Dating booth Pt1

Kelani McClendon February 24, 2019
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    (Annie’s Pov: I woke up to the sound of my alarm clock, and hayley jumping on me and yelling at me, I woke up to both things but one I Love to wake up to and the other one I can’t stand and Hate the feeling of it, but It really doesn’t matter bc I slapped my alarm clock and woke up to Hayley)

    Hayley: Annie!!!
    Annie: What Hayley?
    Hayley: Today is the First day of highschool!!
    Annie: Which means?
    Hayley: Boyfriends and changes!
    Annie: Hayley, I dont want to have a boyfriend, and There isnt any changes!
    Hayley: Best friends turn againsts eachother, is changes!
    Annie: Oh please, Me, Kenzie, and Jayden have been best friends since we were 1, and Kenzie is “Dating” Johnny!
    Hayley: See!, romance!!
    Annie: (Laughs) Its not romance, they are fake dating!
    Hayley: Well, they’ll change and start dating anytime soon!
    Annie: Sure they will.
    Hayley: What about Jayden?
    Annie: Her and carson are best friends!
    Hayley: They’ll date too!
    Annie: What about me?
    Hayley: You’ll see, anyways hurry up bc your gonna take me!
    Annie: Okay, be down in a sec!

    (Hayley left)

    (Annie’s outfit:
    Shirt: White off the shoulder crop
    Pants: Skinny ripped jeans
    Shoes: Black and white vans
    Hair: Straighten
    Make up: Natural
    Acessories: Fake Glasses, bookbag, and phone)

    (Annie went downstairs and sat with Hayley and her mom)

    Mom: Moring Annie!
    Annie: Moring Mom!
    Mom: Are u excited for the First day?
    Annie: Yea I am!
    Mom: Good, Now u girls better get going so here is a granola and fruits!
    Annie: Thanks Mom!, come on Hay!
    Hayley: Bye!

    (Annie dropped Hayley off and drove to school)

    (At school)

    Kenzie: Omg!, there you are!
    Annie: Sorry im late.
    Jayden: Its okay!
    Annie: Anyways!, what have u girls done?
    Jayden: I hung out with Family and Carson!
    Kenzie: My Dumb brother annoying me and Hanging out with Johnny!
    Annie: Family and Friends.
    Jayden: Wow, looks like we had a fun summer!
    Kenzie: Ya!
    Annie: To bad its school tho…
    Jayden: I wish we had like 4 days off!
    Kenzie: Wouldn’t that be a little bit to much?
    Annie: No, It seems perfect!
    Jayden: Yeah!
    Kenzie: Why is the princeable coming towards us?
    Jayden: What are u talking about kenzi?
    Annie: Nope, I see it to.
    Princeable: Hello Girls!
    Girls: Hi Ms.Watson!
    Princeable: May I speak to you in my office?
    Girls: Uh, sure.

    (They walked with the princeable to her office)

    Princeable: Now, you girls may be wondering why are u girls here.
    Jayden: Well, we now know why people can read minds.
    Princeable: I am throwing a Back to school activites!
    Kenzie: But why did you choose us?
    Princeable: Because, you girls know who likes who, and I want to put something together for the activite!
    Annie: Okay, I mean we love to help!
    Princeable: Perfect, it has to be something that the students would like.
    Jayden: Well, I think we have a few ideas..
    Princeable: Well, If all 3 of you agree to one idea, then come to my office!
    Annie: We will!
    Princeable: Have a lovly week back!
    Girls: Thank you!

    (The girls left)

    Annie: Okay, so, whats the ideas?
    Jayden: So, since we know who likes who we should do a booth!
    Kenzie: Ooh!, I like that Idea!
    Annie: I do to!
    Jayden: And we can used 3 boys!
    Kenzie: Yeah!, but who will the three boys be?
    Annie: How about your brother and his gang?
    Jayden: Yeah!
    Kenzie: Sure, but we have to ask them First.
    Annie: Okay, then done!
    Jayden: So, we will meet up here and go to the princeables?
    Kenzie: Yeah!
    Annie: See you girls after class!
    Jayden: Bye anns!
    Kenzie: Byeeee!
    Annie: Bye!

