Im sorry pt3

Kelani McClendon December 13, 2018
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    (Annies pov) I woke up next to hayden, I cuddled and I stared at him, thank god it is Saturday, I played with hayden’s curls bc they looked sooo cute while it was messy, Hayden Finally woked up and looked up)

    Hayden: Uhm, What time is it?, Annie?
    Annie: Hey, and it is 11am.
    Hayden: Oh…I should problay get going,uh, I have to meet up with peoples later.
    Annie: Oh, ok. Hay Hayden?
    Hayden: Yes?

    (Annie gets up and Hugged hayden)

    (Sitll holding on to Hayden and Hayden hugs back)

    Hayden: Whats this for?
    Annie: I miss you….
    Hayden: I-I miss you to.(Lets go and looks at her eyes)

    (They kissed and annie pulls back and hayden laughed)

    Hayden: I Have to go, bye.
    Annie: Bye!

    (Hayden went home and annie ate some breakfast, then she didnt see kenzi, Hayley, Mommy, or daddy here so she went on her phone and scrolled thro insta, then she went and watched her favorite movie, Princessa Briged!)

    Annie: Ohhh!, My movie!

    (Then annie heard the door bell so she paused it and answered)

    Annie: (Opens) Hey, John?, Carson?
    Johnny: Hey annie!
    Carson: Sup!
    Annie: Why are you guys here?
    Johnny: Kenzi told us to come.
    Annie: Um, Im fine, So…
    Carson: She told us to stay here and watch you.
    Annie: Like I said, Im fine, Hayden left 2 mins ago, and now Im watchin an
    movie and tv show after this, sooo bye!(Closes)

    (Annie went back and Finished watching the movie)

    Annie: Ahhh that was sooo good, I knew that Jessica wold marry prince chad.
    Anyways Im hungry, and I do wanna head to the mall later, so I’ll go and get
    ready, ohhh no, more movie day?, sure!, let me put my confoy, cossy, cute
    outfit and then order chinise and watch some more shows, ok!)

    (Annie’s cossy house outfit:
    Shirt: Red long sleeve crop
    Pants: Red Ripped jeans
    Shoes: Red convers
    Jacket: Black soft Jacket
    Hair: Messy bun
    Acessories: Fake Glasses, Red purse and phone)

    (Annie headed back downstairs and headed down to get a bag of chips)

    Annie: Ahh, This is such a nice dayy!, anyways lets watch How I met gracie,?, nope, um….Bizzarvak?, No, CNN?, NOO!, Ooh Nick!

    (Annie watches nick and gets a text from hayden)

    Hayden: Hey
    Annie: Hey!
    Hayden: Wyd?
    Annie: Just chilin.
    Hayden: Ok!
    Annie: Do you know where kenzi, Jayden, Hayley, and etc are?
    Hayden: They are some place.
    Annie: K, well bye!
    Hayden: Bye!

    (Annie stopped texting and finished watching t.v)

    Annie: Ok, its 3, and I think im gonna head out to the mall for a few mins.

    (Annie took the vloging camrea and her things)

    (Turns on the camrea)

    Annie: Hey guys!, its me annie, so rn I am heading to the mall, because all of my friends and family arent home, and I just had a fun day today. Anyways I am gonna go to the mall and yeah hopfully I can see my bestie katie!, see you at the mall!)

    (Annie goes into the mall and saw katie, sydeny and mia)

    Annie: Katie?, Mia?, and Sydeny?
    Katie: Annie?
    Annie: Hey!(hugs)
    Katie: Omg Hi!!!(Hugs)
    Mia: WE MISSED YOU!(Hugs)
    Annie: SAMR!!
    Sydeny: AHHH!(Hugs)
    Annie: AHHH I MISS YOUU!

    (They grouped hugged)

    Annie: Why are you here?
    Katie: We wanted to hangout with eachother.
    Annie: Awesome!!
    Sydeny: Why are you here annie?
    Annie: Well, My besties arent here, and we usually cuddled and talked, so then I
    decided to come here!
    Mia: Aww thats nice!
    Annie: Totally!
    Katie: Are you and Hayden still datin? or did that ruby jerk take him?
    Annie: We are together, and no she didnt.
    Sydeny: Good!
    Annie: (laughs) Your sooo funny!
    Mia: We missed you tho.
    Annie: Samee!
    Sydeny: Well, wanna go and eat?
    Annie: Sure!

