Laifs Dreamworld

Takumi Usui August 5, 2017
Kids, Magic, Romance
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Once born, we’re all showered with so much love,
We mistake this love and misjudge the world.
This world, we presume, is an example of,
A place full of fairies, prince charming- a dreamworld.

I too was brainwashed and was born as a fairy.
How odd for a fairy to be a male? Quite strange.
Ah, strange! That’s the word they used to mock me.
Mock me? A fairy? It got worse as I aged.

Then there came a time when I began to search,
To search for true love, believing others stories.
Stories which sounded quite true, which I researched,
and researched yet again, tricked by the phoneys.

By dawn, I once went off with my head held high,
In high hopes of finding love by the palace, as they said.
What they said, I complied with and fell for their lie,
Their lie which told me where I was to go and find a fairy.

“Walk along the lake then go under the bridge,
Cross that bridge then run through the tunnel.
Past the tunnel, avoid trotting above the ridge.
And after the ridge comes the palace by the jungle.”

Atlast, I had arrived, and with a grin I began looking,
Looking for a fairy who can love me for the way I am.
But who I am made people step away from me and run,
Like I’ve run all my life and avoided any confrontation.

My eyes wandered around as I observed the scenery,
Left in shock as the scenery wasn’t what I assumed it to be.
Thinking there’d be fairies admiring the pleasant greenery,
The greenery which I now see is dead- they had fooled me.

My lips trembled as what was a merry day turned out bad,
Scratch that- not bad, it was a lot more worse than that.
I thought that perhaps I’d finally find a fairy who’d care for me,
Care for me? Who am I kidding? Like anyone would agree.

With a sigh, I dropped my bag, and began climbing up a wall,
And it took effort climbing the wall that went on for miles.
The few miles I easily climbed and sat down, not afraid to fall,
As no fall could be as deep as the feelings buried within me.

Involuntarily, I shivered as the breeze had gotten cold and fast,
Not as fast compared to the few guards that trotted towards me.
I looked around me, searching for some way I could escape,
Escape fast since I knew being caught would result in me punished.

With a lot of strength, I then began climbing down the wall,
The wall being uneven caused me to endure a nasty, rapid fall.
Rapid fall is an understatement, it was instantaneous and scary,
But not too scary when a hand immediately gripped me.

My eyes met another’s eyes that sparkled as they stared at me,
They gazed at me with a sincere smile as I stared back at a fairy.
A fairy? I thought, grinning to myself, watching that beauty before me,
The beauty who helped me hide from the guards ‘and’ helped me leave.

She took me somewhere secure later, promising it to be safe,
Safe it was but I didn’t mind that for it was her I listened to chatter.
“Lenora,” she pointed to herself. I did the same, saying, “Laif.”
Perhaps that was what a dreamworld’s like- I couldn’t ask for better.

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