    (Annie was walking until she bumped into someone, It was Hayden)

    Annie: Oh my gosh!, I am soo sorry!!
    Hayden: Its fine!
    Annie: No, its not, im not like that kind of girl.
    Hayden: Well, you sure isnt that type.
    Annie: Here, Let me help you with his mess.
    Hayden: No, dont worry, im fine!
    Annie: Are you sure?
    Hayden: Yeah, and plus, you’ll droll over me.
    Annie: (laughs) Yeah well, Im really truly sorry!
    Hayden: Its fine, besides..
    Annie: Besides what?
    Hayden: (Whispers in annies ear) Your too hot and cute for me to get mad at.
    Annie: I….uh….
    Hayden: See ya cutie!

    (Hayden winks at annie and left)

    (After class during lunch)

    Annie: Oh my gosh Kenzie!!!
    Kenzie: What?, whats wrong?
    Annie: Your brother was hitting on me!!
    Jayden: Ew, really?
    Annie: Yeah!
    Kenzie: Well, lets not worry about that.
    Annie: Ya.
    Jayden: Well, lets go to the office!
    Annie: Okie!

    (In the Office)

    Princeable: Ahh, hello girls!
    Girls: Hi!
    Princeable: So, have you figured out?
    Girls: Yes!
    Princeable: Well, tell me the idea!
    Annie: What about, a booth!
    Princeable: Ooh, I like the sound of it!
    Kenzie: Well, its going to have a dating booth!
    Princeable: What is a dating booth?
    Jayden: Its were you have 3 boys and you go in and you have whatever time you want to get to know eachother.
    Princeable: Ahh, that sounds lovly!
    Annie: And when you get out, you and the boy is together!
    Princeable: Well, that sounds spleneded!
    Kenzie: Yay!
    Princeable: So, who are these 3 boys?
    Annie: Hayden and his gang!
    Princeable: Well, that sound perfect, lets do it!
    Jayden: Yay!

    (Annie and her friends went to the back of the school and saw hayden and his friends)

    Annie: Hayden Summerall!

    (Hayden turns around)

    Hayden: What?
    Annie: Uh, we have a question to ask.
    Hayden: What is it?
    Annie: Jayden!
    Jayden: Im not!
    Hayden: What is the question?
    Kenzie: Well, mainly annie has to ask it.
    Annie: Oky, first, chill out.
    Hayden: Fine

    (Hayden looks at annie staright Face)

    Annie: We were wondering if you wanted to Be in a booth?
    Hayden: What booth?
    Annie: Its a dating booth, and we choose you and your gang to be in!
    Hayden: I’ll have to think about that.
    Kenzie: Wow, that is just cold Lil bro…
    Hayden: Shut up!
    Jayden: K thanks bye!

    (Carson stands up and walks to Jayden)

    Carson: Hey Jayden.
    Jayden: Yeah?
    Carson: Can I speak to you?
    Jayden: Uh, sure!

    (Carson walked away)

    Jayden: What?
    Annie: Just go!
    Jayden: What about the princeable?
    Kenzie: We can handle it!
    Jayden: Okay, thanks girls, love you!
    Annie: We love you to!
    Kenzie: Now goooo!

    (With Carson and Jayden)

    Jayden: You wanted to talk to me?
    Carson: Uh, yeah…
    Jayden: You seem nervous, whats wrong?
    Carson: Jayden, I like you..
    Jayden: I Like you too.
    Carson: I dont want to be friends anymore…
    Jayden: Oh, okay, I understand.
    Carson: No!, I want to be more than friends..
    Jayden: Oh.
    Carson: I understand if y-
    Jayden: (Kissed Carson)
    Carson: (Kissed back and pulled away)
    Jayden: I’m sorry, i didn-
    Carson: (Kissed Jayden)
    Jayden: (Kissed Back)
    Carson: (pulls away) I am so sorry..
    Jayden: Its okay, but what are we now?
    Carson: Jayden Elizabeth Bartles, will you be my girlfriend?
    Jayden: Yes!(hugged Carson)

    (They hugged)

    Jayden: I should get going..
    Carson: Okay, see you at lunch?
    Jayden: Sure, bye Love you!
    Carson: Love you to!

