It just doesn't feel like Christmas without him...Pt 1

Kelani McClendon January 2, 2019
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    (This is tbc from the last one)

    (Annie’s outfit:
    Shirt: Black crop
    Pants: Black ripped jeans
    Shoes: Black and white vans
    Hair: Messy bun
    Make up: Natural
    Acessories: Book bag, phone, and fake galsess)

    (Annie grapped a granola bar and drove all the way to school when she got a call from Kenzi)


    Sissy: Hello?
    Kenz: Hey!, where are you?
    Sis: Im on my way, why..
    Kenz: Me and Jayden are worried about you!
    Sis: Don’t be, Im pulling up rn!
    Kenz: K!, we’re by your locker with the boys.
    Sis: K, Im gonna call hayden!
    Kenzi: K!, should I tell him?
    Sis: Uhhh, no, I’ll be in 2 mins bye love you sis!
    Kenzi: Ok!, bye love you 2 sister!!

    (Annie calls Hayden)

    Hay: Hello?
    Cutie: Hey Babe!
    Hay: Hey, where are you?
    Cutie: Im in the school’s parking lot.
    Hay: Ok, so, whats up?
    Cutie: I just wanna ask you something.
    Hay: Sure!, whats up?
    Cutie: Can I talk to you at the park?
    Hay: Ya sure, when?
    Cutie: After school..
    Hay: K!, bye Love you!
    Cutie: Love you 2!

    (Annie hangs up and takes the keys out of the car and heads inside)

    Annie: Hey!
    Jayden: OMG!, what took you so long?!
    Annie: Sorry, I had to drop hayley off.
    Johnnny: I thought you slept late….
    Annie: Ha Ha Ha!, No, Just hayleys school is so far!
    Carson: Where is hay’s school?
    Annie: Some where, but KENZIE was supposed to drop her off!
    Kenzi: Sorry.
    Annie: Its fine!
    Hayden: Wanna walk to class babe?
    Annie: Sure!, see you guys at lunch…
    EVERYONE(Except Hayden&Annie): BYE!!!!!

    (In spanish class)

    Teacher: Good Moring students!
    Students: Moring!
    Teacher: So, I have your shecdule 4 today!
    Students: YAy!
    Teacher: Right now you have me til lunch
    1st period: after lunch, then connections
    2nd period: After connections
    and then back to 1st period and then the holiday party!
    Students: Yay!
    Teacher: You have free time to talk, txt, and etc!

    (With Hannie)

    Cutie: Hayden.
    Hay: Yah?
    Cutie: We need to talk…
    Hay: K, wassup?
    Cutie: Im gonna miss you when you leave for Texas..
    Hay: Im gonna miss u 2.
    Cutie: oh…
    Hay: I will think about you, everyday while im in Texas!
    Cutie: (giggles) Me 2.
    Hay: And to make you smile!, I will call and text you everyday!!
    Cutie: (Smiles) I will 2!
    Hay: And, I will be able to make it to the New Years Eve party!
    Cutie: Yay!
    Hay: R u ok now?
    Cutie: Im much better!
    Hay: Good!

    (The lunch bell ranged and when annie and Hayden was about to leave annie got pulled by Jason)

    Annie: HEY!
    Jason: Im sorry annie.
    Annie: Jason??
    Jason: Hey…
    Annie: Hi, and WHY DID YOU PULL ME HERE?!
    Jason: Sorry, I just wanted to ask you out!
    Annie: I have a Boyfriend Jason!, and, what happened to abby?
    Jason: She left me.
    Annie: Okkk….well im so sorry for that, and I have a bf soooo, no!
    Jason: Baby girl please?!
    Annie: UGH!, your just now callin me bby?!
    Jason: Yeah!
    Annie: WHY?!, when you know I have a bf?!
    Jason: I knew that I can act like Hayden!
    Annie: Um…no!!!!
    Jason: Why not baby?
    Annie: Bc!, me and Hayden are together!
    Jason: Babe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Annie: NO AND BYEEE!

    (Annie leaves and heads to her locker and hayden sees her getting angry so he runs up to her)

    Hay: Babe!
    Cutie: WHAT?!(Slams locker)
    Hay: Hey hey, whats wrong babe? (grabs annie arm)
    Cutie: Nothing!!!(Roll eyes)
    Hay: You can tell me anything you know that?
    Cutie: Ya.
    Hay: Then…(Looks into annies eyes) what’s wrong?
    Cutie: Ugh!, fine!, it was jason…(looks into Haydens)
    Hay: What did he do?
    Cutie: He asked me out, and he was tryin to be like you..(looks down)
    Hay: How?(lifts annies chin up)
    Cutie: He kept on calling me Babe and Baby girl!
    Hay: Oh, what did you say to him?
    Cutie: I told him that he would never be you Hayden..
    Hay: Babe, you know I love you right?
    Cutie: Ya.
    Hay: I dont want you hurt anyway!
    cutie: (giggles) Ik!
    Hay: Come on wanna eat?
    Cutie: Sure!

