It's Love? right?Pt 1

Kelani McClendon February 28, 2019
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    Annie’s pov: I woke up to My Sisters: Nida, Hayley and Mads, and my Brothers: Carson, Conner, and Johnny all moving around in the Hallways. We have a huge house, with a gate and alot of cars, But anyways, I got a text from Jayden, Kenzie, Lauren, and Rylie (They had a gc). Then I got a notification from My schedule….it says: Monday- Get ready at 9, Eat breakfast at 8, Leave at 9:10, cheer and dancing and singing and etc. So I got ready and Did my make-up and Hair)

    (Annie’s Outfit:
    Shirt: White crop top
    Pants: Black ripped jeans
    Shoes: Black and white vans
    Hair: Curled
    Make up: Natural
    Jacket: Denim Hoodie Jean jacket
    Acessories: Phone, Sunglasses, Cheer and dance outfit, and bookbag)

    (Annie went into the hallway and saw Carson)

    Cars: Hey Little sis!
    Annie: Hi, why is everyone scattered all over the place?
    Cars: Im trying to find my Homework.
    Annie: Oh, yeah, it’s in your bookbag.
    Cars: Okay!, thanks!
    Annie: Uhm!

    (Annie sees Nida)

    Nida: Heyy!
    Annie: Hey!
    Nida: Have any idea where my phone is?
    Annie: It’s on your desk charging.
    Nida: K!, thanks annie!!
    Annie: Anytime!

    (Annie sees rylie)

    Mads: Hey anns.
    Annie: Yeah?
    Mads: Where’s my car keys?
    Annie: It’s in your car.
    Mads: Aww, thanks!
    Annie: Anytime!

    (Annie sees Hayley)

    Hayley: Hey Annie.
    Annie: Yeah?
    Hayley: Where did my notebook go?
    Annie: It’s in mom’s room in her bed or on the caleb couch.
    Hayley: Okay!

    (Finally annie sees Johnny)

    Johnny: Annie!
    Annie: Yea.
    Johnny: Where is my football stuff?
    Annie: In the Landury room.
    Johnny: Okay, and does my hair look good?
    Annie: It looks finee!
    Johnny: Thanks!, your the best!
    Annie: Anytime!

    (Okay Finally Finally Annie sees conner)

    Conner: Hey, where’s my Phone and football things?
    Annie: Phone: In your room and FootBall things: Landury room.
    Conner: K, Thanks!

    (Annie went downstairs and sat down and put her things on the chair)

    Mom: Moring!
    Annie: Hi..
    Mom: Aww, you look stress, whats wrong?
    Annie: All of these kids are driving me crazy!
    Mom: Well, Mads is going to college, and so is Nida, so that leaves me to You, Hayley, Johnny, and Carson!
    Annie: Did we ever see their college school?
    Mom: I have to go there with the girls later on this afternoon.
    Annie: Okay!
    Mom: Any party plans??
    Annie: Um, Kenzi’s birthday is tomorrow, we are throwing her a party.
    Mom: Oooh, Where?
    Annie: At her 2nd house, where there is a pool.
    Mom: So, a pool party?
    Annie: Yeah!
    Mom: What time??
    Annie: Well, we are setting up afterschool at 2, and then party time is at 7-11!
    Mom: Yayy, who’s going?
    Annie: Me, Jayden, Rylie, Lauren, Hayden, Johnny, Carson, Conner, Tyler, and her family.
    Mom: Okay!, and your 2 brothers are coming?
    Annie: Yep.
    Mom: Well, Have fun tomorrow!
    Annie: Yeah…..
    Mom: What’s wrong???
    Mom: Aww, honey, that’s…..who’s sbiling?
    Annie: Easy, Kenzi’s.
    Mom: Okay, what’s wrong with him??
    Annie: He’s bad!
    Mom: I Thought you like him?
    Annie: …..I do…..
    Mom: So?
    Annie: I dont wanna talk about it!

    (Skipping to school)

    (With annie’s friends)

    Annie: Heyy!
    Kenzi: Hiii!
    Jayden: Hola!!!
    Lauren: Heyyyaaa!!
    Rylie: Hiyaaaa!!
    Annie: So, you girls excited about Kenzi’s Birthdayyy!?
    K+J+L+R: Yeahhhh!!!
    Annie: (Laughs) So, I’ll see you girls at lunch?
    Girls: Okayyyy!

