I Am a Monster P-2

Fatima Aqeel June 26, 2017
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(read part 1 before reading the part 2)

“Blood! that was quite amazing and unbelievably…..”Simon said in a surprised voice and suddenly stopped when he saw the black haired girl’s red eye’s filled with tears. The three brothers were confused and didn’t know what to do. Then zee walked towards the crying girl patted her head and sat on his knee’s in front of her who was also kneeling. Blair looked up at him with her tearful eyes and seemed to be in a lot of pain. her face was all red. Zee in a pleasant voice said “blood, tell me your real name?”. Simon and Max who were amused by their brother looked at him. “Blair” said the red eyed girl.
Zee replied kindly “Blair! doesn’t sound bad at all”. Blair was flustered because it was the first time someone called her by her real name and not her fake name which she despised. the sky was getting darker and her heart was getting brighter. She felt hope and once again she thought that all people weren’t bad. she felt like her story just begun and she found a nice friend who she believed had a beautiful heart just like himself. zee stood up called his brothers and said “you are not a monster but a lovely girl, we shall meet again over here” he said his farewells and walked away but suddenly he paused and looked back and said “don’t attack us the next time we meet” as he giggled.
all of them laughed including the girl who had never even smiled for years. “until next time” she thought to herself and slept”
when she woke up the next day, she yawned and stretched and saw a strange,slimy red ball she reached her hands towards the ball but as soon her hand was going to reach the ball the ball moved. the girl screamed it was her eye! she was scared and couldn’t move a limb as if she lose the control of her body. the eye jumped on her hand and said “you are going to hurt everyone including yourself if you keep on meeting people with a smile” .Blair was frightened and amazed at the same time. She didn’t say a word and suddenly it all stopped everything turned black and she heard the voice of a nightingale. she opened her eyes and realized that she was long lost in a nightmare.

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