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Kelani McClendon December 12, 2018
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    (Annies pov): I woke up and got dressed.
    Shirt: royla blue long sleeve crop
    Skirt: Waist length white skirt
    Shoes: Blue vans
    Make up: Natural
    Hair: Curls
    Jacket: White soft jacket
    Acessories: Sunglass on head, blue purse, and phone)

    (Annie went downsatirs and saw kevin, kenzi, and hayley, mommy and daddy talking)

    Mom: Moring Annie!
    Annie: Hey moring!
    Dad: How r you holdin up?
    Annie: malo.
    Kevin: aww soy lo siento
    Mom: Gracias kevin

    (Annie, kevin, hayley, and kenzi all went to school( With the gang)

    Annie: Hey Johnny, Connor, Jayden!
    Johnny: Hey!
    Connor: Sup!
    Jayden: Hi Hi!
    Kenzi: hola!
    Hayden: Hey!
    Annie: Anyways, r u 4 excited?
    Johnny: Ye!
    Connor: Yup!
    Jayden: Totally!
    Kenzi: Ahhh! Im sooooo happppyyyyy!
    Annie: Same!
    Hayden: .
    Kev: Hey guys, and cous!
    Annie: Hey! cous!
    Kenzi: Hola cous!
    JOhnny: Hey!
    Jayden: Heyyy!
    Connor: sup.
    Hayden: Hi..

    (They heard the bell and went to class)

    Teacher: Work on your projects!

    (Hayden and annie works)

    Hayden: Annie…
    Annie: What hayden?
    Hayden: Annie….Listen, I…
    Annie: Save it for your new girl ok?, I really dont wanna hear it, lets just work on our project, and you can do whatever to ruby.
    Hayden: (Looks down) Ok….
    Annie: Hola mi nombre annie.
    Hayden: Hello my name is annie
    Annie: y hoy yo sera’
    Hayden: and today I will
    Annie: ser hablado acrecea de
    Hayden: Be talking about
    Annie: Mi lugar lantina, estoy tan feliz de estar hablando de esto.
    Hayden: My lantina place, I am so happy to be talking about this.

    (At lunch hayden had to sit next to annie)

    Annie: (stays quiet)
    Hayden: Annie, can I plz explain?
    Annie: Hayden…..I said no, why dont you care about what I say?
    Hayden: I do!, and I really (Holds annie hands) Love you….
    Annie: It doesn’t feel like it, or it never did, the only time you did say those cute and lovin words was when we were together, those words doesnt really mean anything.
    Hayden: Annie, plz let me talk?
    Annie: Hayden, nooo!(gets up and walks to the trash)

    (In french class annie sat next to Hayden)

    Annie: Hey
    Kenzi: sault
    Annie: hayden continue de demander ‘a expliquer.
    Kenzi: Pardon
    Annie: Its fine.
    Kenzi: So, wrygd?
    Annie: Avoid him, Until time is right..
    Kenzie: So, your never gonna get through it?
    Annie: (signs) I am, just need a couple of weeks.
    Kenzi: Ok, well me, jayden, hayley, john, and kev is here.
    Annie: Thx sis.

    (Annie sat next to hayden who was talking to ruby)

    Annie: MOVE YOU LOVE BIRDS!(Pushes hayden and ruby)
    Hayden: Really?
    Ruby: You just pushed us!!!
    Annie: Oh lo seinto! (scarstic)
    Hayden: Aopologize!
    Annie: por qu’e?
    Annie: eres tan mezquino como hayden!
    Hayden: Your nothin and will always be!

    (Ruby left and hayden and annie went to spanish class and they sat next to eachother)

    Hayden: K, so lets practice.
    Annie: (stays sighlent)
    Hayden: Annie, Ik, your mad, but plz, let me make it right.
    Annie: (Scarstically & Batters eyes) Oh hayden ofc! (Stops and rolls eyes)
    Hayden: Annie, I really do love yu.
    Annie: (Laughs) Ha!, yeah right.
    Hayden: I never meant to hurt ya.
    Annie: Ok.
    Hayden: yo amor t’u.
    Annie: (Heard the end of the day bell) I hate you.

    (AT home annie cried)

    (Hayden saw annie crying and called her)

    (Annie answered)

    Hayden: Hey, uh, annie?
    Annie: (crying and tryna wipe the tears) W-what?
    Hayden: I, uh, saw you crying, and I wanted to call you..
    Annie: H-how d-did y-you s-see m-me c-crying?
    Hayden: Well, you were by my window, and I was uh, lookin back..\
    Annie: o-oh….
    Hayden: Um, annie?
    annie: what?
    hayden: Can I explain?
    Annie: (Signs) Sure, go ahead.
    Hayden: I’m so sorry annie, but I never liked ruby, she kissed me first and I
    feel like a total Player, to you, and I love you everyday annie.
    Annie: aw, hayden, thx, but I dont think that can change the way how I
    feel about you…
    Hayden: Oh…
    Annie: I have to leave, the gang is here, but thanks for the explaing.
    Hayden: No problem, bye annie.
    Annie: See you bye.

