Holly Bushes

Ireland Covey January 24, 2019
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“What’s the story tonight?” Asked Ginny plopping onto the floor in front of her grandmother,
Ginny’s grandmother put her cup of tea down onto her beloved vintage table
“ How about one I made up when I was around your age? ”
Ginny nodded and shivered in excitement
“Once upon a time in a Wonderful world of adventure, Young boys and girls across the world were hoping that Santa-Clause wouldn’t forget them.
Snow was falling lightly, as a figure landed gently on a roof. It was……
“It was who grandma?” cried Ginny excitement flowing through her.
“It was Santa-Clause’s granddaughter, Eliza Clause.”
“Santa has a granddaughter?”
“Yes. Now let me finish.”
Ginny’s Grandmother took a sip of tea and continued “Eliza gently tip-toed across the roof and slid down the chimney. She was as quiet as a mouse. As soon as she reappeared she was gone.
“Well that’s a job well done.” Eliza whispers to the reindeers.
“Papa will be proud!”
As soon as she got home she went to her papa, AKA ( Santa-Clause!). She yelled “Papa I’m back!”
The large jolly man sat up from his large sofa and smiled at his granddaughter
“Good for you dear. Now where’s my milk and cookies?”
Eliza laughed and rolled her eyes
“Oh papa you’re silly”
But she pulled them out anyway. As Santa munched on them, she told him all about her first magical adventure. When she was done he said
“ It look’s like you did a good job! Now time to get some rest. You’ve got a big day tomorrow!”
The next day Holly Bushes was alight with happiness. The shops were busy, when Eliza walked in. Elves were working while their kids were running around. Other fairy kids were zooming up and down in excitement. It was actually Christmas day and Eliza was about to get to look at all the kids opening the gifts she had delivered and helped make. She also had to make a speech,
If anything, speeches were what Eliza hated the most. It wasn’t the talking itself, no it was doing it in front of everyone else. What if people laughed and made fun of her?
“No! stop it!” Eliza mumbled to herself “I’m going to be fine.”
As the slide-show of kids started. Eliza’s heart beamed! all these happy kids. yet something was missing, not knowing what it was, Eliza continued to watch. Playing at a beach, a boy was snorkeling with his new set. The elf Jerry was beaming with pride. ( he had made them) After that, Eliza flew up to the stage. as she started talking she heard a “Thunk!” she turned away to see what it was. A toddler aged fairy named Sugar Plum was crying,
“Are you okay?”
“NOoooooo! I ripped my wing!!”
“ WHAT?????? NOoooo!” said Eliza “ That’s impossible, we protect them when you go to the doctor.” Sugar looked down sadly, but said nothing.
“Sugar, you didn’t go to the doctor did you?” “No” “Well that explains it. why would your mom not make you go?” “she”…
“Sugar Plum!! I heard something happened are you all right?” Exclaimed Sugar Plum’s mom, Casey, as she flew over to her daughter. “Yes. I’m alright.” “ Ma’am why did you let Sugar skip the doctor? You know she needs to protect her wings. look what happened. Show her sugar.” Eliza asked looking sternly at Casey. Sugar plum slowly showed her mom her wing.
“WHAT??? I sent her to the doctor on docs magical train. She must of climbed out.” “ I needed to go dance with rainbow.” “ I cannot believe you did this.” her mom scolded.
“ We need to get her to the doctors in fairyland. Before her wing has been ripped for 24hrs.” Said Eliza.
“What’s Going On?!!!!” Santa bustled toward them, “Papa, sugar tore her wing.” Santa’s eyes widened in shock“She need’s to get to the fairyland now!” Santa’s voice boomed off the wall’s of stores.
“ I know. But how?”
“Get her to the doc’s for now. We will talk about this later.”
Several elves & fairies rushed around helping poor sugar to the docs.

