Little Champ

Raahul Pundit August 5, 2017
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15 years Bobby is a class tenth student. He is very intelligent and top in his class, excellent in Computers and he is loved by everybody.

His only dream is to become a football player. He always dream about football .His father was also a famous football player of his time. Now Bobby want to play for his school, but he is not fit for to be qualified because of his age, He is so small to play football and his short height is also a drawback for him. He tries a Lot, but the coach and his friends make him disappointed by saying That he is too short and small to play football, He says that only once give him a chance to prove, if not he will never disturb them anymore. But there is no hope for him. This displeasure makes him more deter minded.

Day by day his desire is becoming an aim for him, while in the class he always watches his friends practicing, then he dream that one day he will too play with them soon or later he will also play.

After the half yearly exams, the school close down for the winter Vacations starts and all the students are ready to go their homes, Students staying in the hostel are from different cities and Bobby also, He does not want to go home, he want to stay here For practice only…Rishi one of his best friend comes to Bobby And make him understand that’ He should go to his parents and Spend the holiday along with them” nobody will be here in the hostel, he will be alone and with whom will he play or do practice. He makes him understand and at last he decides to go home. He stays in Mumbai with his family.

He reaches home, His mother is happy to see him after a long Time, sister too feels good. But mother finds that Bobby is not happy, he looks sick and sad! She comes to know the reason. She does not want Bobby to play football because his father died while playing a match. She narrate him whole story to him that how his father died. She does not want the same thing to happen again in their life; she has already lost her husband, now she does not want to lose her son.

Bobby is tensed! Thinks what to do? Where to go? Now he is standing between two roads. One way go to his mother and another one goes to his desire! He can’t sleep .He can’t hold himself and falls to bed. Mother is worried about him. At Last she gives him permission to play football. He is happy and thanks his mother.

The school re-opens and the entire students are back to school. Now Preparation for the annual sports day starts. Bobby is only Thinking, How he can enter in the school team to play the match. But this time he gets the same answer. This time he is badly hurt by refusal..!

The school team reaches in the final and the day comes when they are ready to play the final match. All students are at stadium. Stadium is full and all are waiting for the Heroes to come. Thrilled and excited. Bobby is at the hostel is badly disappointed and depressed, But his mind is at Stadium. He can’t hold himself and finally reaches to stadium, But nobody allow him to the stadium because match is already started

Bobby manages to enter in the stadium and he reaches the changing room and is ready out in the stadium. He now again request the coach to allow him to play this time .He is prepare,. and More confident. The is about to be finish, but unfortunately till now Neither of the team had done a single goal, its very tough match and spine-chilling situation everybody is excitedly watching the Match.

All of sudden a player gets serious injuries, its misfortune for team And it become a fortune for Bobby, at the last moment he is allowed to play. He is replaced. Everybody is surprised to see him in. But few ones ask him to walk out, but he does not listen to any-body and continue to play. In beginning nobody help him…only few minutes are left, but all of sudden he creates his magic, he gets football for a second he looks it with great affection a another player hatches it and moves ,he too start from the goal post to pan ball to him. Finally he gets the ball nobody is bothered. Now only 30 Seconds are left now Bobby again gets ball and with a fine and Great technique he strike the ball into the goal and they have won, but Bobby gets a hard kick from a player of the opposite team and he is down lying unconscious.

He is immediately taken to the hospital, where Doctors are not sure whether they can save him or not, He is serious, Everybody is worried and sad, His mother and sister are shocked and praying for his life.

Finally Bobby is out of danger and back to school. He is being warmly welcomed by the all student. Teachers and coach, He goes Straight to his room where he find a packet is kept, he opens it and surprised to see the complete kit(uniform)trophy and his name is mentioned on it. Suddenly he hears clapping sounds; he turns and sees everybody outside the room. Coach comes to him and says “my LITTLE CHAMP”

He is today the happiest person in the universe…..Thus a new champ is born!

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