Its snowing pt 5

Kelani McClendon December 10, 2018
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    (Hayden woke up and got a text from kenzie)

    Kenzi: Hayden!
    Hayden: Yeah?
    Kenzi: We need you to help decorate the house!, before annie wakes up!
    Hayden: Ok, im coming down!

    (Hayden goes downstairs and helps decorate, after they were finished the decorations and put the cup cakes on the counter)

    Hayden: ok, we have to wake annie up.
    Jayden: Me, Kenzi and Hayley will do it!
    Kenzie: Ya!
    Hayley: Yup!
    Johnny: Ok good, me and the boys will hide behind the couch.
    Jayden: ok, come on girls!

    (the girls heads to annie’s room and opened and started to sing)

    Jayden: Happy birthday too youuu!
    Hayley: Happy birthday dear annieee!
    Kenzi: Happy Birthday tooo yoooouuuuu!
    Annie: Uhm?, hayley, kenz, and Jay?
    Jayden: Hey bday girl, why are you asleep?
    Annie: bc, I got tired…(Sits up)
    Kenzi: Well, come on, we have a little treat for you!
    Annie: Where?
    Hayley: Downstairs duhhh!
    Annie: Ok, what time is it?
    Jayden: 5:30pm about to be 6!
    Annie: And when does my party start?
    Kenzi: At 6pm sharp!
    Annie: K, lets go downstairs then!
    Hayley: Yay!
    (The girls heads downstairs and annie saw the cupcakes)
    Annie: Awww!!
    Kenzie: There cupcakes!!
    Annie: They look so adorable!
    Jayden: They’re really cute!
    Annie: Ikr!
    Hayley: Lets eat one!
    Annie: ok!
    (The boys came out from behind and scared annie)

    Boys: BOO!
    Annie: Ahhhh!, Hayden!, Johnny!, and connor really?!
    Boys: (laughs) We SCARED YOU!
    Annie: Wait, you 3 were in this?!
    Girls(Except annie): Yess!
    Annie: You guys are sooo mean!
    Everyone(Except annie): (Laughs) Aww Happy birthday anniee!
    Annie: This is the best 14th birthday everrr!
    Everyone: YAY!!!
    Annie: So, who wanna eat some cupcakes AND Watch how I met your mother?!
    Everyone: MEEEEEE!!!!

    (Everyone grabbed the cupcake plate and sat on the couch and they cuddled by the fire and watched how I met your mother, Then after that they played tag)

    Annie: That
    Kenzie: Was
    Jayden: Such
    Hayley: An
    Johnny: Amazing
    Hayden: Show
    Connor: Everrr!
    Annie: (laughs) What should we do now?
    Everyone: Hide and seek!
    Annie: Ok!

    ( Annie hide in the cabin
    Kenzi hid in the bathroom
    Jayden hid in the mud room
    hayley hid in the guess room
    the boys had to find them)

    Hayden: (opened the cabin) I found you annie!
    Annie: (giggles) Hay!
    Johnny: I found you kenzi!
    Kenzie: Awe man!
    Connor: I found you Jaydenn!
    Jayden: Aww!
    Hayden: now, lets find Hayley!
    Annie: I dont know where she h-( heard door bell)
    Johnny: We’ll find her and then sit on the couch, you answer!
    Annie: Okie, good luck guyss!

    (Annie answered and saw Julian)

    Annie: Hey Julian.
    Julian: Hey annie, Happy birthday!
    Annie: Thx, why are you here?
    Julian: Um…I was invited by hayley…
    Annie: oh, ok, she never told me you were comin, nor did she touch her phone all day today.
    Julian: oh…
    Annie: You wanna come and say sorry, dont you?
    Julian: Yeah…
    Annie: You could’ve said that.
    Julian: Sorry.
    Annie: its fine, everyone is sitting on the sofa watching t.v, wanna join?
    Julian: Sure, do I get to appologize?
    Annie: yes.
    Julian: ok, and here’s a present.(hands the present)
    Annie: Awe thank you(Closes the door)

    (Annie and Julian went into the Living room and Julian saw hayley sitting on the chair snuggled)

    Annie: Hey guys and girls!
    Everyone: Hey!
    Annie: Hayley, can julian come and sit with you?
    Hayley: Uhm?, oh yeah sure!(Txts piper)

