I Am a Monster

Fatima Aqeel June 24, 2017
5 min read
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Once upon a time a girl with red eyes and black hair was born into a family. The family had never seen a red eyed human and started thinking of her as a red eyed monster. The girl was named Blair but due to her red eyes everyone started to call her “Blood”.The family was worried that she might turn out to be a murderer so they went to a fortune teller who told them that she was a monster who is going to destroy the world. The parents were worried that their one year old child was going to destroy the world and when this word spread out the people started suggesting that the child of evil should be killed. The parents hid their child in the basement and told everyone that they killed their own child. The girl was hidden from her own siblings and her siblings were terrified of looking at her. The terrified mother loved her daughter and stayed with her daughter most of the time but when Blair turned 9 her mother started fearing her due to her eyes this fear grew so much that in fear her mother picked up a knife and ran towards her daughter aiming at her eyes but as soon as the knife touched the eye the knife shattered. The mother was so shocked that she ran upstairs screaming that my daughter is a monster. The nine year old red eyed girl innocently looked at her mother and asked”what is a monster?” her mother shouted “you are a monster!”. The mother talked with the girls father and decided to abandon her in a far away city. The next morning Blair’s parents came and told her that they were taking her to a circus. The excited Blair who never knew what the outside world was happy not knowing the evil intention of her parents. Her parents made her wear a hat and they left off on their journey as soon as they reached a city far away they went to a circus. Blair was happy that at last she was going outside she thought that her parents have accepted her as a human being. The circus started and Blair laughed with joy. During the circus Blair’s parents thought that their daughter was distracted and so they took their leave abandoning their own daughter. As soon as the circus ended Blair realized that her parents were missing and so she started crying she never knew of the outside world so how can she survive. She took of her hat and started to cry . An old woman nearby went to her to help her but as soon as she saw her eyes she fainted. A man came and looked at her eyes and screamed “this girl has red eyes she is a monster”. The young girl realized that her parents abandoned her and started crying out loud. The crowd of people ran away from her and soon she was standing alone in the circus tent. The tent was filled with her screams. She didn’t know where to go so she started running and running and ran until her legs became tired thankfully she reached a place with trees and plants and a place without people, a forest she had never seen such a place but she read it in books. She knew that people were hardly going to come there and so she sat down and cried due to the darkness spreading through the night she was sad, hungry and all alone she couldn’t see anything to eat so ate the plants around her which she read about in a book. The girl survived for one year by eating the tasteless plants and drinking the water of the stream after one year she put on her hat and decided to never let people be aware of her eyes. She went to another village and hardly found a job which was to clean a restaurant when the owner of the shop asked her to show her face she rejected innocently and when asked about her name she said “Blood” the owner was kind, nice and a beautiful young lady the 10 year old girl worked the day and night and the kind owner offered her a place to live and to eat. After 5 years the owner finally saw her face while she went to her house. She didn’t scream and went to her and asked about her kindly. The little girl started crying and told her the entire story she said that I will help you hide your eyes and help you in your hard times the 15 year old girl felt her heart melt in her chest and started crying with tears of happiness. But that woman betrayed her after a year and she was left with nowhere and she realized that everyone betrays others and no one in this entire world can be trusted she hid her eyes by her long fringes of hair and travelled away into the forest where she started hunting for food and slept under a tree. Although Blair was afraid of bugs she tried her hardest to get used to them one day when she was hunting for lunch she was chasing a deer and caught it but as soon as she slaughter it she heard a whispering voice which was unclear she held her knife and was ready in defense mode Blair shouted out “who is there” and an unfamiliar voice of a man said “don’t worry I am a human” and a boy came out with a handsome face and white hair. Blair was not attracted even a little and said that you should go away. The boy said that it was not her property and that she should leave if she doesn’t want to stay here and not order others to leave. The girl in anger aimed the knife in her hands towards the boy and ran towards him in rage the boy was pretty skilled and held the knife in his hand and broke it then he pushed her and said “It is not nice to attack on people you don’t even know”. After a few minutes two other boys were on his sides and asked the boy if he was alright. Blair with her hurt legs and hands couldn’t move and felt like it was the end of her. The three boys asked Blair who she was and she replied “Blood” the first boy to arrive started laughing and said ” your name is quite funny” then he said that his name was Zee and the boy with brown hair was Simon and the boy with blonde head was max. Zee walked towards the fallen Blair and laughed at her name. the fallen Blair with no hopes for her life showed no movement but at that moment Zee pulled up her hair and remained speechless and as soon as his friends noticed that something was weird they also came but couldn’t see the red eyes of Blair. Zee immediately left the hold of Blair’s hair and lifted up the girl and asked her where she lived she pointed towards the direction of the tree and Zee took her to her place. Zee was amazed by Blair as she lived alone under a fine tree, Zee let her down on her bed of leaves and Blair said “why aren’t you killing me” Zee replied “not everyone is like you”. Blair knew that Zee knew about her eyes but he didn’t say anything about them Simon and Max followed us bringing the deer on their shoulders and Zee said that its time for dinner and that three of them didn’t have lunch and so they want to eat the deer for dinner. Blair agreed in exchange for not killing her. Blair was badly hurt and so she aided her self and ate the food Zee made for everyone. Simon and max thought it to be weird that they couldn’t see her eyes which were hidden because of her hair. Blair made no comment. but then Simon became suspicious and suddenly lifted her hair and saw the red eyes she had and so did Max the three of them now knew about her eyes and sat quietly around the burning fire and ate quietly. Then zee broke the silence and said that the three of them are brothers and were planning on camping in the forest he said that Simon is the eldest he is the middle one and max is the smallest. He then asked Blair “Blood, why do you live here and where is your family”. She moved her hair towards back exposing her eyes and said that “as you already know that my eyes are red also know that I am a monster who is going to destroy the world”. After she said that the three of them started laughing like crazies and Zee said “You do behave like one” and he continued laughing with his three brothers. during this whole time Blair was lost in mayhem as to why they were not scared of her but she made sure to not trust them just because they aren’t scared. Blair reached her hand towards zee’s pocket and snatched the knife and aimed it her eyes. Zee told her to stop destroying herself and to give back the knife but she aimed it directly at her eye the three of them closed their eyes in fear but when they opened it the knife broke but the eye was the same as it was before. The three brothers were amazed and this had left their mouths wide open.

