How the Zebra got His Stripes

Shruti Beezadhur November 9, 2022
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The Zebra and the Monkey were good friends, and they lived next door to each other in harmony, always visiting and spending time with each other.

One day, they decided to plan a surprise birthday party for the Golden Pheasant. They both invited all the animals and beasts of the forest, and each of them went their own way to the local supermarket for party decorations, activity kits, snacks and food. Zebra and the Monkey met at the Central Forest Hall after purchasing their supplies to set up for the birthday party. After a while, it was time to put up the lights and the happy birthday banner. The Monkey could not assemble them as there was nothing to climb up onto, and Zebra, being a four-legged animal could not climb at all, and neither of them could fly. Zebra wanted to ask the Vulture to help them set up the decorations, but knowing how sly and what a telltale the Vulture was, the Monkey wanted the kingfisher to help them instead.

This was not the first time that Zebra and the Monkey were having an argument, but they had never argued over something so serious before. Their arguments were usually over silly, trivial things, and only because one did not want to have to hold the same opinion as the other held. They then concluded the argument by writing the birds’ names on two pieces of paper, putting them in Monkey’s hat and pulling out a random one, whom they asked for help. The answer turned out to be the Vulture. Monkey was grumpy and Zebra was pleased, but neither of them was satisfied with dissatisfying the other.

The next thing they had to do was set up the tablecloth and food on the tables. Monkey wanted bananas, whereas Zebra, who did not like bananas, denied having them. “I do not like bananas, Monkey!” he persisted. Again, they decided to pull a random piece of paper from a few others with different types of foods written on them from Monkey’s hat. This time, Zebra pulled out six pieces of paper, giving them the food choice of bananas, cupcakes, strawberries, grapes, chicken burgers and peanuts, all of them having been chosen by Monkey! Zebra was not happy.

Zebra and Monkey, in fact, were not happy with one another, as neither of them had everything exactly the way they wanted. It was soon time for the birthday party, so Zebra and Monkey returned to their homes to get ready. Soon, all the animals and inhabitants of the forest came and settled in the Central Forest Hall. At last, the Golden Pheasant came in his golden glamour. Little did everyone know, but the Vulture had indeed told the Golden Pheasant about the surprise birthday party, and so he was not surprised at all when he flew in and perched himself on Monkey’s hat. Rumours went about that Zebra was the one who had betrayed Monkey and told the Golden Pheasant about the surprise birthday party.

Later on, when it was time to eat, the Golden Pheasant seemed crotchety, and when Monkey went to investigate why, the Golden Pheasant said he didn’t like any of the food they had! “I do not eat bananas! The cupcakes are too sweet! The strawberries are too red! The grapes are not ripe! The chicken is too salty! And how dare you dishonour me with peanuts!” Monkey could hold it no longer, and in his anger, he took a can of black paint they had been using to paint designs on the walls, and he threw the paint all over Zebra’s body, thus forming his stripes.

After the party, Monkey and Zebra apologised to each other, the Golden pheasant and all the guests of the party. Monkey washed in a river and all the paint that had he spilt on himself came off. Zebra decided to keep his black stripes, as they made him unique and he would not be confused with the White Horse anymore!

Owing to Zebra’s and Monkey’s concerns for their own comfort, they forgot to think about the convenience of others, and they were indeed ashamed of their foolish behaviour. It is never too late to change, and Zebra and Monkey decided to turn over a new leaf, after having been forgiven by each other and everybody else.

The End

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