Honest with the world

Fatima Aqeel September 30, 2017
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perhaps it was the dress,perhaps it was the face,perhaps it was the money,why was she chosen. once upon a time in a faraway land lived a king who wanted to seek out the best maiden in the land and gave her a reward so he held a competition in the land to find the best of the best maidens all the maidens of all age group participated in this event. the first event seemed easy as it was a dress competition and most of them wore pretty dresses but at the end of this competition only 1000 out of 10000 were chosen although all of them were pretty. then these 1000 girls were asked if they were rich and all those who said that they were were accepted and all those who said were poor were disqualifies i know it sounds strange but the king had a range planned for the final for only those who were the finest may make it. after the second round only 100 contestants were left and the third round was of facial beauty everyone who were agreed to be beautifull moved on and from these only 5 contestants remained the story took the turn as the final round they were asked a question are you honest with yourselves they were clever enough and replied yes and then

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