    (With Kenzie and annie)

    Princeable: Hello girls!
    Girls: Hi!
    Princeable: So, what did hayden and his gang say?
    Annie: They said yes!
    Kenzie: They did?
    Annie: (Hits kenz) Yes they did!
    Kenzie: Oh yeah they did!
    Princeable: Well perfect, I will set up!
    Annie: What do you mean?
    Princeable: You’ll see, bye girls!
    Girls: Bye!

    (They left)

    Annie: What do you think she means by that?
    Kenzie: I dont know, but we have to go to class now.
    Annie: Okay, see you at lunch!
    Kenzie: Bye!

    (Skipping to Lunch)

    Annie: Hey!
    Kenzie: Heyy!
    Jayden: Hey!
    Annie: So, we told the princeable!
    Jayden: Yay!
    Kenzie: But we have no clue what to wear now.
    Annie: I mean, its just a back to school party, so just wear whatever!
    Jayden: Oh, girls I have something…
    Kenzie: Oh my gosh!
    Annie: Wait, spill it!
    Jayden: Me and Carson are dating!
    Kenzie: Ahh!
    Annie: Omg!, congrats!!
    Jayden: Thanks, and I also asked him if he wanted to join.
    Kenzie: What did he say?
    Annie: If yes, then yay, but Hayden didnt say yea or no..
    Kenzie: Eh, its my brother, he’ll get over it.
    Jayden: It’s fine annie!
    Annie: You girls sure?
    J+K: Yes!

    (After school)

    Annie: Okay, so we are going to the mall?
    Kenzie: Yeah!
    Annie: K, I’ll pick you girls up in an hour!
    Jayden: Byeee!
    A+K: Bye!

    (Annie drove to Hayley’s school)

    Annie: Hey Hayley!
    Hayley: Hey!
    Annie: How was your day?
    Hayley: Amazing!
    Annie: What was so amzing about it?
    Hayley: I saw my besties and I have a sleepover!!
    Annie: Aw, that’s nice (drives)
    Hayley: What about you?
    Annie: My day, was completcated, but it’ll get better!
    Hayley: I wonder what mom is making..
    Annie: Probaly some food!
    Hayley: (Laughs) I know that!!

    (At home)

    Annie: Mom!, where home!
    Mom: Hellooo my girls!
    Hayley: What smells soo good?!
    Mom: I’m making, Chicken and pasta!
    Annie+Hayley: YayyyyY!
    Mom: So, how was your frist day?
    Annie: It was good!
    Mom: Hayley?
    Hayley: Amazingly awesome!
    Mom: Good, I want you girls to do homework!
    A+H: OKay!

    (Annie gets a call from kenzie)

    Annie: Hello?
    Kenzie: Hey Girl!
    Annie: Hey Kenzie, whats up?
    Kenzi: I was wondering if we can go to the mall now?
    Annie: Kenzi, I just got home!
    Kenzi: I know, but I finsihed my homework!!
    Annie: (laughs) Okay, let me finish and then I’ll call jayden and then you, okay?
    Kenzie: Kk, byee!
    Annie: Byeee!

    (After home work annie texted Jayden)

    Annikian: Hey Jay!
    Jay: Hey Anns!
    Anns: I have a question?
    Jay: Okay, whats up!
    Anns: Are u finished with your homework?
    Jay: Yeah, why?
    Anns: Kenzie wants to go to the Mall now!
    Jay: 🙂 Okay, see you soon!
    Anns: Okay byeee!

    (Annie txts Kenzie)

    Anns: Okay, you can wait until Jayden picks us up!
    Kenz: K, Byeeee!
    Anns: Bye!

    (At the Mall)

    Annie: Ahh!, Im so excited!!
    Kenzie: Oh my gosh so am i!
    Jayden: Same here!!
    Annie: Ooh, this dress is so cute!
    Jayden: This dress is cute too!
    Kenzi: So is this one!
    Annie: Okay, lets check out and go home!

    (Skipping to the Next Moring)

    Hayley: Annie!, Annie!!!
    Annie: Im up!
    Hayley: Good, you have to take me to school!
    Annie: Okay!
    Hayley: Hurryyyy!