    (Skipping to connections( Annie and the group have different connections)

    Hanna: Hey girl!
    Annie: Hey hanna!
    Hanna: Did you tell hayden yet?
    Annie: Yea.
    Hanna: How did it go?
    Annie: Good, he is the best Boyfriend ever!
    Hanna: Im glad that your happy!
    Annie: I am, where’s stella?
    Hanna: She’s with her new boyfriend over there(Points to caden)
    Annie: Eww!! gross!
    Hanna: Ikr!
    Annie: How long have they been dating?
    Hanna: For 3 months, next week is 4.
    Annie: Im highly confused and happy for her, is that a thing?
    Hanna: Probaly not….but yeah sure!
    Annie: I know this might sound crazy…..
    Hanna: Like?
    Annie: If Hayden was in this class crazy…..
    Hanna: Yep, you L.O.V.E Hayden!
    Annie: Ya……..I do.
    Hanna: Its Chemsitry between ya.
    Annie: Ik!!!
    Hanna: Do u giggle around him?
    Annie: Oh plz….when I was younger I giggled around him!, sooo….yeahhh…
    Hanna: Ok, note to slef dont ask you that.
    Annie: Uhm!, anyways how r u and Jacob??
    Hanna: Good!
    Annie: Do you know what the spanish teacher’s party she is planning?
    Hanna: Idk, but whatever it is, im driving home!
    Annie: Same!

    (In 2nd period with kenzie and Jayden)

    Annie: Heyyy!
    Kenzi: Hola!
    Jay: Hiiii!!!
    Annie: We have more mins until breakkkk!
    Kenzi: Ahhh!, I knoww!!!!!
    Jay: Ugh!, Im gonna miss ya girlssss!!
    Annie: Aww, JayBae! (hugs and lets go)
    Kenzi: We’ll remember you!
    Jay: Ik you girls will!
    Annie: Wow, total diva here!!!
    Kenzi: Annie, you Can’t be talkin!!!
    Jay: Oooh!, twin fights!, Oh wait, are you 2 having a twin fight?
    A+K: YES!(Looks mad)
    Jay: Brb!

    (Jayden calls Hayden)

    Hayden: Hello?
    Jayden: Hey hayden!
    Hayden: Uh, hey Jayden, whats going on?
    Jayden: Annie!
    Hayden: What!, whats wrong with her?
    Jayden: Nun major, just that….
    Hayden: Just that what?
    Jayden: Annie is super mad at kenzie…
    Hayden: So basically, a twin fight?
    Jayden: Ya….
    Hayden: Ok, me and Johnny will be there in 2 mins, just talk about something else plz?
    Jayden: Ok, byee!
    Hayden: Bye!

    (Hayden talks to johnny)

    Hayden: Dude!
    Johnny: What?
    Hayden: Annie and kenzie..
    Johnny: Oh shoot!, Plzzz tell me that annie didnt hit yet?
    Hayden: Idk..Jayden just told me twin fight.
    Johnny: I hope nothing like stage 16..
    Hayden: Oh yeahhh, that was messed up!
    Johnny: I’ll tell the teacher, you call Jayden!
    Hayden: Or, I get the teacher and you call Jayden!
    Johnny: Fine!

    (Johnny calls Jayden and she answers)

    Jayden: Hello?
    Johnny: Hey.
    Jayden: Hi, where are you 2!?!
    Johnny: Hayden’s asking the teacher if we can be excuse!
    Jayden: Well, Hurry, It’s almost a stage 2 now!!!
    Johnny: Ok, on our way!

    (Hayden and Johnny comes into Annie, Jayden, and kenzies 2nd period)

    Mrs. Scotts: Mr. Summerall? and Mr. Orlando?
    Hayden: Hi, Mrs. scotts..
    Johnny: Hi..
    Mrs. Scotts: Now why are u in my class?!
    Hayden: Um…Ms. Leblanc..
    Mrs. Scotts: Ok….is it Julianna or Mackenzie?
    Hayden: Uhhh…..Julianna?
    Mrs.Scotts: ANNIE?!
    Annie: Yes?
    Mrs. Scotts: Hayden summerall!
    Annie: Ok!

    (Annie went to Hayden)

    Annie: What are you doing here?
    Hayden: Jayden told me that you 2 were having a twin fight.
    Annie: Ya.
    Hayden: Are you to still having the fight?
    Annie: Ya…
    Hayden: Babe, plz dont agrue with Kenz?!
    Annie: But she always wanna go!!(Whines)
    Hayden: Baby! (Bby voice)
    Annie: Ok, ok, I promise..
    Hayden: Good, I love you Baby Girl!(hugs)
    Annie: Love you 2 Babe! (Hugs and lets go)
    Hayden: Now, I need to let go back to class, see you after school ok?
    Annie: K bye!

    (Hayden leaves and heads back to class and annie sits down and talks)

    Mrs. Scotts: Why are you here?
    Johnny: Mackenzie LeBlanc.
    Mrs. Scotts: MACKENZIE!

