Haannie, Jenzie,Larson, Cayden is back

Kelani McClendon November 9, 2018
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    Annie’s pov: I woke up to here my new neboirg playing a gutair and singing, his voice seems excremtly like my Baby Boy who I miss name hayden Taylor Summerall, or Leblanc, he like Leblanc better bc it is my last name and I like it to, anyways I text my nerdy sister ( katie Leblanc) and My youngest( Hayley L)

    * Texting Nerdy sis)
    A: hey nerd
    K: hi
    A: Remember the plan?
    K: yeah, find the new neboig and tell you its hayden your boyfriend.
    A: No!, Ugh! you are sooo dumb, your lucky that my besties ex- bae likes you or else you will be a loner for the rest of your Life.
    K: Breannan likes me…
    K: Ruby wouldn’t mind if i study with him
    K: Okay Okay fine, Ill date ryan
    K: I know i do, but he isn’t a nerd at all!
    K: Annie stop cussin!
    K: Bye

    (Texts haybear)
    H: Hey anns
    A: Hey my favorite sister in the god damn world!
    H: Mommy told you to cuss?
    A: Yeah but it’s only when i get mad or happy
    H: oh, yea mommy told you to go over to the peoples
    A: Okay! love you have a good day
    H: thx bye

    ( Hayden and his parent)
    M: Yes hayden?
    D: Yea son?
    H: SHES MY GIRL!!!!!
    C: I hope i can see katie again, my love
    H: HA! Nerd alert!
    M: Boyss be nice and dylan you have Lauren
    D: I have SKYLER!!!!
    D: watch it!
    C: To my Calculatoins she is coming in 3 m-
    D: Dude take a break!
    H: Yeah Cayden.
    C: Sorry…
    H: Anways- here she comes hurry!!


    A: Hi My name is Juli- BABE?!
    H: SUPRISE!!!
    A: Babe I missed you!
    H: I missed you 2 baby girl!
    A: Wait, what?, when did you??
    H: Last night
    H: I missed you to baby
    A: Where’s the rest?
    H: School and work, where is yours?
    A: School and work, except for katie
    H: Your walkin with her?
    A: I am supposed to since my mom and dad isn’t home
    H: Well, My brother is coming with me to school.
    A: Dylan, Cayden, or the other one Hunter?
    H: Cayden
    A: Wanna walk together?
    H: yeah sure let me get my bag and cayden
    A: Okay!

    (While walking)

    A: Babe I missed you sooo much!
    H: Missed you more
    A: you know your still doing football
    H: yeah with the boys, and my cutie is doing cheer and dance?
    A: Yep! since my cousin ruby is in High school now she gave me the team leader for both.
    H: Awesome!, my cousin gave me the team captian.
    A: At least your back.
    H: Same.
    A: *Looks down and cries*
    H: whats wrong baby?
    A: My brother caleb died when i was 9…
    H: Oh no caleb!
    A: yeah….since you left i felt no love for anyone
    H: So you don’t love me?
    A: No i do baby
    H: Oh you mean the people who are in our school?
    A: Babe let’s not talk about this please?
    H: Yeah sure babe
    A: So how was ” your my girl”?
    H: Good, I sung that for you, but you didn’t show up..
    A: Yeah, I am so sorry for that, I do music so it was hard for me.
    H: Its doesn’t matter because i have a suprise for you Ms.Lebalnc
    A: Aww you do?!
    H: yeah, I have a song for ya!
    A: Awe!, I can’t wait to here it
    H: Yeah same, so has johnny came back yet?
    A: He texted and said at lunch to suprise Kenzie
    H: I know carson has 1 more day.
    A: No!, he’s suprising Lauren today during Locker or coming to hr
    H: Has Conner ever came back?
    A: He’s coming for lunch, and i thought you would to babe.
    H: Yeah, but then I said that you’ll notice me so i gave up.
    A: Ok b-
    H: Who texted?
    A: Kenzie and some what Jayden and Johnnny and Everyone!
    H: What did they all say?
    A: Um, hey and Hannie is back for kenzie and Jayden
    H: What did the boys say?
    A: Hey annie!!!! with a lot of happyness.
    H: You know you love our gang!
    A: Yeah i do and you I Love y-
    H: whos that?
    A: UGH!, It’s breannan
    H: what did he say?
    A: He is asking about *Turns to face katie* YOU!!!?
    Kat: Annie I can explain!
    H: Woah!, you like your sisters bestie bf?
    A: I can not believe you!
    Katie: I’m so sorry annie!, PLEASE DONT TELL RUBY!
    H: Babe, I see the gang
    A: oh okay lets go, by dorks!

