Indispensable friend

Olga Bolbas August 27, 2017
Animals, Fable, Kids
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A friend is someone you can be alone with
and have nothing to do with
and not to be able to think of anything to say
and be comfortable in the silence…

Once upon a time there was a great kingdom with wonderful green forests, crystal lakes and incredible mountains. All this was a domain of two brothers –bears which divided the reign of it among themselves. They were great pals and always were close-knit. One bear named Lion the First was very serious, ambitious, with a strong mind, admired expensive things and always strived for perfection. Sometimes when he was in a bad mood he could treat people in a rude way and didn’t take into consideration who they were. A lot of people of the kingdom didn’t understand him though in spite of that Lion the First was, in fact, the most respectful animal in his possessions. The only animal who always understood him was another king named Oscar the Second. He was absolutely different from his friend: he was very amicable and the smile was his striking trait. He appreciated his friend very much and always stayed at his side. They helped each other to solve various problems, debated and in a whole had a good time together. Oscar was so intelligent and good-natured that he constantly forgave Lion for his cruelty and selfishness, he knew that Lion needed him and appreciated him as a friend. But even a worm would turn. One day after a hard day the best friends were sitting near the river and were discussing a very controversial question –their friendship. Lion, as usual, was a bit angry and talked in his nihilistic way.
-“The friendship is like a necessity of our life. No one could live without it if not he will be lonely and won’t have any support. So it is very hard to live alone, not to have someone who understands and helps in difficult situation, someone who you can rely on.”- said Oscar.
– “No!” – opposed Lion.-“ You are talking nonsense! Nothing can happen with anyone if he )or she) doesn’t have a friend. Friends sometimes can be so importunate that they always make demands on someone’s time.”
-“What? How can you say so?! We have been friends with you for a long time and now you say such things!” – answered Oscar.
-“ Which things? As for me I’m rather self-sufficient and can be alone, and the world can go on.”
Oscar looked hurt but he tried to brace his energies and said:
-“Ok. It’s your point of view. But could you say your life would be easier and maybe more interesting if our friendship didn’t exist?”
-“Hmm…I can’t say that it would be more interesting but maybe there wouldn’t be any changes in it. I’ve told you before that I have a strong character and I am all-sufficient and …”- answered Lion confidently.
It was the last straw. Oscar‘s sore spot was touched and it was enough to make him cry.
-“I’ll have to go.” – he interrupted Lion’s reasoning and went fast into the depths of the forest. The stars appeared in the sky but Oscar kept his way. Everything had shifted for him.” How could he say so, could it really be true that their friendship didn’t have any meaning for Lion, how could Lion say it after everything that he had done for him?” – such thoughts and questions excited him. He went crying and thinking over. When he came home he was so exhausted that he fell in his bed and fell asleep.
Whereas Lion didn’t have any back thoughts he came home self-satisfied, had a cup of tea and went to bed.
The next day Oscar didn’t come to Lion in the morning to have breakfast together and didn’t disturb him at all. Such a way of things went on every day after their talk. Oscar and Lion met only at official meetings and then Oscar went away even without saying goodbye to Lion. Things were held in place except the Lion and Oscar’s friendship: Oscar as usual was with a smile on his face and Lion demonstrated his strength and cruelty. One day he was very rude with his servants and turned them out of the house. He hired others but the story repeated itself. Firstly he didn’t feel the absence of his best friend but not long after he started feeling loneliness and depression. Almost no one among his acquaintances could understand him; he was respected only as a king but not as a person. He began to think about Oscar and Oscar’s gift to tell the stories. And then he began to understand the essence of Oscar’s idea. The tears appeared on his face and he began crying for the first time in his life.
It was in winter when he caught a cold which developed into pneumonia. The news of it spread throughout the kingdom. Everyone felt sorry for the king but no one came to visit him. The poor king was lying in his bed, lonely and worn out. Suddenly there was a knock on the door. The king didn’t give it any attention and stayed motionless. But there was a second knock and the door opened. Oscar entered the room, went to the bed and took Lion’s hand. There were signs of happiness in Lion’s eyes, he tried to say something but he was voiceless. He only smiled, wept and squeezed stronger Oscar’s hand …

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