I promise pt 2 (continued)

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    (Still annie’s pov) After talking to my bestie’s bf I go dressed and wore
    this: Black Hoodie Crop top, Black ripped jeans, Black and white Vans. I wore my hair in: French braids. and did my make up: Natural Make up. After that I had my pink casts on all night and yetserday, my arm still really hurt, but I’ll be fine. I went to my phone and I had 30mins before I had to leave so I went on my phone and saw a text from Jayden In the gc.

    (Texting Gc)

    MissJaydenB: Hey guys!
    Twinsissy: Hey!
    Hay: Hey!
    John: Hola!
    Cons: Wassup!
    Anns: Heyy!
    MissJaydenB: um…guys, I have a question..
    Twinsissy: What is it?
    Hay: Wassup?
    John: Yeah?
    Cons: Yeah Jay Jay?
    Anns: Uhm?
    MissJaydenB: Case wanted to join, can he?
    K,A,H,J,C: NOOO!
    MissJaydenB: Why?
    Twinsissy: Bc he bullied annie, luckly he did not call her, but I did hear a convo coming from annie’s room.
    Anns: Kenzi, that was Case, but luckly I can Mange him!
    Hay: I dont think that would be such a good Idea
    All: Same, sorry Jayden
    MissJaydenB: It’s fine, I broke up with him, and me and conner are togeter!, srry annie…
    Annie: It’s fine, and I am super happy!
    All: SAme!
    MissJaydenB: Okie see you in locker?
    ALL: OKie byeeeeeeee!

    (Annie went downstairs and got a granola, then went to her Lexus and Johnathan drove her to school)
    (At school, annie went to her locker to wait on everyone when Case, Jacob, Kevin came up to her)

    Case: Hey LeBlanc!
    Annie: Ugh!, what now?
    Kevin: Listen Pumpkin.
    Annie: Whatever it is hurry it up, and NEVER call ME PUMPKIN again!
    Jacob: Well, look how’s able to stand up for herself!
    Annie: I always did jacob!
    Case: (laughs) Now, we are forcing you this.
    Annie: Forcing me what? (Looking angry)
    Kevin: You will date me and also hangout with our group.
    Annie: And what if I said no cuz I have a bf?
    Case: Nothing, just more messing with you!
    Annie: I rather take my chances!
    Jacob: We’ll give you 2 a min( whispers in annie’s ear)
    Annie: okay! Bye! and take him with!
    Jacob: (whispers) You better make the right chocie.
    Annie: Over. My. Dead. Body!

    (Case and Jaocb walks away and Annie and Kevin are by annie’s locker)

    Kevin: Hey Babe.
    Annie: Ugh!, Leave me alone!
    Kevin: Can’t do that Baby, remember your mines.
    Annie: (roll eyes) And why excatly?
    Kevin: I Love you, but dont worry, I’ll dump you at the end of the school year.
    Annie: Why not now!
    Kevin: Eh, not the end of the school year.
    Annie: (Laugh) Ha!, I wish it was!
    Kevin: Well…(Grabs annie’s hands)
    Annie: Ouch! watch it! (Pulls away)
    Kevin: Aww come here! (Kisses annie)
    Annie: (Moves around)
    Kevin: (pins annie to the locker) Hey no moving!
    Annie: My bf is gonna come in any min, you know that right?, and were not in freakin High school!!!!(Wiggles around)
    Kevin: Shh! (kissed annie) Calm down
    Annie: (Kissed back) Im calmed….

    (hayden walks up to annie, annie looking into kevins eyes and wiggling out)

    Hay: Hey babe!
    Kevin: Hayden?
    Annie: Kevin!!!!(whines)
    Hayden: Annie?
    Annie: Ugh!, great!, thx kevin!!(Runs to the lunch room with her purse and sits alone)

    (With the group)

    Hayden: What….just……happened?
    Kenzi: Umm…..guys?
    Jayden: (looks at annie talking to kevin) why is she with him?
    John: More like, why is HE with HER?!
    Conner: Makes senese
    Hayden: She…..is…….cheating?!
    Kenzi: No, shes forced!
    Jayden: Yep
    Johnny: Yeah, and you cant stop her!
    Conner: Shes possed into Kevins eyes!
    Hayden: How do I stop her?
    Kenzi: Look into her eyes and kiss her, if she kissed back that means that she love you again, if not, then she loves him…
    Hayden: For how long?
    Jayden: Forever!
    Hayden: What?!
    Johnny: Yeah, do it during our hang!
    Hayden: K!

