I promise pt 5

Kelani McClendon December 6, 2018
Fable, Humor
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    (Annies pov) I woke up to no one here except my bestie Jayden and Kenzi stayed over, I checked my phone, I got tones of texts from Hayden and Checked my Instagram and saw tons of mean comments saying that ” Annie is annie and is sooo dumb, Hannie is over!, Me and Hayden are dating!” I Saw a nice comment saying ” Annie IS annie, but she is nor dumb, she Is smart and inteligent, and Hannie is not over, annie and Hayden are still together, I LOVE YOU ANNIE #Hannieforever #Annierocks #Annie’sthebest #BackoffannieHaters!. I smiled and decided to comment on Layla_Stevies

    AnnieLeblanc: Hey Layla_Stevies thx for beliveing in me!, Give me your # so that we can chat, keep up those possitive vibes Layla_stevies Love youuu! Toooo!, also I am giving you an VIP pass to my next concerd!,Bye!!

    (Annie’s pov) After commenting on Layla_Stevies I Went to the bathroom and wore this: Pink Crop top, White ripped jeans, pink vans.
    Makeup: Glamours
    Hair: Half up half down in a bun
    Jewlery: A purple Bracelet and Ring.
    (Annies pov) I head downstairs and sees Jayden and Hayden talking, it was something….It was a serect.
    (Jayden and hayden talking)

    Jayden: Hey Bro..(Looks down)
    Hayden: Whats wrong Jay?
    Jayden: Maybe, we should tell annie about us..
    Hayden: ……Idk, I mean it was sooo long ago that me and you hung out with our sbilings…
    Jayden: We have to, Plz?
    Hayden: OKay fine, now is it okay if My Lil sis hugs me?
    Jayden: No, tell her now!
    Hayden: WHere is she?
    Jayden: In her room, checking insta!

    (Annie ran back in her room and checked insta when hayden knocked)

    Hayden: um….Its not kenzie…
    Annie: Oh, then come in!
    (Hayden opened the door and then closes it back)
    Annie: So, why are you up here?
    Hayden: Um….I have some news…
    Annie: Ok….
    Hayden: Me and Jayden are actually….
    Annie: What?
    Hayden: Where siblings, has been living with our auntie Bratles, and bc she’s my sister, She went on tour and so did me and my family….And yeah….
    Hayden: Y….yes…..I….I….d……did……
    Annie: (Leaves angryly and grabes back pack and slammed the door and walked to school, at school, Kayla, Dylan, Mads, rylie, brooke, and Loren (The most popular grils everrr!, talked to annie)

    Kayla(Captian of the pg): Hey!
    Annie: Hey!
    Dylan: Hi!
    Annie: Hi!
    Mads: Hola Bae!
    Annie: heyy!
    Rylie: Hey annnnniiiiiiieeee!
    Annie: Hiiii!
    Brookes: Hello!
    Annie: Heyy!
    Loren: Heyyyyyyyy!
    Annie: Heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!
    Kayla: Okay stop!
    Girls: Srry…
    Kayla: Anyways, annie.
    Annie: Yeah?
    Mads: We want you to join our group!
    Annie: REALLY?! Why?
    Dylan: Your mean, curl and you have cute clothing!
    Annie: Thanks!
    Kayla: So, your in?
    Annie: Yesss!
    (Hayden, Kenzi, Jayden, Conner and Johnny sees annie and the pg talking and annie, and annie fluiry with Jason and Jason flurting with annie back and the girls talking to there bfs)

    Hayden: ?
    Kenzi: Whooo!
    Jayden: Is!
    Conner: THAT?

    (With The pg bfs and annie and jason flurty)

    Annie: Hey…
    Jason: Hey..
    Mads: Ohh, annie this is Jason, Jason annie!
    Annie: Hi….
    Jason: Hey…(stares at annie)
    Dylan: Looks like you two like eachother!
    Annie+Jason: NO WE DONT!
    Rylie: Yeah sure you dont…
    Annie+Jason: I dont!
    Brookes: Then why are you talking the same?
    Annie+Jason: I dont know!
    Kayla: Maybe, you 2 should hangout today, It will give yu a chance to hangout!
    A+J: Okai!

    (Afterschool and went home and soon after Hayden and the gang went up to annie’s room and heard giggles)

    Annie: Wait really Jason?(Giggles)
    Jason: Yep, then my brothers called me ” cool Jas”.
    Annie: you must have a nice relationship with them…
    Jason: No, but whats wrong?
    Annie: My brother caleb passed away, when I was 9….
    Jason: Oh, Im so sorry annie…
    Annie: Its fi-(heard a knock)
    Jason: I have to go do hw, see you at the park?
    Annie: Okay see you in 5 mins!
    Jason: Ok, bye!(hangs up)

    (Annie yells from the door)

    Annie: Who is it?!
    Kenzi: Its me!
    Hayden: Hayden!
    Jayden: Jayden!
    Conner: Conner!
    Johnny: And Johnny!
    Annie: Okay…?
    Hayden: Can we come in?
    Annie: SURE!(opens)
    (everyone goes in)

    Annie: Hi.
    Kenzi: Hey!
    Hayden: Hola!
    Jayden: Heyy!
    Johnny: Sup!
    Conner: HIII!
    Annie: Guys….I am gonna be out for a while, so why are you her-(gets a text from Jason)

    (Texting Jason)

    Jason: Hey!
    Annie: Hey!
    Jason: So, what time to pick you up?
    Annie: Um, in like 4 mins!?
    Jason: Ok, bye!
    Annie: Byee!

    (Goes downstairs and everyone goes with)

    Annie: Why are you 5 following me?!
    Kenzi: Bc, we wanted to know something.
    Annie: LIke?
    Hayden: Are you mad at me?
    Annie: As long as I live, then yes!
    Jayden: Look, Im so sorry!
    Annie: Srry doesnt cut it Jayden!
    Johnny: How long will you be mad at her and Hayden?
    Annie: Idk, for like a week, you know that I wouldnt get mad for long!
    Conner: True.
    Annie: Okay!, well, can I hangout with a friend?
    Kenzi: Ok, well we’ll be here soo byee!
    (Annie grabs her phone and Hayden watches annie leaves)

    Annie: Heyy!
    Jason: Hey!, come in!(Rolls down the window)
    Annie: Okay!(goes in)
    Jason: R you ready??
    Annie: Yea!
    Jason: Is your parents home?
    Annie: No, my Twin sister and her annoying friends.
    Jason: Ok!
    Annie: (Checks Annies phone but it was Haydens) Oh no!
    Jason: What?
    Annie: I grabbed Haydens phone!!
    Jason: Whos hayden?
    Annie: Um, idk….
    (They arrive at the ice cream palace)

    Annie: So…tell me about you!
    Jason: Well, I used to play baseball with Caleb Leblanc when I was in the 3rd grade, and now I play Football, I Like to sing and I have my own youtube channel..
    Annie: Awesome!
    Jason: Hbu?, tell me about you!
    Annie: I am a singer, YouTuber, Dancer, Gymnast, Actor, My twin sister name is Mackenzie and I Have a younger sister name Hayley. I used to have a brother name Caleb.
    Jason: (eats ice cream)
    Annie: (giggles bc Jason has ice cream on his nose) Hah!
    Jason: Whattt?!
    Annie: You have ice cream on your nose!

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