I Promise pt 4

Kelani McClendon December 5, 2018
Fable, Humor, Romance
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    Hayden: Wdym?
    Mackenzie: I mean, that she would forget that she ever liked and date you, you’ll have those to.
    Hayden: How do I stop them?
    Mackenzie: Idk, But annie will remember me, Jayden, Johnny, you, and Conner as besties for life, until you like her and she likes you, and then it will come to you guys that you two are still dating and then Happliy ever after!
    Hayden: Wow, thx kenzi!
    Mackenzie: Np!
    Hayden: You know were all in all of our calsses right?
    Mackenzie: Ik, I’ll see ya in dimsealla!

    (Annie and Kevin talked and Hayden tapped annie, soon enough they were back to were they started)

    Hayden: Annie!(whispered)
    Annie: What hayden?
    Hayden: …..um…..nevermind.
    Annie: Is everything okay Hayden?
    Hayden: Yeah, Just um, fine.
    Annie: R you sure?
    Hayden: Yep!
    Annie: Ok.
    Kevin: hey babe?
    Annie: Yes?
    Kevin: Wanna Hangout?
    Annie: Later…Like, after school?
    Kevin: Yep.
    Annie: I have to do a song…sorry babe
    Kevin: Okay,

    (After school annie was singing her song)

    Annie: Summer after high school, we we first met, we’d take out your mustang to radiohead, and on my 18th brithday we got matching tatoos.
    Annie: We use to steal your parents soda and climb to the roof, talk about our future like we had a clue,Never planned on one day I’d be loosing you.
    Annie: In another life!,I would be your girl!, we’d keep our promises be us against the world..
    Annie: In another life!, I would make you stay, so I dont have to say!, you were the one that got away, The one that got away…
    Annie: I was June and you were my johnny cash, Never one without the other, we made a pact
    Sometimes when I miss you I put those records on…ohh!
    Annie: Someone said you have your tatoo removed, saw you downtown, singing the blues, It’s time to face the music, Im no longer your muse!
    (Hayden comes in)

    Annie: Hayden?
    Hayden: Hey,
    Annie: Hi, what are you doin here?
    Hayden: Well, I wanna hear you sing, wait, no srry..
    Annie: Oh, okay!
    Hayden: So, what song are you singing?
    Annie: Well, its katy perry, the one that got away, I love her song so, I asked her and she said yes I can make it a song that ppl will hear.
    Hayden: Awesome, annie?
    Annie: Yeah?
    Hayden: I like you….
    Annie: Oh um, Hayden….I Like y-(Gets texts from Kevins)


    Kevin: Hey Babe!
    Annie: Um….kevin?
    Kevin: Yes?
    Annie: Can we call?
    Kevin: Um, sure!
    (Calls Kevin)

    Annie: Hey..
    Kevin: Hey!
    Annie: Um, Kevin…
    Kevin: Yeah?
    Annie: I dont think, that…we should date.
    Kevin: Actually, annie….
    Annie: Yeah?
    Kevin: I….um…..Have been cheating on you.
    Annie: (tears up) You…..um…..have?
    Kevin: Yeah.
    Annie: With um….who? (tears up)
    Kevin: Ruby, I’m actually hanging out with her….I’m sorry..
    Annie: Oh….um….okay…..whatever…….um……..bye! (Hangs up)
    (Annie crys)
    Hayden: Im sorry…
    Annie: Thanks hayden…
    Hayden: Anytime…
    Annie: (kissed hayden and the memories came back to them and annie lets go) Babe!?!
    Hayden: Hey.
    Annie: (Hugs tightly) Im so sorry Babe.
    Hayden: Dont be, bc lookie!
    Annie: (smiles) The promise ring!, I keept it on!!
    Hayden: Yep!, and I noticed it….
    Annie: (smiles) Your wearing yours!!
    Hayden: Wanna leave?
    Annie: Yeah, come on!
    (Hayden texts Mackenza)

    Hayden: Hey Mackenzie!
    Mackenzie: Hey, wassup?
    Hayden: Me and Annie are back together!
    Mackenzie: Cool!, Can you bring her home?
    Hayden: Why?
    Mackenzie: Annie has a massive headache and she texted sayin that she is really tired.
    Hayden: Okay, my driver is here, so I’ll bring her!
    Mackenzie: Okay, see you!
    (Hayden takes annies hand)

    Annie: Haydennn!(Whines)
    Hayden: Yes?
    Annie: Im tireddd!(Whines)
    Hayden: Ik, Mackenzie told me.
    Annie: Okayyy!!!
    Hayden: Come on let’s go in this car, ok?
    Annie: Okie!
    (In the limo, Hayden texts Mackenzie bc she texted him, and Annie fell asleep)

    (texting kenzie)

    Mackenzie: Hey!
    Hayden: Hey, are you gonna keep textin me?
    Mackenzie: Yes.
    Hayden: Why?
    Mackenzie: Bc your my twin sisters bf!
    Hayden: We have known eachother for like our whole lifes, Im not a stranger like Kevin or even kyle, so you dont have to!
    Mackenzie: Fine!, oh yeah and Johnny, Jayden and Conner is at the house.
    Hayden: Were here, goodbye!
    Mackenzie: Byee!
    (Hayden carries annie in and takes her to her room and closes the door)
    (Goes back with the group on the couch)

    Kenzie: Thanks for taking her home!
    Hayden: No problem!
    Jayden: (Laughs)How come annie is sick?
    Kenzie: Idk, Ig it was school…
    Johnny: I mean Missy williams is soo annoying!
    (Hayden heard annie calling his name)
    Hayden: Brb!
    (Goes to annie’s room where she is laying in her bed asleep)

    hayden: Baby..(shaking her lightly)
    Annie: Uhm! (half awake)
    Hayden: You called me?
    Annie: No…
    Hayden: Awe!, wanna go downstairs and sleep?
    Annie: There tooo nosiy.
    Hayden: want me to stay up here?
    Annie: No.(lays back down)
    Hayden: Okie, well, call me if you need me, okay?
    Annie: Okay(sleeps)
    (hayden went back down)

    Kenzie: Is Annie okay?
    Hayden: Yep.
    Jayden: Who called your name?
    Hayden: Idk…
    Johnny: Maybe annie did call you?
    Hayden: She said that she didnt.
    Conner: Dude she might be afraid of something!
    Hayden: Like?
    Kenzi: Her memories, the day Caleb died…
    Hayden: Maybe we should hangout in annie’s room for a while.
    Jayden: Yeah good idea.
    (They all go to annie’s room and annie is up)

    Hayden: baby?
    Annie: yea?
    Kenzie: You okay?
    Annie: No…
    Jayden: Whats wrong?
    Annie: My head is hurting!
    Johnny: Maybe get some rest.
    Hayden: Ill go on your bed and lay with you.
    (20 mins later annie falls asleep and the group left even hayden and it is 8pm and annie ate and went back to bed)

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