Back to Reality: The movie

Kelani McClendon January 26, 2019
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    (Annies pov): I woke up to the sound of my alarm, Ugh!, how I HATE my alarm, anyways, Its the first day back into 9th grade, I Honsetly dont know why im excited, but I am hopping to meet My besties, I have been Homeschooled all my life and now its time for me to head back, Anyways I put on some clothes and I went downstairs and drove off to school, When I got their I saw Mackenzie and Jayden and the group Hayden, Johnny and conner , but i headed to my locker when Mackenzie and Jayden approched me.
    (End of Pov)

    (At annie locker)

    Kenzie: Is that u annie?
    Annie: Wait…Kenzie and Jayden?!
    Jayden: Oh my gosh!, Hiiii!!
    Annie: Heyy!
    Kenzie: So how have u been?
    Annie: Good, How have you girls been?
    Jayden: Amazing!
    Kenzie: Yeah!
    Annie: Where are the boys?
    Kenzie: Idk, they should be here.
    Jayden: They are late!
    Annie: As usual!
    Kenzie: OMG! Hayden is gonna be sooooooooo happy!!!!
    Jayden: Oh my gosh!, Ya!
    Annie: What do u mean “Sooooooo happy”?
    Kenzie: Hayden Has missed you for like the whole entire year!
    Jayden: Ya!, he has been talking about you for ever!
    Annie: Awe!, I missed Him to!!
    Kenzie: Does that mean Hannie is coming back together?
    Jayden: Awwwwww, Plz say yessss!!
    Annie: We have broken up Kenzi and Jayden!
    K+J: Ohhh yeahhhh!
    Annie: Okay! (giggles)
    Jayden: Oh I think I see the boys coming!
    Kenzie: Yay!
    Annie: Finally!

    (Annie closes her locker and stands next to her besties and the boys approches them)

    Johnny: Hey!
    Kenzie: Heyy!
    Hayden: Okay, why are u 2 happy?
    Jayden: We have a suprise!!
    Conner: Which is…

    (Annie pops out from the girls)

    Annie: SUPRISE!!!!!
    Johnny: ANNIE!!!(hugs)
    Annie: Hey Johnny!(Hugs back and lets go)
    Conner: Wow, welcome back to East High School!
    Annie: Aww, Thanks!
    Hayden: Annie?
    Annie: Hi.
    Hayden: Is this a prank? or Video chat?
    Kenzie: Nope!
    Jayden: She’s really here!
    Annie: R u not happy with me or something?
    Hayden: No, No, I am, its just…..YOUR BACK!!!

    (Hayden hugs annie tightly and picks her up and spins her)

    Annie: Okay, you can put me down now!
    Hayden: Aww, do I have 2?
    Annie: Uh, yeah!
    Hayden: But whyyyy?!
    Annie: People are watching us!

    (After hayden puts annie down they decided to talk 4 a while until the bell rung)

    Kenzie: I missed you Bestie!
    Annie: Aww, I missed ya 2 Bestie!
    Jayden: Oh yeah, your still the team cap!
    Annie: Wait……are u serious?
    Kenzie: No!
    Annie: Why didnt u give my spot away?!
    Jayden: Bc!, we saw your snap that said “IM GONNA BE BACK IN EHS TMR!!”
    Annie: Oh yeah right.
    Johnny: Im so excited that ur back!!
    Annie: Aww, me 2!

    (The bell rings and hayden and annie heads to class)(they have all of their classes together)

    Mrs.K: Good moring students!
    Class: Moring!
    Mrs.K: So, we have a new/old student here, would u like to introduce yourself ?
    Annie: Sure!

    (She goes up and everyone listens and is very excited)

    Julianna: Hey!, Im Julianna Grace LeBlanc, but you guys may know me from last year, so plz call me annie!
    Mrs.K: Well, welcome back annie!
    Julianna: I know!, its good to be back!
    Mrs.K: Okie, so, time to persenta!

    (Hayden and Annie goes frist)

    Annie: Hola, Mi nombre es Julianna tambrein conodico como Annie.
    Hayden: Hello, My name is Julianna aslo known as Annie.
    Annie: Mi companerio nombre es Hayden tambrein conodico como Mi Nivo.
    Hayden: My partner name is Hayden, also known as my Boyfriend.
    Annie: `El es traduci lo quea sea yo decir.
    Hayden: He is translating

    (Skipping to when they are doing math things)

    Mrs.K: Okay, so, what is 4y+7?
    Julianna: (Raised hand)
    Mrs.K: Yes Annie?
    Julianna: May I please go to the nurse?
    Mrs.K: Oh yes you may, Write a pass and let me sign it.
    Julianna: Okay!

    (Annie writes her pass and hayden held her arm)

    Annie: Why are u holding my arm?
    Hayden: Where are u going?
    Annie: To the nurse, why?
    Hayden: Bc, u seem different now then old annie.
    Annie: Babe, Im still the annie who Loves her friends and her boyfriend even more than your besties.
    Hayden: Ik u do, but why do u have to go to the nurse?
    Annie: I’ll tell u later okay?
    Hayden: When is later again?
    Annie: Its when I get back from the nurse.
    Hayden: Promise?
    Annie: Yes, I promise Hay!
    Hayden: Love you.
    Annie: I Love you to.

    (Annie heads to the front of the class and the teacher signs her pass and Hayden watches as annie opens the door and closes it back and heads straight to the nurse)

    (At the nurses office)

    Nurse: Hello!
    Annie: Hi.
    Nurse: Plz sign in and write why you are here.
    Annie: Um, Okay.

    (Annie signs and worte why she is here)

    Nurse: So, whats the problem?
    Annie: Um, my mom told me that she gave you some of my new asthma meds and that I should take them.
    Nurse: Well, I did get an asthma medince today, tell me ur name.
    Annie: Its Julianna.
    Nurse: Uhm, oky, and tell me what did she send?
    Annie: Okay, She said Inhaler, Epi pens, and pills.
    Nurse: K, and what grade are u in?
    Annie: Im in 9th grade.
    Nurse: Okay, I found them, so, what do u need to take now?
    Annie: Idk, she just told me to come to the nurse as soon as I get to class.
    Nurse: Okay….Do u have your phone with u?
    Annie: Yes, I do.
    Nurse: Call your mom and ask her what are u suposse to take.
    Annie: Okay.

    (Annie calls her mom and Kenzie and Jayden comes in)

    Nurse: Hi Girls!
    Kenzie: Hi Mrs.Lee!
    Jayden: Hey!
    Nurse: So, what’s wrong with u girls?
    Kenzie: Well, our teacher told us to get Annie.
    Nurse: Oh, Annie, whats her last name?
    Jayden: LeBlanc.
    Nurse: Well, she is right here and on the phone with her mom rn.
    Kenzie: Okay!
    Nurse: But, question for u girls.
    Jay+Kenz: Yes?
    Nurse: Do u know if annie’s mom sent her new asthma stuff?
    Kenzie: Ya.
    Nurse: Did you girls know that she has athma?
    Jayden: I knew.
    Kenzie: Ya me to!
    Nurse: How long did u know her for?
    Jayden: Well, Me, Kenzie and our other friends has known her since we were all Baby’s.
    Nurse: Uhm, Okay, do u know what type of meds she is suppose to take in the moring?
    Kenzie: Ya, she is supposed to Take her Pills.
    Jayden: Yep!

    (Annie gets off the phone and sees kenzie and Jayden waiting for annie)

    Annie: Why are u girls here?
    Kenzie: Mrs.K told us to come and check on you!
    Annie: Okay, well im gonna be back in Class in a few.
    Jayden: Kk!
    Annie: Also, do u remember what I am supposed to take in the morings when I get to school?
    Jayden: Ya!
    Annie: What is it?
    Kenzie: Your Moring Pills!
    Annie: Oh yeah right.
    Jayden: And!, in the afternoon its your inhaler.
    Annie: Okay, Thanks girls!

    (After annie took her pills they went back to class and annie sat next to Hayden who was talking to Ruby)(They are…..Idk, bf and girlfriend, Ig)

    Ruby: Awww, your so sweet!
    Hayden: Ya.
    Ruby: Whats wrong Babe?
    Hayden: Idk where annie is!
    Ruby: Oh…
    Hayden: Ya.
    Ruby: Did you try calling her?
    Hayden: You know where not supposed to use our phones ruby!
    Ruby: Oh yeah, right.
    Hayden: I miss her already!
    Ruby: Oh, so now u dont love me anymore?!
    Hayden: Idk what to feel!
    Ruby: What does that mean Hayden?
    Hayden: I mean, I love you, But I also Love LeBlanc.
    Ruby: Oh.
    Hayden: Plz dont get mad?
    Ruby: I’m not mad.

    (Annie goes to her seat)

    Hayden: Hey.
    Annie: (Breaths heavily)
    Hayden: Anns? are u ok?
    Annie: (a tear comes down)
    Hayden: Hey Hey, dont cry, whats wrong!
    Annie: (turns and faces hayden with tears) I…..Can’t…….Breath…..right.
    Hayden: Did u take your meds?
    Annie: (shakes head)
    Hayden: Okay, Just lay on my shoulder and take a nap for a while.
    Annie: (shakes head no)
    Hayden: Annie, you have to.
    Annie: I…..dont……..wanna……!
    Hayden: Listen!, everything is gonna be fine, just do it!
    Annie: (Lays on his shoulder and sleeps)
    Hayden: (whispers) I Love you LeBlanc.

    (After class it was time for lunch and Hayden shakes annie lightly)

    Hayden: Baby….
    Annie: Hm?
    Hayden: Its time for lunch.
    Annie: Oh, okay.
    Hayden: How do u feel?
    Annie: Better.
    Hayden: Are u hungry?
    Annie: Not really.
    Hayden: Oh come on you have to eat!
    Annie: Okay.

    (Annie sits up and walks to her locker)

    (hayden gets ruby)

    Ruby: Hey Babe!
    Hayden: Hey you!
    Ruby: How’s she doing?
    Hayden: Fine
    Ruby: Oh, yeah right, I have to tell u something…
    Hayden: What?
    Ruby: Me and William is dating.
    Hayden: Okay, its fine!
    Ruby: Are u sure?
    Hayden: Ya, Im with Annie and that is all that matters.
    Ruby: Okay, well bye!
    Hayden: Bye!

    (Hayden walks to His locker and waits for annie to walk by)

    (With Annie and Jayden)

    JayBae: Hey!
    Anns: Hola!
    JayBae: Are u ready for lunch?
    Anns: Omg, I was sooo ready!
    JayBae: I have missed you sooo much!
    Anns: I’ve missed you girls to!
    JayBae: Hey, Have u seen Kenzie and Johnny?
    Anns: I was just about to ask the same thing to Hayden!(closes locker)
    JayBae: Hm, werid.
    Anns: Maybe they are at the Table waiting for us!
    JayBae: Ya!
    Anns: Shall we go to lunch?
    JayBae: We shall!
    Anns: Were the most funniest Besties ever!(laughs)
    JayBae: Ya totally, even with kenzie!(laughs)
    Anns: Lets go to lunch!

    (The girls walks near Haydens Locker)

    Hayden: Hey Baby!
    Annie: Heya Babe!
    Hayden: You girls ready lunch?
    Annie: Ya Babe!
    Jayden: Im totally Hungry!

    (They walked to lunch and sees Kenzie,Johnny and conner)

    Kenzie: What took you guys so long?
    Annie: I was at my locker.
    Hayden: Same here!
    Jayden: I was asking the teacher if i need to work on somethings, and i have to do tutoring!
    Johnny: Why?, your smart!
    Jayden: Yeah I know!
    Annie: Then why are u tutoring?
    Jayden: Its not for me!
    Kenzie: Then who?
    Jayden: My cousin.
    Hayden: Wait…..your tutoring me!!!!?
    Jayden: Yep.
    Annie: Aww, poor Hay Hay!
    Jayden: Poor me.
    Kenzie: And you to Jayden!
    Jayden: Why do I have to tutor my Cousin?
    Hayden: Ugh!
    Annie: Maybe it will work out.
    Kenzie: Probaly not.