    (with annie and Kevin)

    Annie: (Tears up) Why do I have to be living here?!
    Kevin: Hey..
    Annie: Hi…(Cries)
    Kevin: Hey hey dont cry(Lifts annie’s chin up)
    Annie: (tears up and grabbed a knife from her purse and cut her arm even more and it left a HUGE Brusie and It was hurting more)
    Kevin: ANNIE STOP!!!
    Annie: I dont belong here okay!!(blood dripped from her arm)
    Kevin: Annie, you do belong here!
    Annie: Forget it…
    Kevin: Dude annie!, your arm is gonna be fully broken!
    Annie: I dont care!(heard bell) Im gonna head to class…..(Leaves)

    (During Class annie sat next to hayden, and Hayden saw the bloody brusie from annies broken arm)

    Hayden: Annie!(whispers)
    Annie: What?(whispers back)
    Hayden: You did this?!
    Annie: Ummm……(looks down)
    Hayden: Tell me!
    Annie: Yes I did…

    (Lunch annie sat alone and was depressed and hurtting)

    Kenzi: Whats wrong with annie?
    Jayden: I have no clue….
    Johnny: She looks depressed.
    Conner: Maybe something happened?
    Hayden: No, annie cut herself on her arm even more this moring, and now she has a Hugger brusie and It painfully hurts.
    Kenzi: Why?
    Hayden: She didn’t like this world..
    Jayden: Everyone loves her tho….
    Hayden: Well she loves them but, they never loved her…even um, caleb…
    Johnny: What are you talking about?
    Hayden: She thinks the reason caleb passed was to never see annie again..
    Conner: oh..
    Hayden: Yeah, I wanna help her sooo much.
    Kenzi: Go and Talk to her..
    (Hayden Leaves to go and sit next ti annie)

    Hay: Hey Baby..
    Anns: Hi.
    Hay: Are you okay?
    Annie: Not really…
    Hay: Tell me whats on your mind.
    Annie: I never really got a chance, to say no to case and them, they just forced me…sometimes i feel like I have to be braver for caleb, and Protect my sisters , My mom told me to be Brave and fight my own battles…but my battles arent always fought…
    Hayd: Annie…you never have to feel like you need to be brave, for anyone. Your specail, kind, funny, and I love you, everyone loves you. All you have to be is brave for yourself and protect you and your family, even if it means to hurt the one you love…
    Anns: Really?
    Hay: Really, and dont do this to yourself anymore okau?
    Anns: K.
    Hayden: So, should I be mad?
    Anns: ABout?
    Hay: You and kevin.
    Anns: No, He’s dating me until the end of the school year, then im all yours!
    Hay: Okie, I’ll let you do it, but I love you Baby (KIsses)
    Anns: I Love you to (kisses back)
    Hay: (pulls away) Wanna eat?
    Anns: I need my casts first.
    Hay: Oh here, (Puts casts on) now keep it on ok?
    Anns: Ok!
    Hay: Promise?
    Anns: Look! (Shows promise ring)
    Hay: Look!(Shows promise ring) Okay!
    Anns: I wanna sit over there plz?
    Hay: Okay, and I got you a plate!
    Anns: YAY!

    (By the rest)

    Anns: Heyyy!
    Jay: Hey!
    John: Hola!
    Kenzi: Heyyy!
    Conner: Welcome!
    Hay: Hey Babe..
    Anns: yes?
    Kenzi: Sit in your regualr seat!
    Hay: I was gonna say that…
    Jay: You snooze you loose brother!
    Annie: You 2 are soooo lame!!!
    John: Yep, Lil sis is back..
    Annie: Oh wow thx!
    Conner: So what are we doing after school?
    Annie: Umm how about come to my hou-

    (kevin walks up)

    Kevin: Hey Babe, ready?
    Annie: You know what kevin…
    Kevin: What?
    Annie: I Like Hayden, and he’s gonna be mine forever, I dont care if you and your stupid gang tocher me for the rest of my L.I.F.E!, And Btw….your breath….really stinks!(Sits back down)
    Kevin: (grabbed annie’s not hurt arm) Listen pumpkin and force is a force!
    Annie: Okay, well this “forcing” Is offically O.V.E.R, OVERRRR!
    Kevin: I never said it can!(Angryly)
    Annie: Well I did, so get lost!
    Kevin: (looks into annies eyes) Oh really?
    Annie: (looks at his) Babe….
    Kevin: Hey princess.
    Hayden: ANNIE!!(Turns her around)
    Annie: What?!
    Hayden: I love you….(Looks into annies eyes)
    Annie: (looks at his) Hey hay.
    Haydn: Hey.
    Annie: (sits down) Babe..
    Kevin: (looks into annnies eyes)
    Annie: Baby?
    Hayden: Yeah?
    Kevin: UHm?
    (annie pushes Kevin and kevin leaves)

    kenzi: Well…that was confusing..
    Jayden: I know right.
    Johnny: I thought that annie would end up with kevin.
    Conner: Same here.
    Hayden: Luckly I was able to stop her.
    Annie: Yeah, Im still confused tho…
    Kenzi: About?
    Annie: How did Kevin mind controll me?
    Jayden: It’s pretty much simple, all you had to do is look into your eyes, and then your eyes changed color!
    Annie: So, how did hayden get me to change back?
    Johnny: He knew that thats not the true annie, so when he looked at you, you changed back into the same hayden, I mean annie!
    Annie: Oh, so when did i realized Kevin was evil?
    Kenzi: It’s like the story Mom and dad told me and you when we were both 2.
    Annie: A chinderalla tale?
    Conner: My mom told me that story, when I was 3, and I was a boy..
    Annie: okay, I just hope it doesn’t happened again…
    Hayden: it wont!
    Annie: Goo-(falls asleep on haydens lap)
    Kenzi: I knew she would sleep.
    Jayden: How?
    Kenzi: Annie is sometimes sleepy.
    Johnny: When?
    Kenzi: Usually after school, but not now, it might be her sleeping meds.
    Hayden: Ill take her to class.

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