    (Annie’s outfit:
    Shirt: White T-shirt
    Pants: Black skirt skirt
    Shoes: Black Vans
    Hair: Messy bun
    Make up: Natural
    Acessories: Book bag and phone)

    (After annie dropped Hayley off)

    Annie: Hey!
    Kenzie: Hey!
    Jayden: Hey!
    Annie: Ready to see the princeable?
    K+J: Ya!

    (At the office annie sees hayden and his gang)

    Annie: Um, hello?
    Princeable: Hello girls!
    Kenzie: Uh, why are they here?
    Johnny: We had to ask the princeable something.
    Princeable: Yes, and I already have everything set up for tomorrow!
    Jayden: Um, Okay!
    Princeable: I’ll give you all some privacy!

    (With Johnny and Kenzie)

    Kenzie: Whats up?
    Johnny: Kenzie, I dont want to pertened.
    Kenzi: So, your breaking up with me, I understand if you do.
    Johnny: No, I just want us to be in a real life realationship!
    Kenzie: Oh, okay!
    Johnny: Mackenzie, I like you..
    Kenzie: I Like you to 🙂
    Johnny: So, will u be my Girlfriend, for real?
    Kenzie: Yes!

    (they hug)

    (With ANnie and Hayden)

    Annie: Hayden..I can explain this whole thing!
    Hayden: No, I dont need you to.
    Annie: But Hayden, I want to explain this!
    Hayden: Save it for the Dating Booth.
    Annie: ….oky.

    (Hayden leaves and so does his friends)

    Annie: (sighs) What have I done?
    Jayden: You have done nothing!
    Annie: What do you girls mean?
    Kenzi: Look, all we have to say, is for u to wait until tmr night!
    Annie: Why?
    Jayden: Stop asking questions and just wait!
    Annie: Can I ask one more?
    Kenzi: Anns!, Thats a question!!
    Annie: Sorry…
    Jayden: Oh yeah, and be here really!
    Annie: Fine, whatever!
    Kenzi: Good!

    (Skipping to Lunch)

    Annie: Hey!
    Kenzi: Heyy!
    Jayden: Okay, Kenzie has news!!
    Annie: What is it?
    Kenzie: Me and Johnny are dating!!
    Annie: Yay!, my 2 bestfriends have dates, except for me.
    Jayden: Not intireally true….
    Annie: What?
    Kenzie: You’ll see tomorrow night!
    Annie: Okay…

    (Skipping to the party)

    Annie: Bye mom! and Hayley!
    Mom: Have fun!
    Hayley: Bye!

    (Annie drove to the party and went to her friends)

    Annie: Hey!
    Jayden: Ooh!, good, your here!
    Annie: Yeah, Im here!
    Kenzie: I want you to go into the booth!
    Annie: Um, okay…

    (Annie goes into the booth and sees someone)

    Annie: Uhm, hello?
    Hayden: Hey.
    Annie: Hayden?!
    Hayden: Yeah, its me.
    Annie: Look, Hayden I am really sorry.
    Hayden: Well, Im gonna let you explain!
    Annie: Ok.

    (Hayden’s pov: As I let annie explain what happened I looked at her beautiful Brown eyes and I came in closer, After she was done I leaned in and Kissed her, she was in shock but she kissed me back, after that she pulled away from me and we both smiled)

    (Annie’s pov: I was explaining what Happened and when I was done Hayden kissed me and i was shocked at First until I kissed him back, then we slowly pulled away and smiled, He makes me so happy…I like him, then he held my hand and Asked me a question)

    Hayden: Hey, annie..
    Annie: Yeah?
    Hayden: I Like you…
    Annie: I like you too.
    Hayden: So, will you go out with me?
    Annie: Yes!

    (they kissed and then pulled away)

    Annie: Wait, so, your not mad at me?
    Hayden: No, you were just trying to do something and was quick to answer.
    Annie: Hay, I’m really sorry for wha-

    (Hayden kissed annie once more and then pulled away slowly)

    Annie: What was that one for?
    Hayden: BabyGirl, I accept your apologie.
    Annie: Aww, I know why you kissed me again.
    Hayden: Why did I kiss you again then?
    Annie: Bc, you wanted to shut me up Hay!
    Hayden: (chuckles) I Love you.
    Annie: (smiles) Love you more.

    (With their friends)

    Kenzi: Should we let them out now?
    Johnny: Yeah.
    Carson: They problay made up?
    Jayden: Babe!, dont be crazy!
    Carson: I sowie Babe.
    Kenzie: Guys!, Look!