    (Skipping to Annie’s house)

    Mom: Hey Annie!
    Annie: Hi!
    Mom: How was ur day?
    Annie: Good.
    Mom: Did you see your Best friends?
    Annie: Yea I did!
    Mom: Aww, How are they?
    Annie: They are good!
    Mom: Are u hanging guys hanging out?
    Annie: Well, Hayden and Jayden no, Kenzie, Johnny and Conner are.
    Mom: Good, what time?
    Annie: Um, Around 5, but Hayden said that he is gonna try to make it and so will Jayden.
    Mom: Well, you and your friends are gonna have to watch Hayley today.
    Annie: Why?
    Mom: Im gonna work late and your father is on a bussieness trip for a couple more weeks.
    Annie: Okay, what time will you be back?
    Mom: Maybe tomorrow moring.
    Annie: So around 2 am?
    Mom: You know me well annie!
    Annie: Okay, what time is the buss coming again?
    Mom: In a couple of hours, but Im gonna head out to work now, so Bye Love you and Behave and I’ll see you tmr!
    Annie: Bye Love you to, and what time should hayley get to bed?
    Mom: Whenever she falls asleep and if your cooking plz use the stove instead of the oven!
    Annie: I will!
    Mom: And make sure Hayley does her chores!!!
    Annie: Okay!,

    (Mrs.Katie Leaves and Annie texts Jayden)

    Anns: Hey!
    JayBae: Heya!
    Anns: How is it going?
    JayBae: Not so great, can u tutor Hayden with me!
    Anns: Sure!

    (Annie Gets out of the house and Hayley gets in)

    Hayley: Where are u going?
    Annie: To Jayden’s.
    Hayley: Am I supposed to come with?
    Annie: Yeah you are!
    Hayley: Can I at least drop my things off?
    Annie: Nope, lets go!

    (Annie and Hayley goes to Haydens house)

    (In Haydens room)

    Annie: Hey!
    Hayden: Hey Baby!
    Annie: Hi!
    Jayden: Hey Hayley!
    Hayley: Hi hi!
    Annie: Okay, Jayden you tutor Hayley and I’ll tutor my bf!
    Everyone: K!

    (With Hannie tutor)

    Cutie: Okay Babe, so what is 4X+4+5=?
    Hayd: Um, 8?
    Cutie: No!
    Hayd: Can you teach me?
    Cutie: Finnneee!
    Hayd: Yay!
    Cutie: Okay, so you have to subtract so, X+4+5=, Subtract 4-4 which your gonna cross out and then 5-4, which is?
    Hayd: Its 1?
    Cutie: Correct!
    Hayd: Yay!
    Cutie: So now you solve, which is….
    Hayd: Cross out 4, leave the X, then you divide 5, and that is 1.25?
    Cutie: Yes!
    Hayd: I feel so smart!
    Cutie: Your my smart person!
    Hayd: Aww, Thanks Bab-(gets a text from Johnny)
    Cutie: Babe.
    Hayd: Oh, I gotta take this, but I’ll be right Back Baby!

    (Hayden leaves and Annie Just sits their)

    Jayden: What just Happened?
    Annie: Honsetly, he doesn’t wanna be tutored!
    Jayden: Johnny would never text Hayden that long.
    Annie: True.
    Jayden: I think I hear him runing up!
    Annie: Whatever, Lets just hurry up so that we can head to my house bc I think Hayley has friends coming, right?
    Hayley: Yeah they do!, and I wanna finish my work before they are their!
    Jayden: Wanna work on adding them?
    Hayley: Is that quicker annie and Jayden.
    J+A: Yeah!
    Hayley: Okay!

    (Hayden comes back and Annie helps Jayden and Hayley)

    Annie: Now, do u get it Hayley?
    Hayley: Yeah.
    Jayden: Okay, so add 3+4 and 3+4+5!
    Hayley: Can I tell the steps and the answers?
    Annie: Sure!, jayden.
    Jayden: If it helps you remember, then ya!
    Hayley: K!, so 3+4=7 and 3+4+5= 12!, so the answer is 12?
    Annie+jayden: YES!!!!!!
    Hayley: Yay!
    Jayden: Oh my gosh congrats Hay Hay!
    Hayley: Thanks!
    Annie: Now you know how to add it 2 ways and 3 ways!
    Hayley: Yay!
    Jayden: Are u ready to Leave annie?
    Annie: Yep, hayley, Pack up and lets go!
    Jayden: Ya!
    Hayley: Okay Moms!
    A+J: Love you!
    Hayley: Love ya more!

    (Annie walks to Hayden’s desk to grab her phone when Hayden pulled annie to his bed and he sits)

    Annie: What do you want Hayden?
    Hayden: I have a question.
    Annie: Okay….hurry up!
    Hayden: Why are u leaving so soon?
    Annie: Maybe because Hayley has friends coming over in 2 mins.
    Hayden: No, I know that, but I mean, why are u and Jayden leaving?
    Annie: So that we can wait for the rest to come.
    Hayden: Okay, But why do u have an aditude with me?
    Annie: I dont have an additued with you.
    Hayden: Yes you do Baby, and I wanna fix whatever problem u have!
    Annie: Like I said, I dont have one!
    Hayden: Then why are u about to cry?
    Annie: Im totally not getting ready to cry hayden, your dulisonal!
    Hayden: Baby, Just tell me what’s wrong?, and why are u acting like this?
    Annie: Bc….
    Hayden: Plz, you can trust me with anything!
    Annie: It’s because, when I was tutoring u, you got a text from Johnny, and usually he texts quick, but you took way to long.
    Hayden: So, I made you mad?
    Annie: No, not that.
    Hayden: Then what?
    Annie: You Just….
    Hayden: I just what Baby?
    Annie: You just……made me wish that I never tutored you, but I really enjoyed it so much, and you just gave that away.
    Hayden: Oh, so I made you not wanna tutor me anymore?
    Annie: By taking to long to text Johnny or whoever!
    Hayden: Hm, Well, it was johnny who texted, but not Orlando.
    Annie: Idc who texted you!
    Hayden: Okay, It’s not something to cry about…
    Annie: I told you, im not crying!, im a 16 turing 17 in a couple of days year old!
    Hayden: Babe, You need to clam down, Okay?
    Annie: Why?
    Hayden: Your getting worked up, and I dont want to see your pretty face crying or being worked up.
    Annie: I guess not.
    Hayden: Now, Can I ask you something?
    Annie: Yes…
    Hayden: Will you tutor me in your room at your house?
    Annie: My House is gonna be a hot mess!
    Hayden: How?
    Annie: Our Friends and Hayley’s to, its gonna be kayost, so, Maybe we should work here..
    Hayden: I Can handle it Baby!
    Annie: Just because you have a 18 year old sister who lives with her boyfriend and goes to college, and a 16 year old sister who is my best friend and goes to the same high school, a 33 year old brother and a 20 year old brother, basically doesnt mean you can handle 7 of my sbilings!
    Hayden: Oh yeah, how old is Chad, Caleb, Hayley, Hanna, Jacob, Kristen, Rylie, and Harvey?
    Annie: Chad is 9 turning 8 this year, Caleb is 19 turning 20 this year, Hayley is 10 turning 11 this year, Hanna is a new born so she is a week old, Jacob is new born, Kristen is a new born, rylie is 17, Harvey is 20 turning 21 and we are 2 new kids I guess!
    Hayden: Your mom is having 3 more?
    Annie: No, she has 3 more coming this weekend!
    Hayden: What’s their names gonna be?
    Annie: Layla, Chris, and Stephane!
    Hayden: Okay!

    (Annie and Hayden hugged it out and Hayden whipsers in Annie’s ear and plays with her hair)

    Hayden: I Love you LeBlanc, and I hope u know that.
    Annie: ……:)
    Hayden: Are u ready to go?(lets go of annie)
    Annie: Sure, but please be careful with my sbilings.
    Hayden: Remember when We all were little?
    Annie: Ya.
    Hayden: Excatly!

    (20 mins later Hayden and annie goes upstairs and everyone else is talking and playing)

    (In annie’s room)

    Annie: Okay, so…..huh.
    Hayden: What?
    Annie: It looks like ur done with your work.
    Hayden: Wow, okay!
    Annie: Wanna go back down and hang then?
    Hayden: Nope!
    Annie: Wanna stay up here then?
    Hayden: Yay!

    (Still in annie’s room)

    Annie: Hay…
    Hayden: Yea Babe?
    Annie: Can we pwease go downstairs..
    Hayden: Okay!

    (They headed down and the see everyone)

    Jayden: Heyyy!
    Annie: Hey!
    Hayley: Hey annie.
    Annie: Ya Hayley?
    Kenzie: You got a call from your mom!
    Annie: Uh, okay, Im gonn head back up and call her!

    (Annie ran back up and everyone followed her)

    (Mrs.Katie answers)

    Mom: Hello?
    Annie: Hey Mom!
    Mom: Im glad you called honey.
    Annie: Why?, whats wrong?
    Mom: Layla is kicking and now I think im Having her.
    Annie: Wait, really?
    Mom: Yeah!
    Annie: Can I take hayley and the rest to the hospital?
    Mom: Your Brothers and sisters are already on their way, so just bring Hayley okay?
    Annie: K, we’ll be there in a min bye!
    Mom; Bye!

    Annie rushes out and saw everyone sitting on the couch)

    Hayley: Is mommy ok?
    Annie: Yeah, she’s fine!
    Jayden: Then why are u outta breath?
    Annie: Hayley…
    Hayley: Yes?
    Kenzie: Wait, is it good news or bad?
    Annie: Its good news duh!
    Hayley: Okay….what is it?
    Annie: I’ll explain in the car!
    Hayden: Can we go?
    Annie: Not really…..
    Johnny: Okay, well text us and let us know.
    Annie: Okay bye!

    (Everyone leaves and Hayley and Annie heads to the car)

    Hayley: Okay, so whats going on?
    Annie: Mom is excpeting Layla TONIGHT!
    Hayley: What?!, I thought she was having layla tomorrow!
    Annie: Me to!
    Hayley: So, is everyone there?
    Annie: Well, ya!, excpet for us!
    Hayley: I cant wait to see Baby Layla!!
    Annie: Same!
    Hayley: Its like 11 and im kinda sleepy…
    Annie: Okay, we will just go there and see her and then I’ll drive you, Chad, and Hanna back home.
    Hayley: Okay.

    (After they went to see the Baby everyone said their goodbyes)

    Rylie: Bye Guys!, see you at home!
    Annie: Bye!
    Caleb: I’ll see you guys Tomorrow!

    (Everyone headed back home and some headed to their homes and annie took the lil ones to bed)

    Annie: Nighty Night Hayley!
    Hayley: Night annie!
    Annie: I Love you!
    Hayley: Love you too!

    (Annie closes the door and walks to Chads room)

    Annie: Night Chad!
    Chad: Goodnight Annie!
    Annie: Love you!
    Chad: Love you tooo!

    (Everyone goes to bed)

    (Annie wakes up screaming so she Texted Hayden)

    (Txting Hay)

    Cutie: Babe 🙁
    Hay: What’s wrong Baby?
    Cutie: Can u sleepover..
    Hay: Sure, but why?
    Cutie: I had a really bad nightmare.
    Hay: Awww, okay, I’ll be over in 10 mins.
    Cutie: OKay, bye 🙂

    (Hayden comes into annie’s room and sees her asleep so he cuddled next to her and she woke up)

    Cute: Hayden..
    Hayd: Hey Baby:)
    Cute: Hi.
    Hayd: Go back to bed now okay?
    Cute: Ok.

    (both of them fell asleep)

    (Next Moring Annie woke up to Hayden texting on his phone and snapchating and Annie got up from haydens cuddle and got dressed)

    (Annie went to Chad’s room)

    Annie: Chad!
    Chad: What?!
    Annie: Its time to get up!
    Chad: UGH!, Noooooooooo!!!
    Annie: Oh come on Chad!
    Chad: Its a Friday!
    Annie: Excatly!, so get up!
    Chad: NO!
    Annie: I swear Chad!, if you dont get up!
    Chad: If I dont get up what?
    Annie: Wanna fight me or get up?
    Chad: Fight!