    (They went to the pretzel place and Annie gets a text from kenz)

    Annie: Kenzi?
    Katie: Is she calling?
    Annie: no, she texted me.
    Sydeny: What did she say?
    Annie: Um, (openes message) Hey Sis, sorry for not being here this moring, We
    are all planing a big suprise for you and Hayden Is in it, I’ll text you when to come, byeeee love you and Also, I took hayley along with me, anyways bye love you and ttyl!
    Mia: Aww, hayden is in it!
    Annie: Ik, its sweet and all, but I’ll be home in like 2 mins.
    Katie: Oh, well hurry and leave!, you HAVE to be there.
    Annie: Aww thx!, bye guys!
    Girls: Bye annie!

    (Annie walked home and opened the door, she saw hayden standing there, and Everyone took annies/ the familys camera)

    Hayden: Annie.
    Annie: Um, Whats going on?
    Hayden: Annie, I want you back, and I swear!
    Annie: ok…
    Hayden: And, to prove it, Kenzi has been teaching me spanish, to say every word.
    Annie: K?
    Hayden: Annie, yo Amor t’u Ma’s que cualquier cosa y yo promesa a amor t’u, cuidado y dar t’u todo, asi que Juliana Gracia LeBlanc, sera’ tu’ tomar yo atras’?
    Annie: Aww Hayden!
    Hayden: (Sings) I miss waking up to you in my bed, Im having nightmares everynight and then!, oh oh OH!, Every moring when I wake up and I see you when we are at school!, oh annie i miss you and I amor, which i guess that eans Love you I LOVE YOOUUU! so Take me back and I promise!, Never again I wont ever …..never agian I wont cheat, on youuuu!(Stops)
    Annie: (tears up) Aw Hay, That was Cute….
    Hayden: So, you take me back?
    Annie: Does this answer it? (Kisses hayden and pulls away)
    Hayden: Yes..
    Annie: Awe! (Hugs)

    (After that the gang watched movies and annie told some scary storys)

    Annie: Have you ever heard of ” Bloody evil?
    Hayley: No, and annie im 10!
    Annie: Ik, but someone told me this story!
    Kenzi: Like who?
    Annie: Pfft………..
    Hayden: Remember when we were all little and Kevin told us a story?
    Annie: Heyyy!, well ok, he told me, but Hayley never heard it!
    Jayden: Thats true!
    Annie: So…
    Everyone: Fine!

    (Annie beganed)

    Annie: It was a sunny day in L.A, every kid was laughing, giggling, and it almost sounded like a prefect day you may think, but it wasnt.
    Kenzi: There was a man and he Loved blood….They called him the bloody evil,
    Hayley: ?

    (AT night the gang went home and Went to bed)

    (Hayley knocks)

    Annie: Uhm?
    Hayley: Can I come in?
    Annie: Sure hayley. (still alseep)
    Hayley: Um, annie?
    Annie: Uhm?
    Hayley: Can I sleep here?
    Annie: Why?
    Hayley: bc, Im scared of the bloody evil man.
    Annie: Hayley, its not real.(Sits up)
    Hayley: ??
    Annie: Kevin used to tell me, hayden, kenzi, Jayden, Johnny, Carson, and connor when we were younger, just to get our candy, then we grew out of it once we saw a unicorn movie, now, we tell that to you, so that you can be apart of the scare, and in a few days you’ll get over it.
    Hayley: Can we watch a unicorn movie?
    Annie: Yeah sure, me and the peps will watch it with u!
    Hayley: Thx, but can I sleep here?
    Annie: Sure!

    (Hayley and Annie fell asleep)

    (in the moring annie and Hayley woke up)

    (txts Hayden)

    Annie: Hey Babe!
    Hayden: ~delivered~

    (Annie went downstairs and ate)

    Annie: Morin!
    kenzi: Hey!
    Annie: Where’s mom and dad?
    Kenzi: They are holiday shopping with friends.
    Annie: Ok, I’ll have some ceral!

