Its snowing! pt 2

Kelani McClendon December 9, 2018
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    (Annie’s pov): I was still sleeping when I heard the gang eatting breakfast and trying to wake me up, I Nugged one of them over and it was Jayden. The Hayley and hayden kissed me on the cheek a couple of time but all I did was smile, so they tried something else.(End of annies pov)

    Kenzie: ANNIE!
    Jayden: Wakey wakey!
    Hayley: ANNSSS!!
    Hayden: (Kissed her check) Come on Bby!
    Everyone: ANNIE!!!

    (After that they woke annie up by tickleing her)

    Hayley: Who’s gonna wake annie up?
    Kenzie: No, we need a plan B.
    Jayden: Like?, we almost tried every plan A.
    Johnny: Maybe we should make some choclate pancakes!
    Connor: Dude!, we did that!
    Hayden: Maybe, we should tickle her!
    Kenzie: Ooh, that will totally wake her up!
    Hayley: Yep, one thong that annie hates when she is asleep is tickle time!
    Jayden: So, who’s gonna tickle her?
    Johnny: Everyone!
    Conner: 3, 2, 1 goo!

    (Everyone tickles annie and annie wakes up)

    Annie: Guys really?!
    Kenzie: Yay! we woke annie up!
    Annie: Haha!, yeah yeah yeah! (Gets up mad)
    Hayden: Awe!, is wittle annikians is mad?(Bby Voice)
    Annie: Noooo I tried!(Baby voice)
    Hayley: (laughs) At least we woke u up!
    Annie: I never asked to!
    Johnny: Anns, come down, your up!
    Annie: Shut it Johnny!

    (Hayden, Annie, Kenzie, Jayden, Hayley, Johnny, and Connor all sat down on th couch and cuddled)

    Hayden: Hey guys!
    Kenzie: Yeah?
    Hayden: We should go Ice Skating!
    Jayden: OMG!, YASS!
    Hayden: We have to ask katie and billy.
    Hayley: I heard them say we all can!
    Hayden: You were asleep.
    Johnny: I Heard them to
    Hayden: Ok!, Annie wanna go w-(Sees annie asleep)
    Connor: Take her and get her dressed
    Hayden: K, bye!

    (Hayden takes annie upstairs and made her wear this:
    Shirt: Long sleeve white tied up shirt
    Pants: black Ripped jeans
    Make up: Natural
    Hair: Messy Bun
    Shoes: White boots
    Jacket: Black heart hoodie
    Acessories: Fake glasses, purse and phone.)

    (hayden’s outfit:
    Shirt: Gucci
    Pants: Ripped
    Shoes: Black and white vans
    Jacket: Thrasher hoodie
    Acessories: Fake glasses and phone
    Hair: Natural curly)

    (Kenzie’s outfit:
    Shirt: Long sleeve #Girls purple
    Pants: Skinny
    Shoes: Purple wans
    Jacket: Hoodie
    Hair: Ponytail
    Make up: Natural
    Acessories: Sunglasses, purse, and phone)

    (Hayley’s outift:
    Shirt: pink Long sleeve
    Pants: Skinny
    Shoes: Pink boots
    Jackets: Hoodie
    Hair: Half up half down bun
    Acessories: Pink head band, purse, and phone)

    (Jayden’s outfit:
    Shirt: #Love shirt
    Pants: Ripped
    Shoes: Black and white vans
    Jacket: Hoodie
    Make up: Natural
    Hair: Down
    Acessoreis: Fake glasses and phone)

    (Johnny’s outfit:
    Shirt: Real men wear pink long sleevs
    Pants: Black ripped jeans
    SHoes: Black and white vans
    Jacket: Hoodie
    Acessories: Phone and sunglasses)

    (Connors outfit:
    Shirt: Golden long sleeve
    Pants: Black ripped jeans
    Shoes: Vans
    Jacket: Jean Jacket
    Acessories: Fake glasses)

    (Hayden, Annie, Kenzie, Hayley, Jayden, Johnny, and connor came downstairs and went into the car, the seating range was:
    Hayley Front
    Kenzi and Johnny: Middle seat
    Jayden and Conner: Other middle
    Hayden and Annie: Back seat.
    After that Kenzie and Johnny fell asleep, Jayden and Connor fell asleep and Hayden and annie looked out the window, Hayley was asleep)

    Hayden: (looks at annie sleeping) Awe!, Baby..
    (Hayden went to sleep to, and by the time they got there hannie, jenzie, Cayden and Hayley were all asleep, so Mrs. Katie pulled out the volgging channel)

    Mrs Katie: Hey guys, so we are here at the Ice skating ring and Hayden, Hayley, Annie, Kenzi, Johnny, Connor and Jayden are sleeping.
    Mr.Billy: We should leave them here and have fun!
    Mrs. Katie: Yeah lets leave them, Im kidding (laughing)
    Mrs.Katie: Ok so we are really gonna wake the kids up, wish us luck byee!

    (Hayden and the rest woke up and annie decided to take over the volg)

    Annie: Hey guys!, so rn we are at the skating area and, did we tell them why are we here?
    Mrs.Katie: No, you wanna tell?
    Annie: Yes!, ok, so we are here bc, it is Hayley, me and Kenzie’s feild trip off from school, so we are all here, and ya!
    Mr.Billy: And there is a carnival here also!
    Annie: Oh yeah there is, and we are going and here is hayden!
    Hayden: Hey!
    Annie: Its freezing cold out here, but this is Hayden Summerall and we decided to hangout after this and ya see you guys later bye!

    (In the ring)

    Hayden: Hey guys, so annie and kenzie doesnt know that me and Johnny are planning a suprise for them here, so we are planing it rn and there are the girls sitting over there! (flips it to them and flips it back) So the suprise is that it is our 1 year that we have been together and me and johnny wanted to get both of them some flowers and a specail thing, so I got annie and charm braclet bc she really likes them, and johnny got kenzie one to but its, purple and byee guys!

    (After Skating everyone fell asleep on the couch cuddling)

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