    (Annie and Chad agrued for 10 mins until Hayley and Hayden walked into the room and saw annie getting really mad and Chad screaming)

    Chad: I DONT CARE!
    Chad: Well, Maybe u shouldnt be my Sister anymore!
    Annie: FINE!
    Chad: FINE!

    (Annie storms passed Hayden and Hayley and slams her door and Chad slams his)

    (Annie cried and wiped her make up off and put it back on and got her school things and headed downstairs to were everyone is)

    Mom: Moring!
    Annie: Hey Mom!
    Rylie: R u okay anns?
    Annie: Yeah!
    Layla: An annie?
    Annie: Awww!, Good moring My wittle sister!
    Hayley: Moring Anna!
    Annie: Hey Hay Hay!
    Hayden: R u ready Babe?
    Annie: Oh yeah, okay bye everyone!
    Everyone: Bye!

    (Annie got into Hayden’s Car and Hayden drove off)

    Hay: Baby?
    Cutie: Yea..
    Hay: R sure u okay?
    Cutie: Yep.
    Hay: Okay, then do u wanna go to starbucks?
    Hay: I know!(Chuckles)
    Cutie: Awww!, My wittle Hay woves me!
    Hay: I Love you more than anyone in the world!
    Cutie: Awe!(Giggles)
    Hay: I never got tired of that giggle(puts hand on annies hand)
    Cutie: You know this is my 2nd day?
    Hay: Yep, and I am so excited to have you back in L.A!
    Cutie: Yea…me to…
    Hay: Whats wrong?
    Cutie: ……..When I was on tour, I was thinking a lot latly.
    Hay: Like?
    Cutie: How much I’ll miss the fans, and what life will be like when I am back at school.
    Hay: Baby, I know you miss them, so do I, but RYH said that we need to go back to our daily schudle!
    Cutie: I know, but I have song writing and so do you!
    Hay: Its just gonna have a little twist to our daily stuff, and kenzie’s and everyone else’s.
    Cutie: Okay, Ig your right.

    (Skipping to song writing, Hayden drove annie and everyone went to theirs)

    (With Annie’s new song)

    Annie: Should’ve known better thinking that we’d stay together its only a matter of time something just didn’t feel right, oh.
    Annie: I can see what’s happen, you were to busy acting, which your attracted, telling me she was just a friend, what are the benfits then? oh.
    Annie: No you can’t have it both ways, hope you enjoy your cake oh.
    Annie: I dont want my heart to break ’cause I know you got nothing left to sayyyyy.
    Annie: I dont even care that breaking up is hard to do, The only thing that I want back is this get back to you, I dont even react, To everything you put me to

    (Skipping to after annie and hayden’s song writing)

    Hayden: Aw, Baby, you did so good!
    Annie: Thanks Hay!
    Hayden: One question tho.
    Annie: Wassup?
    Hayden: Who was that song about.
    Annie: Uh…I cant really say….
    Hayden: Why not?
    Annie: Well, you know how we broke up when I went on tour.
    Hayden: Yeah…
    Annie: I used to date this boy name brennan and he was on tour with us, after the tour, I found him kissing another girl.
    Hayden: Oh, what did u do?
    Annie: One of my friends broke up with him for me and then I went home earlier than I thought.
    Hayden: So, did u quite homeschooling?
    Annie: I talked to my mom and she agreed that I wanted to see my besties and everyone here, but….thats not the only reason.
    Hayden: ?
    Annie: I know that we posted that we are together and all, but My manger wants me to invite u on tour with me….
    Hayden: Oh, I have an upcoming tour, its a “suprising Fans” tour, and Its actually a really quick one!
    Annie: Okay!
    Hayden: Whens yours?
    Annie: This weekend, im having a “Birthday Fans tour”!
    Hayden: Cool!, where are u going?
    Annie: Los Anglos and I have a concert here in city walk, you?
    Hayden: Same!, I’ll be able to see u!
    Annie: Yay!

    (Hayden drove annie home and then drove off to Mackenzie’s house)

    (At Kenzie’s hayden saw Johnnys car)

    (Hayden rings her door bell)

    Kenzie: Hey, Hayden?
    Hayden: Hey Kenzie.
    Kenzie: Why are u here so late?
    Hayden: I need to talk to you..
    Kenzie: Sure….uh, sit on the patto.
    Hayden: Okay.


    Kenzie: So, whats wrong?
    Hayden: I told annie a lie..
    Kenzie: What do you mean?
    Hayden: I told her that I have a tour.
    Kenzie: But you dont have a tour at all…..your touring with me, annie and Johnny and Jayden has hers and so does Conner except he’s leaving with her so.
    Hayden: I know!
    Kenzie: Then why would u lie to your gf and my bestie?
    Hayden: Idk, Annie had these cute eyes like she did when she was younger and I didn’t know what to say!
    Kenzie: Say about what Hayden?
    Hayden: She asked me if I could go with her to A fans birthday concert.
    Kenzie: And you had no clue what to say?
    Hayden: Right!
    Kenzie: Well, what do u wanna rlly say to her?
    Hayden: Yes, but her ex is problay gonna be there!
    Kenzie: You mean brennan?
    Hayden: Yep.
    Kenzie: He lives in Maryland and he has a busy schudle, so no hayden!
    Hayden: R u sure?
    Kenzie: Positive Hayden!
    Hayden: Fine, I’ll go over and tell her yes!
    Kenzie: Good, now imma head back to bed, night!
    Hayden: Why is Johnny here?
    Kenzie: He’s not, Its just that he took my car to get washed, but he’ll be back, and YOU should LEAVE!
    Hayden: Fine!, I never should have asked.
    Kenzie: True, now byeeeeee!

    (Hayden drives to annie’s and calls her at her backyard)

    (Calls annie and annie answers sleepy)

    Cutie: Hello?
    Hay: Hey Baby!
    Cutie: Uh, hi..
    Hay: Can u go to ur window?
    Cutie: Sure.

    (Annie goes to her window and opens it and sees hayden standing their with balloons and a rose)

    cutie: What. Is. This?
    Hay: This, is to show how much I care about u.
    Cutie: I care about you to, but why do u have roses and everything?
    Hay: To say this…
    Cutie: ?
    Hay: I do wanna do to the thing that u were talking about.
    Cutie: Ookay…
    Hay: Can I come in?
    Cutie: I dont have a nightmare.
    Hay: Pwease?!
    Cutie: (Yawns) Hayden, Im tired, so i’ll see you tmr?
    Hay: Okay, I Love u!
    Cutie: Love you toooooooo!!!

    (Annie went down to sleep and Hayden went to sleep at home 2)

    (The Next Moring)(Staurday)

    (Annie woke up and got ready to hangout with Kenzie and Jayden and she vlogged it)


    Annie: Good Moring guys!, so today we have a schudle since it is a saturday Moring!
    Annie: Anyways so the date for today is Hangout with Ken kenz and Jay Jay at the mall until like 2, um, Hayley has a dentis appointment and Mom decided for me to take her so thats what I am gonna do now, uh, Hayden just texted me saying that we are going to a NFL Game tonight so that is sooo exciting!, also by we I mean me, Jayden, Kenzie, Johnny, Conner and Hayden!, Anyways so Im gonna show you guys my outfit and hopfully my familys outfit if they all come into spereate outfit of the day videos, but here’s my ootd!
    Annie: So, I am wearing a White crop top from forever, Black ripped jeans i think from forever, and Black and white vans from Vans, Hair is naturally, Make up and yeah thats it.
    Annie: Also, guys, Hayley decided to make us all pancakes, and I just got mine and I am sooo proud of my Little hay hay bc she made these all by herself, and she is actually turning 14 this month, so make sure to come and meet me and Hayley bc our older sbilings aren’t home. Bc they are married, have a job and all that stuff…
    Annie: Anyways, I am going to take hayley to the dentis, so enjoy the what did you call it again Hayley?
    Hayley: (in the background) Call what?
    Annie: Our car rides that we have.
    Hayley: (background) Oh yeah, Hannie number 2!
    Annie: Yah, so funny story time, while im waiting for hayley to get dressed and all of that good stuff.
    Annie: When me and Hayley went to the car for something, Idk what it was but it was for something, and I left my grocery’s at Kenzie’s or Jaydens or Haydens bc I go there for like only 2 hours. But, While we were in the car driving to Hayden’s bc I remembered we vist there just to see how he is doing bc he had major drama on the internet which was nothing bc his brother best friend died a year after that and it was recovering of the day he pasted.
    Annie: But, when we drove their and i told hayley that it is like a sister bonding while we were driving to Hayden’s, Then Hayley told me “Well, why cant we make it Hannie number 2?”, Which is hannie number 1 and number 2 is basically Me and Hayden that brings hannie into it, and Hayley and I which is also hannie. So I said yes bc I though that was a very cute name and stuff like that.
    Annie: So, when we reached Hayden’s, Hayden would usually leave a key with me to his Parents place, and while we are still young I ovie thought that it was a good idea, but not so great for others. But I got inside haydens house and got my stuff and headed out when I see hayden sleeping, Also, fun fact about Hayden and Hayley is that both of them have curly hair and that both of them Loves pickles and sushi, Like…..WHAT?!
    Annie: Anyways so yea I will be able to see u guys after the dentis byeee!

    (In the car vlog)

    Hayley: Hey guys, so I am taking over, but I have sad news/happy news.
    Hayley: So, the sad news is that I am getting braces on the top and bottom next week.
    Hayley: But the good news is that I get to sleepover at Piper’s bc it has been way to long and I miss her so much!
    Hayley: So, rn, Annie is taking me to set for Mani and Mom is meeting us their and im just so excited!!!
    Hayley: Also, I made a promise to annie that since she isn’t going to vlog the whole NFL thing, that I will be taking overrr!
    Hayley: By that I mean like letting you guys see what Piper and I do at our normal H&P sleepovers!
    Hayley: But anyways see u guys on set and the sleepover, but im problay gonna vlog the sleep over!
    Hayley: Anyways byeee!

    (In annie’s room on annie’s channel)

    Annie: Hey guys!, so welcome back to My Channel The Annie LeBlanc, but if your new here, then Hi, my name is Julianna Grace LeBlanc I am 17 years old and I have a Youtube Channel!
    Annie: Anyways, Make sure to Like, Subscribe and comment what should I do for my next video?
    Annie: So, now lets get into my Title that I have.
    Annie: So, Basically, I am gonna explain why I have this title.
    Annie: The reason why I have this title is bc it has been bugging me for the past few years now, and Im ready to come out.
    Annie: Okay, so a few years back, I had a boyfriend name brennan, So we did date for like a month or so and when I was backstage, Brennan kissed another girl and so I had to break up with him.
    Annie: Now, you guys maybe wondering then what happened to Hannie after or before everything….
    Annie: Well, When I told hayden that I was leaving for tour, and I told him how many months or weeks, He didnt want to do the Long relationship thing and Called off hannie for like a month. But I was really sad and depressed at first until Brennan Liked me and we dated until I had to break up with him.
    Annie: Now, the reason why I am back with Hayden, is bc, A. I really missed him and B. I still Loved him with all my heart and Brennan was just a somebody ig.
    Annie: So, when I got to L.A, I posted to my besties and texted them that I was coming back and I wanted to suprise Hayden and the boys, so they all agreed and By the time I came back Kenzie and Jayden told me that the boys doesn’t know and that Hayden doesnt even know, so by the time the boys came…
    Annie: I suprsied them and we all hugged and Hayden was just in shocked and we had our hannie moment, so Then Hayden asked me out again and we are dating again.
    Annie: But, yeah, I love Hayden with all my heart and Im off tour so im super happy to be back into town and with my friends.
    Annie: Bye I love you guys!

    (After annie was finished she headed downsatirs and got her phone and ran all the way back up so that she can txt her besties or anyone)

    *txting Hay*

    Cutie: Hey Baby!
    Hay: Hey!
    Cutie: Wyd?
    Hay: Nothing, you?
    Cutie: Just finished with my video and editing but im bored and I have no one in this house to hangout with.
    Hay: Awe!, so you want me to come over?
    Cutie: Yes plz.
    Hay: Okay, be there in 1 mins.
    Cutie: Okay, bye love u!
    Hay: Love you to!!

