Johnny and Connor comes back and hayden asks annie an important question?Pt1

Kelani McClendon January 8, 2019
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    (Annie’s pov:
    I woke up to 3 txts from Jayden, Carson and Kenzie, I answered them)

    (Txts Carson)

    Cars: Hey Morin sis, get dressed!
    Anns: Hi?, and ok??
    Cars: Bye!
    Anns: Bye?

    (Txts Jayden)

    JayBae: Hey!
    Anns: Hi?
    JayBae: Did Carson txt you yet?
    Anns: Yeah..
    JayBae: Ok, hurry and get up!!!
    Anns: Ok, ok bye?
    JayBae: Bye!!

    (Txts Kenzie)

    Kenzie: GET UP!
    Anns: Ok?
    Kenzie: Bye!
    Anns: Bye?

    (Annie wore this outfit:
    Shirt: White hoodie crop
    Pants: Black ripped jeans
    Shoes: Black and white vans
    Hair: Curls
    Make up: Natural
    Acessories: Fake glasses and phone)

    (Annie went downstairs and sees Jayden, Kenzie, and Hayley standing in the kitchen and their parents are smiling)

    Annie: Ok, why is Mom and dad smiling like a scary person?
    Kenzie: Idk, I went and answered the door bc Jayden is here and I told them whats happenin and they just….smiled.
    Annie: Huh, well hey ya’ll!!
    Mom: Moring Pumpkin!
    Dad: Moring!
    Jayden: Annie hurry and eat plzzz!?
    Annie: Fine, where’s hayley going?
    Hayley: Im coming with!
    Annie: K.

    (Annie finishes and the girls heads to the park and sees Johnny, Connor, and Carson waiting for the girls)

    Annie: Hey!
    Johnny: Hey Lil sis!
    Annie: So why are we at the park?
    Connor: This is just for a hang!
    Annie: Then where’s hayden?
    Kenzie: Good point!, I’ll text him…Later!
    Annie: Are you guys ok?
    Jayden: Ya, why wouldn’t we be..?
    Annie: Your all Lying!
    Carson: How do you know?
    Annie: I have known you guys for a long time!
    Kenzie: I mean that’s true, but were not lying..
    Connor: I’m gonna head over to hayden’s!
    Annie: ? but you just got here…
    Johnny: Me to!
    Kenzie: I wanna go with!
    Annie: Ok, how about ALL of us go to Haydens?
    Everyone(Except Annie): NO!
    Annie: Oh come on!, really?
    Everyone(except annie): Yes!
    Annie: Fine, go to MY Boyfriends house without me!
    Everyone(Except annie): LOVE YOU BYEEE!

    (Everyone headed to hayden’s while annie sat on the bench)

    (Annie txts Stella)

    Anns: Hey Stells!
    Stells: Heyy!
    Anns: Wyd?
    Stells: At home chilin, you?
    Anns: I was hanging out with my besties, but they left.
    Stells: Awe!, Wanna come over?
    Anns: Sure!
    Stells: Oky, see you later!
    Anns: Bye!

    (Annie left and went to Stella’s house but her brother was there)

    Stells: Hey!
    Anns: Hi!
    James: Stella!!!
    Anns: James!
    James: Hey Cutie!
    Stella: Back off, she’s dating someone!
    James: WHO?! I’LL BET HIS BUTT UP?!
    Anns: (giggles) Werdio much?, and his name is Hayden, right stell’s?
    Stella: Yup for the werido much, and ya!

    (Annie goes into Stella’s house and sits on the couch with James and Luke)

    Stella: So, why did they ditch you?
    Annie: Idk, something about them getting hayden from his house., or something like that..
    Luke: Hey Babe!, why are u here?, I wasn’t excepting u
    Annie: You know im not your babe dumby!, and I texted stella asking if I can come over here.
    Stella: U know he hasn’t grown out of ya right?
    James: I have!, AND I have a GIRLFRIEND WHOS MY AGE!!!!!!!
    Stella: Ya right!, You haven’t dated someone in like….FOREVER!
    Annie: Ha!, sista told ya!
    Luke: Hey annie?
    Annie: Yea werido?
    Stella: Ha!

