From the Princess to the Queen

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The princess of Arabia, Lady Sofia was a great warrior who brought glory to her nation. She was a lioness on the battlefield and a swan at court and was a smart and independent lady who believed that a woman could rule as wisely as a man. So when her parents tried to marry her off to a prince, as they thought that the throne should pass on to a man, who was, here, her younger brother; a very immature man who often spent his time drinking, visiting brothels frequently and hunting recklessly, she made up her mind to prove to them that she was the more worthy candidate. She proposed a challenge that if her brother can tame the Anqa, the majestic bird who appeared only once in aeons and lived where the Sun sets, she would gladly crown him king herself, but if it were to happen contrarily, they all would have to accept her as their queen. Her brother Zafar who was very arrogant and foolish, upon hearing this said that he accepted his sweet sister’s challenge. Sofia, however, had one more condition, that she too be allowed to participate, and if she was the first to tame the bird, she would be ceased to marry, the king and his queen agreed to this without much hesitation as they thought that their daughter stood no chance in such a test…

They started on the day of the new moon, wishing each other luck; Zafar even though a bit stupid, loved his sister and cared for her, so he gave her an enchanted horn, which she could use if she was ever in trouble; Sofia accepted this whole-heartedly; they were, after all, family!
They began at different time durations, as Sofia still felt that he would just follow her, he began first, and after 2 hours she began. She just like all the others had heard the prophecy, she had to, first and foremost find out where exactly did the sunset and for this, she had procured some maps from the royal astrologer, although she found to her inconvenience that none of them were precise, so she set for the north where a friend of hers lived, it was the princess of the White Desert which was covered in snow and glaciers, to seek her help.

While on the other hand, Zafar went to his best friend, not for help but for some of the poison which would keep him awake and strong for his tedious journey west to his worst enemy, the young King of the Sunset Palace, Sargon.
Sofia by now had reached her friends’ palace in the White Desert, and the princess Eirlys was very happy to see her. Sofia quickly told her her situation and she promised to help; see Eirlys had a moon-falcon which could communicate to her due to her magical necklace, her name was Lumi. She set out to find the exact spot where the Sun sets, and after two days she returned with joyful tidings, it was on a cliff not far from Sofia’s home; she marked the exact spot on the map for Sofia. And so Sofia started for the cliff the very next day thanking her friend gratefully and with promises to invite her for her coronation.

Zafar rode day and night on his horse, which was although a tough one started to get tired, but it was very determined for his masters’ victory that it kept on going until at last they reached the palace. They were given a cold welcome by the King; Zafar had broken his nose once in a fistfight while he was drunk. It was ancient history and the nose had healed perfectly well, but old habits die hard, and when Zafar announced that he was here for the Anqa, Sargon laughed, and told him that he was mistaken, but Zafar was so determined that he refused to believe it, and later when he showed him around his kingdom, Zafar started to realize the truth but his ego got the best of him and he tried to harm Sargon saying that he had hidden it so that he couldn’t take it away. For trying to harm a king, the punishment was a sure death, but Sargon was a good friend of Sofia’s and didn’t want her brothers’ blood on his hands so he imprisoned him until someone from his family would come to collect him personally and sent a notice to his father.

Now Sofia had reached the cliff and patiently waited for the sunset, and when at last it came, she had thought that it would involve a fight, that the Anqa would not voluntarily let it be ridden, but seeing Sofia’s reassuring smile, it came rushing to her, claiming her as its mistress.

And so Sofia won! All just due to her wit and bravery, and as soon as she saw the notice when she came back riding on the majestic beasts’ back, went at once to the Sunset Land and brought back her, now-humbled brother, and the relationship between her brother and Sargon was healed upon her advice, and later she felt a bit sorry for him when she thought about his care for her and made him the Queens’ Hand under one condition that he wouldn’t revert to his past lifestyle, he was reluctant to this, provided that he be allowed a flak of wine every now and then, of course, his sister was happy to agree…

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