    (Skipping to when hayden and annie hangs out)

    (In annie’s room)

    (Hayden and annie talked)

    Hayd: Awww, Annie u are so cute!
    Cutie: Ik I am.
    Hayd: Anyways are u excited?
    Cutie: ?
    Hayd: The tour with me and ur besties.
    Cutie: Oh yeah, that tour!
    Hay: So, are u happy?
    Cutie: Of course I am Hayden!
    Hay: U sleepy?
    Cutie: Kinda…(yawns)
    Hay: Awe, u wanna go bedy by?
    Cutie: Ya.
    Hay: Aw, come here Babe!

    (Annie Lays on haydens shoulder and they cuddle and falls asleeep)

    (Hayden went on annie’s phone and saw that annie got a text from “JayBae”)

    (Reading 2 texts from Jaybae)

    JayBae: Hey Ann’s!
    JayBae: Can u help and set up for the football thingy?

    (Annie woke up and saw hayden sleeping and saw notifications from Jayden texting her)

    (Txting JayBae)

    Ann’s: Hey Jay!, sure i’ll help u with the football thingy!
    JayBae: Okay thx bestie!
    Ann’s: Np, what time do u wanna set up?
    JayBae: rn maybe…
    Ann’s: Sure!, I’ll be there in 2 mins!
    JayBae: Okie, bye Love you!
    Ann’s: Love u tooooo!

    (Annie whispers in Hayden’s ear)

    Cutie: Whispers: Hey Babe.
    Hay: Yeah?
    Cutie: I’m going to Jayden’s for a few okay.
    Hay: Nooooooo!
    Cutie: Babe, I’ll be back before you wake up ,okay?
    Hay: Promsie?
    Cutie: I promise Babe!
    Hay: Okay, I love you be safe!
    Cutie: Love you to and go back to sleep!

    (At jayden’s)

    (Stephaniea answers)(Jaydens sister)

    Stephaniea: Hey Annie!
    Annie: Hi Stephaniea!
    Stephaniea: So, whats up?
    Annie: Im helping Jayden set up for the football thingy.
    Stephaniea: Okay, come in!

    (Jayden comes downstairs)

    JayBae: Hey!
    Ann’s: Hi!
    JayBae: Can u do me a favor?
    Ann’s: Sure, whats up.
    JayBae: Can u help Marco with the ballooons please?
    Ann’s: Sure!

    (Annie walks over to Marco and helps)

    (After 2 mins annie went home)(Hayden was still sleeping)

    (In Annie’s room)

    Cute: Hey Babe!(Plops on the bed and lays nxt to him)
    Hay: Hi Baby Girl. (Faces annie)
    Cute: Omg, I am soo tired from helping Jayden!
    Hay: What did you girls do?
    Cute: I was setting up for Jaydens NFL party with her Family, and then kenzie came shortly after.
    Hay: Awe, Your so cute in ur Pj’s!
    Cute: Wait….I had my Pajams on this whole time?
    Hay: Yes, but you look cute in it!
    Cute: Aww, Thx Babe!
    Hay: Anytime, what time is it?
    Cute: Its 2, why?
    Hay: Aren’t we supposed to go to school?
    Cute: Yeah, but its only 2 in the moring, and I had to help Jayden with something at 2 in the moring.
    Hay: Lets head back to bed.
    Cute: (yawns and cuddles) Okay….

    (Hayden Woke up and got dressed and left Annie their asleep while he packed up their things and let annie sleep in for 2 more mins)

    (Hayden woke annie up at 6:09)

    (they leave at 8:19)

    (Hayden shock annie lightly and then her alarm )

    Hayden: Babyyy!(shakes her lightly)
    Cutie: Hm?(Rubs eyes)
    Hayden: It’s time for you to wake up!
    Cutie: Okay…..what time is it?
    Hayden: Its 6:10 am.
    Cutie: Okay……I’ll get up! (dragges herself out of bed)

    (Annie walks to the bathroom and wore clothes)

    (Annie did her hair and make up and then layed back in bed and checked everything_

    (Skiping to school)

    (Everyone met annie at her locker)

    Annie: Hey.(looks confuse)(opens locker)
    Kenzie: Heyyyyy!
    Annie: Why are you the ONLY one speaking?
    Jayden: Well, she isnt the ONLY one speaking, and we all have something to share..
    Annie: What is it? (leaves locker open and faces them and Hayden)
    Johnny: (Sighs) Your not gonna like this.
    Annie: Like what? (gets scared)
    Conner: We JUST found out that um…..(looks down)
    Annie: Ehhhhh….(Starts to cry a little)
    Hayden: Awww, dont cry, come here!(opens his arms)
    Annie: Im scared..(hugs Hayden)
    Annie: …….WHAT?!
    (Annie slowly gets out of Haydens arms and sees brennan just standing thei r mad or confuse, Idk.)

    Brennan: So, no hug for me…..but he gets a hug?
    Annie: So?, This is my boyfriend!
    Brennan: Okay….but Remembered who Loved you.
    Annie: Hayden!
    Brennan: No, me, I still liked you LeBlanc!
    Annie: Okay, now it just got to scaring annie to kinda creeped out annie…(Backs away and goes to hayden slwoly)
    Brennan: Annie, Look, I love you!
    Annie: Why do I have a feeling in my heart?

    (All the sudden annie couldnt breath)

    Hayden: ANNIE!, BABY!(catches annie)
    Kenzie: Oh no!, she’s having her attack!
    Brennan: What attack?
    Jayden: She has an axienty attack when something worries her, scares her or even make her excited!
    Johnny: We need to send help!
    Hayden: I think annie is waking up!

    (Annie slowly wakes up)

    Annie: H-hayden, K-kenzie, J-jayden, J-Johnny, a-and C-conner?
    Hayden: Hey Baby.(holdin annie’s head)
    Kenzie: U okay?
    Annie: Yeah, I am, thanks for helping.
    Jayden: Anytime!
    Annie: So, he’s really here?
    Johnny: Yep.
    Annie: And, why?
    Hayden: We have no clue.
    Annie: Okay….Im gonna head to breakfast.
    Conner: But you hate it?
    Annie: Ik I do, its just that He’s here and all…

    (Skipping to lunch annie didnt show up)

    Kenzie: Okay, where is annie?
    Hayden: Idk.
    Jayden: Wasn’t she in your class?
    Hayden: Yeah.
    Johnny: Huh, I see brennan.
    Conner: Maybe we should ask him where’d annie go!
    Jayden: Kenzie come with me!
    Kenzie: Kk!

    (They went straight to brennan)

    Brennan: Hi Kenzie and jayden!
    Jayden: Hey!
    Kenzie: Hola!
    Brennan: So, whats up?
    Jayden: Nun.
    Kenzi: Do you know where annie is?
    Brennan: Nope, haven’t seen her in class with Hayden today, well only in one and the others but thats it.
    Jayden: Werid..
    Kenzie: She’s not at our lunch table either.
    Brennan: Uh.
    Jayden: Maybe I’ll call her!
    Kenzie: Ya, and tell her that we are worried.

    (Jayden calls annie and put her on speaker)(Annie didn’t pick up)

    Jayden: Maybe we should go and find her!
    Kenzie: Ya, lets get the boys and look for her.
    Jayden: Great Idea.

    (They ran to the boys and told him what happened and they went outside and searched for annie)

    (Hayden sees a girl with brown hair and an ombre blonde hair)

    Hayden: Annie?

    (Annie turns around and she seems idk…)

    Annie: Hey Babe.
    Hayden: Why are u here?
    Annie: Its…I….idk.
    Hayden: Oh, well can u at least tell me whats wrong?
    Annie: Brennan…
    Hayden: Oh, whats up with him?
    Annie: Nun, just that, I dont like him at all and he is always seeming to try to get me.
    Hayden: So, your scared of him?
    Annie: You can say that.
    Hayden: Baby, Look at me(turns annies head to face him)
    Annie: Yes?
    Hayden: You know that I love and will protect you from anything or anyone right?
    Annie: I always knew that ever since we dated and got back togetehr.
    Hayden: I’ll protect you from him, bc if he is really scaring you that much, i need to be there for u.
    Annie: He is scaring me that much.
    Hayden: Im here and will always be here for my princess.
    Annie: I Love you Babe.
    Hayden: Love you more

    (They hugged and annie felt safe again)

    Hayden: Ready to go to the others?
    Annie: Yeah.
    Hayden: Then, Shall we go off?
    Annie: Yeah!

    (They walked back to the lunch room and annie sat down)

    Kenzie: Oh. My. Gosh!
    Annie: Clam down kenzie
    Annie: I saw on the grass..
    Johnny: Why?
    Annie: Its bc, I dont like brennan.
    Conner: No duh!
    Annie: Okay, anyways, I forgot my lunch.
    Kenzie: I’ll come with!
    Annie: Okay, and you to jayden?
    Jayden: SURE!

    (At annie’s locker)

    Kenzie: So, what is really wrong?
    Annie: What?
    Jayden: Why didnt u actually show up!
    Annie: Its bc of that kid right there.
    Kenzie: You mean Lauren?
    Jayden: My Brothers girl?
    Kenzie: Why do u hate her?
    Annie: Okay, I dont hate Lauren!, I have nothing on her at all!, and Carson is my step-brother!
    Jayden: Oh yeah right.
    Kenzie: Anyways…you mean brennan?
    Annie: Yep.
    Jayden: You hate him bc he cheated on u?
    Annie: No!, I hate him bc he knows that he has a girl and all , but he’s trying to make me fall for him!
    Kenzie: So, he’s obsse with ya?
    Jayden: That is freaky and annoying at the same time!
    Annie: Ya it is!
    Kenzie: What are u gonna do about it?
    Jayden: Yeah, I mean u cant run away from this.
    Annie: Talk to him or call Annie Rose.
    Kenzie: Anns, Annie rose goes to this school!
    Annie: Wait, she does?
    Jayden: Yeah!
    Annie: Okay, where is she now?
    Kenzie: AT LUNCH!
    Jayden: Maybe we should all go and chat!
    Annie: Ugh!, Lets just go!

    (Annie and her besties walks up to annie rose’s table)

    Annie: Hey Annie!
    Annie R: Hey Annie!
    Kenzie: Okay, anns?
    Annie L: What?
    Jayden: Tell her!
    Annie R: Tell me what?
    Annie L: Brennan is hitting on me…
    Annie R: Im gonna beat him up!
    Annie L: Same, but then i have a bf so not a chance.
    Annie R: Well thanks for telling me annie.
    Annie L: Np, bye!
    Annie R: Bye!

    (Annie, Jayden and kenzie leaves and heads back to the table and sees ruby walking their way)

    Ruby: Hey Annie!
    Annie: Uh, hey?
    Ruby: Why were u just at my besties table?
    Annie: Her Boyfriend is hitting on me!
    Ruby: So?
    Annie: Ugh!, whateves bye!

    (Annie and her besties leaves)

    Hayden: Hey Baby!
    Annie: Hey!
    Kenzie: Hey anns?
    Annie: What?
    Jayden: Look!

    (Annie sees Brennan walking towards annie and annie runs away)

    Annie: Uh…..I hate to say this…..but…….see ya’ll at my house?
    Hayden: No!, your gonna stay here!
    Annie: But hayley.
    Johnny: What about Hayley?
    Kenzie: She’s having a child!
    Conner: Wat…..really?
    Jayden: Yeah!
    Hayden: Okay, are u lying annie?
    Annie: Nope!

    (hayden lets annie go and she runs towards the lockers and when no one can see her she disapper and then brennan caught her)

    Brennan: Hey Bae!
    Brennan: U can’t just push me away!
    Annie: Well, I just did!
    Brennan: Look, rn, Im mad to.
    Annie: And why is that?
    Annie: No im not!
    Brennan: Listen..If u tell Hayden about this, I promise u, you will not like annie Grace or Annie rose at all!
    Annie: I HATE YOU! (screaming)
    Brennan: Come here! (Grabs annies arm and starts hurting her)

    (Brennan lets go and walks away)(Annie lays on the floor crying and holding her arm and screaming)

    (With the group)

    Hayden: Did u guys here that?
    Kenzie: No…u jayden?
    Jayden: Yeah.
    Johnny: Okay…
    Conner: That screaming sounds familiar.
    Kenzie: There is brennan!
    Jayden: Lets asks him what happened to annie!
    Hayden: NO!