    (Kenzi and Johnny talked and johnny went back to class)

    Kenzi: Hey!
    Anns: Hey!
    Jayden: Hi!
    Kenzi: Anns, im so sorry.
    Anns: Its fine, but I didn’t mean to agrue..
    Jayden: Aww!, twins forgiving eachother!!!
    Twins: Shhh!

    (Skipping to the end of the day after the party)

    Annie: Bye Hanna!, Stella!, Jayden!, and Amy!!
    Hanna: Aww!, Bye annkiana!!
    Stella: Byee!!
    Jayden: Aww!, Im gonna miss you 2!!
    Amy: Im gonna cryyy!!!!
    Annie: Aww!, dont ams!, Group hug?, for the last time..
    H+S+J+A: Group hugggy!!!

    (the grouped hugged and let go)

    Annie: Ahh!, Im gonna cry!
    Jayden: Aww dont!
    Annie: Im gonna miss u girls!
    H+A+J+S: Same!!
    Annie: Let’s exchange numbers!
    Jayden: I mean you have mine!
    Annie: Ya, I do!
    Amy: Mines is 678-404-9293
    Annie: Okie, I put it in my phone!
    Stella: Mines is 770-283-9909
    Annie: I put it in my phone!
    Hanna: Its 303-898-0020
    Annie: Done!, see ya girls!
    Girls: BYeee!!!!!

    (Annie, Jayden, and stella parked near eachother so they walked to their cars)

    Annie: Bye Jay and Stell!
    Stella: Bye see u next year!
    Annie: K!, enjoy Bracsalonia!!
    Stella: I will!
    Jayden: Bye!
    Stella: Bye!(Gets into her car and drives off)
    Jayden: Bye anns!
    Annie: Bye Jay!!!(Hugs and gets into the car and dirves off)

    (With kenzi and her besties from dance)

    Kenzi: Bye Kayla, Katylen, and Jessica!
    Kayla: Bye girl!
    Katylen: Byeee!
    Jessica: Bye!
    Kenzi: I have all of your numbers, so I will be able to txt and call you!
    K+K+J: OKie!
    Kenzi: Lets walk to our cars!

    (They walked to their cars and grouped hugged and drove off)

    (With Hayden and his friends from foot ball)

    Hayden: Bye Jacob, josh, and Johnny!
    Jaocb: Bye!
    Josh: Later!
    Johnny: See ya!
    Jacob: How r u and annie?
    Hayden: Good!
    Josh: Is she sad about ya know?
    Hayden: No, she’s ok!
    Johnny: We can’t wait until we see our cuties on New Years day party.
    Hayden: Ya, Im gonna miss her!

    (The boys heads off to their cars and drove off)

    (Annie arrives home and wears her comfy clothes)

    (Annie’s comfy clothes:
    Shirt: Grey Crop top hoodie
    Pants: Grey leggings
    Shoes: Pink socks
    Hair: Out
    Make up: Natural
    Acessories: Fake Glasses and phone)

    (Annie got her apple and sat on the couch and watched some t.v until she heard Kenzie’s car door close and Hayley runing)

    Hayley: Anns!(hugs)
    Annie: Hey Hayley!(hugs back)
    Kenzi: (laughs) So, when did u get home?
    Annie: About an hour ago.(lets go of hayley)
    Hayley: Guess what!?
    Annie: What?
    Hayley: We had a xmas party!!!!!
    Kenzi: And show annie what’d you get?
    Hayley: Oh yeah!, a new case for my phone!!!
    Annie: Aww!
    Kenzi: I am gonna change into something comfy
    Annie: K!

    (Kenzie’s comfy outfit:
    Shirt: Red hoodie crop top
    Pants: Red leggings
    Shoes: Socks
    Hair: Messy bun
    Make up: Natural
    Acessories: Phone)

    (Kenzi comes downstairs and grabs a granola bar)

    Kenzi: Hey annie.
    Annie: Yah?
    Kenzi: Are we meeting with the gang today.
    Annie: Uh, Idk, I’ll txt hayden!
    Kenzi: Ok!

    (Hayleys outfit:
    Shirt: Purple crop hoodie
    Pants: Ripped jeans
    Shoes: Purple vans
    Hair: 2 buns
    Make up: Natural
    Acessories: Phone)

    (Annie calls hayden)

    Hay: Hello?
    Cutie pie: Hey Babe!
    Hay: Hey, whats up?
    Cutie pie: Are we hanging out today?
    Hay: Um…yeah!
    Cutie: Ok, where are we hanging?
    Hay: At starbucks!
    Cutie pie: …..(gets a txt from jason)
    Hay: Babe?
    Cutie pie: Yah.
    Hay: who’s that?
    Cutie pie: Its Jason.
    Hay: What does he want?
    Cutie pie: Idk..maybe to be with me!
    Hay: Is he ever gonna give it up?!
    Cutie pie: Ya, but im not answering at all.
    Hay: Ok, see you at my house for a movie night?
    Cutie pie: Before you leave tmr moring?
    Hay: yes.
    Cutie pie: Sure!, see u in 2 mins!
    Hay: Ok, bye love u!
    Cutie pie: Love u 2!

