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    Lisa is my sister, she was afraid when we take the school bus because Arthur and his friends always bullied us. And even when we close from school we have to wait for mum to come for us.
    I always stayed with my father at home because wanted to be a doctor like him when I grow up and always do my research home because I had everything to help me do it .I wanted to scared Arthur and his friends so I made my hand burning with chemicals which wont let feel the pain ,and Lisa was afraid when I did it so I taught her how to do it ,and we could have burnt our home by doing that but we make sure we cleaned the places and put the fire off .
    On Friday after class we met Arthur he tried to bullied us but I didn’t allowed him as I got beaten up by his friends and I told him to met me at the park at 6;00pm as I knew what was going to do .When my came home form the W.H.O I didn’t told him what was going in our school, It was 5:55pm when I leaved to met Arthur at the park without telling my parents and told Lisa to kept quiet .I went there with the chemicals to scared Arthur and his friends and when they saw me coming far they tried to attacked me but when they saw my hand burning they run away .When I was away Lisa tried to make her hand burning so that she show it to our parents as a surprise but she couldn’t find them because I took it with me so she mixed a wrong chemical and it explode and our house got burnt when I came home I saw my parent outside without Lisa and the fire service were doing their work and when I asked them where is my sister they told me that she is inside the house .They didn’t allowed my parents to go inside for Lisa because there fire was very hard to go inside ,but was scared to loose Lisa so I run and enter the house in search of Lisa the fire service man followed me but he couldn’t got into the house , when I got to the lab I saw my sister on the floor , I raised her and pulled her out through our window and when I decided to went through the window something poured on and my whole body was on fire and veins was burning but couldn’t found any part of my body burnt when I came outside the fire men poured their water on me it the fire went off but my veins was burning.
    They sent me to the hospital and later my temperature came normal .A week after I went back to school and Arthur tried to bullied me and when I got angry I found my self on fire, his hand got burnt because I grabbed his hand when was on fire .I was afraid to go near people but when they realized I can use it to help people they made me a super hero


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