    (They all ran up to annie)

    Kenzie: Annie!
    Jayden: OMG Are u okay?!
    Conner: Annie!
    Johnny: What happened?
    Annie: I…..brennan……he……(cries in pain)
    Kenzie: He did what?
    Annie: Brennan…….hurt…….(closes eyes)

    (At the hospital)

    (Annie woke up)

    (Hayden came in frist)

    Annie: H…..h……hayden?
    Hayden: Hey Babe.
    Annie: H…hi.
    Hayden: Im so sorry..
    Annie: For what?(sits up)
    Hayden: I left u alone, and Brennan probaly did something to make u like this and I didnt help.
    Annie: Hayden, you dont need to be superman all the time!
    Hayden: Ik I dont, but I wanna keep u safe.
    Annie: I know u do Hayden!
    Hayden: But it’s all my fault!
    Annie: Babe, Listen!
    Hayden: What?
    Annie: Brennan….hurt me when I saw trying to relaxe and chill for a while until he came up to me and did this….
    Hayden: Ik, and i should’ve been there to save you.
    Annie: But, you couldn’t…
    Hayden: And I wish I did.
    Annie: Babe, I love you no matter what!
    Hayden: Love you to.(looks down)
    Annie: Hey, look at me.
    Hayden: Yeah?
    Annie: Don’t be so hard on urself ……okay?
    Hayden: …..
    Annie: Promise me that u wouldn’t be so hard on yourself and claiming that this…all of it is all ur fault?
    Hayden: Idk..
    Annie: Hey, remember this lyric u sung to me before we dated?
    Hayden: Which was?
    Annie: “I love you till the sundies”
    Hayden: Yeah.
    Annie: And that is how much I love you hayden!
    Hayden: I still believ-
    Annie: Don’t!, u had nothing to do with this…brennan is the one who had plenty of things to do with this, not u!
    Hayden: U really know how to make ppl smile!
    Annie: Im just glad that ur smiling!
    Hayden: So, how long are u in here 4?
    Annie: Uh, they are relesing me, but there’s a problem……
    Hayden: ?
    Annie: They are making me stay home for a week, and then head back to school.
    Hayden: How much damage did brennan cost to ur arm?
    Annie: A few broken bones and a brusie.
    Hayden: I can get off of school early to check on you?
    Annie: No.

    (Skipping to the next moring)

    (Hayley went into annies room)

    Hayley: Bye annie!
    Annie: Hm?, oh bye hayley!
    Hayley: Call me if you need anything!
    Annie: I will, bye!

    (After Hayley left annie got up and went downstairs to eat and her mom had to work)

    Annie: Moring Mom!
    Mom: Moring Annie, how do u feel?
    Annie: Its aching a little, but fine.
    Mom: Aww, poor baby!
    Annie: Im fine like I said mom!
    Mom: Ik, Im just so mad at brennan for doing that!
    Annie: Its okay.
    Mom: Well, I have to work late and hayley has a sleepover, so call me if you need anything, okay Julianna?
    Annie: Okay mom.
    Mom: Also, your friends are coming by to see you!
    Annie: Ik!
    Mom: Bye Love u Honey!
    Annie: I Love u to mom!

    (Mrs.Katie left and annie ate and annie went upstairs)

    (Skipping to after school hayden came before anyone else did)

    (Hayden knocked and annie answered)

    Annie: Hey Babe!
    Hayden: Hey, how are u?
    Annie: Im good, how was ur day?
    Hayden: Eh..
    Annie: Whats so “eh” about it?
    Hayden: Im missed you so much baby!
    Annie: Aww, I missed u to!
    Hayden: Same here.
    Annie: So, is the gang coming here?
    Hayden: Kenzie has tons of home work and the rest has projects.
    Annie: Does that mean u have a project 2?
    Hayden: Nope!
    Annie: Okay, anyways, what do u wanna do?
    Hayden: Something specail…
    Annie: Like?
    Hayden: I am making a dinner plan tonight.
    Annie: With who?
    Hayden: You and me baby.
    Annie: Aww!
    Hayden: So, u in?
    Annie: Sure, what time?
    Hayden: Right now!
    Annie: Oh, so u made it at my house, didn’t u?
    Hayden: Yeah, I did!
    Annie; Your the cutests of them all!
    Hayden: Ik, but how about a movie since you had a exusting day.
    Annie: I kinda did, but not really.
    Hayden: Oh yeah, I saw brennan today!
    Annie: Okay?
    Hayden: He is rlly srry.
    Annie: Yeah right.
    Hayden: You never told me what happened…
    Annie: Oh yeah, So, I was walking to call hayley bc I heard something from the 8th grade hall, and then all of the sudden Brennan comes, hurts my arm and them tells me not to tell you.
    Hayden: So, he threatened u?
    Annie: Ya, pretty much.
    Hayden: Aww, Im sorry.
    Annie: Its fine!

    (Skipping to the day annie came back)

    (At school)

    Kenzie: ANNNIIEE!!!!
    Annie: ahhh!, hey Kenz kenz and Jay Jay!
    Jayden: OMG I MISSED YOU!
    Annie: SAME!
    Kenzie: How is ur arm?
    Annie: A little better, but the doc says that it should be better by tmr.
    Jayden: Im so happy!
    Annie: Me to. but the brusie is actually hurting way worset than that but I feel better anyways!
    Jayden: Im glad to here it.
    Annie: Same!
    Kenzie: Speaking of you know who…

    (The girls sees Brennan walking towards them with his gang)

    Brennan: Wassup babe?
    Annie: Im not your Babe, get that in your dumb head!
    Jacob: Woah, fisty, and who is this cutie?
    Kenzie: Im Mackenzie, and I have a Boyfriend so leave me the heck alone!
    Chris: Okay fisty, who’s the quiet one here?
    Jayden: I dont have time for u.
    Brennan: Nice my dudes, But Im glad that hottie is better…
    Annie: If your talking about me, you better watch it!
    Jacob: Dang!
    Annie: And you 2, stop hitting on them!
    Brennan: Lets go to the Janitors.
    Jacob: Yeah LEAVE!

    (In the Janitors)

    Annie: What?
    Brennan: Hm…look at u.
    Annie: I see myself every day dufus!
    Brennan: Yeah, but way cuter.
    Annie: R u done hitting on me yet?
    Brennan: Nope.
    Annie: What do u want anyways Brennan?
    Brennan: You.
    Annie: Party of 1, better leave!
    Brennan: Woah, LeBlanc got ruder.
    Annie: Never call me LeBlanc, and its julianna to u!
    Brennan: Nah, I like LeBlanc better.
    Annie: Like I said, In your dang well dreams!
    Brennan: See u in class?
    Annie: Whatever!
    Brennan: Bye cutie!

    (Brennan leaves and annie straight away txts hayden)

    (The bell rings at 10)

    (txting Hay)

    Cutie pie: Hey Babe!
    Hay: Wassup?
    Cutie Pie: Can u come near my locker.
    Hay: Sure!
    Cutie Pie: Okay, Thanks love you!

    (Annie walks into her locker and opens it and sees hayden coming with a girl)

    Hay: Hey Baby!
    Annie: Hi, and who is this?
    Hayd: Ashl-
    Ashley: IM NEW BABE!
    Hayd: Okay…
    Annie: Um, babe?
    Hayd: U oky?
    Annie: (Starts to tear up) Huh?
    Hayd: U okay babey?
    Ashley: Im fine!
    Annie: (Heard brennan and her gang talking to them)

    (Annie went over to Brennan’s)

    Brennan: Hey hottie!
    Annie: Oh my gosh leave me alone!
    Brennan: Your the one who came to me..
    Annie: Yeah, and?
    Brennan: Why are u here?
    Annie: Your by my cheerleading locker.
    Brennan: Mamia!
    Annie: (giggles) you done brennan?
    Brennan: That hot giggle.
    Annie: (Stares at brennan’s blue eyes) Uhhh, I need u to LEAVE!

    (Skipping to when they all are hanging out)

    Hayden: Hey Ashley!
    Ashley: Yeah?
    Hayden: Lets play football!

    (The boys and ashley played while the girls talked until asher came and sat next to annie when her besties wanted to play)

    Asher: Is this seat takin?
    Annie: Um, no.
    Asher: Can I sit here?
    Annie: Sure!
    Asher: Oh yeah, I’m asher by the way.
    Annie: Annie.
    Asher: That is a cute name.
    Annie: Thanks, yours is to.
    Asher: So, why are u here by yourself?
    Annie: Im not, My friends are here and that girl.
    Asher: Why aren’t u joining them?
    Annie: I am not a big fan of catching and throwing.
    Asher: Maybe I could teach you.
    Annie: You would do that for me?
    Asher: Sure.
    Annie: Uh, okay, but they have the ball.
    Asher: Dont worry, I have a football over there!
    Annie: Okay, then sure!

    (Annie and asher walked over to the other side of the felid and hayden saw and turned red)

    Asher: Okay, ready?
    Annie: I guess…
    Asher: I’ll throw and you’ll follow!
    Annie: Okay!

    (They threw and everything until annie felt tired)(Hayden just kept on staring at them angry)

    Annie: Wow, that was such a good game!
    Asher: I know!
    Annie: Well, thanks, but i gotta go home.
    Asher: Okay.
    Annie: See you tomorrow here?
    Asher: Sure!
    Annie: Okay, bye, uhhh…
    Asher: Oh sorry, Im asher Angle.
    Annie: Bye Asher, im annie by the way.
    Asher: Later!

    (Annie went to get her stuff and hayden waited for her)

    Cutie: Hey Babe!
    Cutie: Hay, are u okay?
    Hay: …….
    Cutie: Okay, stop right here!

    (Annie and hayden sat down)

    Cutie: What’s wrong with you?
    Hay: Nothing!(Turns really red)
    Cutie: Okay, I’m drowsy and tired.
    Hay: Then I’ll walk you home!
    Cutie: Hayden, tell me!
    Hay: I saw u with that guy over there and I thought u didnt love me anymore…
    Cutie: Hay, I do Love u!
    Hay: R u sure?
    Cutie: Y……(annie falls asleep)

    (Hayden carried Annie to her house and put here to bed)

    (The next moring)(They had an agruement about yesterday)

    Hayden: Hey Bae.
    Annie: Yeah?
    Hayden: We dont have school!!
    Annie: OMG!, Yay!, and we are in 11th grade!
    Hayden: So, wanna hang?
    Annie: Um, Asher asked me to go to the park to play with him…
    Hayden: That asher guy again?!
    Annie: What?
    Annie: Ok….why are u yelling?
    Annie: …..
    Hayden: Go hangout with him, but never text me again!
    Hayden: Goodbye!

    (Hayden sat on annies bed and annie got dressed and took her car keys and phone and wallet and purse and her bookbag)

    (Annie drove all the way to the park)

    (Brennan walks up without his gang)

    Brennan: Hey Cutie!
    Annie: This is not the time brennan.
    Brennan: Aww, too bad!
    Annie: Just go away, for once!
    Brennan: Ha, never!
    Annie: What do u want now?
    Brennan: Im still mad princess.
    Annie: Good 4 u!
    Brennan: Oh, and im not done….
    Annie: ?

    (Brennan took annies arm and brusied it even more)

    (Annie was crying and brennan left)

    (Annie sat there crying)

    (Then she left and drove back home)

    (Also annie and hayden are 18)

    (Annie got home and went stragiht upstairs)

    (Then she saw hayden and sat there and turned on her flashlight)

    (Hayden woke up and turned to face annie and she turned it off)

    Hayden: Whats wrong?
    Annie: ……Nothing.
    Hayden: Then why are u crying?
    Annie: I dont know hayden!
    Hayden: Okay, whats on ur arm?
    Annie: Nothing!
    Hayden: R u lying??
    Annie: No!
    Hayden: Okay, then night…(turns around)
    Annie: Whatever!