    (They went to their lockers)

    (With Haydens friends)

    Johnny: Dude, your happy about your sister 17th birthday?
    Hayden: Yeah, I guess…
    Conner: What’s wrong?
    Hayden: ….Its annie…..
    Carson: Our sister?
    Hayden: Yeah!
    Tyler: What about annie?
    Hayden: She thinks im a “Bad Boy”.
    Johnny: Okay, Dude, we know something..
    Hayden: Like?
    Carson: Don’t tell annie!
    Hayden: Okay.
    Conner: …..Annie, has a crush on you…
    Hayden: Wait, she does?
    Tyler: Wow.
    Hayden: …..I Like her too, but, she hates me.
    Johnny: Do something cute for her!
    Hayden: Where?
    Conner: Ooh!, at your sisters 17th party!!
    Hayden: Yeah!, but she’ll be so into her friends..
    Johnny: Well, I’m gonna ask kenzie out during her party!
    Hayden: Great!
    Conner: Im asking Jayden out!
    Carson: Lauren.
    Tyler: Rylie!
    Hayden: So, I can ask her?
    Boys: YESS!!

    (Hayden went to his locker)( Its by annie’s)

    Hayden: Hey..
    Annie: (Sighs) What summerall.
    Hayden: Are you excited for my sisters birthday?
    Annie: (looks at him) Yeah, very…
    Hayden: Maybe….I can see you there?
    Annie: (Thinks) Umm….sure, why not.
    Hayden:(Closes locker) Cool, see you in class?
    Annie: (locks locker) Yeah, sure, bye.
    Hayden: (Smiles) Bye.

    (In Class annie sat next to Hayden)

    Teacher: Okay!, Okay!, so, today we are having a project!
    Class: Booo!!!
    Teacher: Well, you guys will be very excited bc…!!
    Teacher: So, here is your partners!
    Teacher: Annie and Hayden
    Teacher: Mackenzie and Johnny
    Teacher: Jayden and Conner
    Teacher: Carson and Lauren
    Teacher: Ruby and William
    Teacher: Mia and Issac
    Teacher: Sydeny and Sean
    Teacher: Katie and Brent
    Teacher: Kim and Charlie
    Teacher: Okay!, get started!!

    (Katies friends talk)

    Katie: Ugh!, that rich girl Julianna is really getting under my skin!
    Sydeny: Is she dating Hayden the Bad boy?!
    Katie: If she is, they would easliy break up!
    Mia: She can’t stand a chance!
    Katie: True, and I heard about Hayden liking a girll..
    Sydeny: Who is it?
    Katie: I have no clue, but, I hope its one of these girls he can play around with.
    Mia: But, who is he gonna play first?
    Katie: Probably Julianna’s Friends.
    Sydeny: But annie’s friends doesn’t like him.
    Katie: Thennn, Probably annie’s cousin!
    Mia: Ruby?
    Katie: Yeah!, she seems like a hayden type!
    Sydeny: Oh!, I know who hayden likes now!!
    Katie: Well?
    Mia: Miss “Im so perfect” Annie LeBlanc.
    Katie: Well, Im going over there to show her NOT to mess with the most Popular guy ever!

    (With Hayden and annie)

    Hayden: So, what are we gonna do?
    Annie: Well, I was thinki-

    (Katie interups)

    Katie: Hey Babe!, And….you!
    Hayden: Katie!, Im NOT your Boyfriend!
    Annie: Uh, I should give you 2 some privacy…
    Hayden: No, annie, stay!
    Katie: No, annie, LEAVE!
    Annie: (Gets teary) Okay.

    (Annie gets up and leaves outta the room)

    Hayden: KATIE!,WHAT THE HECK?!
    Katie: What Babe?
    Hayden: I’m NOT your Boyfriend or your not my girlfriend!
    Katie: So….were threw?
    Hayden: Just Leave Katie!!!