    (Annie and kenzi talked and Hayley watched t.v)


    Jayden: Hey annie!
    Annie: Hey Jay!
    Jayden: Ik you texted hayden.
    Annie: How?
    Jayden: I had Haydens phone to take a picture in the car!
    Annie: Oh, ok!
    Jayden: Anyways Hayden said that he’ll text you after song writeing!
    Annie: K thx Jay!
    Jayden: (typing) Np!

    (Annie stoped )

    (Hayden texted annie)

    Hay: Hey Baby!
    Annie: Heyy!
    Hay: Srry for not replyin earlier.
    Annie: Its fine Babe!
    Hay: So, wanna come over?
    Anns: Sure!, see you in a few bye!

    (Annies outfit:
    Shirt: Long sleevse
    Pants: Ripped jeans
    Shoes: Jordans
    Jacket: White hoodie
    Hair: Straightened
    Acessories: Fake glasses and phone)

    Annie heads downstairs)

    Annie: I’ll be next door!
    Girls: Ok!

    (Annie heads to Haydens and Hayden answered)

    Annie: Hey Babe (hugs)
    Hayden: Hey Baby! (hugs)
    Annie: So what do you wanna do?
    Hayden: Wanna watch a movie in my room?
    Annie: Sure!, but Can we say Hi to your brothers?
    Hayden: Yeah sure!

    (Hayden takes annie to the kitchen)

    Hayden: Guys, annie is here!
    Annie: Hi Mr.Jimmy!
    Mr.Jimmy: Annie!(Hugs)
    Annie: How r you?
    Mr. jimmy: Good, Hayden told me.
    Hayden: Uh dad!
    Annie: Ok, see you later mr. jimmy!

    (Hayden and annie goes into haydens room)

    Hayden: What movie do you wanna see?
    Annie: How about the movie we watched when we were 9?
    Hayden: Puppies and unicorns?
    Annie: Yeahhh!
    Hayden: Okie, I’ll play it and you go get something to eat!
    Annie: Um, no, this is your house!
    Hayden: Lets get it together than babe?
    Annie: K.

    (They headed downstairs to haydens family all over the place)

    Annie: Hi Mrs. Trisha and Mr.Jimmy!
    Mr. Jimmy: Hey annie!, you 2 are done with the movie?
    Hayden: No, we wanted to eat somethin before.
    Trisha: Ohh ok, well annie you can help yourself to any food you
    would like, bc your family!
    Annie: Awe! thx, but Hayden wanted to eat, I already did!
    Mr.Jimmy: Tbh hayden always ate when he met you.
    Hayden: I DIDN’T !
    Annie: (Bby voice) Awe Is wittle hay bein a mweanie?
    Hayden: I sowie!
    Jimmy: Little sisterrr!(hugs)
    Annie: JIMMY!(hugs back)
    Hunter: SISTER!
    Annie: Hi!!!

    (Hayden and annie went back upstairs)

    Hayden: Babe?
    Annie: Yes.
    Hayden: Your ready?
    Annie: Totally!

    (They wacthed the movie and annie feel asleep)

    (Hayden txting John)

    Hayden: Wassup bro?
    Johnny: Nun, you?
    Hayden: Hangin with annie.
    Johnny: Aww Hannie goals!
    Hayden: Lol, wyd?
    Johnny: With Kenzi, but she’s asleep.
    Hayden: So is annie.
    Johnny: Lol, wyd after annie leaves?
    Hayden: Um, hit the skate boarding area, you?
    Johnny: Just watching my bby sister, agian!
    Hayden: Lauren is that annoying?
    Johnny: Yeah!, and a brat!
    Hayden: Then why is she dating Carson?
    Johnny: My mom hated william, and she loves carson!
    Hayden: Thats….messed up!
    Johnny: Ikr!
    Hayden: Does your parents care about you and kenzi?
    Johnny: yep, they love her, as their own daughter, what about
    Hayden: They L.O.V.E Annie, like they care for her and protect her.
    Johnny: I mean who doesn’t?
    Hayden: lol, good question.
    Johnny: Kenzi is up, bye!
    Hayden: Bye!