    (They all watched t.v and the girls went to get some snacks)

    Annie: guys?
    Jayden: yea?
    Annie: you guys want something to eat?
    Hayden: Yes.
    Annie: What do you wanna eat?
    Hayden: Hot cheetos!
    Annie: Ok, Johnny?
    Johnny: Fretos!
    Annie: K, Hayley?
    Hayley: Takis!
    Annie: Kenzi?
    Kenzi: I’ll come help you, I’ll have some fruits
    Annie: Ok, Julian?
    Julian: Fretos!
    Annie: Ik connor wants hot fries!
    Connor: You know it!, anyways who wanna get the snacks?
    Kenzi: I’ll help!
    Jayden: Yeah same!
    Hayd: I’ll help Babe!
    Hayley: I’ll help you!

    (Kenzi, Hayden, Hayley, Kenzi, and Jayden got all of the food)

    Annie: Ok, here!
    Everyone: Ya!

    (Annie checked the time and it was 5: 45pm)

    Annie: Guys lets get ready!
    Hayden: What time is it?
    Annie: 5: 45pm
    Kenzi: We’re gonna be late!
    Annie: yeah!
    Jayden: Ok everyone go into rooms and change!

    (Annie’s birthday outfit:
    shirt: Red Crop top
    pants: Black ripped jeans
    shoes: Red boots
    hair: Straightened
    Make up: Glamous
    Jacket: Black soft jacket
    Acessories: fake glasses, red purse and phone)

    (Haydens outfit:
    shirt: black shirt
    pants: Black ripped jeans
    hair: Natural curls
    shoes: Black and white vans
    Jacket: Black thrasher hoodie
    Acessories: Fake glasses and phone)

    (Kenzie’s outfit:
    Shirt: White crop top
    Pants: Blue ripped jeans
    shoes: White boots
    Hair: Curls
    Jacket: Blue crop Jean Jacket
    Acessories: Sunglass on head, white purse, and phone)

    (Jayden’s outfit:
    Shirt: Yellow crop
    Pants: Black ripped jeans
    Shoes: Yellow boots
    Hair: Straighten
    Jacket: Black jacket
    Acessories: Fake galsses, yellow purse and phone)

    (Hayley’s outfit:
    Shirt: Pink crop
    Pants: White ripped jeans
    Shoes: Pink boots
    Hair: French Braids
    Jacket: Sparkly Jackets
    Acessories: Pink sunglasses on head, pink purse, and phone)

    (Im not doing johnnys but he wore a nice outfit and so did connor, they all of tghe gang went downstairs and talked, untill the limo came and everyone went inside. After that they arrived)

    Annie: OMG!
    Mommy: Happy birthday Baby girl!
    Annie: Thanks mommy!
    Mads: Happy 14th!
    Annie: MADS?!(Hugs)
    Mads: Hey Bae!
    Annie: RYLIE!
    Rylie: Heyyy!(hugs)
    Paige: Who’s the bday girl?
    Annie: Paigy!!!!(HUgs)
    Paige: Happy 14th my annikains!(hugs)
    Annie: Katie?
    Katie: Happy 14th bestieeeeeeeee!(Hugs)
    Annie: Ahhh!(Hugs)

    (Everyone danced and the group went on the farres wheel)

    Annie: Ahh!(Holds hayden tightly)
    Hayden: It’s ok baby, I got you!
    Annie: (giggles) Best party ever!
    Annie: (giggles and waves)

    (After the party everyone went to annie, kenzi, and hayley’s house and played loud music and singing along)

    Annie: MY SONG?!
    Everyone: oh, oh, oh!
    Annie: STOOPPP(Blushes)

    (Everyone was singin and then It was time to say what annie is like)

    Dylan: Annie, your amazing, passionite, funny, kind, sweet, and such an amazing bestie!
    Annie: Aww thx Dyl!(Tears up)
    Kenzi: Annie, your and amazing Sister, Beautiful, funny, kind, silly, and one of the kid sister.
    Annie: (tears up) Aww

    (After everyone was done everyone left)

    Annie: That was the BEST party ever!
    Everyone: Happy Bday!

    (After that everyone changed and went to bed)

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