    (They see annie and Hayden talking, holding hands and sees annie giggling)

    Carson: Yep, they are a couple..
    Jayden: And so are we.(holds hands)
    Carson: I Love you to the moon and back Babe.
    Jayden: Love you too Babe.
    Johnny: Okay, lets let them leave!

    (They opened the gate and sees hannie)

    Annie: Hey Guys!
    Kenzi: Wait, I am soo shipping!!!
    Hayden: (chuckles) Wow, thanks sis 🙂
    Kenzi: I know ur being sarcastic, but, I dont care!
    Johnny: My Girl just told u!
    Annie: Be quiet John!
    Jayden: But seriously, we all have dates?!
    Kenzi: I know right?
    Annie: This is going to be a crazy week.
    Hayden: But, at least we get to spend it together.(Kissed annies forhead)
    Johnny: Yep.
    Carson: Totally!!
    Annie: Guys, I have to go..
    Hayden: I’ll walk you to ur car!
    Annie: Okay Babe.
    Eveyone: Bye!

    (With Hannie)

    Annie: Thank you Hay(hugs)
    Hayden: For what Baby?(hugs)
    Annie: Making me smile..(lets go)
    Hayden: I would do anything to make you smile..(holds annies hands)
    Annie: I still can’t believe we are dating!
    Hayden: I always wanted to date you, but I was scared…
    Annie: Hay, I love you..
    Hayden: Love you too baby girl!
    Annie: (yawns) I should really get going…
    Hayden: Okay, I’ll pick you up tomorrow moring?
    Annie: Sure.

    (Hayden opened the car door for annie and she drives off)

    (The next moring)

    (Annie’s pov: I didn’t wake up to hayley, but I did wake up to her alarm clock that was in my room, I got up and put a cute outfit on and then I got a text message)

    (Hayden’s pov: I woke up to my dumb sister Mackenzie Screaming on the top if her lungs, Ughh!, but she is my Girlfriend best friend, and I Love annie more than Mackenzie does, so I put on a cool outfit and I went into Mackenzie’s room to see whats up)

    (Mackenzie’s pov: I woke up this moring to a song alarm, it plays my favorite song, but all of the sudden I heard Annie’s, Jayden’s and I’s Favorite song, and that is why i screamed, I was already ready to go to school and I texted Johnny bc he was picking me up today, then Hayden came in)

    (In Kenzie’s room)

    Hayden: Why were u screaming?
    Kenzi: Oh, it’s bc my besties Favorite song is on.
    Hayden: And you had to scream?
    Kenzi: Yep, and why is your hair messy??
    Hayden: I Like it a mess!
    Kenzi: But annie wont like it.
    Hayden: You like Johnny’s hair a mess!!
    Kenzie: That’s because he is cute with messy hair!
    Hayden: Whatever.
    Kenzi: Aren’t you supposed to pick annie up?
    Hayden: Yeah.
    Kenzie: Then gooooO!
    Hayden: Fine, bye!

    (Annie went downstairs and her mom and Hayley were making something)

    Mom: Good Moring Annie!
    Annie: Hey, what are u guys making?
    Hayley: Pancakes!
    Annie: That sounds yummyyy!
    Mom: Why are u so happy?
    Annie: Im always happy mom!
    Hayley: Yeah, but not this happy!!
    Annie: Can’t a 16 year old girl be happy?
    Mom: Depeneds.
    Hayley: Anyways, I have no classes!!

    (Annie heard the doorbell ring)

    Hay: Hey BabyGirl!
    Anns: Hey Babe, come in!

    (They went into the kitchen)

    Annie: Really Hayley!?
    Hayden: (chuckles) Aww.
    Mom: You have a what now?
    Annie: Boyfriend…
    Mom: Hey Hayden!
    Hayden: Hi Ms.Katie!
    Mom: How is school?
    Hayden: Good.
    Mom: And your dating Annie?
    Hayden: Yea.
    Mom: Aww, My little hayden has grown up!, but has the curls!
    Hayden: (chuckles)
    Annie: You 2 know eachother??
    Hayden: My mom and her mom are best friends.
    Annie: Oh, Okay gtg byeee!!