“Blood! that was quite amazing and unbelievably…..”Simon said in a surprised voice and suddenly stopped when he saw the black haired girl’s red eye’s filled with tears. The three brothers were confused and didn’t know what to do. Then zee walked towards the crying girl patted her head and sat on his knee’s in front of her who was also kneeling. Blair looked up at him with her tearful eyes and seemed to be in a lot of pain. her face was all red. Zee in a pleasant voice said “blood, tell me your real name?”. Simon and Max who were amused by their brother looked at him. “Blair” said the red eyed girl.
Zee replied kindly “Blair! doesn’t sound bad at all”. Blair was flustered because it was the first time someone called her by her real name and not her fake name which she despised. the sky was getting darker and her heart was getting brighter. She felt hope and once again she thought that all people weren’t bad. she felt like her story just begun and she found a nice friend who she believed had a beautiful heart just like himself. zee stood up called his brothers and said “you are not a monster but a lovely girl, we shall meet again over here” he said his farewells and walked away but suddenly he paused and looked back and said “don’t attack us the next time we meet” as he giggled.
all of them laughed including the girl who had never even smiled for years. “until next time” she thought to herself and slept”
when she woke up the next day, she yawned and stretched and saw a strange,slimy red ball she reached her hands towards the ball but as soon her hand was going to reach the ball the ball moved. the girl screamed it was her eye! she was scared and couldn’t move a limb as if she lose the control of her body. the eye jumped on her hand and said “you are going to hurt everyone including yourself if you keep on meeting people with a smile” .Blair was frightened and amazed at the same time. She didn’t say a word and suddenly it all stopped everything turned black and she heard the voice of a nightingale. she opened her eyes and realized that she was long lost in a nightmare.

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