    ( With Group)

    R: Hey Bestie/cous and Hayden!
    H: Hey Ruby!
    A: Hey cous/bestie, Ruby.
    R: Yeah?
    B: Hey Babe, Hey gang!
    A: Hey Cheater!
    H: Babe can I talk to you?
    R: anns, My bf will never cheat!
    K: Hey Girls and Boys
    J: Hola!
    A: HI
    H: Hey!
    R: Hey
    B: Sup

    ( with the dork)

    Katie: Hey Cayden?
    Cayden: Yea?
    Katie: Can I tell u something?
    Cayden: yeah..
    Katie: I Kinda like Breannan and we are together.
    Cayden: Oh, so u like him?
    Katie: yeah, and I know ruby is gonna be mad at me and not annie
    Cayden: Maybe you should go up there
    Katie: yeah maybe
    Cayden: see u in calss?
    Katie: yeah

    ( Katie goes up to them)

    Katie: Hi..
    B: Loser?
    R: Babe, that’s not- Yeah no..
    Kenzie: Eww!, Annie!!!
    Annie: Oh my gosh! Katie Lebalnc?!
    Hayden: ….Damn…..
    Jayden: Okay what the fuck is going on??
    Ruby: I have no clue, but you need to leave!!!!
    Katie: Um, I wanted to * kiss breannan*
    A: OH MY-
    K: GOSHHH!!!!
    H: We’ll get her, head to your lockers.
    Girls- Okay!

    ( with Hayden and breannan)

    H: Leave Katie!
    B: Yeah!, NO ONE LIKES U!
    K: But Babe, you like me…
    B: Ugh!, Hayden lay off, let me talk to this slut.
    H: You sure bren?
    B: Yeah make sure annie and the rest gets to their classes or lockers, evenly mostly annie!
    H: Alright later
    B: Peace

    (With Brennan and katie)

    B: Babe.
    K: Babe why didn’t you tell me?
    B: Sorry, I really love ruby..
    K: It’s fine Babe.
    B: thanks, your a nerd and all soo..
    K: I get it…
    B: Okay
    K: well i have to leave now…*Tears up*
    B: Okay bye katie
    K: huh, i thought you were loyal..
    B: yah i thought i could use you for ruby’s date.
    K: yeah no not anymore!
    B: how about this? *Pulls her into the oldest gym*
    K: Bren what?
    B: Were are in 7th grade and this it what we do when nerds falls in love with us jocks.
    B: No!, come here* pulls down pants and undies*
    K: WOAH THATS A HUGE DICK!!* Gets wet*
    B: Your wet for me?
    K: uhm, stuff it in my Pussy!
    B: Okay!* Rubs it on pussy*
    R: Hey Ba- what the fuck!?
    A: Wh- WHAT THE HELL?!
    H: Bab- WTF!!!!!
    Katie: Oh my gosh, brenanan i am so wet rn
    B: No!, she wanted this soo fucking badly and i told her no bc i really love and i want YOU to loose that pussy!
    Katie: No…yeah….MAYBE!
    A: Then why did you do it?
    Katie: I was horny!
    R: Your such a bitch !
    A: come ruby, Hay, and brenanan put your pants back on!
    B: Okay

    (Everyone leaves and brenan looks the door)

    B: ready?
    K: Ready!
    B: *Stuff dick in the pussy more)
    R: UHM BABY!!
    B: shit its annie!!
    K: Callin?
    B: Yeah, shh* takes out dick*
    K: awe i want mooooooorrrrrrrrrrrrreeeeeee

    *picks up*

    B: hello?
    A: Girls shhh!
    B: Annie?
    A: Hello?
    B: um you called?
    Katie: Brrrrrrreeeeeennnnnnn Immmmm hhhoooooorrrrrrnnnnnnyyyyyyy!
    A: Is katie still raping ya?
    B: yeah, but i will come, promise
    A: okay later
    B: bye

    B: Katie i have to leave
    K: but i want morrreee
    B: Katie I have to go!
    K: OKay I never liked you anyways soo bye!
    B: Bye

    (In class)

