Little Boy Blue

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Little Boy Blue

Little Boy Blue doesn’t like his job
Not even the sheep nor the corn on the cob
(He said)
I need a new job
That’s an important thing
Like maybe a duke, prince or a king
He strutted into town
And announced out loud
I’m leaving this place
And of that I am proud
He walked down the slope
And left the herd behind
He waved at the goat
And saluted the swine
(He said)
I’m outta here to become a great lord
This herding and farming
Has made me bored
He continued to walk for miles and miles
His face full of hope and lots of smiles
He thought about what his life would be
A great castle, a wife and children three
He walked on and on
Till he reached a large city
It was a place well known
As the kingdom of Calee
He enlisted to become a great knight’s squire
But he mostly cleaned hearths
And tended the fire
Four years passed
And he finally earned rank
He became the squire
Of Earl LeFrank
LeFrank was fair
And a good knight was he
He owned many lands in the north of Calee
One day while LeFrank was on a hunt
His horse went lame
On the road to DuPont
He fell from his horse
And nearly hit a rock
Boy Blue did save him
While the others stood in shock
(He said to Boy Blue)
You’ve save my head from being broken
Now I shall reward you
With this great token
I will have my land divided in two
I shall make you an earl
Lord Blue of Anjou
Now Boy Blue became a great earl
He had a new wife
Two boys and a girl
He fought great battles
That never seemed to end
There was always some fortress
The earl had to defend
(Years and years later…..)
Earl Blue sat in full perfection
Near the fireplace
In deep recollection
(He said…)
I sit in reflection
Here by the fire
Once a young and foolish squire
I am weary of all this prattle
Too many wars
So many battles
I shall retire before it’s too late
And to my family
I will give my estate…
So Blue set out
For a long harsh trek
He took food, a book
And coins in his sack
He walked and walked
Then came to a great shire
It was the town he left to become a squire
The town had grew
Beyond its bounds
There was activity and commerce bustling around
He went to seek the town’s mayor
A man by the name
Of Mr. LeClaire
And 300 coins he put in his hand
To purchase cattle
And a parcel of land
(And Mr. LeClaire said)
And what’s the name
That I place on this deed?
I must have these things
Before we proceed
(And then LeBlue said)
Well sir….. if you must know
I hailed from this town
Very long ago
It has expanded to my surprise
Yet my name you’ll not recognize
I am just plain Blue
That’s what I am called
I will be herding and farming
And doing it all
The simple life
Is what I desire
To tend my own hearth
And rest by its fire…
And at dawn
Blue took out his herd
He whistled a tune
That had no words
Then in the evening
He blew his horn
To call in the cattle
And the sheep from the corn.

And he lived happily ever after…

© Dai’Quiriya Martinez

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