    (Annie is still laying on haydens chest and sleeping, while hayden
    plays with annies straightened hair, then annie wakes up)

    Annie: Uhm?
    Hayden: Hey Baby.
    Annie: (yawns) Hi hayden..
    Hayden: You Had a nice nappy?
    Annie: Yes..(Rubs eyes)
    Hayden: Your so cute.
    Annie: Thanks.
    Hayden: aww, is wittle annie twierd?
    Annie: noo.
    Hayden: you hungwie?
    Annie: (sniffs) Yes…
    Hayden: Come on!
    (Annie sleeps again)

    hayden: Aww, (whispers) I’ll be wight back.

    (Hayden goes downstairs and no one is home and he
    finds a note)

    (Note): Hey Hayden, Me and your family went to RYH, so plz
    go to the LeBlanc’s house, I called katie and Billy and they both
    Will take you in, we will be home in 50 mins, bye love you!

    (hayden went upstairs and tapped annie shoulder)

    Annie: Uhm, Babe?, what time is it?
    Hayden: Hey, and its 2, and I have news…
    Annie: Ok, whats up? (Sits up)
    Hayden: My Family left when you were asleeep.
    Annie: Oh, so your home alone?
    Hayden: No, they told me and you to go to your house.
    Annie: K, well im gonna text my mom and ask her if its ok
    if I can skip song writing.
    Hayden: Annie, you dont have to, just ask her what time.
    Annie: Ugh!, Your lucky I Love you!
    Hayden: Ik!

    (Annie texted Mommy)

    Mommy: Hey annie, I’ll be home in 4 mins!
    Annie: Hey, and can hayden come?
    Mommy: Yes ofc, see you 2 in 4 mins bye
    Annie: Bye!

    (Annie and Hayden went to annie’s house and saw kenzi and
    johnny making sea food and hayley watching chick flix)

    Annie: Hey guys!(Closes door)
    Kenzi: Hey Anns!
    Johnny: Hey!
    Hayley: Hi!
    Hayden: Hey guys!
    Annie: So, whats for lunch kenzi and johnny?
    Kenzi: Sea food plate, bc mom told us you had to leave!
    Annie: Ya I kinda do, and You 2 jenzi has studio time today.
    Jenzi: Yep!
    Annie: Hey Hayley?
    Hayley: Yeah?
    Annie: Your gonna go to pipers for a few mins.
    Hayley: K!
    Hayden: Um Babe?
    Annie: Yes babe?
    Hayden: (Checks message) This one is for you…
    Annie: (Looks at message) K, Brb Jenzi!

    (Annie ran to her room and read the message from tuner)

    Ruby: Hey annie, ik your sad and all but hey, We get to still be bffs?
    Hayden: What are you talking about ruby? And this is not my phone,
    its Haydens!, so your texting his number!
    Ruby: Ik I am, and I just wanted to clear things out…
    Hayden: Ruby, were cousins and I dont wanna be besties with you.
    Ruby: Ik you dont, but can we clear everything and be cousin
    besties with you, me and kenzi like old times?
    Hayden: Fine, but if this is some type of set up, your on tuner!
    Ruby: Its not, promise, and sorry about the hayden thing, I hope
    u 2 worked things out!
    Hayden: We did, now were together, and thx ruby, i didnt know u
    cared about me and kenzi, it was always hayley…
    Ruby: I care about all 3 of you bc we are cousins and cousins loves
    eachother, even if we are nevr reacting.
    Hayden: Thx ruby, well gtg byee
    ruby: Bye Annie!