    (Annie got up and took haydens hoodie and put it on with some shorts)

    (The next moring annie feel asleep and haydens hoodie sleeve went up and hayden woke up early so he looked at annie’s arm)


    Hayden: Why is there another brusie on her arm?
    Hayden: She didn’t leave here with a brusie…
    Hayden: Maybe she hit a tree.
    Hayden: No, maybe, it was that Asher

    (Annie woke up and noticed that annies arm is showing so she hid it back and played on her phone)(Hayden tapped annie)

    Hayden: Annie.
    Annie: What now hayden?
    Hayden: Where and when did u get that brusie?
    Annie: Its non of your bussiness, remember?
    Hayden: Ya, but im worried….
    Annie: Haha!, very funny, im gonna get dressed for school, dont wait up okay?!.
    Hayden: No!
    Annie: Ugh!, remember, “Never text u again?” Poilcy, i think i remembered that, just not u.

    (Annie gets up and walks to the bathroom and after she is done putting on her clothes she used hayden Jacket to cover up the scars brennan left)

    (Hayden went behind her and hugged her while she was doing her make up. Then both of them stared at eachother in the mirrior)

    (Hayden still has his arms around annies waist but was talking)

    Hayden: Annnniiiiieeeee!!!
    Annie: Yes..
    Hayden: Whats wrong?
    Annie: Its nothing, I promise.
    Hayden: Can u pweasee tell me?
    Annie: Okay, but First, tell me who the hell is ashly?
    Hayden: Fine.
    Annie: So, who is she?, and are u 2 dating?
    Hayden: …..
    Annie: Oh come on Hayden!, really?!
    Hayden: Look, she is my cousin, and she thinks im her bf brad.
    Annie: Who is brad?
    Hayden: Her Boyfriend.
    Annie: Oh, so thats jayden’s sister?
    Hayden: Yep.
    Annie: Wait….
    Hayden: What?
    Annie: Ashly, Ashly Jade Bratles?
    Hayden: Yep.
    Annie: Okay!, thanks for sharing Hayden!(Puts eyeliner on)
    Hayden: Now, could you plz, plz, explain this?
    Annie: Fine, I got hurt by brennan, again, this is my 3rd time and I really Really dont wanna talk anymore about this..(Puts make up away)
    Hayden: Why?
    Annie: You love me right.
    Hayden: With all my heart i do!
    Annie: Then, promise me not to tell anyone about Brennan, Okay?
    Hayden: I promise Baby.
    Annie: Good, now can u drive me to school today?
    Hayden: Uh, yeah sure, let me just call my Mack
    Annie: Okay.

    (Hayden lets go of annie and annie finishes her make up)

    (Hayden Calls his best friend Mack)

    Mack: Hey Hayden!
    Hayden: Wassup mack!
    Mack: Nun, you?
    Hayden: Ugh, school.
    Mack: I feel for u Hayders!
    Hayden: Ha!
    Mack: How is Annie and the rest?
    Hayden: Good.
    Mack: Great my dude!
    Hayden: I’ll text u later?

    (Hayden and annie drove to starbucks and then the school)

    (Annie walked to her locker and Hayden texted Kenz, Jay, John and cons)

    Hayden: Hey Mackenzie.
    Mackenzie: Yeah Hayden?
    Hayden: Annie is being hurt or abused.
    Mackenzie: What?, by who???
    Hayden: Brennan.
    Mackenzie: OMG!, Im telling her!
    Hayden: No!, dont!
    Mackenzie: Why not?, this is serious!
    Hayden: I promised her not to tell anyone.
    Mackenzie: Hayden!, This is serious, if annie is hurting, we need to speak up and put him to Jail!
    Hayden: I dont wanna hurt her, or even hate me!
    Mackenzie: She won’t.
    Hayden: Okay, thanks.

    (Hayden and Mackenzie goes to the office)

    Princeable: Hey Hayden and Mackenzie!
    Mackenzie: Hi Mr. Kelim!
    Hayden: Hey.
    Princeable: So, what is the matter?
    Mackenzie: Hayden.
    Hayden: Annie has been hurt seriously..
    Princeable: By who?
    Mackenzie: By Brennan Donnelly.
    Princable: Huh, how many weeks did this happen?
    Hayden: All month, until annie stopped telling me, I am her boyfriend, and this is her best friend, and she told me what happen, but I feel like a horrible boyfriend for this and it hurts.
    Princeable: Okay, where is annie now?
    Mackenzie: Idk.
    Hayden: She is in math class rn,
    Princeable: Ill call her down

    (In the class)

    (the intercom came on)

    Front Office: Ms.Kim?
    Ms.Kim: Yes?
    Front Office: Do you have Annie LeBlanc?
    Ms.Kim: Yes I do!
    Front Office: Can you sent her to the front office plz?

    (Annie walked to the pinceables room)

    Mr.Jack: Annie!, come sit down!

    (Annie sits)

    Mr.Jack: So, I heard from Hayden and Mackenzie, that you have been abused by Brennan Donnelly, is that correct?
    Annie: It….it……it is.
    Mr. Jack: can you tell me, what happened and when did this take place at? or a your brave enough to say.
    Annie: It happened when I was near my locker, and what happened was, I was gonna call Hayley, until brennan came over and he was mad at me.
    Mr. Jack: Okay, did he threaned you?
    Annie: He did.
    Mr. Jack: What did he threathened u not to tell anyone about what happened or else he would do something bad, or what?
    Annie: He told me not to tell hayden.
    Mr. Jack: Huh, so, did you tell him?, or was it just today?
    Annie: Both.
    Mr. Jack: Well, I know that this school does not except any kind of harm, even from you getting hurt, so I will suspened Brennan.
    Annie: Okay.
    Mr. Jack: He will have a court line tomorrow afterschool, and you will be there to explain.
    Annie: Okay, thank you.

    (Skipping to Lunch)

    (Annie walks to the lunch room and sees everyone there and she walks passed them and gets here milkshake and then walked to her table and didnt say nothing to anyone)

    Conner: Hey!
    Annie: Hi.
    Jayden: Whats wrong with you?
    Annie: Its nothing!
    Kenzie: Anns, look, I know your mad!, but here me out and hayden!
    Annie: No.
    Johnny: Wait, Baby, your cheating?!
    Kenzie: What?!
    Annie: Huh, Maybe HAYDEN is to.
    Hayden: Okay, no i am not!

    (Johnny got up and left and so did annie)

    (With Jannie)

    Annie: Hey John…
    Johnny: Oh, hey anns.
    Annie: You okay?
    Johnny: No!
    Annie: Look, Kenzie, well, kenzie and Hayden didn’t do anything to hurt you at all.
    Johnny: What do u mean?
    Annie: They were trying to help me and I denied it..
    Johnny: Denied what?
    Annie: Brennan, breannan hurt me…(tears up)
    Johnny: I didnt, I thought, Im so sorry annikian!(hugs)
    Annie: Thanks…(hugs back)
    Johnny: So, when did this happen?
    Annie: Last Wendensday.
    Johnny: Why tho?
    Annie: I dont know, he said that he is mad, Idk why!
    Johnny: Oh…
    Annie: I jusr don’t feel safe without him.
    Johnny: You mean without hayden?
    Annie: (shakes head yes)
    Johnny: Maybe, we all can work this out?
    Annie: How?
    Johnny: I’ll tell Hayden to watch over you, Like Caleb did, except Hayden is your boyfriend.
    Annie: (Laughs) Yeah…
    Johnny: And plus, Hayden Loves you so much, he wouldn’t let you be harmed or hurt in anyway.
    Annie: I know he does..
    Johnny: Then whats wrong?
    Annie: Hayden is never there to see it, and i hurts me bc when I come back, I have a red puffy eyes.
    Johnny: He’s always there, you just dont notice.
    Annie: No hes not!, he never is, the time he ran to be when I almost got into a fight!
    Johnny: Hayden was there!
    Annie: The Only people who I saw was you and Kenzi and Jayden.
    Johnny: But, annie, trust me on this.
    Annie: On what?
    Johnny: And I want you to remember this, okay?
    Annie: Okay..
    Johnny: Hayden, Is, Always, There, For, you, no, matter, what.
    Annie: ?
    Johnny: Sorry, Hayden is always there for you no matter what it is.
    Annie: Really?
    Johnny: Ya, and I’m serious annie!
    Annie: How would I know?
    Johnny: Remember one call away?
    Annie: Yeah, by Charlie puth.
    Johnny: Excatly, Hayden is only one call away from you, or from any danger you are in, he is always that one call.
    Annie: So, I have to call him, if im in danger?
    Johnny: Of Course you do annie!
    Annie: Okay, Thanks for that Johnny.
    Johnny: Anytime, Imma go get a smoothie, want one?
    Annie: Sure!
    Johnny: I’ll make sure it is strawberries!
    Annie: Okay.

    (Johnny left and headed to the Caferitaria and Annie just sat there)
    (Hayden went to find annie after they left so he found annie and they talked)

    Hayden: Hey.
    Annie: Hi.
    Hayden: You okay now?
    Annie: Uh, yeah, I am.
    Hayden: Baby, Look, Im so sorry for doing that!, it was just because I love you, Im the one wh-

    (Annie Kissed Hayden and Hayden kissed back)

    (They pulled away)

    (Hayden looked at annie’s brown eyes and smiled and stared)

    (Annie Stared back into hayden’s brown hazel eyes)

    Annie: What are you looking at?
    Hayden: What you lookin at?
    Annie: I’m lookin at my handsome man…
    Hayden: And who’s that?
    Annie: Well, His name is, Hayden Taylor Summerall.
    Hayden: Oh…(looks down)
    Annie: (Giggles) Whats wrong?
    Hayden: Goodness!, I would kill for that Giggle!
    Annie: Awe!, Love you Hayden!
    Hayden: Are talkin to me or the other Hayden?
    Annie: You Handsome!
    Hayden: Ohhhh!, I Love you to Baby!
    Annie: (Giggles) Your my Big Silly Handsome Man.
    Hayden: And you are my Cutie, Beautiful, Sweet and My Everything, and I hope to keep you.
    Annie: Awwww, I wanna keep you forever!
    Hayden: Same!

    (They hugged)

    Annie: Hey Babe…
    Hayden: Yeah Baby girl?
    Annie: Can we go Back to lunch.
    Hayden: Sure!

    (They headed back and sat down and saw Jayden and Kenzie talking to their boyfriends and Annie drinks her milkshake)

    (The Teacher went onto the intercom)

    Teacher: Attention!, all students!
    Teacher: We were just informed that, Jacob LeBlanc, Maddie Summerall, Dylan Zigler, Ashley Bartles , Lauren Orlando, and Carson Flinttely are now threating to fire up the school, so, we all will ask you if you can leave the school and go home admeddilly!, I will txt your parents explaining this stituation and Have all of you be homeschooled for 3 months until our school is rebulied.
    Teacher: Now, All students plz leave the school buliding Now.
    Teacher: Also, Hayden Summerall, Annie LeBlanc, Mackenzie Zigler, Jayden Bartles, Johnny Orlando, and Conner Flinettly, Plz meet your sblings at the front of the school.
    Teacher: Everyone leave now!

    (Annie, Hayden, Kenzie, Johnny, Jayden and Conner ran to the front of the school and met their sbilings and everyone else ran away)

    (With The LeBlanc’s)

    Annie: JACOB!
    Jacob: What?
    Annie: Why are u doing this?!
    Jacob: …..Why wouldn’t I?
    Annie: Bc!, Mom will be mad at you!
    Jacob: I dont rlly care what mom thinks of me.
    Annie: Why not?!
    Jacob: I’m a dangerous Kid!, Annie, I dont want you to follow me in my foot steps..
    Annie: Jacob, Your not a “Dangerous” Kid!, Your my Brother!, I Love you, your my step-brother!
    Jacob: I don’t Care!, I hate this stupid school anyways!!
    Annie: Its not stupid!
    Annie: (in shocked) S……..she….she is with her friends in the front of the school, scared.
    Jacob: Tell her not to be, and, Make sure that she is okay!
    Annie: Okay…
    Jacob: Annie….If I go to Jail for this, promise not to vist me?
    Annie: Why wouldn’t I vist you?
    Jacob: I don’t want you to get mad at me, and I know that Mom wouldn’t want you to vist a crimial..
    Annie: Mom Can’t make me stay away from you!
    Jacob: …….Well, she can, and its for the best annie.
    Annie: Jacob!, No, please dont!
    Jacob: Im so sorry annie.

