Its snowing! pt 1

Kelani McClendon December 8, 2018
Humor, Romance
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    (Annies pov) I woke up with a major head ache and not feeling well, so I posted this on insta)

    srry for no pic, im so sick today love yuu!

    @Kenzie: Aww feel better sis!
    @Maddie: Feel better my bestie!:)
    @Hayley.LeBlanc: Im coming home anns!
    @HaydenSummerall: Aw my poor Bby!
    @LexiJade: I love youuuu annniiiiieeesssss

    (Annie’s pov) I smiled and then heard my twins sister throwin up in her room, after that I heard my lil sister Hayley knock on my door(End of prof))

    Hayley: Annie? (Knocks)
    Annie: Yess? (coughs)
    Hayley: Im gonna text Jayden, Hayden, Johnny and Connor to see if they can come over so that I can go to school.
    Annie: Hayley, they have calss also! (Sneezes)
    Hayley: Yeah Ik, but your sick and so is kenzie, and they love you both, well hayden and johnny mostly, but anyways, they can take care of you!, and after school me, Jayden and connor can head to the famous ppls store!
    Annie: Okay, and they dont sell famously medince, well they do but, nvrm(Coughs)
    Hayley: I’ll text them before I get ready, which is now, so ttyl?
    Annie: K (Sneezes)

    (Hayley texting hayden)

    Hayley(Lil sis): Hey hayden!
    Hayden(Big bro): Hey HayHay!
    Hayley(Lil Sissy): Can you skip school today?
    Hayden(Big Brother): Why?
    Hayley(Lil sissy): Annie and kenzie are sick, so can you take care of annie, im heading to school in 3 mins.
    Hayden: Sure!, I’ll text Johnny, Conner, and Jayden.
    Hayley(Lil sissy): I’ll do it, thx byee!
    (Texting Jayden)

    wittle HayHay: Hey jayden!
    Bestie: Hey wittle Hayley!
    wittle HayHay: Can you take care of annie and kenzie?
    Bestie sis: Sure!
    Wittl hayhay: Okay, be here before I leave!
    Bestie: Okie byee wittle hayhay!
    Wittle Hayhay: Byeee!

    (Texting Johnny)

    Wittle sis: Hey John!
    Johnza: Hey Wittle sis!
    Wittle sis: Can you come over before I leave for school?
    Johnza: why?
    wittle sis: Kenzi and Annie is sick.
    Johnza: Okie, be there in a sec
    Wittle sis: K byeee!

    (Txts Conner)

    HayHay chicka pa: Hey Cons!
    Con Con: Hey Hay Hay chicka pa!
    HayHay chicka pa: Can you come over before I leave?
    Con Con: Sure Hay Hay chicka pa!
    HayHay Chicka pa: K thx cons cons byeee!

    (After hayley texted she wore this:
    Clothes: Black hoodie crop & white ripped jeans
    Shoes: Black boots
    Make up: Natural
    Hair: Messy bun
    asscories: Fake guci Glasses & purse)

    (Hayley pov): After I was done, I heard the door bell, so I went downstairs and I saw Hayden, Jayden, Johnny, and connor, I let them in and i walked them upstairs to annies and kenzies room (They both have different rooms, end)

    Hayley: Okay, so whos gonna stay in annies room?
    Hayden: I’ll do it!
    Hayley: K, your gonna take care of her before I come back.
    Jayden: I’ll make some tea for both of them!
    Hayley: Okie, Johnny, you’ll go to kenzie’s room and take care of her.
    Johnny: K!
    Hayley: Connor, you help Jayden in the kitchen!
    Connor: Ok!
    Hayley: I have…. 30 mins before I leave, Im gonna make xome ceral.
    Jayden: I’ll go down with!
    Hayley: Ok, brb!

    (Hayley heads into Her room to grab her phone, and saw a picture of her and Julian at the water park that day, and headed to Annies room with Hayden)

    Hayley: Bye annie!(Hugs)
    Annie: (Wakes up) Uhm?, oh, bye hay Hay!(hugs back)
    Hayley: If you need anything hayden and the rest are downstairs.
    Annie: Ok…Did you make this outfit?(Sits up)
    Hayley: Uhm, and I wore my fake Glasses!
    Annie: Awe cute!, and you look adorable!
    Hayley: Thx(Check time)
    Annie: Go say bye to kenzie and then go eat okie?
    Hayley: K, byeeeeeee love youuuu!(Leaves)

    (Hayley went to Kenzies room)

    Hayley: Bye kenzie!(Hugs)
    Kenzie: (wakes up) uhm?, oh, byeee hay!(Hugs)
    Hayley: See you after school!(Leaves)

    (Hayley went downstairs and Got a txt from piper and tuxsuamy)

    pipes: Heyyy!
    Tuxusamy: Heyyy!
    Hayley: Hi!
    Pipes: My mom already picked TT up, were coming for you!
    Hayley: Ok, Im downstairs rn eatting!
    Tt: Oka, see you in 10 mins!
    Hayley: Lol, its 3 mins bc you 2 live right next to my house!
    Pipes: Lol, Oh yea forgot!
    Hayley: See you girlies in 3!