    (Katie stomps away)

    (Hayden went outside and sees annie Crying)

    Hayden: Hey….what’s wrong.
    Annie: (sniffs) Why do you care?
    Hayden: Can you tell me what’s wrong..
    Annie: (Tears) Fine…
    Hayden: You can trust me.
    Annie: (Cries) You have a girlfriend while I’m just here, Hating on you while Katie Hates me!
    Annie: (Cries) I did NOTHING to her, as much as I, I try, I still can’t make her smile, all she cares about is YOU!, Your, Your too cute for….for, nevermind, forget it okay.
    Hayden: No, Tell me, I’m too cute for what?
    Annie: (looks at Hayden) For, Katie okay!, (Cries)
    Hayden: (Wraps his arm around annie) Hey, I’m not cute for Katie, she thinks that she is popular bc her dad owns this school, which he doesn’t even own this class.
    Annie: (Sniffs) She doesn’t, or even, her dad doesn’t?
    Hayden: No, it’s in Maryland and her dad doesn’t even live with her!
    Annie: (Smiles)
    Hayden: Did I make Annie LeBlanc smile?
    Annie: (Lays head on haydens shoulder) Yeah, you did….
    Hayden: Beautiful.
    Annie: So, what should we do for our project?
    Hayden: Getting to know eachother.
    Annie: Yeah!

    (Skipping to Lunch)

    Kenzi: Hey!
    Annie: Heyy!
    Jayden: So, what happened in “Friendship club”
    Annie: Katie Mary Donnelly..
    Rylie: Oh no!, did she hurt you??!
    Annie: No, She mad me Jealous of Hayden Summerall!
    Lauren: Thats deep.
    Annie: Yep.
    Kenzi: Plus, Hayden and her broke up YEARSS ago!
    Annie: Wow, thats so sa-(Gets a txt from Hayden)


    Badboy: Hey!
    Cutie: Hey.
    Badboy: Wyd??
    Cutie: Lunch, you?
    Badboy: Same, wanna come with me to Ice cream?
    Cutie: I dont skip, srry…
    Badboy: Please?
    Cutie: No!
    Badboy: Getting to know about eachother?

    (The Annoucements came on)

    Princeable: Attention students!
    Princeable: School is Canceled, we were just informed that.
    Princeable: Have a nice all week break!
    Princeable: And see you April 28th 2019!

    (All of the students screamed)

    (Annie walked to her locker and hayden came with her)

    Hayden: Hey.
    Annie: Hi.
    Hayden: So, Icecream?
    Annie: (Giggles) Finneeee, see you soon?
    Hayden: Or, how about now.
    Annie: Nooo.
    Hayden: Fine, Pick you up at 1?
    Annie: Sure!

    (Annie closed her locker and Walked away)

    (Annie went to her car and drove off)

    (In Annie’s room)

    (Annie got a txt from Hayden)

    Badboy: Hey.
    Annie: Hey!
    Badboy: Wyd?
    Annie: Watching t.v, you?
    Badboy: Chillin.
    Annie: 🙂
    Badboy: Your too sweet.
    Annie: Aww, thanks, hey, do u know where Johnny is?
    Badboy: Oh, he’s here.
    Annie: Where?
    Badboy: In your house!
    Annie: 😮
    Badboy: Hey, so when we met up, I want to Have fun together..
    Annie: Okayyy, sure!
    Badboy: Great.
    Annie: Okay, see you soon?
    Badboy: Whyy?
    Annie: I’m sleepy and its 12!
    Badboy: Okay, I’ll txt you at 1?
    Annie: Sure, why not!
    Badboy: Oky, bye!
    Annie: Byeee!

    (Annie Charges her phone and laid down and sleep)

    Johnny: Mads!
    Mads: What?!
    Johnny: Where’s annie?
    Mads: In her room napping, why?
    Johnny: Good, Bc hayden is gonna ask annie out.
    Mads: Aww, How sweet, when?
    Johnny: At Mackenzie’s 17th birthday!
    Mads: Wait, she’s turning 17?!
    Johnny: Yeah, why??
    Mads: Idk, and Idc!
    Johnny: Okay, but dont yell plz?
    Mads: YOUR MEAN!

    (Annie woke up at 12:30am)

    (She opened her door and went to mads)

    Annie: (Rubs eyes) What’s going on?
    Johnny: Oh, nothing.
    Annie: Then why did Mads scream?
    Mads: I was angry at my T.V.
    Annie: (Yawns) Okay, can you plz keep it down?
    Johnny: Yea, sure, bye!
    Annie: Bye!
    Mads: Bye sis!!