    A: So babe, what is your plan?
    H: For…
    A: Tonight duhhh!
    H: I can’t tell you Baby
    A: Oh…* looks down*
    H: Awe come here! *Wraps arm around*
    A: I love you Hayden
    H: Love you 2!
    A: Where is brenanna?
    H: Idk, maybe he is working with nerds.
    A: She is a nerd babe, oh look who showed!
    T: Mrs. Lebalnc you don’t yell in class!, do you want detention?
    A: No, but that’s a slut!
    T: Annie!, care to explain why?
    A: yeah sure!
    H: Babe, dont please, for me?
    A: *pouts* Pweaaseeeeee
    H: Okay fine babe!
    T: Annie! tell now!
    A: Okay, so first she kissed my bestie’s bae for like no reason and then she had sex with him in the gym, made him take off his pants and undies and shoved his thing onto her!
    T: Oh, did you see them do it?
    A: uh yeah duhh!
    T: Would you like to report it?
    A: YASSSS!
    T: Okay after class!
    A: Thanks!
    T: now, class what is 2x=?
    H: * raises hand*
    T: yes Hayden?
    H: That is 2x=1o!
    T: great Job!
    H: thanks, um can I be excused?
    T: Uhm, tell me why?
    H: Can i tell you outside?
    T: yeah sure!, Mackenzie come up and sit next to annie and both of you write down names!
    A+K: OKAY!


    T: I know what you mean hayden
    H: thanks, but plz dont tell kenzie nor annie or Jayden or Lauren?
    T: I won’t, so you and johnny, Carson and Conner are meeting up now?
    H: yes to plan the date!
    T: okay, go to your locker and you may leave for the day
    H: um. i was just gonna meet them in the Caferia..
    T: okay you may go
    H: can I get a pass please?
    T: Oh yeah okay go in and get a hall pass
    H: okay
    T: come on Hayden

    (Back in the class)

    H: Bye Babe see you at Lunch with kenzie, lauren and Jayden.
    K: bye
    A: Your gonna be gone that long?!
    H: yeah, but I’ll see you, Jayden, Kenzi and Lauren at lunch
    A: Okay love you Hay see ya at lunch!
    H: Love you to see you girls!
    A+K: Okay Bye

    (Hayden leaves)

    John: Yo whats up?
    Cars: sup!
    Con: hey gang
    Hay: Hey, okay we have 20 mins!
    John: Yeah before annie, kenzie, lauren and Jayden comes out.
    Cars: yeah so I’ll set up Lauren’s stuff over by the reserved seat for us!
    John: I’ll set up over here for kenzie
    Con: Ill set up overe there for Jayden
    Hay: Ill set up over there for Annie
    Con: how many mins do we have?
    Hay: 25 mins before they come!
    John: hayden didn’t you ask the teacher for extra mins?
    Hay: yeah, but she saud that we have until they come
    John: hurry the lunch bell is about to ring!

    (After they are done they go to their places and the lunch bell rings)

    T: Okay class line up!
    A: I am sooo happy for lunch!
    J: I am sooo straving!
    L: I miss my Bae
    T: well girls, I want you 4 to be last.
    Girls: Okay!

    ~at lunch~

    H: I see Annie and the girls!
    A: Oh my….
    H: Hey Annie….suprise!
    A: Hayden…this is…..AMAZING!!!
    H: I planned it all for you, and at the end of lunch i want to give you something.
    A: *Tears up* this is why I missed ya!
    H: I missed you to babe
    A: *Hugs* I love you hayden
    H: ~Hugs back~ I Love you annie
    A: This is soo beautiful Hay
    H: wanna seat?
    A: yeah!
    H: *Sits*
    A: so the lunch ladies and the teacher knows about this?
    H: Yep!
    A: Im starving!!!!
    H: Here are your favorites!
    A: Turkey sandwich and greens!?
    H: Yep!, I know that you like turkey
    A: I dont like it….I LOVE IT!
    H: Your cute when you are excited!
    A: Awe thanks!
    H: wanna eat?
    A: Yeah!
    H: *eats* Oh my gosh I missed this
    A: yeah me to.
    H: Aww, hey loook im so sorry for caleb..
    A: it’s fine babe.
    (with Kenzie and Johnny)
    J: I missed you!
    K: I missed you to Babe
    J: Wanna eat?
    J: Okay, and there is a specail suprise
    K: awe okay babe!
    J: *eats* I love you
    K: Im full, but i love you to

    ( with Lauren and carson)
    L: Oh…hey Cars!
    C: you not happy to see me?
    L: I am..it’s just…
    W: hey Baby!
    L: hey…
    C: who’s this?
    W: I am her boyfriend, who are you?
    C: well…now her ex!
    L: Carson!
    C: what?!
    L: can we plz talk in private?
    C: Sure!