    (After hayley was done txting the group she ate her breakfast and by the time she was done she left)

    Annie: (Plays on her phone)
    Hayden: Babe?
    Annie: Yes? (coughs)
    Hayden: Wanna have a snack or something?
    Annie: What time is it?
    Hayden: 1 pm.
    Annie: Um, sure! (Sneezes)
    Hayden: What do you want?
    Annie: Hayden, Im going downstairs!

    (Both annie and Hayden went downstairs)

    Annie: (opened the cabinet) Uhm… i’ll have some soup!

    (Annie pulls out a soup can and a bowl and put it in the micorwave)

    Annie: Let me get some crackers to go with it

    (Annie gets crackers and hayden puts his arms around her waist)

    Annie: Hayyy!(turns head around)
    hayden: What are u makkkiinnng?(Puts head on annies shoulder)
    Annie: Chicken noodle soup!
    Hayden: Awe! Baby girl is hungwy?!
    Annie: Yessssss..
    Hayden: (Picks annie up and put her on the counter) I’ll make it!
    Annie: Hayyyy nooooo!(Whines and sneezes)
    Hayden: Pweaseeeeeeeeee!? (whines in bby vocie)
    Annie: (Sniffs) Okie, but can you makey tea?
    Hayden: Yesssssssss!!!!
    Annie: (Smiles) Thankie youwie!!!
    Hayden: Nopie promiblie!!!

    (Hayden made annies tea, got the soup and crakers and put them on the tray)

    Hayden: Come on lets go up! (picks annie up and takes her up)
    Annie: Food!!!
    Hayden: I’ll go downstairs to get it!
    Annie: Okie!

    (Hayden takes annie to her room and lays her on her bed, annie turns on the t.v and watched disney channel)

    Hayden: (knocks) Baby?
    Annie: Yes?(Coughs)
    Hayden: I have food!
    Annie: Okay!(Sits up)

    (After annie finished eatting she took a little nap)

    Hayley: Im homee!
    kenzie: Hayleyyyyy!(runs and hugs tightly)
    Hayley: You feel better?
    Kenzie: Yea!
    Hayden: Hey Hayleyy!
    Hayley: Hey!, where’s annie?
    Hayden: Well, wanna go upstairs and see?
    Hayley: Yeah sure, bc i haven’t seen here since this moring.
    Jayden: HayHay!!
    Hayley: Heyyy!
    Jayden: How was school?
    Hayley: Amzing!
    Jayden: Cool!
    Hayley: Where’s johnny and conner?
    Johnny: HAYLEY!(Hugs)
    Hayley: Heyy!
    Conner: HAY HAY! (Hugs)
    Hayley: Hi!, hayden?
    Hayden: Yes?
    Hayley: Lets go see annie, noww!
    Hayden: Ok!(Both runs upstairs)

    (Hayden and hayley braged into Annie’s room while annie was asleep hayden shock annie lightly)

    Hayden: Baby girl, wake up!(shakes lightly)
    Annie: Uhm?, hayden?, (Wakes up)
    Hayden: Hey Babe.
    Annie: Hi, Hayley?(Sits up)
    Hayley: Hey sis, howdo you feel?
    Annie: Hi, I feel better.(Rubs eyes)
    Hayley: Well, since you and kenzie feels better, wanna go to the park?
    Annie: Yeah sure, let me get dress frist, but hayd?
    Hayley: Okay, see you downstiars!

    (Hayden stayed)

    Hayden: Yea?
    Annie: Can you get me chips?
    Hayden: Ofc baby, get ready oka?
    Annie: Okie! (Gets Up)

    (Hayden left and annie wore this:
    Clothes: Pink crop top and white pants
    Shoes: Pink boots
    Make up: Natural
    Hair: Straightened hair
    Acessories: Fake glasses, phone, purse, and house keys)

    (Annie went downstairs to see Johnny, Jayden, connor, hayden and Hayley)

    (Kenzie wears this:
    Clothes: Yellow crop top black ripped jeans
    Shoes: yellow boots
    Make up: Natural
    Hair styles: Half up half down
    Acessories: Yellow sunglasses, phone, Purse and Keys(In case annie looses it))

    (Mackenzie left her room and joined downstairs)

    Annie: Are you ready?
    Kenzie: Yass!!
    Hayley: Yeah!
    Hayden: Yep!
    Johnny: Yess!
    Jayden: YASS!
    Connor: Yep!
    Annie: Ok, Kenzie do you have the house key?
    Kenzie: The back up one?
    Hayley: I have one!
    Annie: Good!, okay lets leave!