    (Jacob starts the matches and tests out everything at the back of the school and annie runs to a Benctch and cries)

    (With Hayden and Maddie)

    Hayden: Maddie!
    Maddie: What Lil bro?
    Hayden: Why are u doing this to my school?
    Maddie: Bc, we already did this to like 40,0000 schools already.
    Hayden: Whatever, Have it ur way.

    (Hayden went to find Annie)

    (Everyone finsihed talking to their sbilings and Annie went to hayley)

    Annie: Hey Hay..
    Hayley: Yeah anns?
    Annie: Come on, its time to go.
    Hayley: Oh, okay, did u talk to Jacob yet?
    Annie: Yeah, it doesn’t even Make any sense!
    Hayley: I don’t even understand…
    Annie: Okay, lets go!

    (Annie walks to her friends and so did Hayley)

    Jayden: Hey Anns!, and Hay!
    Hayley: Hey!
    Annie: Heya!
    Kenzie: So, what are we doing since our Sbilings decied to “Fire the school”?
    Johnny: Maybe, go out for some food?
    Connor: I already ate tho..
    Annie: Yeah, and we all ate like 45 mins ago.
    Kenzie: It wasn’t that long anns!
    Jayden: Yeah, it was like 3 mins ago!
    Annie: Oh yeah, forgot.
    Hayden: Did Hayley eat anything yet?
    Johnny: Idk, did u Hay Hay?
    Hayley: Nope!
    Annie: Okay, then we should eat.
    Kenzie: Before we do anything else in mind.
    Jayden: I still cant believe this.
    Hayden: Me either.
    Johnny: Imma miss Lauren…
    Conner: I’ll miss Carson.
    Kenzie: I’ll miss Dylan!
    Jayden: Ashly..
    Hayley: Defintely Jacob.
    Annie: I’ll miss Jacob to Hay..

    (Everyone went to Pizza Palace)

    (Annie and Hayden sat at one table
    Kenzie and Johnny another table
    Jayden and Conner at a table next to Hayley
    Hayley with Jayden and Conner)

    (With Hannie)

    Annie: (sighs)
    Hayden: What’s wrong Baby?
    Annie: Im just wondering.
    Hayden: About?
    Annie: Why can’t Jacob be good, for a while!
    Hayden: ….I know that it hurts annie.
    Annie: It does, but my mom doesn’t want me or Hayley near Jacob..
    Hayden: Why?
    Annie: Bc, he is a dangerous crimial..
    Hayden: Oh.
    Annie: Maybe, My mom is right..
    Hayden: ?
    Annie: He is a dangerous criminal, and he should be put in jail.
    Hayden: So is maddie!
    Annie: Yeah, aren’t they dating?
    Hayden: Yep, Jaddie, I guess.
    Annie: C-(Yawns)
    Hayden: Aww, are you sleepy?
    Annie: Yeah.

    (Skipping to Annie’s room)

    Annie: Don’t leave!
    Hayden: Baby, I’m not!
    Annie: Oh, Okay…
    Hayden: Babe, I understand that ur mad.
    Annie: I kinda am..
    Hayden: Look, Jacob will always love you, Okay?
    Annie: I Love him to.
    Hayden: Just remember that, Okay Baby?
    Annie: Okay.
    Hayden: Now, i am going to check on H$, I’ll be right back to cuddle with you baby.
    Annie: (yawns) O. (Sleeps)

    (Hayden kisses annie’s forhead and leaves her room)

    (Hayden left to see Hayley)

    (Hayley was asleep)

    ( Hayden went back to annie’s room and Closed the door and cuddled annie while she was sleeping)

    (Annie didnt wake up)

    (Hayden woke up instead of annie)


    (Hayden looked at annie sleeping)

    (Thinking 2 himself)

    Hayden: Wow, she must be rlly tired..
    Hayden: I Love her even when she is asleep to awake.
    Hayden: She is my Everything.’\
    Hayden: I’ll give my life up for her to live.

    (Hayden gets a message from his cousin)

    Jayden(Annoying cousin): HAYDEN!
    Hayden(Dumb Cousin): What?
    Hayden(Dumb Cousin): WHAT!?
    Jayden(Annoying cous): Yeah!
    Hayden: What happened to dylan and Carson and Lauren?
    Jayden: They escaped!
    Hayden: I’ll wake annie up and Hayley!
    Jayden: Okay!

    (Hayden stop texting and starts getting really intense, annie woke up to Hayden’s heavy breathing and sat up)

    Annie: Babe?
    Hayden: What?
    Annie: R u okay?
    Hayden: Urmm, annie??
    Annie: Yeah..
    Hayden: The police Caught Jacob and Maddie, not Carson, Dylan and Lauren, to Jail, and now, its life in prison, for those two..
    Annie: WHAT?!
    Hayden: Which means that we can’t go to school, yet.
    Annie: ?
    Hayden: Since they almost Fired the school, we can’t go their, bc of the bomb Jacob put inside.
    Annie: But, I saw the matches that he lit up!, how can that be possible?
    Hayden: He didn’t do the bombing.
    Annie: Then who did the boming then hayden?
    Hayden: Maddie, Dylan and a new girl…
    Annie: Who’s the New Girl?
    Hayden: Her name is apperentaly Indianna Mascara.
    Annie: Who?
    Hayden: Idk, But she did it and so did the girls.
    Annie: …
    Hayden: Yeah.
    Annie: Then how did Jacob go to Jail?
    Hayden: He shot the assistant princeable…
    Annie: Wait, he’s dangerous then?!
    Hayden: Yep.
    Annie: …….Maybe, my mom was right.
    Hayden: About?
    Annie: Not trusting My step-dad and My step-brother..bc, history comes from their half of the family, but for us, we are all goodie tooshoes, and they are badie..
    Hayden: Hey Babe…
    Annie: Yeah?
    Hayden: Your Mom, was right, and, she was only, helping you guys out!, your dad was a famou man!
    Annie: Fam, FAM doesn’t matter to me or my family Hayden!
    Hayden: I know it doesn’t, but your family is heck to the ric-
    Hayden: I never said that…

    (Annie got up and walked all the way to Kenzie’s)(Jayden was there helping her get passed her sister’s almost death)

    (With Annie, Kenzie and Jayden)

    Kenzie: Hey Ann!
    Annie: …..
    Jayden: What’s wrong?
    Annie: Hayden..
    Kenzie: What did he do?!
    Annie: He was talking about my dad’s death.
    Jayden: Oh, I’m sorry…
    Annie: Its fine.
    Kenzie: I was just gonna text you and ask you if you wanted to have a sleepover with us.
    Annie: Wow, sorry kenzie..
    Jayden: No No it’s fine!
    Annie: What do you mean?
    Kenzie: SLEEPOVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Annie: Ahh I love that Idea!
    Jayden: Lets text our parents and ask!

    (Annie texts Mom and Chad)

    Anniebear: Hey Mom!
    Mom: Hey Annie!
    Anniebear: Can I sleepover at Kenzie’s tonight?
    Mom: Sure!
    AnnieBear: Yayyyy!, Thanks!
    Mom: Anytime honey.
    AnnieBear: Byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

    (Annie and the girls scream and then they talk)

    Kenzie: Im sooo excited 4 this sleepover!
    Annie: Oh my goodness same!
    Jayden: We should do fun things.
    Annie: Like what Jay Jay?
    Kenzie: Oooh!, Watch Movies!!!
    Annie: Yay!
    Jayden: I was thinking about that!
    Annie: Aww, srry Jay!
    Kenzie: Yeah, I didn’t know.
    Annie: I earned all my idea’s from my dad!
    Jayden: Oh!, I thought u were gonna say Hayden!
    Annie: Never!
    Kenzie: Aren’t you 2 dating?
    Annie: Yeah, we are.
    Jayden: And he is my cousin!
    Annie: Your still hung up on that?
    Kenzie: It has been over 3 weeks!
    Annie: Okay, not that long!
    Jayden: I know I should move on from that.
    Annie: Its okay Jay Jay!
    Kenzie: Yeah, its not that huge of a deal!

    (Annie and the girls laughs)

    (Hayden called annie and annie answered)

    Annie: Hello?
    Hay: Hey Baby!
    Annie: Oh, urm, hey Hay..
    Hay: Wyd?
    Anns: I’m at Jayden’s….why?
    Hay: You didnt make it back here..
    Anns: I am having a sleepover there, sorry.
    Hay: It’s fine.
    Anns: Um, I’ll talk to you tmr?
    Hay: Yeah……….urm…..sure.
    Anns: Okay, bye.

    (Annie hangs up and the girls looks at annie)

    Annie: What?
    Jayden: You!
    Annie: Me?!
    Kenzie: Yes you!
    Annie: What did I do?!
    Jayden: Ya’ll barley had a convo!
    Annie: Okay?
    Kenzie: Girl!, what is happening to Hannie?!
    Annie: Nothin!
    Jayden: Okay then, Imma invite hayden over.
    Annie: Why?!
    Kenzie: So, we can ask him!
    Annie: Its not like he can say anything.
    Jayden: Oh yeah?
    Annie: Jayden, it’s the truth!
    Kenzie: Come on anns, lets go get some icies from my fridge!
    Annie: Okay.
    Jayden: Imma Calll!

    (K and A left and Jayden called Hayden on annie’s phone)


    Girl: Hello?
    Jayden: Hi, is this (Checks nickname) Okay, whatever, Hayden!
    Girl: Um, noooo.
    Jayden: Okay, wait, who the heck r u?!
    Girl: My name is Alisha!
    Jayden: Alisha who?
    Girl: Alisha Lil!
    Jayden: Do you know where my cousin which is my best friend’s boyfriend disapper to?
    Girl: I’ll get him!
    Jayden: Okay, thnak!

    (Annie and kenzie came and Jayden put him on speaker)

    Alisha: Hayyyyyy!!!
    Hayden: Yeah?
    Alisha: I think your cousin is on the phone!
    Hayden: Urm, okay!

    (Hayden got the phone from Alisha and kissed her on the cheek)

    Hay: Hey, wassup?
    Annie: JAYDEN HANG UP NOW!!!!(Tears up)
    Hay: Wait, baby?
    Jayden: Bye Hayden.

    (Jayden Hangs up)

    (Annie starts to cry her eyes out)

    (Then she leaves Jayden’s early)

    (Annie called an uber)

    (She arrives home and runs upstairs and sees hayden)

    (Alisha already left)

    (Annie storms in and puts her head on her pillow and screams and cries)

    (Hayden walks in)

    Hay: Baby?
    Hay: What’s wrong?
    Anns: You dont understand, do you!
    Hay: No, talk to me.
    Anns: You Freakin Cheated on me!!!
    Hay: When?
    Hay: …..
    Anns: EXCATLY!
    Hay: Look, I……dont like her!

    (Annie gets up and leaves to go to the bathroom)

    Hay: Annie….wait!
    Anns: No!, im done waiting for you!
    Hay: Annie!
    Anns: What hayden?!
    Hay: Look, I love you with everything I’ve got!
    Anns: Haha, VERY funny!!!
    Hay: Annie, Im serious!!!
    Hay: How?!
    Hay: I never cheat on you!
    Anns: Oh yeah?
    Hay: Yes!
    Anns: (Tears in her eyes) I dont believe you…

    (Annie went downstairs and got a pillow and went to Hayleys room)

    (Hayley went to a friends house)

    (She layed their, turned her T.V on and feel asleep)

    (With Hayden in anni’s room)

    (Hayden walked in Hayleys room and saw annie sleeping)

    (The Next moring)

    (Annie woke up to her dumb alarm)

    (Its The first day of Homeschooling)

    (Annie went to get some breakfast, then she went to turn on the t.v)

    Annie: Ugh!, really?!, the News!!!

