Its snowing pt 4

Kelani McClendon December 10, 2018
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    ( Annie woke up and went downstairs)

    Annie: Moring…
    Hayley: Happy Birthday!
    Annie: Awe thanks!
    Kenzie: Happy birthday!
    Annie: Thx!
    Hayden: Happy Birthday Babe!
    Annie: Awe thanks!
    Johnny: Happy 14th!
    Annie: Thx!
    Jayden: Happy 14th Birthday anniee!
    Annie: Thx Jayden!
    Connor: Happy Birthday!
    Annie: thanks, where’s mommy and daddy?
    Hayley: They went to the carnivala to set up.
    Annie: Ok!

    (Everyone ate and then annie and Hayden headed upstairs and locked the door and watched t.v)

    Annie: Hay?
    Hay: Yes?
    Annie: Am I gonna change?
    Hay: no, your gonna be loving like always!
    Annie: thx(kissed hayden)
    Hay: Np.

    (A little bit drity bc they are wayy to young but a little dirty)

    (Annie and Hayden took of all of there clothes and Hayden sucked annies puss)

    Annie: Uh hm Ahhh! Daddyyyyy!!!
    Hayden: mmm
    Annie: Uh!, my turn!!

    (Annie suck haydens Di)

    Hayden: Uh mm uh ahhh ahhhh uhhhh ahhhh mmmm fasterrrrr
    Annie: Mmmm(Goes faster)
    Hayden: mmmmmm ahhhhhh im comingggggg

    (Hayden came and licked annie)

    Annie: ahhhhh uhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhh ummmmmm hmmmmm
    Annie: uh fasterrrrrrrrrrrrr I feelllllll itttttttt!

    (Hayden went faster and annie came, then annie and Hayden did it themselfs)

    Hayden: ahhhhh uhhhhhhh ummmmmmm(comes)
    Annie: ahhhhhhhhhhhhh(Comes)

    (They put there clothes on and went to sleep


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