Jumping into the Basket

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Once upon a time there were two kids; Rod and Sadne. The two loved standing at their gate and playing countless games and plays with strangers passing by.
One day, a stranger carrying a heavy grass basket was passing by. The two wanted to play with the stranger, but the stranger was not interested in playing games with kids he found in the street. After Rod and Sadne begged the stranger going to as far as kneeling before it, the stranger agreed at a condition that they should play his game of jumping into the Basket.
Fascinated of this game that they have never heard about. Rod and Sadne agreed to play the strangers game. The two jumped into the stranger’s basket and disappeared into it’s empty dark space.
The stranger closed the basket ,threw it to his back , and walked away. Realising that the stranger has fooled them into a trap, the two screamed to the bottom of their voices for help: unfortunately no one heard them.
While they were inside, they realised that they were not alone. There were also different kinds of people from different walks of life who had been tricked by the stranger.
They recalled coming out of the basket an impossible task. The two kids heard what they had been told and started weeping. ” We will never see our parents again”, they cried. As they cried they had a voice telling them that there is nothing impossible.
The two kids toughened up while floating like a spaceman in the basket with their heads held up. They started forging their way out but failed. They tried other things and failed.
They never left hope though. Sadne remembered that there was a tiny hole which let in light. She also remembered that the Croods followed the light.
Instantaneously, they followed the light and jumped off the stranger’s basket. When they opened their eyes, they were excited to be at their gate until they realised that the stranger was still with them insisting they jump in.
Without anyone telling telling them what to do, the two went straight to their house for the first time with a lesson they will never forget, ” Never , ever jumb into a stranger’s basket”.
The story was written originally here by the original writer Fisokuhle Mngometulu

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