Fatima Aqeel June 26, 2017
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Not long ago there was a girl who had Four other friends. these 5 friends were very close and helped one another in hard times and good times they were always there for each other. These were Zach, flora, Jackson, Hannah and Kelly.
Jackson and Zach were very talented and loved singing and were incredible dancers. during the high school years of these five friends, Jackson and Zach were offered a record label all of them were very excited they celebrated the night and day.
I am flora and this is my story. After Zach and Jackson signed the record label their name was known all over the world and they were at the top of charts in less than a month they released their own albums and won many awards.
And what you might be thinking is true and yes they were very busy. So busy that we never met them for two years.
Kelly, Hannah and I went to their concerts, meet and greet but we couldn’t talk to them at all. After 5 more years all of us grew apart.
I still talked with Kelly and Hannah but we grew apart so much that I changed. I loved my friends but I started to become jealous and glad at the same times. I changed into someone else. that is when I meet Zach who was also the person I loved in high school but now he was also the person whom I hated the most now. he was the same as he was but sad to see me. I didn’t even greet him and pass by him like he was a no one. I did text him after that and wrote
“you have been blinded by the fame and the fortune ,bye?”

I am Zach and here is my side of the story I loved singing and dancing and my friends but I had to choose one I know I should have chosen my friends but we all make faults in our life we are not perfect, we cant turn back time and we always have to choose.
we have to lose something to gain something and we can still be happy after that.
those of you who want fame make sure you made the right decision and forget about the haters as long as even one person is cheering for you a thousand haters wont matter.

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