Its snowing pt 3

Kelani McClendon December 9, 2018
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    (Kenzie’s pov): I woke up in my bed, Idk why I am in my bed, but anyways, I took my phone and saw a video on Insta it was the Ignore my bf for 24 hrs changlenged, I decided to do it, so I took my camra out and headed to annie’s room with hayden, Mommy and dadys room, hayley’s with Connor, jayden and johnny in my room, so I went to their rooms with my camrea)

    Kenzie: Hey guys, welcome back to my Channel, so today I am doing and Ignore my Boyfriend Challenege, If you dont know my bf he is Johnny orlando, and we have been together for a year now, anyways I am gonna do the challenege and yea so im gonna put you guys here and I hear Johnny, so yeah!

    (Johnny comes in and kenzie watches televison)

    Johnny: Hey Babe!
    Johnny: Baby!!(Whines)
    Johnny: Why are you ignoring me?
    Kenzie:….( thinks to herself).I wanna go to annie’s room to see what she, Hayden, Jayden, Hayley, mommy and daddy wanna do for today.

    (Kenzie leaves and goes to annie’s room where Jayden, Hayley, Connor, and hayden was)

    Kenzie: Hey Guys!
    Annie: Hey!
    Jayden: Hey!
    Hayley: Sissy!!(Hugs)
    Kenzie: Aw hey Hay Hay!(Hugs back)
    Hayden: Hey!(Half asleep)
    Connor: Hey!
    Johnny: Hola!
    Kenzie: So whats the plan for today?
    Annie: Um, idk…
    Jayden: We can head to the park?
    Hayley: To the carinvala?
    Hayden: Sleep!(Half asleep still)
    Connor: Movie day?
    Johnny: Um, Ice cream?
    Kenzie: I think we should go to the carnivala!
    Jayden: Yea!
    Annie: Yep!
    Hayden: Uhm!
    Hayley: YAY!
    Connor: Sure!
    Johnny: Yah!
    Kenzie: What time do they open?
    Annie: Um, I’ll check, in the mean time go and get ready!
    Everyone(Except hayden): Oka!

    (Everyone leaves and Hayden was still cuddling annie and was still asleep)

    Annie: It openeds in 30 mins!
    Hayden: Are we going? (Wakes up)
    Annie: Awe lookie who finally wanna wakey!(Bby vocie)
    Hayden: Uhm, Hi!(Hugs annie)
    Annie: Hi Babe! (Hugs back)
    Hayden: What are we doing today?(Lays head on annie)
    Annie: Wanna head to the Carnivala today?(lays head on his head)
    Hayden: Yeah, what time does it openeds?
    Annie: In Like 30 mins..
    Hayden: Ok, what to do in the mean time?
    Annie: Im gonna get dressed, you can head back to bed.?
    Hayden: No, I’ll watch televison, and when your done can we cuddle?
    Annie: (giggles) Sure, but take a shower!
    Hayden: Oke!

    (Annie goes into her closet and picks this outfit out:
    Shirt: Yellow hoodie crop top
    Pants: White ripped jeans
    Shoes: Black and white vans
    Jacket: Crop Jean Jacket
    After that annie took her clothes into her bathroom and took a shower, then she put her clothes on and did her hair like this:
    Hair style: French braids
    Make up: Natural
    Acessories: Phone, Sunglasses, and purse
    Annie pluped on her bed and Hayden went into his bag and pulled this outfit out:
    Shirt: White ripped black shrit with a hoodie
    Pants: Black ripped jeans
    Shoes: Black and white vans
    Jacket: Thrasher hoodie.
    Hayden went in and then came back out and did his hair like this:
    Hair: Naturally curlys
    Acessories: Sunglasses and phone.
    hayden and annie cuddled and watched some televison)

    (Kenzie wore this:
    Shirts: Long sleeve pink shirt
    Pants: Black skinny jeans
    Shoes: Pink vans
    Hair: Messy bun
    Make up: Natural
    Jacket: Peace sgin hoodie
    Acessories: Fake glasses, Purse and phone.
    Kenzie played on her phone when Johnny came in)

    (Im not doing everyones outfit(Srry))

    Annie: Hey Babe?
    Hayden: Yea?
    Annie: I’m gonna go to my parents room, brb
    Hayden: Ok..(Plays on phone)

    (Annie goes to her parents room)

    Annie: Hey Mom, where’s dad?
    Mom: Hey Annie, your dad went to hangout with friends.
    Annie: Ok, Mommy?
    Mom: Yes annie?
    Annie: Can we go to the carinval?
    Mom: We were planing on going tmr.
    Annie: Why?
    Mom: We are having your 14th brithday party there.
    Annie: YAy!, so what are we doing today?
    Mom: Im taking you and the rest to the mall, so that ya’ll can hangout!
    Annie: K, thx mommy!
    Mom: Np!, were leaving rn!
    Annie: Ok!

    (Annie gathers everyone downstairs and they head to the mall, The girls went to their store and the boys went to theirs)

    Annie: So, what store should we go to frist?
    Kenzie: Forever 21!
    Jayden: H&M!
    Hayley: Justices and Claries!
    Annie: Ok, so we will go in order!, whats first?
    Kenzie: Forever 21!
    Annie: Ok, and then?
    Jayden: H&M!
    Annie: Okie and after?
    Hayley: Justice!
    Annie: Ok, and then Gucci and anywhere else!
    H+K+J: Yay!