    (Annie went downstairs with haydens phone to see hayden eating)

    Hayden: Hey.
    Annie: Hey, oh Babe, heres your phone back!
    Hayden: Thx!
    Annie: Hey kenzi?
    Kenzi: Yep?
    Annie: Ruby isnt a bad girl….
    Johnny: She took hayden away from you.
    Annie: She just wanted to make sure hayden was the one.
    Kenzi: By Kissing him?!, and she knew him since younger ages..
    Annie: Ruby……..lost some….of her um…..memories.
    Hayden: When?
    Annie: Remeber when we all were at the playground?
    Gang: Yeh!
    Annie: Ruby got hit by a swing from HAYDEN!
    Hayden: Hey! I was only 9 at the time!
    Kenzi: True!
    Johnny: Yep!
    Annie: Anyways, she had a major headache and now, she lost a
    memorie of when hayden asked me out when we were all 9…
    Kenzi: Oh…..Shes not a bad guy, she just.
    Hayden: Doesnt remember it….
    Johnny: I feel soo bad, bc…. Before i like kenzi, I had feeling for..
    (Looks at annie)
    Annie: ??
    Kenzi: You….Liked my sister!!!
    Annie: I dont remember, but kenzi…
    Kenzi: (ran up)

    (Annie ran to kenzi’s room)

    Annie: Kenzi!
    Kenzi: What?!
    Annie: Kenz, Johnny did like me when we were 8
    Kenzi: I know, anyways Thanks for explaining!
    Annie: Np, are you coming downstairs?
    Kenzi: No, Im just heading to bed.
    Annie: Ok, byee!

    (Annie goes downstairs to the kitchen)

    Annie: Hey!
    Johnny: Hey annie, How is she?
    Annie: How is who?
    Johnny: Mackenzie, kenzi? is she mad?
    Annie: No we worked things out and shes ok.
    Johnny: Ok, and im sorry about what I said Annie..
    Annie: It’s fine, I didn’t really think that you felt that way when we were 11, but I like you as a brother, and like a big Caleb who protects me always and loves, cares, protects and most of all is the funnests person, Your the one who I can talk about a fight me and Hayden have or even make him jealous which is thats always, but you are my oldest brother and I feel safe when I am around my group, I just dont want us to change because you used to like me in grade school and when we were 11 years old, I love you Johnny.
    Johnny: I Love you to lil sis(hugs and lets go)

    (They walk outside to go and get something until a car came and hit annie and annie falls onto the ground)

    Johnny: ANNIE!, ANNIE, ANNIE WAKE UP PLEASE!?(Begs and tears up)

    (Hayden, Hayley and Kenzi came outside to see johnny yelling and crying and annie on the floor)

    Johnny: ANNIE!(Cries)
    Hayden: What happened to her?!(Tears up)
    Hayley: Why is she on the floor?….(Tears up)
    Johnny: We were just walking to the mall box when a car came and hit annie, then she fell on the floor.(cries)
    Kenzi: I’ll take hayley inside and get her dressed, then I’ll call mom and dad and the police, Hayden and Johnny keep and eye on Annie.
    Boys: Ok.

    (Hayley and kenzie went to hayleys room and her outfit is smiple then they headed downstairs)

    Hayley: Is annie gonna be ok…(tears up)
    Kenzi: She’s gonna be fine hayley..
    Hayley: R you sure?
    Kenzi: Yes..

    (AT the hospital annie finally woke up but her ankle was hurting)

    Doctor: Hello Mrs. Leblanc
    Annie: Hi.
    Doctor: You have a major brusie on your ankle and your ankle is broken.
    Annie: Oh…, am I getting out?
    Doctor: Yes you r, but we need to get you a cast
    Annie: ok, can I see everyone?
    Doctor: Yes you may.

    (The Doctor went to the main office and saw a few kids)

    Doctor: Hello kids!
    Kids: Hello!
    Doctor: Annie LeBlanc would like to see these ppl!. Kenzi LeBlanc, Hayden Summerall, Johnny Orlando, and Hayley LeBlanc
    Kids: K!

    (They went to rm 777 and saw annie on the hospital bed)

    Hayley: ANNNIEE YOUR OKAY!(Hugs)
    Annie: Hey Hayley! (Hugs back)
    Hayden: Hey Babe!
    Annie: Hey Babe!(Still hugging Hayley)
    Kenzi: Im glad that your ok!
    Annie: Thanks guys for coming!
    Johnny: anytime, im so really sorry annie.
    Annie: It’s fine Johnny.
    Kenzi: It wasn’t your fault John John
    John: Thx Kenz Kenz
    Hayden: Can I have a moment with her?
    Everyone: Sureeee!