    (Annie went back to sleep)

    (Now its 1:00pm)

    (Hayden called annie)


    Annie: (Yawns) Hello?
    Badboy: Hey!
    Annie: Oh, hey!
    Badboy: Its time to wake up!!!
    Annie: (Giggles) I’m up, just give me a few mins okay?
    Badboy: Okay, bye!

    (Annie hung up)

    (Then she did her hair agian)

    (Annie’s outfit:
    Shirt: Tank top
    pants: Black leggings
    Shoes: Black boots
    Hair: Messy Bun
    Make up: Nun
    Acessories: Fake Glasses and phone
    Jacket: Oversize hoodie)

    (Annie went to Johnny’s room where everyone is)

    Annie: Hey Guys.
    Everyone: Hey!
    Annie: I’m going to meet up with hayden.
    Everyone: OKay!

    (Annie went downstairs and sat on the couch)

    (Then she heard a beep)

    (And went out the door)

    Annie: (Fasten seat belt) Hey..
    Hayden: Hey, you ready?
    Annie: Yep.

    (They drove off)

    Annie: So, where we going?
    Hayden: Icecream?
    Annie: Yay!!
    Hayden: (Chuckles) So, how was your nap?
    Annie: Good, what did you do?
    Hayden: Played Fortnite.
    Annie: (Playfully rolles eyes) Yea yea yea.
    Hayden: Your hating on it?
    Annie: Noo.

    (At Ice Cream)

    Hayden: So, tell me about yourself?
    Annie: Okay, what do you wanna know?
    Hayden: What do u like to do for fun?
    Annie: Um, Hangout with friends, cheer, dance and Family game night.
    Hayden: Okay, Your turn!
    Annie: Okayy, what do u like to do for fun??
    Hayden: Hangout with friends, Football, Fortnite and Family.
    Annie: Your turn!
    Hayden: What do you like to sing?
    Annie: Little do you know, Perfect, and something, I forgot, you?
    Hayden: Every song.
    Annie: Wow.

    (After that Hayden dropped annie off and went home)

    (Annie put her Pj’s on and went to bed)

    (the nxt moring)

    (Its Firday)

    (Annie woke up and got dressed)

    (She txted Hayden)

    Cutie: Hey Hayden!
    Badboy: Hey!
    Cutie: Question.
    Badboy: Wassup?
    Cutie: Today is your sisters birthday.
    BadBoy: Yeah, so?
    Cutie: Do you think you can help set up while Johnny destarcts kenz?
    Badboy: Yeah sure!, what time r u girls coming?
    Cutie: In 1 min.
    Badboy: Okay, kenzi is leaving now!
    Cutie: KK, bye!

    (Annie Arrived with her friends(Except kenzi&Johnny)

    Hayden: Okay, so what are we doing?
    Annie: Me and u are baking, cooking and cleaning.
    Rylie: Im setting the balloons up.
    Jayden: And I am doing the banner!
    Lauren: Im putting decorations up!
    Hannie: LETS DO IT!

    (With hannie)

    Hayden: So, cheif annie?
    Annie: Yes assistent hayden?
    Hayden: What are we making today?
    Annie: Oreo Ice Cream Cake first.
    Hayden: Why that?
    Annie: Bc, It will cool off and it will be cold.
    Hayden: Okay, so lets make it!
    Annie: Yay!
    Hayden: What to do first?
    Annie: Um, grab the dry and wet ingredients.
    Hayden: (Grabs it) Here.
    Annie: Thanks, and now lets mix it all together!
    Hayden: (Pushed annie)
    Annie: Hayden Summerall!, really?!
    Hayden: (Chuckles) Ooops.
    Annie: Stoooopppppp!
    Hayden: Anywaysss, lets put this in the freezer!

    (They went into Kenzi’s room)

    Annie: Hm, her room is nice!
    Hayden: (Chuckles) You have not!, seen her closet!
    Annie: You have not seen my closet at all Hayden.
    Hayden: (Chuckles) It’s probably not that bad anyways!

