Horrible, Hideous, Hiding Hood

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Today, I would like to reveal
How my brother became someone’s meal.
As I cry, I still remember
My brother’s shriek and sombre.

A girl with a big red cloak
Was part of the nasty town’s folk!
With her mighty gang,
she plots her fireworks. Big and Bang!

She stepped on my foot
And tripped me over a gigantic root
She called me nasty names
And played with me gruesome games!

She destroyed our food!
She tore my sister’s tail and chewed!
She demolished our little burrow!
And stuffed it with dirty chunks of snow!

We told her to stop,
From bottom to the top.
She just gave me a dirty smirk
and called me a little wolf jerk!

We thought that’s enough!
Now is the time we act tough
Me and my brother had a great plan!
We told our siblings and that’s how it began:

“Get the costume!”
“Get the broom!”
“Spray the shower!”
“And clean the tower!”

“Sweep the footprints”
“Rub away the hints”
We don’t wanna fail
or else it will turn into an ‘unpredicted’ tale

Shoo the grandma out of her house!
And make sure there is not any spouse
You ! Dress up as a beast.
And make sure that girl is seized!

Shhh! There she comes!
Now lay out all the plums.
Get ready brother wolf Jose,
To scare the little brat away.

Jose rapidly went inside,
while we hid outside.
The nasty little girl met her grandma( fake!)
as we kept our ears and eyes awake

First, we heard a sweet little voice
which we knew it wasn’t her choice
Next, came a deep grumpy growl
and the girl’s small scared scowl

At that moment, we heard a loud gunfire
but it wasn’t like a lyre
We all were terribly scared,
as our beady eyes glared

As she came out in the wood
we saw her new little hood
She grinned and said” Please note
my new wolfy coat!”

This is the tale
of how we failed
This is little Red Riding Hood
and how we became her food!

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