    (Annie hangs up and calls mom)

    Mom: Hello?
    Annie: Hey Mom!
    Mom: Hi sweetie, how are u?
    Annie: Good, can I sleepover at haydens?
    Mom: Sure!
    Annie: Thanks mom, bye!

    (Annie walks to her car and drives to Haydens, and he answers and they both watch some movies(The girls went to their bfs house) After that annie feel asleep on Haydens shoulders while cuddling)

    Hunter: Hey Hayden.
    Hayden: Yea?
    Hunter: Dad and mom are at work.
    Hayden: Ok, well, mom and dad let annie sleep over.
    Hunter: Ok.
    Hayden: We leave tmr after noon right?
    Hunter: Yes!
    Hayden: Shhh!!!, annie is sleeping!
    Hunter: Srry, I meant yea.
    Hayden: Whatever werido!(Whipsers)

    (Hayden carries annie upstairs to his room and lays her on the bed and closes the door to leave)

    Dylan: Dude, where are u going?
    Hayden: Im gonna watch T.v!
    Hunter: Where’s annie?
    Hayden: Upstairs in my room sleeping.
    Jimmy: Ok, Im gonna head to my gf house to say bye.
    D+H: Same!, later lil bro!

    (Haydens brothers left and hayden went back up to wake annie up)

    Hay: Baby girl…(Shakes annie lightly)
    Cutie: Hm? (wakes up)
    Hay: Hi.
    Cutie: What time is it?
    Hay: Its 6:30pm, why?
    Cutie: I have to home.
    Hay: Oh ok, Bye Love you!
    Cutie: Wait..
    Hay: Aren’t you supposed to sleepover?
    Cutie: Yah..
    Hay: Then you don’t have to leave!
    Cutie: Oh yah!
    Hay: Anyways, im really happy to be spending time with you today.
    Cutie: Me 2(Gets a txt from Jason)

    (Annie responds to Jason)

    Jason: Hey baby Girl!
    Annie: Ugh!, what do u want?
    Jason: You Baby!
    Annie: No!!
    Jason: Can I come over then?
    Annie: Im at Hayden’s.
    Jason: Why are you cheating on me?
    Annie: I’m not!, and plus I am dating Hayden!
    Jason: Why are you there bae?
    Annie: Im not your bae, and We planned a sleepover since he’s leaving tomorrow afternoon.
    Jason: Baby plz dont…
    Annie: Whatever!, bye Jason!!!

    (Annie got so angry and she turned her slef around)

    Hay: Baby..
    Cutie: Yea?
    Hay: You ok.
    Cutie: Ya, im fine.
    Hay: Then why are you turned around?
    Cutie: Bc…Im still a little tired..
    Hay: Why dont we cuddle?
    Cutie: (Giggles) Why?
    Hay: So that your safe in my manly arms..
    Cutie: Hayden, your only 16!
    Hay: I know!
    Cutie: Whatever!!!(Giggles)
    Hay: Anyways, tell me whats wrong?
    Cutie: Nothing!, Im completely Happy!
    Hay: Ok, then I have to leave now..
    Cutie: WHAT NOOOOO HAYDENNN!!!!(Turns around and whines)
    Hay: Im kidding, but your cute when you are scared!
    Cutie: Wow. Thanks!
    Hay: Your welcome Baby!
    Cutie: Oh, sorry, I was being sarcastic!
    Hay: Your to cute!
    Cutie: Ik!(Flips hair)
    Hay: Uhm, do you know about this?
    Cutie: About what?
    Hay: This! (tickls annie)
    Cutie: Hayden! Hayden!, stoooppp!!!(Giggles)
    Hay: Ok fine, I love to her your giggles!(Cuddles w/ annie)
    Cutie: I’ll be here all week!
    Hay: And i would love to here you all week!
    Cutie: Aw thx!
    Hay: I Love you Baby!
    Cutie: I Love you to Babe.
    Hay: I promise that I will be back for the New Year party!
    Cutie: Ik, you will.
    Hay: Never loose faith on me?
    Cutie: Not even a little faithlost.
    Hay: You know I will only Love you!
    Cutie: Aww!, I will love you tooooo!!!!
    Hay: Love you more!
    Cutie: Oh yeah?
    Hay: Yeah!
    Cutie: Hayden Taylor Summerall, is that a threat?
    Hay: Maybbeeee…
    Cutie: Uhm, Not a yeah or a nope, so Im gonna get u!
    Hay: Oh yeah, Like what?
    Cutie: I dont have a plan yet…
    Hay: Haha!, Nice try Baby Girl, maybe next time.
    Cutie: K.
    Hay: How was your connections class?
    Cutie: Ugh!, wayyyyyy to long for me, and Jason is there!
    Hay: Aww!, Im sorry Babe!
    Cutie: I wish u were there.
    Hay: Ik!
    Cutie: Anyways, I gotta txt kenzie.
    Hay: Ok.

    (Annie txts Hayden(Acidentally))

    BabyGirl: Hey kenzi, I’ll pick Hayley up tmr, so you can relaxe!
    Hay: Babe?
    BabyGirl: Oh, sorry Babe, wrong number.
    Hay: Its fine.

