Fairy don't go near the flame written by Elizabeth October 2023

Elizabeth Langford October 30, 2023
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Once upon a time there was a little fairy who was sitting on a mushroom she was called Beth the story was true this is a little flame this is my first story on the list the magic was very strong fairy don’t go near the flame kids are often warned not to go near the flame so this is the story of this fairy who was warned not to go near the flame of any sort as it could be harmful it was a fairy tale but she was little in age and as other fairies are small in size the light was very bright so was she about five inches in height the kids were there but this is what the size of the fairies is which is about fifty times lesser than the size of normal human and with this height the fairies lived by it was the middle of the story now as everybody knows fairies are nice creatures but humans are wicked and cunning and not close to nice as fairies and this is how the world goes by now this fairy named Beth who was a girl of course was always attracted towards the flames there was a little flame there she liked going near the flames and admiring the fire when she used to see a flame she used to go near it and adore it for hours and hours together which sometimes she got scolding’s for it but she did not heed to the scolding’s and used to continue going near flames she liked the colour and warmth and how the flame flickered and danced and lighted up the whole area around it the story comes to an end now there was this guy who used to trap insects by lighting up candles as bugs are interested in light they used to come near it he used to trap insect and keep them in a cage made of glass what he had was he had a candle light burning inside an enclosed glass chamber and when he used to see that sufficient amount of insects have flocked inside the closure sufficient amount of insects have flocked inside the closure he closed the enclosure’s door and the insects got trapped inside it then he transferred the insects to another glass enclosure and saw them flying inside it the insects used to live some time and then die of suffocation inside the enclosure until a new supply of insect were brought in this guy was evil now so happened this little fairy Beth was passing by the trapper’s house at night and saw this candle flame which looked very beautiful to her she went near to the flame in spite of many warnings from other fairies who were flying with her and were telling her not to go near the flame the fire was very hot but she didn’t listened and went to the flame it was a Halloween story now at the time the boy came and closed the door of the enclosure in which the fairy Beth also got trapped

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