I miss you....pt 1(srry 4 not posting the other one so this is continued)

Kelani McClendon December 11, 2018
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    (Annie, kenzi, and Jayden sat on the couch and practice there spanish speakin)

    Annie: Hola, mi nombre es annie, hoy yo sera’ tienen una hispaino habla.

    (Annie starts her speech)

    Annie: Mi Madre, viene desde una rico familia, nuestro tradiciones son. celebrando la di’a de la muerto, tener festivales y ir a prade. Mi familia sera’ llevar esta tradiciones como nuestro abuleo y genial abuleo hizo, Gracias.

    (Kenzi went up next)

    Kenzie: Hola, Mi nombre es Kenzi, nosotros sera’ comienzo la plaga de hispainico. Dios y la muerto, gracias para libertad y justicia para todos.

    (jayden went up)

    Jayden: oh la ahorrador quien peleas para ahi’ vida, nostoros son gracias competo para dando notostros vida.

    (Annie heard her phone go off and it was hayden)

    Kenzi: quein ese?
    Annie: sus hayden.
    Jayden: k!
    Annie: ser correcto atra’s!
    K+J: S~I!

    (Annie headed upstairs and answered)

    Annie: What?
    Hayden: Annie, let me excplain!
    Annie: Oh my gosh!, Hayden I dont have time!
    Hayden: Ok, are you comin over?
    Annie: (Signs) Im good here.
    Hayden: Can you please come over?
    Annie: Ugh, fine, i’ll just leave with Jayden!
    Hayden: Ok, um….bye.
    Annie: Bye! (hnags up)

    (With the girls)

    Annie: Jayden?
    Jayden: Uhm?
    Annie: Is it time for u to leave?, not being rude.
    Jayden: Yeah, why?
    Annie: I have a dumb project with Hayden.
    Jayden: Oh, ok, come on, bye kenzi!
    Kenzi: Bye!

    (Annie and Hayden goes up to his room)

    Annie: (A tear falls)
    Hayden: Your ok?
    Annie: YES!
    Hayden: Ok,um, so the spanish thing.
    Annie: …..I have to leave!(Runs home)

    (With kenz and kev)

    Kenz: Annie?
    Annie: (cries) What…
    Kev: Can we come in?
    Annie: (sniffs) Sure….(Stares at hayden and annie pic)
    Kenzi: You ok?
    Annie: no…
    Kev: What happened?
    Annie: When I went to haydens, I ran straight home..
    Kenz: Ik, you two were soooo tight.
    Annie: Yeah….
    Kev: He’ll make thing right annie.
    Annie: How?
    Kenz: He would need to do somethin specail.
    Annie: (srcastic laughs) Yep, or just ruby.
    Kev: Maybe you should get some sleep annie..
    Annie: K, thx guys!
    K+K: Np, bye!

    (Annie feel asleep and it was 10 pm. kevin was about to leave)

    Kev: Nighty night annie, see you tmr (kissed her forhead)
    Annie: (Half asleep) Night (Fell back to sleep with her stuffy)

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