’t that noticeable and everyone followed him without saying anything.
They continued going till they noticed that Ava wasn’t with them. They started panicking and didn’t know what to do. When Daniel wanted to scream out her name he saw Ava coming out of the trees.
“I found an apple.” Ava said with showing the green apple to her friends.
“Wow! You’re lucky.” Said Daniel trying to hide that he was hungry.
“No,” said Ava shaking her head, “WE are lucky because I’m going to eat it with you.” She said smiling at them. The yellow sparkle was created and it quickly placed itself in Ava’s pocket.
“That was sweet and so, but we don’t have a knife.” Said Luke with a smirk on his face.
“I do.”
“Amy? Really? How come you have a knife, but you don’t have anything to eat?” said Luke with frustration in his voice.
“Well, I’m a future designer and in case my scissors broke down the knife would be a plan B. Also, if something happened to me I had to have all the important things with me.” She said putting her finger on her glasses to place them back on the upper part of her nose. Everyone started laughing and eating the pieces of apple together.
They continued their way until they reached the cave. All of them were so tired that despite the fear everyone immediately fell asleep, except Luke. He wanted to stay awake and think of how they could find the sparkles, while others decided to think of it in the morning. Luke stayed up for half an hour, but nothing came to his mind. So, he decided to go to sleep as it was a better idea in that case. He took Amy’s backpack, opened it and took out different fabrics she had and covered his friends with them for them not to catch a cold. He didn’t know it, but a blue sparkle appeared in his pocket for this gesture.
The morning came and all of them woke up to think of a way of getting the sparkles.
“Maybe there’s another cave? Maybe that’s why we didn’t find the sparkles?” Amber said trying to cheer her friends up.
“No. Mr. King said it’s the only cave in the town.” With this words, Ava turned everyone’s hopes down.
“Maybe he’s old and he forgot about another cave? Let me check it with my map.” Amber took the map out of her pocket, but sparkle also made its way out of her pocket and stopped in front of her glowing with red light. Everyone except Daniel was in shock and they weren’t even blinking.
“Oh my God the sparkle.” Screamed Ava not believing her own eyes.
Everyone immediately checked their pockets and sparkles of different colors filled the cave. Only one sparkle was missing and everyone was staring at Daniel as nothing came out of his pocket. Ava knew what the lacking sparkle signified, but she didn’t say anything.
“Hey, where’s the last one?” Asked Luke.
“Maybe it’s lost?” Answered Amy.
“No, it’s not possible. Something’s not right.” Said Amber and started thinking.
“Guys, I’m sorry,” pronounced Daniel, “I saw your sparkles at night. I… I wanted to steal them. I thought that you wouldn’t help my family because all of you wanted to help yours… Even though I was thinking like that, I wasn’t able to steal them from you. I’m so sorry.” Daniel pronounced the last word and started crying. The white sparkle came out, but everyone’s attention was towards Danny.
Amber hugged Daniel, “It’s okay. It happens.”
Amy came closer offering him a napkin, “We’re not mad at you.”
Ava came closer and looked into Daniel’s eyes, “We’re FRIENDS.”
“You’re still cool, bro,” finished Luke and everyone started laughing again.
But all of them turned back when they heard a loud sound. They saw that all the five sparkles are turning in a circle gradually increasing the speed. After a couple of seconds, the sparkles came together and the potion shined so bright they closed their eyes. When they opened their eyes, the multicolored potion, “Everything” written on it, shined and fell into Ava’s hands.
“Wow!” Exclaimed Amber.
“Yeah.” Amy and Daniel agreed in unison.
“Mommy won’t believe me.” Said Luke smiling with astonishment and happiness.
“Let’s go back quickly. It’s enough! Our relatives must not suffer any longer.” Said Ava putting the potion in her backpack.
The kids started running to get home as soon as possible. They were full of energy because they got what they wanted so much. After running for a couple of hours these brave kids reached their destinations. Their parents were so worried, they were crying, talking to the police and they didn’t know what else to do. Some of the parents got mad at their children, the others didn’t, but what does it matter when they found the potion and saved everyone?
They shared the potion and gave it to their friends and family. They even gave it to the people they met for the first time seeing that they needed it. But, first of all, they gave it to Mr. King who helped them to find the sparkles and make the potion.
Thanks to the potion the diseases disappeared forever as even the incurable ones were cured. Hence, also, there were no deaths either, which was the best thing humanity could ask for. Now, everyone could live with their kin and kith forever. Thanks to the love, kindness, honesty, care, and mercy of Ava and her friends, the people in that town lived happily ever after. What a relief would it be to find such a potion in the real world and live happily ever after.

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