    (Annie txts kenzi)

    Anns: Hey!
    Kenzi: Heya!
    Anns: Wyd?
    Kenzi: Im at Johnny’s, you?
    Anns: At Haydens
    Kenzi: Ok!, we are about to go over there in 2 mins so is Jayden and connor not carson.
    Annie: Why not Carson?
    Kenzi: He’s Leaving!
    Annie: What?, Why?!, what about Jayden??
    Kenzi: Jayden is not going with him.
    Annie: Where is carson gonna leave to anyways?
    Kenzi: Nebraska.
    Annie: 4 what?
    Kenzi: Remember when we didn’t meet Carson’s Girlfriend?
    Annie: Ya…hayden met her..
    Kenzi: Well, He’s gonna vist her for the holidays, as a suprise!
    Annie: Cool!, Hayden told me that her name is Ja Ja, or JoJo Swia…..
    Kenzi: The second one, how did he meet her?
    Annie: Remember when he was going away to nebraska bc of his family?
    Kenzi: Ya..
    Annie: Carson was their before hayden, and so they met up and Hayden got to meet Jojo!
    Kenzi: Aww!, that’s cool!
    Annie: Ikr!, and another thing…..
    Kenzi: Huh?
    Annie: I’ll tell all of you when you get here.
    Kenzi: Ok!, is everything good?
    Annie: 4 me yes, its uh….Hayley…..
    Kenzi: K, were on our way rn with connor and Jayden!

    (In Hayden’s room)

    Kenzi: Hey!
    Annie: Heya!!!
    Jayden: Hola!!
    Johnny: Hi?
    Hayden: Wassup!
    Connor: Sup!
    Annie: Ok, guys sit!

    (Everyone sat)

    Kenzi: Is everything ok with Hayley?
    Annie: Uhh….since Carson isn’t here, I wanted to say something..
    Jayden: What’s up?
    Annie: Hayley has a…..uhhh……crush..
    Hayden: Cool!, on who?
    Annie: (Glups) C-C-carson….
    J+J+H+K: What?!
    Annie: Ik….
    Johnny: When did she tell u this?
    Annie: A while back..
    Jayden: Wait!, so she likes carson, right?
    Annie: Ya…
    Kenzi: But he’s all the way on the other side of the country!
    Annie: Ik.
    Hayden: R u gonna tell her?
    Annie: NO!
    Jayden: I dont want her heart broken..
    Annie: Same..
    Johnny: Maybe we should call him and tell him?
    Annie: What if he doesn’t feel the same way about her!
    Hayden: Ig we would have to find out…

    (Annie called carson and he picked up(He’s still of the plane)

    Cars: Hello?
    Anns: Hey…..
    Cars: Whats wrong?
    Anns: Uhh, I have to tel u something….
    Cars: Ok….what is it?
    Anns: It’s about hayley….
    Cars: What?! is she ok?
    Anns: Yeah she’s fine.
    Cars: Good!, tell her that I miss her soo much!
    Anns: Ok….but uh….
    Cars: ?
    Anns: Hayley has a crush on you….
    Cars: Oh…
    Anns: I understand that you dont like her, but, you need to tell her how you feel when you get back!
    Cars: Actually annie….
    Anns: Actually what???????
    Cars: I Like her to…
    Anns: Really?!
    Cars: Yeah!, she’s funny, beautiful, sweet, kind, understanding, Loyal, Caring and Honest.
    Anns: Aww!
    Cars: I really wanna ask her out, but its werid bc she’s 13 and Im 16…
    Anns: No!, its fine, age doesn’t matter!
    Cars: Reall?
    Anns: Ya!, and you have my promission, and Kenzi’s, now you just have to ask my parents, but they will say yes!
    Cars: Thanks annie!
    Anns: Np, r u gonna break up with Jojo?
    Cars: Huh?, me and Jojo aren’t dating!
    Anns: ?, then why are you going to see her then?
    Cars: Bc!, I didn’t mean to head there!, she’s in town and at my house rn!, Im taking another plane back!
    Anns: Ohhhhhhh!, then what are you 2?
    Cars: Were cousins!, me, Jayden, and Jojo are cousin!
    Anns: bad..
    Cars: Its fine, Im on another plane rn!
    Anns: Oki!, are you gonna ask her out today?
    Cars: Yea, I’ll be in L.A in 2 mins!
    Anns: Ok byeeeeeeee!
    Cars: Bye!

    (Annie hangs up)

    Hayden: So?
    Annie: So what..
    Kenzi: Does carson like hayley?
    Annie: Ohhh!, yea he does!
    Jayden: Eeeekkk!!!, I ship Cayley!!!!!!
    Annie: Me 2, and he’s coming home in 2 hours..
    Johnny: What time will that be?
    Annie: Idk, 6 or something to 9…
    Kenzi: Well, lets go and get hayhaychickapay!
    Annie: K!, My car!!!!