    Hayden: You okay Baby?
    Annie: Yea, why?
    Hayden: We have 10 mins to leave for school.
    Annie: I know.
    Hayden: You wanna get starbucks?
    Annie: YAYAYYAYYY!!!(jumps up and down)
    Hayden: Aww, your tooo cute >3
    Annie: Thanks hayyy!
    Hayden: I didn’t get a kiss today…
    Annie: Oh yeah, hey Babe!(kissed hayden)

    (they kissed and slowly pulled away)

    Annie: Now can we go?(Bby voice)
    Hayden: (Chuckles) Sure.
    Annie: Yay!!!!

    (After school)

    Kenzi: Hey girls!
    Annie: Heyy!
    Jayden: Hola chickos!
    Annie: So, do you girls wanna hangout with the boys?
    Kenzie: Ya!
    Jayden: Sure, but where??
    Annie: I dont know, Hayden just texted me to ask.
    Kenzi: Huh, so did Johnny…
    Annie: Oh well, You girls wanna wait outside for the boys?
    Jayd+Kenz: Sure!

    (The boys finally came)

    Annie: Omg!
    Hayden: Whats wrong cutie?
    Annie: Your late!
    Hayden: I know I was..
    Annie: (Breaths) Where were u?
    Hayden: How about a hello kiss first?
    Annie: (Giggles) Okay fine..
    Hayden: And your leaning on my car?
    Annie: Yess..
    Hayden: I want my kiss.
    Annie: Then come here.

    (Hayden leaned in and Annie leaned in and they kiss and slowly pulled away)

    Hayden: You guys ready?
    Everyone: Yay!

    (In Haydens car)

    (Annie fell asleep on the resting and Hayden puts his hand on annie’s hand and kept driving)

    ( They arrived and Hayden shook annie lightly)

    Hayden: Babyyy(Shakes lightly)
    Annie: Hm?
    Hayden: Time to wake uppp!
    Annie: I don’t want to!
    Hayden: Pweaseee?!
    Annie: Fineeee!!!!!!

    (Annie woke up)

    Hayden: Hey beautiful!
    Annie: Hi..(yawns)
    Hayden: Were here!!
    Annie: (Gasp) CITY WALK!!!

    (Annie’s pov: I had a fun day with my friends, we went to city walk and went on rides, The girls screamed and the boys were holidng us. Then we went to the beach and Just chilled and then we went for ice cream, I felt sleepy and I didnt want to text my mom to ask her if I can sleepover at haydens, so hayden took my phone and texted my mom for me)

    (Txting Mom)

    Hayden: Hey Ms.Katie!
    Ms.Katie: Hey Hayden!, whats up?
    Hayden: Can annie sleepover..
    Mrs.Katie: Sure!
    Hayden: Okay, thank u!
    Mrs.Katie: She can stay as long as she wanna!
    Hayden: OKay, and I have her clothes.
    Ms.Katie: K, tell her I love her and see her soon!
    Hayden: Okay, bye!

    (Hayden gave annie her phone back)

    Annie: What’d she say?
    Hayden: She said yes!
    Annie: (yawns) Yay, what about ur parents?
    Hayden: They are outta town, and kenzi is having Johnny over.
    Annie: Aww, your watchin ur sisterr!
    Hayden: Noo, she’s sleeping over Johnny’s!

    (At Hayden’s house)

    (Hayden carried annie upstairs and layed her on her bed)

    Annie: I tiiiiired!(bby voice)
    Hayden: (Chuckles) Okay, go and put ur PJ’s on!
    Annie: (bby voice) I also coooolllllldddd!
    Hayden: (chuckles) Wanna wear my hoodie?
    Annie: (smiles) Yesss…
    Hayden: Go inside of my closet and you’ll see some hoodies I have.
    Annie: Okay.

    (Annie put on a T-shirt and haydens hoodie and Then shorts)

    (Annie plops on his bed and covers herself and Hayden joins her)

    Hayden: You want to watch a scary movie?
    Annie: Hay, I dont want to watch a scary movie!
    Hayden: BabyGirl dont worry, I’ll hold you if you get scared.
    Annie: Okay…
    Hayden: You’ll be safe in my arms.
    Annie: Promise?
    Hayden: I promise BabyGirl.