    (Kenzi, Johnny and Hayley left)

    Hayden: Hey Baby.
    Annie: Yes babe?
    Hayden: I love you, and i care!
    Annie: Ik.
    Hayden: (gives annie haydens phone)
    Annie: ?
    Hayden: Ruby wanted to call you, so she called me, and yeah here!
    Annie: I dont wanna talk to her..
    Hayden: Ik, can I stay?
    Annie: Sure, I need a cuddle.
    Hayden: Yay!

    (The doctor comes in)

    Doctor: Ok, are you ready for your casts and brace?
    Annie: Yesh i am

    (The doctor came back with annie’s, kenzi’s, and hayleys

    Mom: Aww my Baby’s!
    Annie: Hey mommy!(Hugs)
    Kenzi: Mom!(Hugs)
    Hayley: MOMMY!(hugs)
    Mommy: Annie, How do you feel?
    Annie: Good!
    Mom: I Love you sweetie!
    Kenzi: Im sooo tired!, and its like almost winter break!
    Mom: Mackenzie!, Be nice!
    Kenzi: Sorry.
    Mom: Anyways, lets take you kids back home and I’ll text hayden’s and Johnny’s parents to let them now that they are staying the night.
    Hayden: (sleeps)
    Annie: (Kisses his head) Hey mommy?
    Mom: Yes.
    Hayley: Where’s daddy?
    Mom: He is still at a Nick, and disney channel movies/ Televison shows for you 3, and problay going to the RYH meeting, then planing on a new song for you girls, a Brat Chicken girls and holiday with the fam.
    Kenzi: When does daddy come home?
    Mom: Around 11pm
    Annie: Daddy Has to do all that?
    Mommy: Yes he does.
    Hayley: I am singing 2!?
    Mom: Yes, recording is next weekend!
    Girls: Yay!
    Mom: Well, you 5 wait in the car, and annie take your crutches, and i’ll signed out and then we get to eat out!

    (Hayley sat in the front
    Kenzi sat with johnny in the middle
    Hayden and Annie sat in the back)

    (In the Hospitial)

    Doctor: Here you go, you can sgin here and here.
    Mrs.LeBlanc: Ok! (signed) Here you are doctor!
    Doctor: Thank you!
    Mrs.LeBlanc:What should I make annie do everyday?
    Doctor: Make sure annie doesnt take her casts off while taking a shower, Annie has to wear her casts to bed, and she also has to use her crutches when she gets dressed in the moring, and if she doesnt want to wear her crutches make sure that annie sits in the wheel chair!
    Mrs.LeBlanc: Ok, and when is her check up?
    Doctor: Mid Mid Summertime.
    Mrs.LeBlanc: Ok, thx bye doctor!

    (The girls mom came into the car and told annie the rules)

    Mom: Annie!
    Annie: (looks up from phone) Yes?
    Mom: (driving) The doctor told me that you need to keep your casts on when you take a shower and at all times, and if you dont wanna have your crutches you may have your wheel chair.
    Annie: K thx mom!(Looks down at phone)

    (Talking to hayden while annies feet is up)

    Hayden: Oooh!, That hoodie looks nice on my fan!
    Annie: (giggles) Your worried about your hs hoodie?
    Hayden: I mean I Love you and all but your a cwtie pie!
    Annie: Awe!, thankie babe!(Lays head on shoulder)
    Hayden: Nopie Baby!
    Annie: This fan says ” im dating a boy name aden, kinda like Hayden, except different, @annieLeBlanc can you tell me what to do to make him happy and not break my heart? [email protected]_Golden_5
    Hayden: Well, she shouldn’t try hard to make him like her.
    Annie: I’ll respond right no- (Falls asleep)

    (Hayden took annies phone a typed)

    @annieleblancextra: Hi @layla_Golden_5 this is @haydensummerall, @annieleblancextra bf, I wanted to say that you shouldnt be making your boyfriend happy bc he doesn’t like to be, be yourself and thats what matters @annieleblancextra is sleeping so I took her phone Byeee!

    (Hayden and annie carried annie to her room)

    Hayden: (Kissed and cuddled) Night Babe!

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