Little Jade

Koko Xara August 9, 2020
Action/Adventure, Kids
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Little Jade Story
By: Kosisochukwu Oriakhi P6/7

There was a little girl who told me about her destiny. People said that she had to get it back . Otherwise her memory will be gone forever. The black crow is holding her destiny. You need to get back and your life’s in danger.

That little girl’s name was Jade Lucky Ham. She doesn’t know about her life her mum and dad never heard of then . People told stories that her mom and dad are dead . She wants to find out and know her parents are alive , somewhere to be found said to herself.

She was sitting on a bunch where she could find destiny and the Black Crow. Next, I went down the most abandoned street. She noticed that the dark shadow of the black Crow passed by. That he was the key to find her destiny… why she thought maybe it is her memory chased after him but he went up higher and higher every time she tried to catch up. She stopped breathless, her hands on her knees. What can I do now that I lost him? Wnet down the street into the Valley and told the people about the Crow but no one believed her at all.

Jade rush passes the villages on the street, one holding a bunch of fruits in her basket and children playing football on the street. To the church all the people who were there said how did you find the black crow. The cowards up and down gashed up, filled the room and chatted around then.

Suddenly, there was a sound like a crow . The crow began to talk, saying the little girl is right. I do have her destiny. It is formed as a key. If you got it, you can set are parent free and are siblings. And our life is free. If I get it will turn to dust and you will be an orphan forever and forget what happened now.
And headed in the south and disappeared into the clouds.

She fled out of the Church gates and into the village where she saw the boys still playing football and the lady selling her goods, if not enough time on hand. Little Jade didn’t care as she headed out of the village. But someone stopped her, it was a man in red cloaks and said it is too dangerous to be out of the village. She said I have to…to get my destiny back or else my little memory I possess will be gone forever. Let me go.

Man in the red cloak said No , you are too young to go out of the village . why not said Jade. he replied you have to find the chief, to know where you are going. Sorry I didn’t tell you what my name is. My name is Zac Goodwin, what is yours? My name is Jade, she said . why won’t be friends. I Will help you with what you need on the way, he said.

But I need no help with you, I can do it on my own. I have not heard of you before in my life. Who are you? Jade said harshly. I am a guardian in this part, you must have heard of me, said the man. What? said Jade confused, oh you still you don’t know me I’m the king servant and what I have said about me, I protect people in this village with all my heart, from evil spirits you might be shocked.

I will take you on the journey. If you let me, I will send for the king. No, why are you doing that now, I still do not need help said frowning while walking into a hut with some see of design on it. We entered the hut, I saw the chief for the first time because he was about 70 so he could not do his daily speech at the village square. He called me to enter. He said you want to go to find your memory. Yes I said .

He showed me a box with a dragon on it. He opened it up and it was full of magic objects. I was amazed . He said this is ours for now. Once you finish your quest to bring it back for me. Thanks, I revised with care in my hands and said thank you and went off with the guardian. I said what is the name I ever got a chance to ask, I am sore. That ok he said, my name is James Tyler can i help you. Yes I said

I got my coat with nice fur to keep me warm and in my rucksack with food, water and money when I started to pack. James come in and said i am done are about you are done i said all much finish he said are you scared i said no are you sure he said, i am ok i said went up to stand up picking up my bag went away with James behind me and he close the door.

Went through the village gate, I looked back on the village, the same boys playing football and the last still selling her goods and many more going around their business and children playing. With many memories I had here I am just leaving it behind. I zip up my coat. It started to be cold up my coat. We started on a journey on the path we are destined on.

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