    (They played the movie)

    (Annie feel asleep in hayden’s arm and hayden turned the t.v off and got up from the bed)

    Annie: (Half asleep) Hayyy..
    Hayden: Yeah Babe?
    Annie: Can u stay here??
    Hayden: Sure.

    (Hayden went to his couch)

    Annie: (Half asleep) Nooooo!, In bed with me!
    Hayden: Are u sure?
    Annie: Yes.

    (Hayden cuddled with annie in his bed and they fell asleep)

    (The Next Moring)

    (Hayden woke up first and went downstairs to make pancakes and bacon while annie was still sleeping.)( Its a staurday Moring btw)

    (After hayden finished making breakfast, he went into the living room and watch some televison.)

    (Annie woke up scared and didnt see hayden, she ran downstairs to find him and sees him sitting on the couch watching t.v and smelled breakfast)

    Hay: Moring Baby!
    Anns: Hey Hay!
    Hay: (Gets up) What are we doing today?
    Anns: I wanna relaxe.
    Hay: Okay, but….one thing…
    Anns: (giggles) And whats that?
    Hay: Well, now 2 things.
    Anns: What is the 2 things??
    Hay: I Love your giggles and you forgot something…
    Anns: (Pouts) Awww, What did i forget?
    Hay: My kissy wissy!
    Anns: (Giggles) Aww, come here Hay!

    (Annie and hayden kissed and pulled away)

    Anns: Aww, Hay, did you make breakfast?
    Hay: Yeah, do u like it?
    Anns: I Love it, and its my favorite Breakfast!
    Hay: Yes!, one point for me!!!
    Anns: (Laughs) okay..

    (They ate breakfast, chatted, watch t.v shows, and annie got dressed for the day)

    (Annie’s outfit:
    Shirt: Crop top(Black)
    Pants: White ripped jeans
    Shoes: Black and white vans
    Hair: Messy bun
    Make up: Natural
    Acessories: Fake glasses and phone)

    (Hayden heard the doorbell)

    Hayden: Hello?
    Amy: Hey Babe!
    Hayden: Im not your “Babe” anymore!
    Amy: Well, that’s just rude!
    Hayden: What’s rude?
    Amy: Can I come in then Hay??
    Hayden: Um, sure, but my girlfriend is here…
    Amy: Ooh, I want to see herr!!
    Hayden: Um, Okay?, Come in…

    (Annie ran downstairs angry)(She’s on the phone with kenzie)

    Annie: Ugh!, really, they sold out?
    Kenzie: Yeah, but me and Johnny are at the mall, wanna come?
    Annie: Sure, is Jayden and carson gonna be there?
    Kenzie: Yah, in like an hour.
    Annie: Okay, see you in a hour…
    Kenzie: K, bye girlie!
    Annie: Bye!

    (Annie went to Hayden and Amy)

    Annie: Hey Babe, who’s this?
    Hayden: Hey Babygirl, this is amy..
    Annie: Oh, hey, I’m annie!
    Amy: Hi, Im Amy!
    Annie: So, how do you guys know eachother?
    Hayden: Um..Baby…
    Annie: Yeah Hay?
    Hayden: Please dont get mad.
    Annie: I won’t, promise.
    Hayden: We are together…
    Annie: WHAT?!(Tears up)
    Amy: Omg, he’s kidding!, even tho I like him still!
    Annie: I dont believe you….im going to the mall, have fun together!(Cries)

    (Annie went back upstairs and slammed haydens door and went into his bathroom and slammed that door and cried in the mirrior)

    Hayden: I need to make that right!
    Amy: Baby, you still Love me?!
    Hayden: Eww, no!, I Love Annie, and only her!
    Amy: Whatever, bye!
    Hayden: Bye!

    (Hayden ran upstairs and opened his door and heard annie crying and opened his bathroom door)

    Hay: Baby….
    Anns: Leave me alone!
    Hay: Baby, can I please come in?
    Anns: (sniffs) Sure…
    Hay: (Opens the door) Baby.
    Anns: Hay, you didn’t tell me that u have a girlfriend!
    Hay: Look, she isn’t my girlfriend anymore!
    Anns: (Bby voice) Are you sure?
    Hay: Baby, I Love you and will always love you!
    Anns: I Love you to.