    (Annie, Kenzie, and Jayden went into annie’s car and annie drove off to Hayley’s friend house)

    Annie: Ok, one of you girls call Hayhay!
    Kenzi: Mine is charging!
    Jayden: I cant bc of my phone batterie!
    Annie: Uhhh…Ok, um Jayden grab my phone from my gymnastic bag and go through my contacts.
    Jayden: Okie!
    Kenzi: Does it say Hay Hay?
    Annie: Um, yeah!
    Jayden: Okie, im calling her rn.
    Kenzi: Oooh!, put her on speaker so that annie can here.
    Annie: Ya!
    Jayden: Ok, I dont think sh-(Hayley picks up)

    (On a phone call with Hayley)

    Hay Hay: Hello?
    Anns: Hey!
    Hay Hay: Heya!
    Anns: Hey um hayley!
    Hay Hay: Yeah?
    Anns: Do you have your clothes there?
    Hay Hay: Yeah, why?
    Anns: Okie, take your clothes and pack them up.
    Hay Hay: K! (Annie heard yelling)
    Anns: Who’s that?
    Hay Hay: Piper and Tusamxy!
    Anns: Oh ok!
    Hay Hay: I’m done packing!
    Anns: K, You have a choice!
    Hay Hay: Ok!
    Anns: You can either stay at piper’s or stay at Jayden’s and carson?
    Hay Hay: Uhh…..idk…
    Anns: Well you have time to decied!
    Hay Hay: Thx!
    Anns: Also, Me, Jayden, and Kenzie told carson!
    Hay Hay: THAT I LIKE HIM?!
    Anns: Yes.
    Hay Hay: Wdhs?
    Anns: He’s gonna ask you out!!!!
    Hay Hay: Yay!
    Anns: Thats why we are coming to pick you up..
    Hay Hay: Awesome!!!
    Anns: Okie, we are pulling up!
    Hay Hay: Byeee!
    Anns: Bye!

    (Annie hangs up)

    Annie: Ok, so who’s gonna pick Hayley up?
    Kenzi: I’ll go!
    Annie: K!, and dont take Hayleys bag!
    Kenzi: I wouldn’t even dare!

    (20 mins later Hayley got into the car and so did kenzie then they drove all the way to haydens)

    (They arrived at Haydens)

    (In Haydens room the girls goes in)

    Annie: Here’s Hayley!!
    Hayden: Hey!
    Hayley: Heya!!!!
    Annie: Anyways where is Carson?
    Johnny: He’s in the bathroom.
    Annie: Ok, are u ready Hayley?
    Hayley: Yeah!
    Connor: I think I can hear him!!
    Jayden: Babe, he’s still there!
    Annie: Anyways, come on annie i mean h$

    (Carson gets out of haydens other bathroom and by suprise sees Hayley by Haydens bed)

    Carson: Hayley…
    Hayley: Hi!!!
    Carson: I missed ya!(hugs)
    Hayley: Missed ya 2!(hugs back)
    Annie: Hey do you guys wanna play t or d?
    Hayden: You mean like old times…
    Kenzi: Ya!
    Johnny: Idk….maybe tmr before we leave.
    Connor: Ya…
    Jayden: Ugh!, that would take another 3 mins!!!
    Annie: Oooh!, Lets do somethings on our Channell!
    Kenzi: LIke?
    Annie: Anything!!
    Everyone: Ok!!

    (Annie did hers frist and it was “Q&A While waxing my bf’s legs)

    Intro: Hey guys! its me annie!, and today I have 6 guest!!, so lets introduce them!!
    Intro: Ok!, so u guys know her as my twin sister, but…she is casting on a brat youtube channel show called “Total eclpise” her name is Mackenzieee!!
    Kenzi: (plops on bed) Hey guys!!!!
    Annie: Ok, so next one is actually my best friend in the whole world…her name is….JAYDEN!!!!
    Jayden: Hola guys!(Sits fancy)
    Annie: Ok, so last but not least, he’s my boyfriend, and amzaing!, He’s…..kenzie?
    Hayden: Sup!(Sits next to annie)
    Annie: Ok, so today I am gonna be doing a wax my bf’s legs AND a Q&A for him!
    Hayden: WHAT?! NOOO!!!!(Leaves)
    Annie: Hayden!!!(Grabs him)

    (20 mins later hayden calmed down)

    Annie: K, so the 1st question is…..What would I like to have or eat when I am at least 18?
    Hayden: Uhh, You would like to eat grains a little bit more than you did, and you would like to have your own state?
    Annie: Yass!!!
    Hayden: Ok, see Ik these things!
    Annie: Hayden has 1 point…
    Hayden: Ya cuz im the best!
    Jayden: 2nd question, what did I do when I was 11 years old?
    Hayden: Uh, you hit ur head on the concret and had to head to the hospital.
    Annie: Hayden has 2 points!
    Hayden: Okie byeee!(leaves)
    K+A+J: NOOOO! (grabs him and pulls him back)
    Hayden: Fineee!
    Kenzi: 3rd question, What am I allergic to that annie LOVES!
    Hayden: Walnuts, peanuts and anykind of nuts.
    Annie: Hayden has 3 points!!
    Hayden: Ya!
    Annie: Ok, final question: Hayden, what are me and kenzie allergic 2 that Hayley Likes?
    Hayden: Uhm, Annie: Shrimp, cocktail sauce, apple skins, Organge slices, snakes, and tuna!
    Annie: Correct!, what is kenzie allergic 2?
    Hayden: All walnuts, shrimp, fish, tuna, cats, pineapples?
    Annie: The first one is right
    2nd one is right
    3rd one is right
    4th one is right
    5th one is wrong she likes pineapples!

