I promise pt 1

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    Jayden: Hayley just do it!
    Hayley: NOOOOO!
    Annie: Hayley! (wakes up)
    Kenzi: Yay! I told you agrueing will wake her!
    Johnny: Yeah oky!
    Hayley: Hayden!
    Hayden: Yeah?
    Everyone(Except annie): DO IT!!!
    Hayden: Oky!

    (Gets on one knee and kneels down at annie’s chair)

    Hayden: Juliana Grace LeBlanc…
    Annie: Yea?
    Hayden: You know that we have been best friends/ dating for almost 17 years now..
    Annie: Yeah, I know that hayden, but not 17 years.
    Hayden: Well, 8 years now…
    Annie: No, but i’ll let that one slide.
    Hayden: Anyways, I gave you this ring bc of how much I love you, but you and I have been through alot of them all…
    Annie: K….
    Hayden: Juliana, do you promise to not keep any serects from me, or hide anything from me and promise to Love me and tell me everything?
    Annie: Yes….I do Hayden.
    Hayden: Then here is this promise ring. (Puts it on annie)
    Annie: I like it!
    Kenzi: Yay! Hannie is promised!
    Hayley: Kenzi, that is not a real thing
    Jayden: Hayley is right!
    Johnny: Hey don’t tease my Baby!
    Hayden: I Love you Babe!
    Annie: Ouch!
    Kenzi: You okay?
    Annie: My broken arm is not oky….
    Jayden: Did the doctor put the medince in?
    Annie: No…he said that it will hurt this much, but I will have passing out moments that might be flashbacks or me just tried.
    Johnny: So, we wouldn’t have to call 911?
    Annie: No your good.
    Hayley: Or mommy and daddy?
    Annie: Nope
    Hayden: Or the ambulance?
    Annie: Nooo!
    Kenzi: Then what are we supposed to do?
    Annie: Get water and pour it in my mouth or Just take me home and the next day i will wake up. or in like 30 mins i will…
    Johnny: Okay!

    (Around 7:01pm annie passed out)

    Hayden: Really kenzi?
    Kenzi: Okay, tell them how you met me and the res-Oh my gosh!
    Johnny: what?
    Hayley: Annie passed out!(gets up)
    Jayden: Call the ambulance!
    Hayden: No!, remember, the doctor said to give her water or let her rest!
    Kenzi: Oky, let’s try some water first an then if that doesn’t work lets let her rest and if that doesnt then take her to the hopstial.
    Hayley: Me and Johnny are gonna get the water.
    Hayden: Oky, me, hayden and Jayden will watch out for annie.

    (Hayley and Johnny rushes toward the counter)

    Casher: Hey Hayley and Johnny!
    Hayley: Hi!
    Johnny: Hey!
    Casher: what can I get you now?
    Hayley: um…do you have water?
    Casher: Yes we do, is there anykind of water?
    Johnny: Do you have coconut water?
    Casher: Yes we do!
    Hayley: Can we have that?!
    Casher: Yeah, that would be $3.09
    Johnny: Here you go!
    Casher: Thanks and here is your water!
    Hayley+Johnny: Thanks byee!

    (Hayley and Johnny rushes back and gives annie her coconut water)

    Johnny: Here anns( Gives it to here)
    Annie: (starts to wake up) Huh?, where am I?
    Hayden: You are in the Ice Cream shop
    Annie: Why?
    Hayley: Bc, we asked mommy and daddy if we can go!
    Annie: what time is it?
    Kenzi: It is (checks time) 7:01pm
    Annie: Oh okay…(stands up with her broken arm) OUCHHH!
    Jayden: Annie!(helps her up)
    Annie: Huh??
    Kenzi: Don’t use that arm for anything!
    Annie: Okay!, now can I sit back down now?
    Hayden: Yeah sure!

    (Around 7:20pm)

    Annie: Okay, Hayley and Kenzi we need to leave!
    Kenzi: What time is it?
    Annie: 7:20pm.
    Hayley: Okay!, did you call johnathan?
    Annie: Yeah, he is here rn!
    Kenzi: Okay Bye John, Jay, and Hayden!
    Hayden: Bye kenzie!, Hayley and Annie!
    Jayden: Bye Loves!
    Johnny: Byeeee!
    Annie: Bye!

    (The girls arrives at home)

    Annie: Okay, I’m gonna go up and take a shower.
    Kenzi: K, I’m gonna make beef stew want some?
    Hayley: If you mean heat it up, then yeah I’ll have some!
    Kenzi: Wow, thx Hayley, annie do you want any?
    Annie: Um, yeah sure!
    Hayley: I’m gonna watch some televison!
    Twins: Okay!

    (Annie takes a shower and when she gets out she put on a long sleeve crop shirt, and regular pajama pants and got a text from Jayden, I opened it and read it)

    (text from MissJaydenB)

    MissJaydenB: Hey Anna!
    Anns: Hey MissJayBae!
    MissJaydenB: Um…anns?
    Anns: Yeah?
    MissJaydenB: Can I call you?, or is that a bad time?
    Anns: No it’s fine, you can call me.
    MissJaydenB: Okay.
    Anns: what’s wrong?
    MissJaydenB: I’ll call you and tell you.
    Anns: Okay!

    (Calls annie)(Answers)

    Anns: Hey Jay!
    MissJaydenB: Hey!
    Anns: So whats wrong?
    MissJaydenB: I saw conner’s instagram..
    Anns: Oh no!, he’s cheating?
    MissJaydenB: Yes…
    Anns: I cant belive him, who is he cheating on you with?
    MissJaydenB: This girl name Lizzy Ross!
    Anns: Wow, that’s low…
    MissJaydenB: I know right!, what to do?
    Anns: Date someone else, make conner jealous!
    MissJayden: Ok…then who will I date?
    Anns: This boy name Case Walker likes you!
    MissJaydenB: I Like him to!
    Anns: Ahh!, Oky anyways meet me at case’s house in 10 mins!
    MissJaydenB: Okay Bye bye Love you!!
    Anns: Love you tooo bye bye!
    (Hangs up and calls Case)

    Case: Hello?
    Anns: Hey Case!
    Case: Hey Anns, how are you?
    Anns: Good!, you?
    Case: Amazing!
    Anns: anyways, Can me and Jayden come over?
    Case: Uhhh sure, you and ummm…..Jayden.
    Anns: Yes, is there a problem?
    Case: Annie you know that I like Jayden Bartles!
    Anns: I know!, and she likes you!
    Case: Really?!
    Anns: Uhm, anyways can we come over in 10?
    Case: Yeah sure!, bye!
    Anns: Byee!(hangs up)

    (Calls Mom)

    Mom: Hello?
    Annie: Hey mom!
    Mom: Hey Annie!
    Annie: Can I go over to case’s house?
    Mom: Sure, be home before your sisters watch that movie!
    Annie: Okie byee!

    (10 mins later annie and Jayden heads to case’s house and goes inside)

    Case: Hey!
    Anns: Hi!
    Jayden: Hola!
    Case: Um…Jayden?
    Jayden: Yes…
    Annie: case, do it.
    Case: Will you go out with me?
    Jayden: YESSSS!!!!!!!
    Case+ jayden: Really?!
    Annie: Well I gtg bye!

    (Annie leaves)

    Kenzi: Hey!
    Annie: Hey!!
    Kenzi: Hayley went to bed!
    Annie: Oka, I am to bed also!
    Kenzi: K, night!
    Annie: Night

    (Annie’s pov) I Charged my Phone and went to my dresser and put the ring on it and went to bed, soon I feel asleep)

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