    (After they cleaned every room annie went and layed and took an nap on haydens bed)(Hayden came in and sees her in his bed)

    (Hayden goes down)

    Jayden: Hey, where is Annie?
    Hayden: She went to take a nap.
    Rylie: Where?
    Hayden: In my room, on my bed.
    Lauren: Awww, I ship you guys!
    Hayden: What?
    Jayden: You and Annie!
    Hayden: What about us?
    Rylie: You Haven’t noticed?!
    Hayden: ?
    Lauren: Everyone in the ENTIRE school has been talking about Kenzie’s sweet 17th birthday bc they know that You and Annie will be there and end up together, and how they saw u 2 at the icecream palace and everything!!
    Hayden: Why are they?
    Rylie: They want the power couple “Hannie” To come to life!
    Hayden: Okay.
    Jayden: Guess, they have also talked about us, but im good.
    Hayden: Im gonna check on annie.

    (Hayden ran upstairs and saw annie laughing)

    Annie: (Giggles)

    (In Haydens head)

    Hayden: Her giggle is so cute, and she is cute, maybe i want us to be togther, but anyways.


    Hayden: (Knocks)
    Annie: Oh, hey Hayden!
    Hayden: Hey, watcha lookin at?
    Annie: Its what someone sent me on DMS.
    Hayden: Who?
    Annie: One of Chicken Girls Cast.
    Hayden: Chicken who now?
    Hayden: ….no, who’s the cast?
    Annie: Annie=Ryme, Mads=Bridy, Indianna=Rooney and more.
    Annie: and we need a TK..
    Hayden: Oh, have you found someone?
    Annie: No, buttttt, hayden…
    Hayden: Yeah?
    Annie: I know you have songs to sing and write and etc.
    Annie: But will you try out of TK in Chicken Girls?
    Hayden: Can your manger contact me?
    Annie: Hold on, YES!
    Hayden: Okay, can I talk to you?
    Annie: Sure.

    (At The party)

    Kenzie: Aww, Thanks anns!
    Jayden: I can’t believe your older than us!
    Annie: Well, Second oldest.
    Rylie: Yeah!
    Kenzie: Oh yeah lets go and get some more drinks.
    A+J+R+L: Oky!

    (They went into the kitchen and annie sees Hayden kissing Katie)

    Kenzi: Hey anns, were going into the pool, wanna come?
    Annie: Yeah, sure, just give me a min.
    Jayden: Are you Okay?
    Annie: Ya, why do you even ask?
    Rylie: Bc, your crushing your plastic cup angryly.
    Annie: Im soo not angry!
    Lauren: Okay, anns, tell us whats the matter!
    Annie: Fine, I’m Jelous of Hayden and Katie, known as Kayden…
    Kenzi: Oh.
    Annie: And I asked him if he would play TK!
    Rylie: Oh no!
    Annie: Yep.
    Kenzi: TK is supposed to play your love intrest and he is supposed to fall in love with you!
    Annie: I know…
    Lauren: Maybe he’ll forget it.
    Annie: Yeah lets go and Have some fun!

    (In the pool annie is playing with her besties and Hayden and his crew is in the pool and Annie and them are laughing)

    Annie: Be right Back!
    Everyone: Okay!!

    (Annie went and got a cup)

    (She sees Kenzi’s cousin/Annie’s Ex Brennan)

    Brennan: Hey Anns!
    Annie: Please dont call me that.
    Brennan: Okay, anyways where is my Cous?
    Annie: Oh, she’s in the pool.
    Brennan: Okay, and I heard your holding aduitions?
    Annie: (Laughs neverously) ohhh, yeah, that…..
    Brennan: Well, I hope you find your TK.
    Annie: I will.
    Brennan: Okay, well bye.
    Annie: Bye.

    (Annie walks to get a beer)

    Hayden: Hey..
    Annie: Uhm, oh hey Summerall.
    Hayden: What’s wrong?
    Annie: I dont know, how about you ask your gf!
    Hayden: ?
    Annie: Ugh, your so dumb, KATIE, KATIE DONNELLYYY!!
    Hayden: What are you talking about?
    Annie: Your so ugh!, YOU KISSED KATIE DONNELLY!
    Hayden: Wait, your jealous?
    Annie: Never!
    Hayden: No, you are!, your jealous that I love Katie more than anyone, Your jealous that she makes me laugh, your a SLUT LEBLANC AND EVERYONE KNOWS THAT YOU ARE WEIRD ALSO, NOBODY LIKES YOU SO JUST GET OUTTA HERE!