    (Annie saw her school being burned down and she changed it)

    (Skipping to when Hayden walked downstairs)

    Hayden: Moring.
    Annie: Oh, hey Player.
    Hayden: Look, annie, i know your still mad at me, but please hear me out? at least.
    Annie: (Sighs) Hayden, We have like 3 more years from this high school, and the college and Married.
    Hayden: I know!, but all i wan-
    Annie: Hay, I know you wanna make things right between us, but….just give me only today, to think, okay?
    Hayden: What if you say no..
    Annie: I wouldn’t say no, but you kept begging me last night, and that was stressful, even for me!
    Hayden: I know!, And I care about your health!
    Annie: Well……Maybe you should stop begging me, just for my health and my head.
    Hayden: Okay.
    Annie: Now, I’m gonna do some school, wanna work with me?
    Hayden: Uh, yeah, I’m just gonna finish something..

    (Skipping to Lunch)

    Annie: Hey Hay!
    Hayden: Yeah?!
    Annie: Can we go to In and Out?
    Hayden: Ugh!, whyyy!!
    Annie: I’m hungryyyyy!
    Hayden: Do I have to drive?
    Annie: Yesss…
    Hayden: Okay, fine, what time?
    Annie: In Like 3 mins.
    Hayden: Okayyyy!
    Annie: Thanks love you!

    (Annie jumped into the shower)

    (Annie’s outfit:
    Shirt: White hook eye crop long sleeve
    Pants: Black leggings
    Hair: Messy bun
    Make up: Natural
    Shoes: Vans
    Jacket: Hoodie demni jacket
    Acessories: Purple Round cat eye sunglasses, Cat ears, Phone)

    (Hayden went downstairs into the car and waited for annie)

    (They drove to in and out)

    Hay: Hey Anns…
    Anns: Yeah Hay?(on her phone)
    Hay: Do you wanna go in or that line over there?
    Anns: Urm, I wanna go inside!
    Hay: Okay.
    Anns: Hey Hay..
    Hay: Yeah Anns?
    Anns: I’m sorry for the way I treated you…
    Hay: Its okay.
    Anns: Can we date again?
    Hay: Yeah!
    Anns: Aww, my handsome wittle Babe!
    Hay: My Hot girlfriend!
    Anns: I Love you Babe.
    Hay: Love you More Baby!
    Anns: Thats impossible!
    Hay: You really wanna go there cat women?
    Anns: Heyyy!, Im not Cat women!
    Hay: Yeah you are!

    (They got out of the car and went inside)

    (Hayden ordered and brought the food back to their table)

    Hay: What is it Baby?
    Anns: Mackenzie is hosting on her own televison show!, and she is inviting us to look at it!!
    Hay: Awesome, when is it?
    Anns: Uh, Afterschool tomorrow..
    Hay: Baby, That is a school night!
    Anns: I know!, but we get to see what she is doing for her t.v show, and….Johnny and Conner is gonna be there!
    Hay: Baby…
    Anns: Pwease Hay!
    Hay: Okay, fine, what time is it gonna be?
    Anns: She said at 5, and we usually get out by then.
    Hay: Except now, we are all homeschooled 🙁
    Anns: Hey….it can be better by the mintue Hay!
    Hay: How?
    Anns: …..I dont know, but why are u mad?
    Hay: My Sister ruined everything!, I had a football game, friends, and I HATE my teachers, but you made it better!
    Anns: Yah…you did.
    Hay: Its so unfair!
    Anns: Babe, nothing is unfair, if you make it unfair, then yeah, but Maddie, was just nervous.
    Hay: She is never nervous, she is in jail!
    Anns: Hey, You love her right?
    Hay: Not more than you, but yeah…
    Anns: I know it hurts, but she is your sister.
    Hay: Ik.

    (After lunch annie feel asleep in the car)

    (Hayden drove back to the house and carried annie to her bed and took off her sunglasses and cat ears)

    (Skipping to when annie woke up)

    (She got a text from Kenzie)

    Kenz Kenzi: Hey!
    Anns: Heyyy!
    Kenz Kenzi: Wyd?
    Anns: Nun, you.
    Kenz Kenzi: I Just got done with lunch and school!
    Anns: Omg!, yay!!
    Kenz Kenzie: :), so, wanna hangout?
    Anns: Sure, where?
    Kenz Kenzie: City walk with Johnny, Jayden, Conner, and Hayden!
    Anns: Sure!!
    Kenz Kenzie: Okay, see you later!
    Anns: Byee!

    (Annie put her phone back down)

    (Then she got up and saw hayden looking at a movie)

    (She cuddled with him)

    Hay: Hey Baby, your awake!
    Anns: Hey!, whata watching?
    Hay: Im watching a Talk show.
    Anns: Aww, well, are u busy tonigh?
    Hay: No, why?
    Anns: We are all gonna head to city walk.
    Hay: Yay!
    Anns: Your my little 5 year old.
    Hay: Awe!
    Anns: Anyways, what to do in the mean time?
    Hay: Sunggle?
    Anns: Yayyyyyyyyyy!

    (The cuddled for a while)

    (Skipping to when annie got dressed)

    (Annie’s outfit:
    Shirt: Black Square neck crop
    Pants: Ripped skinny jeans
    Shoes: White converse high top
    Hair: Straghtened with bottom curls
    Make up: Natural
    Hair Acessories: Sliver cat ears
    Acessories: Black choker, Phone.
    Jacket: Demin Jean jacket hoodie

    (Annie walked into her bed and saw hayden playing fortnite on her t.v)

    (Annie sits by him and rested her head on his shoulder)

    Hay: Hey Cutie!
    Anns: Hey, whatcha playin?
    Hay: Fortnite.
    Anns: Okay!
    Hay: Hey Baby?
    Anns: Yeah.
    Hay: What time do we leave?
    Anns: In about an hour, so u need to put Fortnite down Hay!
    Hay: Urm, Can I talk to Johnny realy quick?
    Anns: Sure.
    Hay: Thanks Baby!
    Anns: Wait, is Johnny, Conner and James on there 2?
    Hay: Yeah…
    Anns: Oh my gosh haydennN!
    Hay: Sorry!
    Anns: Tell them you’ll call them back!
    Hay: But, im almost at a high killing rate!!!
    Anns: …
    Hay: Hold on anns, okay?

    (Annie walked out and took a little walk to haydens and Jacob’s room)

    (The story behind that:
    Annie: When Caleb was 8 and I was 7 and hayley was 6.. We used to go to Caleb’s room, and so will all of our family members.
    Annie: We all would have such a blast there and everything!, it was like the next thing ever!.
    Annie: Untill….everyone moved out, except for us, but my mom got married the day after my mom met Jacob’s dad…
    Annie: We all would play hide and seek and play laser tag….
    Annie: Unti, Jacob got into dangerous things. Such as:
    and etc.
    Annie: My mom calimed that he was dangerous, but i never saw it, Now i do, and I dont wanna be-

    (Annie heard the door bell and ran downstairs outta her thoughts)

    (She opened it and saw the police and …..JACOB!)

    Poilce: Hello Mam’ma.
    Annie: Um, hi officer!
    Police: We have this boy claiming he is your step-brother, is that correct?
    Annie: Yes it is.
    Police: Okay, is your mom home?
    Annie: Urm, no, but I could call her!
    Police: That would be nice, can we come in?
    Annie: Yeah!

    (Hayden came runing down and saw annie, police, and Jacob)

    Hayden: Baby.
    Annie: Yeah?
    Hayden: Why is the police and Jacob here?
    Annie: Idk, introduce yourself Babe!
    Hayden: Okay…

    (Annie calls her mom)

    Mom: Hello?
    Annie: Hey mom!
    Mom: Hi annie!, wassup?
    Annie: The Police is here with Jacob…
    Mom: Are u sure its them annie?
    Annie: Positive mom!
    Mom: Okay, does he wanna speak to me?
    Annie: Yeah he does..
    Mom: Okay, uh, put him on, okay?
    Annie: K mom!

    (Annie passes the phone to The officer and they have a convo)

    (With Jacob and Hayden and Annie)

    Annie: What are you doing here?!
    Jacob: ….They wanted to tell mom something..
    Annie: Like?
    Jacob: ……They are sending me to…..uh…..Chicago Prison.
    Annie: So, Outta state?!
    Jacob: Yea, me and Maddie are.
    Annie: Okay.
    Jacob: Your not gonna help me?
    Annie: No!, NEVER!!
    Jacob: Why can’t u support me?!
    Annie: Maybe bc…..I’m over you and your dangerous activities..
    Jacob: Look, annie, im so, so, sorry!
    Annie: NOOOOO
    Annie: Haha, nooOOooooooooooO!
    Jacob: FINE!

    (The Officer comes back and gives Annie’s phone back)

    Officer: Okay, Jacob are you ready to leave?
    Jacob: …..sure..(Roll eyes)
    Officer: Alright, Thank you so much Ms.LeBlanc!
    Annie: No problem.
    Officer: I hope your not sad or mad at him…
    Annie: Nope!
    Officer: Any last goodbyes Mr.Joe?
    Jacob: ….uh…..bye?
    Annie: Later!
    Officer: You 2 have a nice evening!
    Hannie: Ya tooo!
    Officer: And, Im sorry for messing up whatver you guys were doing.
    Hayden: Its fine.

    (The Police and Jacob left)

    (Annie and Hayden went to city walk to meet up with friends)

    Kenzie: Heyy!
    Annie: Hey!!
    Jayden: You Look soo adorable!!
    Annie: Omg!, Thannnkkksss!

    (The girls talked for a while and the boys just laughed untill johnny speaked)

    Annie: So, do you like Homeschooling?
    Kenzie: Nope, you?
    Annie: I Like not going to class everyday, and facing Drama!
    Jayden: Smh!
    Annie: Wht dont you like it kenzi?
    Kenzie: My Dumb sister keeps begging me for ice cream, Candy, Cotton candy, Lemonade!
    Annie: Awww!
    Jayden: Ohhh!, I dea!
    Annie: Yeah?
    Kenzie: Wassup.
    Annie: ?
    Jayden: STUDY SESSION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Johnny: why are u 3 yelling?
    Conner: Yeah!
    Hayden: Maybe Bc “Shawn Mendise has his SecondConcert and I am soooo excited to see it!” (Girl voice)
    Conner: Nah, Like this “Ahh!, Shawn Mendise + Selena Gomze= Slena!!”

    (The boys laughs and the girls just stares)

    Annie: Why are u boys acting like girls?
    Kenzie: Yeah, it’s not like the NFL game came on!
    Jayden: Totally, and your litterally obseeese!
    Hayden: You girls always scream about Celebs!!!
    Johnny: And have posters up on your walls about them!
    Conner: Even Make plans to see!, the celebs Concerts!!
    Annie: We only do that bc we rlly like them!
    Kenzie: Yep!
    Jayden: And that is ONLY Shawny Bae!
    Hayden: You girls are soooo werid.
    Johnny: And your cheating on us with that guy!
    Conner: Sad.
    Annie: We aren’t sad!
    Kenzie: And we aren’t cheating on u boys!
    Jayden: You guys are just jealous!

    (The boys spereated and went to a bench)

    Annie: Okay, we may have messed up..
    Jayden: Big time.
    Kenzie: Totally…
    Annie: But, we need a plan to make them feel better.
    Jayden: Okay, But how?
    Kenzie: Yeah!, they are just boys!
    Annie: Well, what would the boys like for us to do?
    Jayden: Basketball!
    Kenzie: No, they like to spend time with us alone!
    Annie: Correct Kenz!
    Jayden: Hey!
    Kenzie: Sorry, so, whats the plan??
    Annie: We will suprise them by walking up to them spereated and then take them out!
    J+K: Yeah!
    Annie: Okay, so, look and find out where: Johnny went ok kenzi?
    Kenzie: On it!
    Jayden: What am I supposed to do?!
    Annie: Look for: Conner and where he went off to!
    Jayden: Yay!
    Kenzie: And that leaves you!
    Annie: I’ll look out for Hayden.
    Jayden: Okay, ready?
    Kenzie: Yep!
    Annie: Bye see yu girls here!
    J+K: Byeeee!

    (Kenzi saw Johnny on the bench talking to someone so she went to him)

    Kenzie: Heyyy!
    Johny: Hold on Hayden!

    (Johnny HUng up)

    John John: Hey Baby!
    Kenzieba: who were u talking to?
    John John: Uh, Hayden, whats up?
    Kenzia: I just wanted to apologzie..

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