    (Annie and the girls waxs haydens legs and he screams like a girl)

    Hayden: AHHHHHHH!!!!!(Screams like a girl)
    Annie: Its done babe!
    Hayden: Ahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!! it hurts!(Leaves the room)

    Annie: Thank you guys sooo much for watching this video, make sure to like, subscribe and comment and what to do for my next video, AND make sure to go and check out Mackenzie’s channel link in the describtion and make sure to watch Jayden’s Channel were she posts all week link in the descibtion and Hayden’s to! anyways thank you soo much Kenzi and Jayden and see you guys in my next video!, byee!

    (Everyone came back in(Except for hayden))

    Johnny: Hey, why do I hear hayden screamin?
    Annie: Bc, we waxed his legs.
    Carson: Ha!, well you need to apologize!
    Kenzi: And whyyy would we do that?
    Connor: Why did u wax his legs..?
    Jayden: It was for a video on annie’s channel!
    Johnny: So?, Make sure that he’s fine!
    Kenzi: Its hayden!
    Carson: Now!!!!!
    Annie: You boys are nooo fun!
    Connor: We can be, but he’s screaming like a girl!
    Jayden: Whateves, annie?
    Annie: Ya?
    Johnny: NO NO NOOOOO!

    (The girls knocked on Haydens bathroom door)

    Hayden: What?!
    Annie: (signs) Babe?
    Hayden: What do u want Julianna?!
    Annie: I, I, I, came to apologize….
    Hayden: I dont need your apologizes!
    Annie: But Hayden….
    Annie: Fine!, I HATE you summeralll!!!!!!

    (Annie slams the front door and gets into her car)

    (Hayley calls Annie)

    Annie: Hello?(Sniffs)
    Hayley: Anns, r u ok?
    Annie: No!, im not!
    Hayley: I heard Kenzie Talk about hayden…
    Annie: Oh..
    Hayley: Anns, Im sorry, Can u pick me up?
    Annie: Sure, I’ll drive back.

    (Annie ends the call turns up her radio and goes back to Haydens house to see the group outside, even Hayley)(Gets out of the car)

    Kenzi: Annie…
    Annie: Hey….hayley come on.
    Hayley: Okie! bye guys Babe!
    Carson: Bye!
    Annie: Wait into the car..

    (Hayley goes inside)

    Annie: Why are you guys out here?
    Kenzi: We are taking hayden to ice cream!
    Annie: Ok…
    Jayden: Want me to stay at your house?
    Annie: Yes plz…
    Kenzi: I’ll drive home to..
    Johnny: We’ll take him out!

    (Annie, Jayden, and kenzie drove there cars to annies house)

    (Opens and hayley goes up and the girls stays downs)

    Kenzi: Anns…..Im so sorry..
    Anns: Its ok…
    JayBae: Why would he say such things?
    Anns: Idk…
    Kenzie: But all of the “I Love you’s” turned to be ” I hate u’s”
    Anns: I dont get it, Ik he loves me, but why would he say that 2 me?
    JayBae: Maybe he is really upset..
    Kenzi: Ya!
    Anns: About what?
    JayBae: Him leaving tomorrow.
    Kenzi: It hurts him, thats why he’s acting like this.
    Anns: I wouldn’t hurt me anymore anyways!

    (Skipping to the new years eve party when Hayden shows up( Annie is popular with the same besties)(Except Dylan, Mads, and rylie became friends wwith them and the group never broke(Johnny and connor didn’t make it back(They will show up on New Years day)(Austin doesnt really like annie they dated but broke up)

    Austin: Hey Baby..(wraps arm around annie)
    Annie: Hey cutie!
    Austin: Imma dance with my bro’s.
    Annie: Ok, just don’t be drink plz Babe?
    Austin: K.
    Annie: Promise me Babe?
    Austin: Promise, and I love you so much, words can’t describe.
    Annie: Ilysm2!, but austin..
    Austin: Yah?
    Annie: I think we should just be friends….
    Austin: Ok!

    (Austin dances with his friends and annie goes to her girls)

    Kenzie: Heyyyy!
    Anns: Hi!
    JayBae: Omg!, this party is Lit!!
    Mads: Ikr!!
    Anns: Awe!, I need!, to thank my parents!
    Ryles: You tots should!!!
    Anns: I will!
    Dyls: This kid is sooo cute!!!
    Anns: Who dyls?
    Kenzie: I think I know who…
    JayBae: Smh!
    Anns: You mean, Austin’s best friend?!
    Dyls: Ya..hes hot!
    Anns: Ladies brb, Dlys come with me!
    Dyls: Kky!