    (Annie Tears up and storms out)

    (Katie Walks up to Hayden whos catching his breath)

    Katie: Baby, you okay?
    Hayden: Yeah Babe, I’m fine.
    Katie: Your breathing heavily..
    Hayden: I’m fine baby, don’t worry.
    Katie: Okay, im going to sunbath, see you out?
    Hayden: Yeah.

    (Katie left)

    (Annie was in Kenzi’s room crying and Hayden comes in)

    Hayden: Hey…
    Annie: (crying) Leave me alone!
    Hayden: Look, annie, im sorry about what I said.
    Annie: Yeah right, you made me sad and now sobbing in your sister’s room while she is partying!
    Hayden: Annie, I really mean it, I am so sorry!
    Annie: Save it Hayden, Just…go to ur girlfriend and leave me alone, and don’t bother trying out for TK.
    Hayden: Annie…

    (She walks away heading to the pool)

    (Before that she puts her big girl face and wipes tears)

    (She gets a drink and jumps in to join)

    Annie: (Laughs) Heyyyyyyyyy!!!!
    Jayden: You coming in!?
    Annie: I am!!

    (They played shark)

    (Hayden came out and joined)

    (He got annie and held her in his arms tight)

    (They looked into eachother’s eyes and both of them smiles)

    (Hayden leans in and so does Annie)

    (They Kissed and everyone screamed)

    (Katie got into the pool and they pulled away)

    (Annie is still in Haydens arms but she wiggles her way out)

    (She goes with her friends inside)

    Katie: BABE!, SHARK!!
    Hayden: Uh, Im sorry Katie…
    Katie: What?
    Hayden: Im sorry, we’re over…
    Katie: What!?
    Hayden: I gotta go find annie.
    Katie: Babe!? HAYDEN!, Ugh! this can’t be happening!!!!

    (Katie leaves and sunbaths)

    (Hayden found annie and got a rose from their bush)

    Kenzi: You kissed hayden!
    Annie: I know.
    Jayden: Don’t you feel the same way?
    Annie: Yeah…
    Rylie: Or, do you Loooooovvvvvvvvveeeeeee hiiiiiimmmmmmmmm!!!
    Annie: (Giggles) I do, but he doesn’t feel the same way, so..
    Lauren: He’ll turn up.
    Annie: Yeah, your right!
    Kenzi: Anyways, Im gonna change, ya’ll coming?
    K+J+L+R: Yea!
    Annie: Ill be up in a sec!

    (They went upstairs)

    (Annie went to get a cupcake)

    (Hayden appears)

    Hayden:(Clears throat) Athem!
    Annie: Oh, hey hayden!
    Hayden: Hey.
    Annie: What’s wrong?
    Hayden: Nothing!(whining)
    Annie: Okay, then why are you whinig?
    Hayden: I have no clue.
    Annie: Okay, well, whats up?
    Hayden: (Pulls out the rose) Julianna Grace LeBlanc, I have Liked you since we were 13 years old, and since then I like you, Will you be my….Girlfriend?
    Annie: (Gasp) Yass!
    Hayden: (Gives rose) Then, can we be offical?
    Annie: Yes!

    (They Hugged and kissed)

    (Then they pulled away)

    Annie: Oh hey Babe.
    Hayden: Yeah Baby Girl?
    Annie: I’m going to get dressed.
    Hayden: Yeah me to, if its too cold for you, then you can have my hoodie!
    Annie: Aww, thx Hay, your the best!
    Hayden: No problem.
    Annie: Love you!
    Hayden: Love you more.

    (Annie ran up and wore this)

    (Shirt: Black crop
    Pants: Ripped jean shorts
    Shoes: Nun
    Hair: Out)

    (The girls headed down and saw the boys their sitting in chairs)

    Annie: Hey Hay!(cuddles)
    Hayden:(cuddles) Hey Baby!
    Kenzi: You 2 are dating?!
    Hannie: Yeah…
    Jenzi: So are we!
    Caydn: Same!
    Larson: Ya!
    Tyrile: Yep!

    (They cuddled and annie sleeps)

    (Katie comes up)

    Katie: Hey Bae!
    Hayden: I’m not your “Bae” anymore.
    Katie: Okayyyyyy, well come on and lets dance!
    Hayden: No!