    (Annie and Luke hold hands but annie doesn’t and she looks mad)

    Annie: Ok stell?
    Stell: Ya?
    Annie: Your brother is holding my hand!
    Stell: LET GO!
    Luke: Fine!, oh ye my gf is here!
    Annie: Ovie your lying, butttt I dont care!
    James: My gf is to!
    S+A: Liars!!
    Luke: Eh Shut it!
    Annie: (Laughs) I never felt for that!
    Stella: Im Glad!
    Luke: What haven’t u fallen for yet?
    Annie: Um, That time when you tricked me!
    Jame: He tricked ya?, Into what?
    Annie: Ya he did, and for a “Hangout”
    Stella: Oh yeah!, you thought the gang would be there!
    Annie: Yup!
    Luke: U didnt even care!
    Annie: True, but im older!!!
    Stella: Ha!

    (With Jayden and the rest)

    Hayden: K, Im ready!
    Jayden: Good!
    Connor: Annie should still be at the park.
    Kenzie: Ekk!!, Im soo excited!!!
    Johnny: Clam down!
    Hayley: Ya, your scaring me…
    Kenzie: Aww, sorry lil Hay Hay!
    Hayden: Lets goooooo!

    (Everyone left and They didnt see annie)

    Hayden: Where’s annie?
    Kenzie: Idk!
    Jayden: She was supposed to be here!
    Hayley: What if someone took her?!
    Johnny: No, she’s strong and tough.
    Kenzie: Then what happened?
    Connor: Idk..
    Jayden: This is totally ruining the suprise!!!
    Carson: Maybe Kenzie can call her?
    Kenzie: Ohhh yeah!

    (Kenzie calls annie)

    Twiny: Hello?
    Kenzie: ANNIE?!
    Twiny: What?
    Kenzie: Where are you?, are you oky?!
    Twiny: Im fine, and im at stella’s!
    Kenzie: Come to the park now!
    Twiny: Oky, im on my way, why are u yelling?
    Kenzie: Im sorry sis, but bye!

    (Annie goes to the park and sees everyone)

    Everyone(Except annie): ANNIE!
    Annie: Hi?
    Hayden: U ok?
    Annie: Ya!

    (Hayden and annie heads to starbucks)

    Anns: Whats all of this babe?
    Hay: I wanna take you here.
    Anns: Oky…but why?
    Hay: Julianna Grace LeBlanc I love you…
    Anns: I Love you to!
    Hay: Will you make me the happiest boy..
    Anns: ?
    Hay: And….Date me again….for our 2 year anniveristy?
    Anns: O.M.G!!! yessss!!!(hugs)
    Hay: Then….here you go. (puts a ring on annie)
    Anns: I Love it!!!
    Hay: Im glad u do
    Anns: So…where 2 next?
    Hay: Well, later tonight, we are heading to city walk!
    Anns: Yay!!!!!
    Hay: I Love u soo much!
    Anns: Awe!, I Love you tooo! (Giggles)
    Hay: Imma order, want something?
    Anns: Pink drink?
    Hay: K, brb!

    (Hayden leaves and Dylan and her squad comes up to annie)

    Annie: Ugh!, what do u want?
    Dylan: Im bored!
    Annie: Oky?, so, annoy someone else!
    Mads: You think your loveable?
    Annie: I dont think, I act!, Loveable!, much like u guys!
    Rylie: Your just jealous!
    Annie: Jealous of u guys?, No way!!
    Dylan: Pathic!
    Annie: (stands up) LEAVE NOW!

    ( Dylan and her gang leaves and hayden comes back)

    Anns: Aww! your the best boyfriend ever!
    Hay: Your the cutest girlfriend ever!
    Anns: Ik! (Flicks hair)
    Hay: Silly!
    Anns: Meanie!
    Hay: Awe!, is wittle Baby Mady wady?(bby voice)
    Anns: Noo!(Playfully roll eyes)
    Hay: Ya you are!
    Anns: Nope, not a little!
    Hay: Ok…
    Anns: Your such a werido!(giggles)
    Hay: I love your giggles soooo much!!
    Anns: Aww! Thanks Babe!
    Hay: Ready to go to city walk?
    Anns: What time is it..
    Hay: Uh…(Checks time) 6:59pm, why?
    Anns: I you wanna head to city walk now?
    Hay: No, I mean not yet anyways
    Anns: Why not?
    Hay: Bc, we leave here in 4 mins..
    Anns: K.
    Hay: U like your drink?
    Anns: Ofc!
    Hay: (Chuckles)
    Anns: I wonder what the others are doing.
    Hay: T.V and movies and sleeping, Ig…
    Anns: Yep.
    Hay: We should go now..
    Anns: K!

    (After city walk annie went to bed and changed her clothes)

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