    (Annie and dylan walks up to sebastian)

    Seb: Hey Anns and Dylan!
    Anns+Dyls: Heyy!
    Seb: So wassup?
    Anns: Nothin, butttt, dylan wanna dance with you!
    Seb: You do?
    Dylan: Totally!
    Anns: So, you wanna dance with her?
    Seb: SUre!

    (skipping to when Hayden bumps into annie and they like eachother again)(And date)

    Annie: Omg!, im soo sorry!
    Hayden: (chuckles) Np.
    Annie: R u sure?, I can ge-(looks up) Hayden?
    Hayden: Hey annie.
    Annie: Um, hey, why are you here?
    Hayden: I promised a girl that I’d be here with her.
    Annie: Oh….uh….whats her name?
    Hayden: Its….annie…..
    Annie: Hayden!, I wanna apologize for what I did.
    Hayden: Ok, wanna talk some where so that I can hear you better?
    Annie: Yah..

    (Annie walks away with hayden and heads up to the balcony)

    Hayden: Ok….you wanted to a-(Annie kisses hayden)
    Annie: (pulls away) Sorry….
    Hayden: Its fine annie.
    Annie: No, what I did 2 you wasn’t fine, it was bad, and I didnt mea-(hayden kisses annie)

    (They kiss and then hayden holds annies hand and pulls away)

    Annie: Ok…..what was that for?
    Hayden: I missed you so much, everyday while I was in texas I didn’t know what to do with myself..
    Annie: You could’ve just called me, and u promised me that.
    Hayden: Ik I didn’t call you.
    Annie: why didnt u call me, like you promised?
    Hayden: I wanna suprise you!
    Annie: Aww, Haydennn!(tears up)
    Hayden: Annie, im really sorry, I want you back!
    Annie: (giggles) Who doesn’t?
    Hayden: I missed your cutienss!
    Annie: I missed ya!(hugs)
    Hayden: (Hugs back)
    Annie: So, what now?
    Hayden: Juliannna Grace LeBlanc, will u go out with me?
    Annie: YEs!

    (At the party everyone is having fun and annie and her girls talks)

    Anns: Girlssss!!!
    Mads: Wassup babe?
    Anns: Hayden!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Kenzie: Wait, what he’s back from texas?!
    Anns: Ya!
    JayBae: But how?
    Anns: Its a promise that I made him!
    Rylies: Wait….so he remembered?
    Anns: Yess!!!
    Dylan: What did he want?
    Anns: He apologize to me, and now we are together!!
    M+K+D+R: AHHHH!!!! HANNIE!!!
    Anss: (Laughs)
    Mads: So, what are you gonna do about austin?
    Anns: We broke up…
    Rylie: Really?!
    Anns: Yah!
    Kenzi: Well, at least you’ll have hayden!
    Anns: I never lost faith on him anyways…
    JayBae: Wdym?
    Anns: When me and Hayden cuddled and talked he said that he promise to be here for new years eve, and the ball drop.
    Dylan: That’d be your first kiss?!
    Anns: Actually 7th kiss….
    Kenzi: (laughs) Tmi annie!
    Anns: Sorry, oh a slow dance song is on, I should get going…
    Girls: SAMEE!
    Anns: Goodluck!
    Girls: SAME!

    (Hayden is planing on askin annie to dance)

    Johnny: Hey bro!
    Hayden: Hey!
    Carson: Your back?
    Hayden: Yeh!
    Connor: Im glad you are!
    Hayden: Smh!
    Charls: Hey Bros!
    H+J+C+C: Hey!
    Johnny: R we gonna ask our girls yet?
    Sebastion: Idk, do u want 2?
    Chris: Yea!
    Hayden: Lets go!!!!

    (Hayden walks up to annie)

    Hay: Hey Babe.
    Cutie: Hey, why are you over here?
    Hay: Bc, I wanted to ask you something..
    Cutie: Like?
    Hay: Julianna Grace LeBlanc, will you dance with me?
    Cutie: Aww! Hay…!
    Hay: So will you?
    Cutie: Uhhh, nope, sorry!
    Hay: Whyyy?!
    Cutie: Ehhh, your not my type…
    Hay: Oh really Babe?
    Cutie: Yes…
    Hay: Or, are you tired?
    Cutie: Tired..
    Hay: Lay down on this couch and take a quick nap.
    Cutie: K, but I coolllddd!!!(bby voice)
    Hay: Here’s a blanket.(Puts the blanket over annie)
    Cutie: Thanks hay….(Sleeps)
    Hay: I love you Baby Girl. (kisses her forhead)
    Cutie: (Smiles)

    (With Dylan and sebastion)

    Sebastion: Hey Babe!
    Dylan: Hey you!, wassup?
    Seb: I just wanna see if you wanted to dance?
    Dlys: Sure!
    Seb: Ok!

    (Sebastion and dylan danced(With mads and charles)

    CharlesBae: Hey Beautiful!
    Mads: Hey!
    CharlesBae: Wyd?
    Mads: Uh, idk, whats up?
    CharlesBae: Would you like to dance with me?

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