Happy!Pt 1

Kelani McClendon December 11, 2018
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    (Annie’s pov): I woke up at my regular time bc it was time for me to head to school, so I got into the shower and wore this:

    Shirt: White long slevee crop
    Pants: Bugeny ripped jeans
    shoes: White boots
    Jacket: Burgeny soft Jacket
    Hair: French braids
    Make up: Natural
    Acessories: Fake glasses, burgeny purse, bookbag, and phone)

    (Annie walked downstairs and sat next to Hayley and Kenzi and Ate breakfast and talked)

    Kenzi: Hey Anns.
    Annie: Yeah?
    Hayley: When are you guys gonna come for sister day?
    Annie: Sister day, when is it?
    Kenzie: Annie!, it’s tmr after school, Jayden’s sister maddie is taking her!, Hayden is comin with, Johnny and Ugh Lauren is going, Ugh ruby and eww Nidia toooo!
    Hayley: Can you make it annie?
    Annie: Yes, for my lil sister, Kenzie and I will be able to go!
    Kenzie: Yep!
    Hayley: Promise?
    A+K: Promise!

    (Annie, kenzie, and Hayley went into the limo and annie texted the “PGG”)

    (Texting Groupies)

    Annie(Captin of cheer): Hey!
    Hayden: Hey Babe!
    Jayden: Hola!
    Kenzie: Heyy!
    Connor: Hi!
    Lauren: HEYY!
    Carson: Hey!
    Johnny: Hey!
    Annie: Who invited them?
    Hayden: They invited themselfs!
    Annie: Why??, Carson!, I HATE YOU LEAVE!
    * Annie (Cheerleader/ dance team captian has left the chat)

    Kenzie: What the heck carson!
    Carson: Idc anything about her!
    Johnny: Dude!, she’s our lil sis!
    Carson: SO?, we all had agruements with annie!
    Hayden: Yeah true, but nothin serious like that!
    Carson: Ok?, I mean she is Me, Johnny, and Connor’s Sister!
    Jayden: Thats nooo, way how to treat family Carson!
    Carson: We have known eachother for a while now, she is gonna suck it up!
    Lauren: Aww!, go babe!
    Kenzie: Your Girl is stupid! SHUT IT LAUREN!
    Johnny: Mackenzie!, don’t talk to my sister like that!
    Kenzie: Toooo Bad!, and Hayden, your dumb for letting her leave!
    Hayden: NOT MY FAULT!

    (Everyone left and they headed back to school)


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