    (Annie hangs up and looks at haydens room and hayden and hayden
    looks at annies room and annie, the annie puts her phone down and

    Annie: They’re here?
    Kenzi: Uh yeah!
    Hayley: They are waitin!
    Annie: Ok, let me change and then all of us can leave(Runs to room)

    (Annies outfit:
    Shirt: White hoodie crop top
    Pants: Ripped short shorts jeans
    Shoes: White high top Jordans
    Hair: Straighten
    Jacket: Black soft jacket
    Acessories: Fake glasses, white purse and phone)

    (Annie runs downstairs)

    Annie: Okie!, im ready!
    Jayden: It took you long enough!
    Annie: Srry!, I had to take a shower, the pick this out!
    Kenz: You know its not a fashion show right?
    Annie: Yah, but you know I have like 15 mins for siblings day!
    Hayley: Im just happy to go!
    Annie: yeah, where’s the boys?
    Jayden: Hayden went with johnny and lauren and connor and destiny.
    Annie: K, lets head off!

    (the girls met the boys their and kenzi went with johnny and lauren
    Jayden went with connor and Destiny. Hayden went with annie and hayley.)

    Annie: Where do you wanna go hay?
    Hayley: To the love testy thing!
    Annie: um, ok, hayden do you wanna come?
    Hayden: Um, sure.

    (They walk to the love test)

    Hayley: Annie, you and hayden go.
    Annie: Um, Hayley….No.
    Hayden: Come on annie, or else tickle bunny…
    Annie: I am NEVER doing it!

    (Hayden tickels annie)

    Annie: (giggles) Haydennnnnn!
    Hayden: Whats my name?
    Annie: (giggles) The Tickelll bunnnyyyyyy!
    Hayden: (Stops) I love your giggles…

    (After Annie and Hayden were next in line)

    Teacher: Names?, Ship names?, and couple name?
    Annie: Im Annie Grace LeBlanc
    Hayden: Im Hayden Taylor Summerall
    Teacher: Ship names?
    Hayden: Hannie!
    Teacher: Couple names?
    Annie: Um, Hayden and annie= hannie
    Teacher: Ok, put your hands on the scanner.
    (They put their hands on the scanner and it scans their love)

    Teacher: Ok, put your hand on eachothers.
    Annie: Ok…(Puts out hand)
    Hayden: k…(Puts hand on annies)
    Teacher: Now, how much do you love him?
    Annie: Hayden….(Turns around) I Love you alot.
    Teacher: Ok, How much do you love her?
    Hayden: Annie, I love you alot, and I wanna give you the whole world.
    Teacher: I’ll give you 2 a second, hayley, lets talk about those gradess.

    (The teacher and hayley talked about their grades)

    Annie: Did you actually mean it?, do you love me alot that you’ll give me the
    Hayden: Yes, I do annie, and I wanna make things right.
    Annie: Maybe you can.!
    Hayden: How?
    Annie: Actually, talk to kenzi.
    Hayden: K, Im hungry,
    Annie: Same, lets go and get hayley.

    (Annie and hayden walked into a meeting)

    Teacher: Oh hello!
    Annie: Um, hi, is everything ok?
    Teacher: Im afraid not.
    Hayden: What did hayley do?
    Teacher: Nothin, But i am sending hayley and julian to a bigger house.
    Annie: WHAT WHY?!
    Teacher: She has gotten into too many agruements.
    Hayden: You know she’s only 10, and turning 11 in like 2 days from now!
    Teacher: Well, if they can be friends with eachother before I make it.
    Annie: Ok, Hayley and Hayden lets go meet the others(leaves)

    (Annie texted kenzi)

    Annie: Hey kenzi, we have a problem with hayley.
    Kenzi: Like?
    Annie: Her and Julian are gonna go to a house and fix things
    between them.
    Kenzi: WHAT!, for how long?
    Annie: A week before her birthday!
    Kenz: No!
    Annie: Yeah, call Julians sister.
    Kenzi: Okie, I’ll do that bye!
    Annie: Bye!

    (Hayden and Hayley and Annie sat down)

    Annie: I’ll be right back, I um have a call or something.
    Hayley: Ok…
    Hayden: I’ll watch Hayley
    Annie: Thx hayden!

    (Annie went to ryan)

    Ryan: Hi!
    Annie: Hey!
    Ryan: Where’s hayley?
    Annie: Um, with my friend.
    Ryan: Ok, do you think she would be happy?
    Annie: Idk, but she did say som-(Heard phone ping)
    Ryan: ?
    Annie: Thats hayden!

    (Hayden txts annie)

    Hayden: Hey annie, Hayley is tired.
    Annie: Ok, Im on my way rn byee!
    Hayden: Ok, Bye!

    (They walked to hayden and Hayley)

    Hayley: RYAN!?
    Ryan: Hey Hay!
    Hayley: I thought you were in Mland.

    (Annie went upstairs and feel asleep and Hayden and kenzi
    talked in the living room)

    Annie: (rubs eyes) Im gonna head to bed.
    Kenzi: K, wake you up when mommy and daddy comes.
    Annie: ok

    (Hayden and Kenzi talked)

    Hayden: Hey um kenz.
    Kenzi: Yes?
    Hayden: How to impress annie?
    Kenz: Uh, its easy.
    Hayden: ?
    Kenzi: Buy her flowers, take her to city walk and tell her.
    Hayden: K, can I take her o-(Heard annie callin Hayden)
    Kenzi: YES YOU SHOULD!

    (Kenzi feel asleep)

    Hayden: Annie? (Shakes lightly)
    Annie: (Still asleep)

    (Hayden went home and everyone was sleeping

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