    (They kissed and slowly pulled away)

    (Annie gets a call from Kenzi)

    Anns: Hello?
    Kenz: Hey!

    (Skipping to when they were at school and when hayden and annie was talking)

    (Skipping to Nida’s friends at lunch)

    Ruby: Okay, Nid’s, why aren’t you eatting?
    Nida: I Have something to tell you girls..
    Lauren: What?
    Nida: Annie….Annie LeBlanc is my sister..
    R+L: REally?!
    Nida: Yeah…
    Ruby: OMG!, so your a….pg like your sister?!
    Nida: No!, I just wanted to tell you girls..
    Lauren: Its fine, anywayyss, I heard that the new kid is here.
    Nida: Conner and Johnny are my sbilings to!
    Ruby: Wow, we thought Hayley and annie was, but now them?
    Nida: Ya..
    Lauren: That’s cool!
    Nida: It is?!
    Ruby: Ya!

    (With annie, Jayden and Kenzie)

    Annie: Um, girls?
    Kenzi: Ya?
    Annie: Nida, Johnny, Conner, Hayley and Caleb, Mads, is my brothers and sisters..
    Jayden: Cool!
    Annie: Okay, Kenzi?
    Kenzi: Wait, so, IM DATING YOUR BROTHER?!
    Annie: Yes…
    Kenzi: (squeals) Ekk!, thats sooo cool!!
    Annie: Wow, thanks girls!

    (Skipping to after school)

    Everyone: Bye!

    (At home)

    Annie: Mom?, dad?, Hayley?
    Johnny: Huh, they arent home..
    Annie: I mean, you were at a friends house with kenz!
    Conner: Okay!, so, no one’s home?
    Annie: I guess not..
    Nida: Should we find a note or something?
    Annie: What about a text?
    Johnny: Yea, I’ll check my phone!
    Annie: So will i!
    Nida: Same!
    Annie: Conner!!
    Conner: (waks up) OH yeah me to!

    (Annie looks at txts and only sees haydens, kenxies, jaydens)

    (Nida looks at texts and only sees rubys, Laurens)

    (Johnny Looks at texts and only sees Kenzie’s, Hayden’s, and Carson’s)

    (Conner looks at texts and sees Maya, Justin, Brookes, Rush, greg, and finally Hayley’s)

    Conner: GUYS!!!!
    Annie: WHAT?!
    Nida: Did you find it?
    Conner: Yeah.
    Johnny: Well?!

    (Conner reads it)

    (Its says:
    Hayley: Hey Cons, Mommy, Daddy and I went out for a while, we won’t be home until after 4, so, you, annie, Johnny, Nida, Mads, and caleb all have to go to a friends house, TAKE YOUR CARS!, byeee Love you and see you tonight!)

    Annie: Okay, then I’ll go over Hayden’s, let me just text him!

    (Annie txts Hayden)

    BabyGirl: Hey Babe!
    Hay: Hey Bby, what’s up?
    Baby: My Parents arent home, so can I come over?
    Hay: Sure!
    BabyGirl: Okay, see you in a few byee!
    Hay: Bye >3

    Annie: Okay!, Im going over kenzie’s and Hayden’s!
    Johnny: Im going over Carson’s!
    Nida: Ruby’s!
    Mads: Dylan’s!
    Caleb: Luke’s!
    Conner: Rush’s!
    Annie: Okay, see you guys back here!
    Everyone: Bye!

    (In Hayden’s room)

    BabyGirl: So, what do you wanna do?
    Hay: Watch some televison!
    BabyGirl: Okay!

    (In ruby’s room)

    Nidi: So, wanna gossip?
    Ruby: Oh my gosh yass!!
    Nidi: The Nerds are plainning our school formal!
    Ruby: Ewww!, gross!
    Nidi: I know right?!
    Ruby: What will it be??
    Nidi: Books and Learning probaly.
    Ruby: (laughs) No one wanna go to that!
    Nidi: (Laughs) Ya!

    ( Hayley called conner)

    Conner: Hello?
    Cons: Okay. bye!

    (Hayley Calls annie and Hayden picks up)

    Sis4life: Hello?
    HayHay: Hayden?
    Sis4life: Uh, yeah.

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