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Once upon a tomorrow. There lived a Prince who was beautiful beyond comprehension. His skin was as pale as snow with lips were red as roses. However, he never saw his own beauty as he was scared of mirrors.

One day, as the Prince went out for a ride in his stallion. He came across a mirror. Frozen in fear, he looked upon it with dread when… his worst fears came true. It started to talk.

” My, if it isn’t Snow White…the most beautiful girl in the kingdom”

It went on.
“The fairest girl in the kingdom”

The Prince was shaking in terror at this point. This was too much for him and with that thought he felt darkness descent upon him.

When he finally woke up he found himself in a rather homey cottage surrounded by 6 normal sized elves and a very small one. He wondered when elves had gotten into the kingdom when… he notices it. The mirror hanging innocently on the wall.

He didn’t remember much of what happened. Just running. As fast as his legs could carry. Away from it. The mirror. His worst fear.

He was so tired at this point. As a prince he never had to do so much exercise. As he rounded the corner of the walking path which he had been following for the last hour. He came upon an old lady.

“Are you Snow White?” she croaked in a painfully scratchy voice.

The Prince smiled sadly, “I’m sorry, madam. But you must have me mixed up for someone else as I am White Snow”

“Is that so…well have this apple as a fare well gift” she said handing him a rather shiny apple. He watched the strange old lady walk away as he looked at the apple laying innocently in his hand.

After much walking and one day later.

He was finally close to his home, the palace. He realised this adventure, as he decided to call it, had left him not only exhausted but hungry. He took out the apple the old lady gave him out of his pocket. He couldn’t help but smile. ‘Food’ his mind whispered happily.

However, before he could take a bite a strange thing happened. He saw the mirror again. The talking one.

One might ask. Did he run away screaming? Yes.

His father, being the kind person he is, laughed joyfully at his son’s torture. And the Prince you ask? Well, he has taken to saying the same prayer before going to bed.

“Mirror, Mirror on the wall…please stay away from me for forever and more”

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