    (Everyone walked to the park and hayley, Jayden Johnny and conner ran to the swings while kenzie ran to them, and Annie and Hayden sat down and watched everyone play)

    Annie: GO HAYLEY GO!(Shouts)
    Hayden: (Laughs) Silly!
    Annie: Hey!, she’s my sister!
    Hayden: So is Kenzie!
    Annie: (Giggles) Ik!
    Hayden: After this do you want to go to ice cream?
    Annie: Ofc!
    Hayden: Im glad you feel better!
    Annie: Same here(Lays on haydens shoulder)
    Hayden: Your my Girl…(Hayden sings)
    Annie: Aww!, Your running out of reasons, saying that im not the one you see and all of my friends are saying we should be(Annie sings)
    Hayden: (Kisses annie forhead) I Love you annie!
    Annie: I love you to(Feels snow) Is it….snowing?
    Hayden: Its snowing!
    Everyone: ITS SNOWING!!!!!!!

    (Hayley, Kenzie, Jayden, and annie are team 1 and Team 2 was:
    Johnny, Connor, and Hayden)

    Annie: Lets go!

    (The girls through the snow ball)

    Annie: (Laughs) YAY!!
    Kenzie: Your gonna get it Johnny orlando!
    Hayley: YOUR GONNA GET IT!
    Jayden: AHH! CONNOR!!!
    Annie: SUMMERALL!(Throws snowballs)

    (After they were done they went to the Ice cream palace)

    Annie: That
    Kenzie: Was
    Jayden: The
    Hayley: Most
    Johnny: Amazading
    Conner: Day
    Hayden: Ever!
    Annie: Im so glad to be better!
    Hayden: Me to Babe(Holds hands)
    Kenzie: I Like having a friends day!
    Johnny: Same Baby (holds hands)
    Jayden: I also love this day!
    Conner: Same here jayBae(Holds hands)
    Hayley: Aww, I shi-(Hayley sees christ)

    (After they were done eating ice cream they headed back home and annie, kenzie, and hayley wore pajamas)

    (Annie’s Pj’s:
    Long sleeve star pj shirt and a star pj pants)

    (Mackenzies pj’s:
    Long sleeve rainbow pj’s shirt and rainbow pj pants)

    (Hayley’s pj’s:
    Bunny Long sleeve shirt and Bunny pj pants)

    (All 3 of them headed downstairs, annie cuddled with Hayden, Kenzi cuddles with Johnny, Jayden cuddled with Connor and hayley sunngled in the blankets)

    Hayden: So, what movie should we all watch?
    Annie: A Love story movie!
    Jayden: Love story!
    Kenzie: Love storyy!
    Hayley: Love storyy!
    Hayden: Scary!
    Johnny: Comedy!
    Connor: Comedy!
    Hayden: I guess a Love story movie..
    Girls: YAY!!
    Johnny: So, girls whats the title?
    Annie: How I met Jenna!
    Hayley: How I met Jenna!!
    Kenzie: How I met Jenna, bc how I met stacy isnt out yet.
    Jayden: How I met Jenna
    Hayden: Ok, then how i met jenna it is.

    (They played the movie and at the middle of the movie Annie, Kenzi, Jayden, Hayden, Hayley, Johnny, and conner fell asleep, and annie, kenz, and hayley’s parents came home)

    Mom(Katie): Aww billy, look at the kids..
    Dad(Billy): They look so cute, Maybe we should let the boys stay over tonight.
    Mom(katie): Well, I’ll call Trisha, Carine, Maya, and stacy that the kids are sleeping over!
    Dad(Billy): Good idea honey, Im gonna take Hayley up.
    Mom(Katie): She doesnt have school billy!
    Dad(Billy): Today is friday, oh, she can stay down here.
    Mom(Katie): Maybe we should hangout the kids tmr!
    Dad(Billy): Ooh Yeah, we can take them Ice Skating tmr!
    Mom(Katie): I’ll have the tekits ready for tmr, you call Hayden, Johnny, Connor and Jayden parents!
    Dad(Billy): Ok.

    (Billy called Mr.Jimmy and trisha)


    Billy: Hey Jimmy! and Trisha!
    Mr.Jimmy: Hey Billy!
    Billy: So, Hayden is not going home, he’s sleeping over at the girls house, if thats okay, we are also going to the Ice Skating ring, Can I also go and get haydens stuff?
    Mr.Jimmy: Sure!, I’ll come over in 1 min, let me pack Haydens things!
    Billy: K, bye!

    (Billy called Johnny’s Dad)

    Billy: Hey Chris!
    Chris(Johnnys dad): Hey!
    Billy: Can Johnny go to the Ice Skating ring and also stay over?
    Chris: Yes, we’ll get Johnny’s things and take them over!

    (Billy Called Jaydens family)

    Billy: Hey Jake!
    Jake: Heyy!
    Billy: Can Jayden stay over and go to the ice skating ring tmr?
    Jake: Yes!
    Billy: Alright bye!

    (AFter that Mr.Jimmy, Mr.Bartles, Mr.Flintely, Mr. Orlando drops there kids things off and heads home)

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