Jumma Ka Dada

Siraj Belim April 16, 2020
5 min read
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There was a kingdom and there was so many types of people lived.
One of them was a lazy Jumma ka dada. He always slept all day long and do nothing but feast on what ever food his old mother bring from town after her hard work.
One day Jumma was seating idle at his hut and he see seven flies seating on food leftover. He by just for fun forcefully hit his palm on them and lo all seven flies were dead. Jumma shouted in joy. I have killed seven thieves, I have killed seven thieves… This story reached the king of that town. He believed in it and recruited Jumma in his army.
Now Jumma earn a salary and leave happily with his mother
But one day a real seven robbers planned to pluder the town and king came to about it. He called upon the Jumma to go and kill robbers as he killed seven thieves before.
Now Jumma was in real trouble as he has no power to kill anyone,he talked to his mother about this and his clever mother said him
donot worry that she will help him to get rid of robbers of town. She asked a big horse from king and keep it under a tree on the way were robbers hiding and asked Jumma to mount on it and then tied Jumma to the trunk of the tree. When this is done she pricked horse back with a ref hot iron bar and horse at once in full force ran, along with Jumma and and full tree towards the robbers, a storm of dust rise in the sky due to branches of tree rubbing on ground.
Robbers see this and thought that the king has sent a big army to kill them, thinking so they ran away in deep woods leaving there food and previous loot there.
When horse and Jumma reach the spot, horse stopped to eat the food left by robbers. Jumma any how managed get down from the horse back and collected the booty left by robbers and returned the town.
Now the king and all people of town were very happy and gave Jumma a big prize and a nice house to live with his mother.
Thus Jumma was saved by the trick of his old mother and they lived happily.

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