“But I don’t know anything about this.”
“Eliza. your her only hope.”
“ What about other fairies or elves?”
“ You know only Fairies can go to Fairyland. And your the only one sugar trusts.” “Whatever. But she need’s to go now. I’m not packed.” Eliza felt a hand on her shoulder. “Honey, here you go.” said her mother. handing her a bag. “I’ve packed everything you’ll need. tell the doctor M.S Clause’s sent you.”
Eliza walked over to the shivering fairy, who was sitting on top of a barn loft.
“Sugar. come down now.”
“Because I said.”
Sugar slowly climbed down the ladder,
“Miss Eliza has offered to take you to the fairyland doctor.”whispered casey, sugars mom.
“Okay! Come on mommy, let’s go!.”
“ Honey I’m not going.”
“I need to stay here and work. Your father’s not able to go either.”
“don’t worry Sugar, Were gonna have fun.” said Eliza

“ Do we have to walk?…”
“ Yes. your not allowed on flying material until your wing gets healed.”
“ whoooooaaaa” said Eliza sliding on the ice “this snow is the slickest yet.”she warned
“Stay here Sugar i’m gonna fly over head to see where we need to get to.” She flittered across the sky. fairyland was out of sight. But that was alright, for she could see the big hallo oak tree guarding the fairies. She quickly flew back to sugar.
“ SUGAR!!!! where are you?”
“iggmmrr” a sudden movement in the snow made Eliza jump. “AHHHHHHHH”
“it’s just me.” said Sugar
“ohh! you scared me how’d you get there?” asked Eliza
“I fell” grunted Sugar
“you okay?” asked Eliza
“yah” said Sugar “ it hurt a little though.” Eliza picked Sugar up and put her on higher ground.
“Let’s go.” said Eliza
“Okay.” replied Sugar
The girls walked for two hrs before needing a snack. they stopped by one of santa’s friends cave. Echo????? hello? Echo???? “ I wonder where he is? I’m sure we can just go in.” as the girls walked down the dark cold cave. lights turned on. After 5 minutes of cave they came into a clearing. There was a little cottage and stables. There was Echo, hanging from a tree. His mouth was gagged, and his feet and hands, were tied. “What happened?”!! asked Eliza as she removed the gag. “ Eliza, dear. a group of human men, came. they took my keys to the other lands.” “ How? Human people can not come into this side of the north pole.” “ I know, but what can i do about it tied up as it is?” “ Oh! Sorry.” Eliza quickly untied Echo. She looked around too see sugar drinking something,
“Sugar, where’d you get that?”
“Right here” Sugar said pointing to the ground “ Its not your’s put it back.” “ Its Okay. it’s just cocoa.” said Echo dusting himself off. “leave her she’ll be safe I need to talk to you. The men gave away while they tied me up. one had been reading my maps, before they left. they used those things called phones humans are obsessed with, to take a picture of it. they said they would go to fairyland, to capture the ruler,” “They can’t not without the keys.” “ I already told you they took them. You need to get to fairyland before they do to warn the fairies.” “Go now!” “ Okay, Bye.” “Keep this,” said Echo handing Eliza a roll of papers. “ when you get there give this to the guards, it will help you get to the queen faster. Keep safe, Go!”
“ Sugar lets go.” “ Why?” “ Because i said.” They bid Echo a farewell, and left. The girls reached fairyland before noon. Eliza was carrying sugar who was fast asleep. once they reached the entrance, they stopped for there were humans trying to get inside the door, as quietly as she could she crept along to the secret entrance on the other side. “CRACK” went a branch panic swelled through Eliza. the men turn around and pointed at her. “Hey look boss! There’s a fairy.” “ Get her!!” The men started running after her, she ran as fast as she could, but she new if she didn’t trust herself flying with Sugar, she’d be caught, slowly she flew over to the entrance the men had been driven away from it, she unlocked the door, in the hidden keyhole, ran in, and slammed the doors. she’d made it. “ sugar sweetie, wake up.” “ yahhhhhh” “come on sweetie” “okay” “ I can take you to the doctors now or we can go to the palace.” “palace? PALACE!!!!!!!” “Okay.” Once they reached the palace they walk up the steps. a guard stopped them. “ who do you think you are?” he asked. “I think i’m Eliza clause. My friend Echo sent me. I have this for you.” “Oh. Echo.” he said taking the scroll, he read it, and said “okay you can go ahead.” As sugar and Eliza walked towards the throne, Eliza knelt. “Your highness,” she said, Sugar also knelt in her one style. She sat. The queen motioned for the girls to raise. “ Echo sent us. 4 human men are outside of the doors to fairyland, there planing to kidnap you.” whispered Eliza
