Fairy ring under the pine written by Elizabeth Langford February 2023

Elizabeth Langford November 19, 2023
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there was a time where a little fairy ring was there the fairy ring was under the pine a little fairy who was called Rose she was helping her friend Holly for a time for the fairy dance in the country of Denmark in a quaint little neighbourhood bordering Roskilde Fjord Rose and Holly had at the time a tall spilt level home with a big yard this is my seventeenth story on the list it was the middle of the story Rose was to do chores in the garden in the flat above Holly’s place tenants came and went this is a true fairy tale now the last of all which was a lady the fairies were very special Holly will call Sherry who had a little girl child with a hearing disability the forest was very big they had the typical round trampoline out in the big yard the days were very short some areas of the yard were rather undisturbed like the brush pile and a mound in the furthermost corner opposite the roadway

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