    (Annie woke up)

    (Everyone left and they hang)

    Annie: Johnny LeBlanc and Conner LeBlanc, its time to go!
    Johnny: Really?!
    Annie: Yesss!!
    Conner: Why!?
    Annie: You wanna fight now?
    Johnny: Fineeee, bye!

    (Johnny and conner starts the car)

    (Annie waved by and they left)

    (The Next Moring)

    (Annie woke up to a txt from Ruby)(Her Cousin)(She’s famous and rich 2)

    Ruba(Big Cous): Heyyy my baby cousin!
    Annia(Lil cous): Hey!,why are u texting me early?!
    Ruba(Big Cous): I saw Hayden Summeralls snap and Insta!!
    Annia(Lil cous): You saw?!
    Ruba(Big Cous): Yeahhhhhhhh….
    Annia(Lil Cous): Okay, #Hannie is real!
    Ruba(Big Cous): K, see you at school!!!!!!!

    (Annie Txted Hayden)

    BabyGirl: Hey Hay!
    Hay: Hey BabyGirl!, wassup?
    BabyGirl: Can you drive me to school?
    Hay: Okay, I’ll pick you up soon.
    BabyGirl: Oh yeah, nvm.
    Hay: ?
    BabyGirl: “Attention all students, We have no school bc of break, we will see all of you guys back on April 20th, Thank u and have a good break!”
    Hay: Ohhh, Then night!
    BabyGirl: Bye!

    (Kenzi Called Annie)

    Anns: Hello?
    Kenzi: Hey!
    Anns: Hey!
    Kenzi: Do you wanna come to the pool?
    Anns: Sure!, when?
    Kenzi: 2pm sharp!
    Anns: Ok, and I’ll ask my brothers.
    Kenzi: Kk, bye!
    Anns: Bye!

    (With Kenzi and Hayden)

    Mom: Hey Moring Mackenzie and Hayden!
    Mackenzie: Hey!
    Hayden: Helloooo!
    Mom: So, what is the plan for today?
    Mackenzie: Can I use the pool?
    Mom: Sure, but your birthday was yesterday…
    Hayden: Yeah!
    Mackenzie: Me, Jayden, Annie, Rylie, Lauren, Carson, Conner, Johnny, and Tyler are having a pool party!
    Mom: Well, Okay, Fine, anything else?
    Mackenzie: Ummm, oh yeah, Mommy Can I have $3,000 dollars, please, please, PLEASEEEEE!!!
    Hayden: There we go.
    Mackenzie: Shut up Hayden Taylor Summerall!
    Mom: Hey, hey, hey!
    H+K: Sorry…..
    Mom: Now, why do u need that much money?

    (Annie’s birthday isnt on the day that I am gonna say, Im just making it up)

    Mom: Mackenzie Frances Summerall, tell me!
    Mackenzie: (Sighs) Okay fine!, Annie’s birthday is coming up!
    Mom: Ohh, so you need that much?
    Mackenzie: Yes!, and we are having a Party at her’s!!
    Mom: Okayyyy, whats the money for?
    Mackenzie: I want to buy my Bestie an NEW IPHONE!
    Mom: Okayy, how old is she turning?
    Mackenzie: MOM!, SHE’S TURNING 17!!
    Mom: Oh, well, sure honey!
    Mackenzie: Awww, thanks Mom!
    Mom: Anytime!

    (Kenzie ran)

    Hayden: Mom!
    Mom: Yes Hayden?
    Hayden: Can I go over the LeBlanc’s?
    Mom: Mhm, sure!
    Hayden: Thanks!

    (Hayden Ran the buzzer)

    Mads: Um, who are you?
    Hayden: Im Hayden…..
    Mads: Hayden..?
    Hayden: Hayden Summerall, Annie’s bf…
    Mads: Oh, Okay, then come in!

    (Annie Ran downstairs to grab a granola bar)

    (Then she sees hayden)

    Annie: Oh, hey Hay!
    Hayden: Hey Baby!
    Annie: Why are you here?
    Hayden: I wanted to see you…
    Annie: Okay, sure.
    Hayden: Baby, where are you going?
    Annie: Oh, I was going to Gymanstics..
    Hayden: Then, Im sorry…
    Annie: Babe?
    Hayden: Yea Baby???
    Annie: Wanna come?, After this im going to Chicken Girls!
    Hayden: Yayyayyayyay!!
    Annie: (Giggles) Okay, lets go, I’m late.

