I pormise pt 3

Kelani McClendon December 5, 2018
Humor, Romance
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    (Annie wakes up on Hayden’s lap)

    Hayd: Hey..
    Anns: Hi, where am i?
    Hayd: In the same class.
    Anns: Oh!, Language arts!
    Kevin: Annie?
    Annie: Yes.
    (Kevin looks into Annies eyes and Annie’s eyes turns a lighter brown)

    Anns: Babe.
    Kevin: Are you cheatin?
    Anns: No, I love you..
    Kevin: Yeah right like I ever Belived you.
    (Hayden texts kenzi)

    Hayden: Mackenzie!
    Mackenzie: Yes?
    Hayden: It Happened again.
    Mackenzei: Wdym?
    Hayden: Annie’s eye color!
    Mackenzie: Oh, Kevin did it again?
    Hayden: Yeah, what to do?
    Mackenzie: Well, Her mind will erase soon enough.
    Hayden: Wydm?
    (To Be continued

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