    (The girls headed into Forever 21)

    Annie: Oooh!, I love this top!
    Kenzie: Oh my gosh! annie get that!
    Jayden: I Like this one pecice!
    Annie: Yasss!
    Hayley: Oooh!, I like this crop top!
    Annie: Get it HayHay!
    Annie: (laughs) Ok, lets go to the casheir!

    (They go to the casheir)

    Casheir: Hello girls!
    Annie: Hi!
    Kenzie: Hi!
    Jayden: Hi!
    Hayley: Hi!
    Casheir: That is $2.09
    Annie: Here you go!
    Chasier: Thank you have a nice day girls!
    Girls: You too!

    (With the boys)

    Hayden: Lets get some new shoes!
    Connor: Yea!
    Johnny: Ok, Lets go to nike!
    Connor: Vans!
    Hayden: Jordans!

    (Annie called hayden)

    Hayden: Hello?
    Annie: Hey Hay!
    Hayden: Hey Anns, whats up?
    Annie: We wanna know if you and the boys wanna grab something to eat!
    Hayden: Yeah sure, where?
    Annie: Um, we saw a buger place next to H&M, wanna go there?
    Hayden: Yeah, did you already made resseavations?
    Annie: Um,no, were still shopping!(in the background) Annniiiiieeee!
    Hayden: Is that Jayden?
    Annie: Yeah, anyways see you there?
    Hayden: Ok, bye love you!
    Annie: Bye love you too!
    (Hangs up)

    Annie: Ok, Hayden said that we can go to the burger place!
    Kenzi: Ok, lets go to H&M!

    (They headed to H&M)

    Annie: Oh, these blue ripped jeans and Hoodie and Crop Hoodie looks cute to wear like in the house!
    Kenzi: These Black leggings and Blue hoodie crop looks cute with the love hoodie!
    Jayden: This sleeve/ stringless crop looks cute with this black soft Jacket and white ripped jeans!
    Hayley: The white crop hoodie and leggings looks cute with his brown sunggley Jacket!

    (They payed and went to the Gucci store)

    Annie: This fake glasses looks adorable! and sunglasses
    Kenzie: This sunglasses and fake glasses looks cuti!
    Hayley: Fake glasses and sunglasses looks adorably cute!

    (They brought it and then went to the burger place, annie called hayden)

    Hayden: hello?
    Annie: Hey Hay!
    Hayden: Hey Babe
    Annie: R u done?
    Hayden: Yeah, were coming!
    Annie: Okie, Im gonna make some ressevations!
    Hayden: Tanks Babe, byee
    Annie: Bye!

    (The girls just talked)

    Annie: I cant wait until my brithdayy!
    Kenzie: I cant beleive that your turning 14!
    Hayley: Ikr!
    Jayden: Awe!, my Bby is growing upp!
    Annie: Ikkkk!(Laughs)
    Kenzie: Are we having another sleep over?
    Hayley: Ya!
    Jayden: Yass!
    Annie: Yeahhh!
    Kenzie: (Laughs) whats taking the boys soooo lonnng?
    Jayden: I tried calling Connor but no answer.
    Hayley: I called Hayden, but voice mall
    Annie: Hayden said that he is coming in like 3 mins!

    (The boys finally came and they eat, then annie feel asleep on haydens shoulder and Kenzie called their parents)

    Mommy: Hello?
    Kenzie: Hey Mommy!
    Mommy: Hey!
    Kenzie: Were done and annie is asleep!
    Mommy: Okie, we are on our way!
    Kenzie: K, byee!

    (They got into the car and Kenzie, Hayley, Jayden and annie feel asleep, when they got into the hosue hayden took annie to her room, connor took Jayden to her guess room, Johnny took Kenzie to her room, and Connor went back down to take hayley to her room)

    (Annie woke up first)

    Annie: Uhm, Hayden?(Rubbing eyes)
    Hayden: Hey.
    Annie: Why am I in my room?
    Hayden: You feel asleep in the car.
    Annie: oh…well what time is it?
    Hayden: 8pm.
    Annie: Okie(Yawns) Im going back to sleep, wake me up when dinner is ready.
    Hayden: K, Night
    Annie: Night (Turns around and sleeps)

    (Kenzie woke up)

    Kenzie: hm, john?(rubing eyes)
    John: Hey,
    Kenzie: What time is it?
    John: 8pm
    Kenzie: Im gonna head back to bed.
    John: I’ll wake you up when dinner is ready.
    Kenzie: Ok, (Kenzie sleeps)

    (With Jayden( Jayden is still asleep)

    (Hayley is still sleeping)

    ( They all ate dinner and Kenzie, Annie, Jayden, Johnny, Connor and Hayden changed into pjs)

    (Annie Pj’s:
    Pj shirt: Black long sleeve
    Pj pants: White
    Annie went to bed)

    (Haydens pj:
    Pj shirt: Long sleeve
    Pj pants: Black
    Hayden cuddled with annie and went to bed)

    (Kenzie’s pj:
    Pj shirt: Purple long sleeve
    Pj pants: Black
    Kenzie went to bed)

    (Johnnys pj:
    Pj shirt: Long sleeve
    Pj pants: Pants
    Cuddled with kenzie)

    (Everyone went to bed)

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