Gerald & Tuxxie

Carys DeJesus June 3, 2021
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Once upon a time,Dr. Gerald G.Dane and Lady Tuxedo(Tuxxie) were having a picnic of sausages and peanut butter pie on a nice spring afternoon under a weeping willow tree. It was alright at first but then all of a sudden, Lady Tuxedo started to look displeased. Gerald noticed this and asked “What’s wrong,my lady ?” “Oh,nothing” she replied. “It’s just this stupid tree that’s getting in my view of the sky.” Tuxedo said,displeasured.
“That’s Ok!” Gerald exclaimed with pride. “I’ll fix it!” he said running towards the tree with a quickness.”Gerald-” Tuxxie tried to say. She was ignored.

He started blowing onto the tree to make it go further. Didn’t work. He pushed on it to at least make it move. It didn’t work. He pushed and pulled on the tree with all his might! All of a sudden, he slipped the tree’s roots and fell on all of the food they were eating and splattered food all over Tuxedo’s new dress that she bought just a while ago. Lady Tuxedo became very upset. Dr. Dane quickly suggested that they go to their house and then go buy a new dress later. Tuxedo, though grumpy,agreed.

So off they went to House 17 at FrogFeet Boulevard, which is where the friends lived together. They got in the house and sat at the dining table, and ate the remains of their smushed food, which is when the lady started look displeasured again. Gerald noticed this once more and asked her again if she was ok. “Oh,It’s nothing.” Tuxxie replied. “It’s the stupid hole in the ceiling bringing sunlight into the house.” she replied with a sigh.

“Don’t worry! I’ll fix it!” Gerald said once again with a quickness. “I’ll make it better just for you!” Tuxxie tried to stop Gerald’s stupidity but once again she was ignored. In a flash,Gerald was back, with tools and supplies in hand. Gerald had a doctorate in engineering,so he always felt entitled to help his friends with manual chores. He climbed up to the ceiling with his ladder and hammered around the hole with his hammer. Unfortunately, Dr. Dane was too stupid at the moment to realize that he was an even BIGGER hole. Tuxxie noticed it and yelled out “Gerald! GERALD! GET DOWN FROM THERE! YOU ARE MAKING AN EVEN BIGGER HOLE!” Gerald was too busy “fixing things” to actually notice. But when he did…it turned out he had hammered through half of their entire ceiling.

Lady Tuxxie was fuming. She wanted to yell all types of profanities at Gerald and it showed. Gerald tried to distracted Tuxxie’s anger towards something else, like that new dress he promised her she would get! And like most cats, she was easily persuased from her anger by a gift. So down the street they went to Turtle Taylor’s Tailor Services to get a new dress for Lady Tuxxie. Tuxxie had found a beautiful striped yellow and green dress with frills and she really wanted to buy it. But she found that there was no price on the shopping tag, so she went the nearest employee to ask.

Tuxxie went up to an employee who’s name was Toya Turtle, and politely asked about the price. Toya, who was a terrible employee and really didn’t had the patience for questions, told Tuxxie in a very brash and rude voice to “Die in a hole” because she had “NO patience for stupid questions like THAT. Go ask the manager if it’s SUCH a problem!” Tuxxie was so shocked at Toya’s volume in that statement that she started cry.

In fact,Toya was so loud while saying that statement, that everyone in the store, except her superiors of course, heard her. Inculding Gerald, who was furious. He angrily marched up to Toya,got in her face and defended his friend, saying that he would rip out Toya’s big,ugly mole if he had the chance and that she should be ashamed to treat a customer so poorly. Toya, being the spoiled brat that she was, she immediately ran to her manager’s office and started crying to her boss,making up a bogus story about the situation. Her boss, Taylor Turtle, the founder of the tailor shop and Toya’s step mom, immediately took Toya’s side and brashly said that Tuxxie and Gerald were banned and that Tuxxie would never be able to the striped yellow and green dress she wanted.

As they walked out of the store they were just kicked out of, Gerald noticed that Lady Tuxxie was crying. He asked why she was so sad. It was because of constant sobbing that she couldn’t answer that question. Once again,Gerald sprang up and immediately stated that he would fix it. “Don’t worry,Tuxxie! I’ll fi-” Tuxxie immediately interrupted him. “NO. You’re not gonna fix ANYTHING. Your stupid ideas have completely RUINED this day. You smushed our picnic food. You tore our ceiling apart! YOU GOT US BANNED FROM A STORE! I swear I love you, Gerald but sometimes YOU KILL ME MENTALLY. I’m going home. Don’t follow me.” Tuxxie stormed away from Gerald,who was still shocked at her outburst.

Gerald started to feel terrible. He went to the neighborhood park,where they first went for their picnic. He went under a willow tree and asked himself :”What I am gonna do? I gotta make it up to Tuxxie. If not,I’ll never be able to ever show my face around her again.” Then it hit him. Maybe he should actually fix the problems he caused in the first place! So Gerald rushed to the nearest bakery and bought their best peanut butter pies. He then went to the butcher to get some beef sausages for Tuxxie because those were her favorite. That’s when he saw his friend, Mr.Lobo.

Mr.Lobo is a wolf who worked at the construction site downtown from where Gerald and Tuxxie lived. Lobo asked why Gerald was in such a rush. “Oh, Mr. Lobo, I need help. My roommate is mad at me for accidently breaking our ceiling and now she won’t talk to me now! Could you please help me?” Lobo thought deeply for a second and then it came to him! Mr.Lobo told Gerald his master plan. Gerald would out and do whatever while Lobo and his workers work on the ceiling. Hearing that, Gerald sprang up and quickly thanked and paid Mr.Lobo while running to the tailor shop he was just kicked out of. Taylor Turtle saw him and immediately shouted at Gerald to get out. He interrupted Taylor’s tantrum and explained what had happened before.

“You see, your wonderful employee decided to yell at my friend and I defended myself. I’m really sorry if I was rude about it but it’s not my friend’s fault that I was rude. All I want to do is buy that striped green and yellow dress with frills on the end. Please forgive me.” Taylor somewhat understood Gerald’s point but she understood the point where she let him buy the frilly striped yellow and green dress but still kicked him out anyways. Gerald didn’t mind though. He got the dress and that was all that mattered.

Gerald rushed back to his and Tuxxie’s house,with food and dresses in hand and found that his ceiling was completely fixed with nothing but a bill from Lobo. Gerald quietly thanked Lobo to himself and ran to find Tuxxie. Tuxxie was in park, crying because the unfortunate day that had happened. Gerald ran to her and said “Tuxedo, I’m really sorry for how I’ve been treating you and I wanted to make it up to you. I got you some peanut butter pie and beef sausages, Lobo fixed the ceiling for us.” Tuxxie gasps in excitement from his last present. “You got me the dress!” Tuxxie exclaimed. “I’m really sorry that I ruined today,Tuxxie. Will you forgive me?” Gerald asked with caution. “Of course!” Tuxxie answered back proudly. “Gerald, you’ve made so happy! I’m sorry that I yelled at you. I love you, Gerald. Let’s go home.” she said as they walked backed home. As they ate dinner that night, Gerald said “You know what, I’m gonna start listening to you more. You’re too smart to be ignored.” “That’s very nice Gerald. I think you’re smart too.” Then they ate happily the rest of the night and lived happily ever after. The End.

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