I promise Pt 6

Kelani McClendon December 7, 2018
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    (Annie and Jason still hangout untill annie has to leave)

    Annie: Oh shot!
    Jason: ?
    Annie: My Twin texted, I have to go.
    Jason: Okie, come on!
    (Annie and Jason arrived at annies house, and annie walks to the door and sees Jayden,Kenzi, Hayden,Johnny, and Conner looks at annie.)

    Annie: (Opened door w key) Hey!, Im backkk!!
    Hayley: ANNNIEEE!
    Annie: Hey!!(Hugs)
    Kenzi: Where were you?
    Annie: I was with a friend.(still hugging hayley)
    Jayden: Okay, anyways annie?
    Annie: Yeah?(lets go and sits down)
    Hayden: Are you mad at me and Jayden?
    Annie: No, I didnt want you two to loose eachother, or at least one another, but I’m happy and not mad!
    Johnny: Yayyyyy!
    Annie: Anyways, what time is it?(looking for phone)
    Conner: 3pm, why?
    Annie: Hayden, come upstairs!(Runs fast)
    Hayden: Oh, okay?….(Runs fast)
    Kenzi: what was that about?
    Johnny: Its their 1 year anniversity tmr, and annie planned an early present for Hayden, she told me!
    Conner: Ours is on the same Day Jayden!
    Jay: Ik, and you never gave me anything!
    Kenzi: He did, and she did!

    (With Hannie)

    Hayden: Um, annie, why are we up here?(closes the door)
    Annie: SUPRISE!
    Hayden: Wow, Baby girl, thats amazing!
    Annie: You like it?! (Jumps up and down)
    Hayden: Yeah!, you got me a guatair!!
    Annie: Yes…..
    Hayden: I LOVE IT!!!
    Annie: (Smiles) YAYAY!!
    Hayden: (Hugs tightly) Thanks babe!
    Annie: Happy 1st annaversity!(Hugs tightly)
    Hayden: I got you somethin to!
    Annie: Like…..?
    Hayden: wait untill tmr…..oh and something for rn.
    Annie: ?
    Hayden: Hurry up and get dressed!
    Annie: Okay!

    (Hayden leaves with his guatari and closed the door( With the goup down stairs)

    Hayden: Hey!, happy 1 year annaversity Jenzie!
    Jenzi: Thanks!
    Jayden: What are you 2 gonna do?
    Kenzi: Johnny is taking me to a movie and a dinner at city walk, what about you Hannie?
    Hayden: Im taking annie to the Fire works show, and dinner at city walk, then I am giving her a Neckalas!
    Jayden: Awe!
    Conner: Cool!
    (Annie wore: White Crop, Black ripped jeans, White air Jordans.
    Makeup: Natural
    Hair: French braids)

    Annie: Hey!(walks downstairs to the group)
    Kenzie: You look adorable!
    Annie: Thx!
    Jayden: Are you excited?
    Annie: Yeah!
    Johnny: Well me and kenzie has to leave!
    Annie: K, byee!
    Hayden: You ready princess?
    Annie: Yeah, bye guyss!
    Jayden+Conner: (Leaves with Hannie and goes home)
    (At the fireworks)

    Annie: Oh my!
    Hayden: Suprise!
    Annie: Hayden Taylor Summerall!
    Hayden: You Like it?
    Annie: Omg!, thanks sooo much babe!(hugs)
    Hayden: Anytime!(Hugs and kisses annies forhead)
    (THey watched the fireworks and at the end of it they went bubba shrimp)

    Waiter: Hello, my name is Carine and I will be taking care of you 2 today!
    Annie: Hello!
    Hayden: Hi!
    Waiter: What can I start to drink For you?
    Hayden: Um, I’ll have a Coke, annie?
    Annie: A Water!
    Waiter: Okay, any appatizers?
    Annie: No, Hayden?
    Hayden: No
    Waiter: Ok, wanna start with eatting?
    Annie: I’ll have the salmon
    Waiter:okay, and you?
    Hayden: Steak!

    (After they were done eatting annie and Hayden walked around city hall)

    Annie: Thanks Hay.(looking straight and holding haydens hand)
    Hayden: For what?(Holding annies hand)
    Annie: A romantic night.
    Hayden: Anytime!
    Annie: hayden?
    Hayden: Yep?
    Annie: The popular group invited me to their squad…..
    Hayden: When?
    Annie: Today, but I am gonna be their for a while, since my cousin is in the group, but i really dont care, I want you and the Gang to be with me…..I know I sound really dumb rn but I dont care. I like this night,and your wayy better than Jason..
    Hayden: Thx, and you’ll still have all of us!
    Annie: Thanks!

    (Annie feel asleep and Hayden took her home and brought her to her room, Layed her on her bed, took her shoes off , put the conforter on and the sheet, and closed the door, hayden went downstairs to Hangout with Johnny since he took Kenzie home bc she was tried.)

    John: Hey bro!
    Hayden: Hey!
    John: You had fun?
    Hayden: yep, did you?
    John: Uhm!, Im gonna head home now, its kinda late, wanna come home or stay?
    Hayden: I’ll be right back John, wait for me out side.
    John: Okay (goes outside)

    (Hayden goes upstairs and opened annies door and told her goodnight, then Hayden closed it back and went downstaris and Jarel drove Hayden home)

    Hayden: Hey Jimmy, Hunter, and Dylan!
    Jimmy: Hey!
    Hunter: Hi!
    Dylan: Wassup!
    Hayden: So, what did you 3 dummbies do all day?
    Jimmy: I helped dad clean the garage out.
    Hunter: I went to a RYH meeting all afternoon.
    Dylan: I went with Hunter since I was bored, wdyd?
    Hayden: I Hung out with my friends!
    Jimmy: And Annie!
    Hayden: Shut it!
    Hunter: How are the crew anyways?
    Hayden: Good, I told annie….
    Dylan: huh?

    (Maddie came in from a late night study group(She’s in middle school with Hayden) And then Jayden came in from movie night)

    Hayden: Hey Maddie and Jayden!
    Jayden: Ugh!, THIS IS THE WORSET DAY OF MY LIFE!(Slams door to her room)
    Maddie: Im gonna head off to bed!, night!
    Hunter: Im not!, Talking to Jayden!
    Dylan: Same!
    Jimmy: Nooo!
    Hayden: Nope!, she’ll cool off night!
    (The end

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