    (They left)

    (In Gymastics)

    Annie: Hey!
    Mia: Oh hey!
    Liv: Hey!
    Sydeny: Hellla!!
    Annie: How are you girls?
    M+L+S: Good!!
    Annie: (Laughs) Are you guys ready for the meet?
    Mia: Yeah!
    Sydeny: Yep!
    Arden: Heyyya!
    Annie+Mia+Sydeny: Hey ardeny!

    (The strectch)

    (Annie did her routine)

    (hayden saw Asher)

    Asher: Hayden.
    Hayden: Asher?
    Asher: Hey!
    Hayden: Hey!
    Asher: What are you doing here?
    Hayden: You see the girl with brown and blonde hair?
    Asher: Mia?
    Hayden: I dont know her.
    Asher: Ooh, Annie LeBlanc?
    Hayden: Yep.
    Asher: She’s your girl?
    Hayden: Yeah, she invited me.
    Asher: Well, she is very active around things.
    Hayden: I know!

    (They Laughed)

    (Soon after annie and her Gym firends comes out)

    Mia: Baby!!(Hugs)
    Asher: (hugs back) Hey Babe!
    Mia: What are you doing here?
    Asher: Came to see beautiful.
    Mia: Awww!!

    (Sydeny sees Brennan)

    Sydeny: (Hugs) Babe!
    Brennan: (Hugs) Hey Baby!
    Sydeny: So, your mom said you can come?
    Brennan: Yeah.
    Sydeny: Yay, is Katie okay?
    Brennan: Yea.

    (Everyone talked)

    (Annie and the girls went to change and came out)

    (They saw Katie)

    Katie: Hey Girls!, why are you with HER!
    Sydeny: Oh, we were working on our floor rountie!
    Katie: Well, dont work with her!
    Mia: We know, and we understand!
    Katie: Go on?
    Arden: But Just give Annie a Chance!
    Katie: (Laughs) Ha!, Nooooooooo!!
    Sydeny: Well, Okay, Maybe we hate her…
    Katie: Okay!, well come on!

    (The girls leaves)

    (Annie and Hayden leaves)

    Dylan: Hey!
    Annie: Heyy!
    Mads: Goood!!
    Annie: Whats goood?
    Rylie: Finally!, you made it!
    Annie: (Laughs) Thanks!
    Indi: Annnnnnniiiiiiiiiieeeeeee!!
    Annie: Indi!!!!
    Cayden: Wassup annie!
    Annie: Caydenyyyy!!!
    Rush: Heyy!, Lil Siterr!!!
    Annie: (Laughs) Uncle Rushyyyy!!!
    Carson: Hey!
    Annie: Hiiiiiiiiii!!!!
    Indi: Who’s this?
    Annie: My Boyfriend!
    Annie: Mom!!!!!!
    Annie: Step Mommmmyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!
    Dylan: Um?
    Annie: Sisssssyyyyyyyy!!

    (They all grouped hugged)

    (Then Hayden was inturduced)

    Annie: Oh, Mommy, Step Mommy, Uncle Rush, Sissy, Brothers, Sister!, and Auntie, Grandpa, Grandma, This is my Bf…..Hayden……
    Brooke: Hello, My name is brooke, but I’m Annie’s Fake Mom, you may Call me Mother LeBlanc.
    Hayden: Hi Mother LeBlanc..
    Indi: Hey!, I’m Annie’s Step-Sister!, Btw, That’s brooke and Im Indianana!
    Hayden: Hi!
    Cayden: Wassup, Im Cayden!
    Hayden: Are you Annie’s Brother?
    Cayden: Yeah.

    (Everyone met Hayden)

    (Then They shot a sence and hayden was in it)

    Director: Okay!, That’s a Wrap on Indianna Mascara!!
    Everyone: Yay!!

    (They Hugged)

    Director: That is a wrap on Madison LeBlanc!!

    (Everyone was wrapped)

    (Annie and Hayden drove home)

    (Its almost 2)

    Annie: I Have to get ready for the pool!
    Hayden: I’ll see you there?
    Annie: Yeah!

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