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She stood gazing out of the window; the night sky was dark, but millions of stars lit it up. She heard the crashing of waves against the rocks; the colds winds blew strongly. The voice of the sea was so soothing that she had often wondered what it would be like to just let go, and let the waves take you to faraway lands…

Her brother was not home as he had an important business meeting to attend, and their big estate seemed very gloomy; she had often complained to him about moving into a smaller house, after all, there was only two of them, but he had brushed her off saying that they were the Blackwoods and they didn’t live in places which were beneath them and all she could do was but wish that she could have a normal life with no dull grey-and-white conference halls; she was supposed to be at his side today, but she had lied saying that she was sick as she hated facing the media, while her twin, on the other hand, loved to dress up for them.

She poured herself some champagne and opened the big glass door which led to her private balcony and garden where she grew roses of many rare species. As she looked out, she saw a man lying on the sand; she could not make out much and suddenly felt terrified; was he dead? How did he enter the estate? Who let him in? And more questions of the sort flooded her mind and she quickly put on a thick coat; it was made of wolf-skin, a present from her brother which she hated, but he did not seem to mind what she thought; he had hunted it himself and proudly hung its head on the wall and she had felt pity for the poor beast, but just stood there helpless.

As she rushed to the beach, she suddenly stopped short; she had forgotten her brother’s instructions, lock the doors and don’t step out; they had received many death threats over the last months, it was to be expected, especially when you had many powerful enemies; the Blackwood twins were like magnets attracted to success. But at the sight of him lying there unmoving, she thought that it would be alright and she went to his side and checked his pulse; he was alright and breathing and she tried to wake him up, but as soon as he sensed her presence, jumped up and pinned her down; she felt like a helpless little insect trapped in the spiders’ web; she struggled but soon realized that it was hopeless, it would only cause more harm; she stood no chance against this man and braced herself for what was coming next and prayed that it would be over soon; she closed her eyes tightly, but before he could do anything, he appeared and pounced on him, hard, drawing blood; seeing her hurt had made him aggressive and he ripped the surprised attacker to flesh-and-bones and he had crumbled under his immense strength. Then, he went next to her to see if she was alright; she hugged him tightly with tears in her eyes and kissed him all over and thanked him for saving her life. And if I remember correctly, the news headlines the next day ran something like this:

‘Famous tech company, Blackwoods’ COO Ms Blackwood was rescued by loyal Cane Corso, Hercules, from an attempted abduction at the Blackwood Estate.’

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