“ I see, is there anything else?” asked the Queen “ No your highness” said Eliza “Okay thank you we will switch the keyhole,” said the Queen she pressed a couple of buttons. And pulled something out of a box. “ Here’s a new key, the rest of the fairies should get one soon.” the Queen said “ Thank you. Let’s go Sugar.” Eliza told sugar who was dancing around. “ Okay” said Sugar. As the girls turned to leave they heard the queen gasp…. “Come back please,” She said. The girls turned around and went back. She got off of the throne and knelt by sugar. “ Your wing!” she exclaimed “we know your highness. I ripped it at home. That’s the reason were here.” whispered Sugar the Queen turned around and grabbed a small bottle from her throne. She pulled a small brush out of it and brushed it carefully onto Sugar’s wing, “ that should keep it from losing its magic for know. Now get her to the doctors.” said the Queen. The girls left the building, the snow was falling lightly. Kids were playing everywhere. As they got closer they saw lots of kids opening presents, laughter ringing everywhere. Again Eliza felt something was missing but unsure of what it was.
They reached the doctors with six hrs & twenty-two minutes left of time, they gave the doctor m.s clauses message. After listening she took Sugar in to a room. Eliza followed. “You got her to me at a good timing. Any later and she would go into a faint. This might take a minute.” after an hour, here wing was almost sewn up. at 4:00 PM they were ready to leave. “One second” said the doctor. she returned with two small boxes. “Merry Christmas.” “thank you. said the girls. inside each box was 5 chocolates and a sweater. The girls headed to the entrance. sense it was not smart to let sugar fly right now. Eliza picked sugar up and unlocked the door, she flew over and closed it, the men were gone. She flew to Echos, And told him everything was under control. After that they flew towards home. It took 1hr in air. Everyone was waiting for them to arrive. Sugar’s and Eliza’s mom’s ran to them. Kisses and hugs were given out. As Eliza looked around she saw kids working on gifts for next year. And she thought about how nice it was to receive a gift from the doctor. She thought about it realized  she needed to what was right. She went to her mother who had wondered away, and said. “Mom. On the trip today we saw so many kids, receiving these gifts that holly-bush kids make.  They looked so happy. And then at the doctors the doctor gave me and sugar a gift. It felt so good. And i realized that its not fair that not one kid in holly-bush ever receives gifts, even though we work all day making thing for other kids.” “Honey, is something that you would like  holly bush to have? “ “Yes.” “ Okay i’ll see what I can do.” “ Thank you.” Eliza hugged her mom hard.

“Dear lord, thank you for this wonderful day. Amen.” said Santa
“Dig in everyone!!” Holly bushes was having there annual Christmas feast. “A toast”! “ To Eliza Clause.” Everyone clanged there Hot cocoa mugs together. After a filling plate of rigatoni with bellgeim sauce. and bread, with hot apple crisp for dessert. Eliza pardoned herself from the party, she went to her room. Everywhere she looked she saw packages, much like the ones she had delivered. Eliza ran to her mom and hugged her. “Thank you mommy..” “I love you honey i’m sorry i never realized that you guys didn’t get anything.” This time when she looked around she saw many kids opening there gifts, and happiness is where this story ends.
“ That was all grandma?” “ Yes.”


“What story tonight Grandma”? Asked Ginny “One your great-great grandmother told me when I was was you’re age.Once upon a time…………”

The End

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