    C: What?
    L: Look!, I am so sorry for this…
    C: I thought that we are together.
    L: We are!
    C: Then why are you dating william?
    L: Bc…I missed you and I wanted to date william to keep me off.
    C: I missed you to but I am not dating anyone!
    L: I’m so sorry Cars.
    C: I except it Babe.
    L: I never wanna be with him!
    C: I know babe
    L: come on let’s go
    C: okay!
    W: hey Babe
    L: um, william..
    W: yeah baby?
    L: I am with Carson
    W: okay bye

    ( with Jayden and Conner)

    J: hey Babe
    C: Hey cutie!
    J: I missed ya
    C: Missed you alot more
    J: so wanna eat?
    C: i know that you are sooo hungry!
    J: Ikr!!!!

    ( back with hannie)

    H: so babe?
    A: Yeah?*Yawns*
    H: I wanna give u this for our 10 months together.
    A: Awe really?
    H: Yeah….
    A: I love you hay!
    H: I Love you 2 this is why i am doing this….Juliana Grace Leblanc i really liked being with you. Since we were all 1 years old and called our group the K,J,J,C,C,R,H,A I never thought of all of us getting along will actually lead us to the 7th grade. And mainly when I frist met you from our parents meeting I was in love with your smile, Laugh, giggle and even when you are sick I would take care of you, but i dont like all of thoses things about you, I like that we can tell eachother everything, So Annie Grace Leblanc will you promise me for forgiveness if we mess up, Loving, Caring, being hones?
    A:*tears up* Yes I promise Hayden Taylor Summeral!
    H: Here is a promise that we will be able to keep* puts on the promise ring*
    A: *tears up* I love you babe!
    H: I Love you 2 baby! *hugs her*
    A: *Hugs back* I am soo sleepy *Falls asleep*
    H: Here* lays her down and puts blanket on her*
    A: Thanks Babe, I love you *smiles and sleep*

    ( with Jenzie)
    K: That was good, thx Johnny
    J: Your welcome, um, so kenzie…
    K: yeah john?
    J: I love you with all my heart….
    K: and I love you to
    J: Mackenzie Frances Zigler I have liked you since the First Day of our group when you made our intitals.
    K: yeah that was pretty funny….
    J: I have liked you forever and know look at where we are together and happy and still have our gang..
    K: yeah..
    J: Kenzie Frances Zigler, will you promise me for forgiveness, Love and Caring?
    K: yes i promise Johnny!
    J: Okay *puts the promise ring on her*
    K: I Love you!*Hugs*
    J: I Love you too*hugs back*

    ( with Larson)

    L: That was an amazing meal
    C: I know!
    L: *giggles* I am really glad to have you back babe
    C: Me to.
    L: *yawns*
    C: Are you tried?
    L: yep!, and i have dance and cheer later.
    C: How about you lay down and I’ll be right back…
    L: Um, ya sure * lays down and sleeps*

    (with Hayden(bc annie is sleeping) and jenzie and Cayden)
    Carson: Guys!!!!
    Hayden: what’s wrong?
    Jenzie: Carson arent you supposed to do something…
    Cayden: yeah, I haven’t even asked Jayden yet!
    Carson: I reached for my pocket and I didn’t see the ring!
    Hayden: Okay, what did it look like?
    Jenzie: yeah, maybe we can find it.
    Cayden: yeah!
    Hayden: shhh!, Annie is a sleep!
    Carson: so is lauren!
    Jenzie: Im starting to get tired to actually John..
    Jenzie: Okay, go to sleep
    Jenzie: Ok bye John Love you!
    Jenzie: Love you 2 *kisses her forehead*
    Cayden: yea im gonna play on my phone and sleep..
    Cayden: Okay love you Jay
    Cayden: okay Love you 2
    Cayden: See you over there*kisses forehead*

    (with the boys+ Annie( she is still asleep)
    Johnny: what are you gonna do?
    Hayden: yeah, Lauren wakes up in like 4mins
    Carson: Wait!, when did annie fall asleep?
    Conner: I saw her lay down and sleep like 15 mins ago..
    Hayden: yeah, and why anyways?
    Carson: Maybe we can get the girls to hangout with eachother.
    Annie( only for these 2): * half alseep* What?
    Hayden: Um Babe, it’s nothing…
    Annie: * wakes up sleepy* uhm.
    Hayden: Baby go back to sleep.
    Annie: My head hurts really badly..
    Hayden: Ok let me go to my locker real quick.
    Annie: okay

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